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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doesn't Count?

Today I got an epic, 90-minute blowjob from a guy I've been with a few times. One problem with being so whorish is that I have gotten so used to usually having sex with someone new that I have trouble getting excited about being with someone not-new, even if they are cute, which is a little alarming. The first time I got with him was pretty electric. Setting up the meeting online, he had been all about poppers poppers poppers which I find rather tedious (dudes, please stop rotting your brains on poppers) but it's endemic with bottoms so if I said I didn't want them around I'd never get laid, so I said they were OK. When I got to his apartment I thought he was very cute. He sat down on his bed and I leaned over to make out with him to get the blood flowing to my dick. His lips were fantastic, and I could tell the chemistry would be good. I pulled my face away to take my pants off and he said, wide-eyed, "If I knew we were going to kiss like that, I wouldn't have cared about the poppers!" I found that endearing. It is nice to be appreciated.

This time he did take a couple of sniffs from the little bottle but mostly focused on my dick. He is an incredibly sensual person and clearly loves being touched, to the point that he would tremble and whimper if I stroked him just so. One of the best things about sex to me is finding the right touch or treatment that a guy wants and needs... sometimes just running my fingers inside a guy's thigh or just along the curve of his inner buttocks will make a guy visibly or audibly turn to jelly. I freakin love that. But he is one of those mysterious guys who just dosn't get very hard during sex, although by all appearances they're having a great time (this guy precummed like crazy). I can't imagine giving someone head for 90 minutes if you're not really turned on, but he was only hard intermittently.

He sucked me beautifully and I came like crazy and he swallowed it all. We talked a bit about bars we like afterward. He has beautifully dark hair and a fine hairline. It's a pleasure to watch him service me. But I still have this nagging feeling that I need to get with someone different next time... as if otherwise, it somehow "doesn't count."


  1. It counts! I don't care who it was, if I got a 90 min blowjob I'd counting it and telling everyone I knew about it!

    1. Heh thanks Patrick. I hooked up with him again later (http://promiscuoustop.blogspot.com/2012/10/back-up.html) and things were a little more desultory on both sides, I think, so I don't think I'll be using his services in the future. If you're not emotionally involved with someone, I find it's hard to sustain sexual interest after a while.