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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sex with Really Built Guys

Today I fucked a guy with a fantastic body, especially his back, ass, and legs. I do not have a good body-- I seriously need to somehow find a way to acquiesce to regular workouts before I get too old and decrepit. But despite this I can have ridiculously refined tastes in guys-- I love a beautiful body. I do have a range of types, from thin, willowy and hairy to bodybuilders, but the fact that any of the hottest guys can be attracted to a middle aged schlub like me is mystifying. And yet with the internet, ask and ye shall receive-- I'll hit on whoever I'm attracted to, no matter how unrealistic, and every once in a while someone is game.

Today's guy actually hit me up yesterday, and did not spend much on niceties; I had his number within minutes of hello. We couldn't get together then because of timing, but we planned to fuck this afternoon at his place. He was pretty eager with the texts this morning but seemed confused about the I'll-text-you-at-2-to-confirm-for-3:30 concept, which made me worry that he was on drugs or stupid or something. But when he opened the door to his apartment he was normal and friendly, and built much better than his pix, especially in the chest area. I knew his legs and ass would be amazing but didn't expect big pecs with huge novelty-toy nipples. And he knew how to kiss-- a rarity with guys built like this. I can only imagine that maybe they're not so into me in general when we get together, which doesn't surprise me, but by and large these guys are terrible kissers and miserable lays; the appeal is purely visual and that doesn't go very far with me, but I take the lure every time it's dangled in front of me anyway, because I think with my dick and I never learn. Sex with normal guys is almost always hotter, but I just love a beautiful guy.

So the kissing was nice, and then he gave me some pretty good if overly enthusiastic head (I prefer a slow velvety blowjob with a tongue that knows how to hit my hot spots to the feverish chicken head thing, which is just inelegant and eventually makes me kinda numb). Then he presented that beauty of an ass, minty fresh, beautifully shapely, a marvel of curves and clefts, with giant nuts and meaty dick hanging below. Eating that made me hard as a rock, so I slipped in and fucked him deep, but had to pull out just so I could eat some more. I think I spent more time with my face in his ass than my dick. When I'd flipped him over and stuck it in from the front, he was smiling and looking me in the eye and clearly enjoying himself, but was also, rather absurdly, flexing his biceps much of the time, presumably for my admiration. It was cute but I think I prefer a little less theatrics. I didn't stay rock-hard the whole time because there wasn't that intense chemistry I really like from a bottom, but it was an atheltic good time. He kept whispering about "making some babies" with him while I was dicking him, which made me think he wanted me to cum in him, but after about a half hour of fucking and eating he said he wanted me to cum on him, so we finished by kneeling and making out and beating off.

His apartment was hot and I was sweating like crazy when I was done-- bottoms don't seem to realize they're inviting me over to essentially perform aerobics all over them for 45 minutes and keep the heat cranked up; one does work up a sweat. I took a shower and then he showed me a bunch of his art, including a video installation piece which was actually extremely cool-looking. I gave his ass a few more admiring caresses-- it really was an absolute beauty, and I hope I don't forget the shape of his body on all fours, thick ridges of muscle tapering down to those meaty mounds raised up, presented for my bone. Hiking that to me with one hand on a buttock and one cupped around a tight hip is heaven.

As I was getting ready to leave he said "That was..." and looked at me with a grin and didn't finish, and I kissed him and said "Really fun?" and he laughed and said "Yeah, you fucked me really good, next time maybe..." and I said "We can fuck some more?" and he laughed again. I left still soaking wet with sweat, even after the shower, and walked in the cold wind with my coat open and hat off waiting to dry some. On the subway home I noticed a burly blue-collar guy with a fist for a face standing in the corner and staring into the distance. Running down the side of his crotch, straining against the denim, was a beautiful slab of meat, very visible. Beautiful! God, I love being gay.

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