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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today I fucked a thin little 24 year old, but it was a rather abortive experience. I actually had intended/hoped to fuck a really cute guy who approached me on Thursday asking if I was free this weekend-- it sounded like we were really compatible, and he had a great tight, meaty, hairy body, and he set a time to talk today in advance, but I was somewhat skeptical. I'd written him Friday to see if he still thought he'd be free, but he never logged on to read the message. So when this kid started hitting on me asking to suck my dick, I was in two minds. I am increasingly into these little bodies (he is thin and 5'7) but I wasn't that turned on by his face. But I also imagined waiting around all day for the real prize to just blow me off. So I decided to go with the sure thing and had the kid come over, after making sure he wanted to get fucked.

He was very blank and quiet when he showed up, like maybe he was very shy. Once we started kissing his engines seriously revved up; as I sucked his lips and let my hands roam all over his body he trembled and jerked, and I felt his dick harden in his pants against me instantly-- God, what a gift it is to be 24! I thought maybe this was going to turn out pretty good after all, and once we moved to the bed and he got between my legs his slow velvety head was getting me hard as a rock. I pulled off his underpants to reveal a disproportionately big, shapely, silky dick-- not donkey-long but beautifully thick, with just the right amount of upward curve to it, which I love. I moved behind him to eat him out and he was just ridiculously hairy. It wasn't too bristly/rough, but it was just so thick and long that it was too much, really. My dick was still a little irritated from the last guy's harsh blowjob, so I was a little wary of battering my tender dickhead into this thicket, but he was writhing and moaning so nicely that I wanted to try.

He was too dry inside to do it with just spit, which is too bad-- I really prefer a clean, natural fuck. But this wasn't going to work, so I put on some lube and slowly worked it in with some pushback help on his part. He had hiked his ass up high at the edge of the bed and I was standing, and as my hands grasped his hips to steady myself against my thrusting, I felt the ridge of his pelvis under his taught skin against my fingertips-- I'm not sure there is a more exciting feeling than that. But the position wasn't turning me on, so I flipped him over and went at him from the front. He contorted himself into a kooky position with his upper back against the bed but the rest twisted up high, and I could plow him pretty deep this way, with my hands holding his ribcage or leaning with my whole weight on his shoulders (a position guys seem to love). But below the waist, his hair was just so long and thick that I was basically fucking it into him with every push-- not a smooth gliding sensation, more like fucking a piece of cloth.

And then, we had an apparition-- he wasn't perfectly clean. It seemed like he had prepped, because there was a strong medicinal smell once I got to serious plowing, but that doesn't always get everything. So I stopped the festivities to clean up, and advised him to shower a bit. I didn't think I was going to get it up again after this-- sometimes I can just clean up and go right back to it, but there just wasn't enough chemistry here. He came back to bed and I determined to at least help him get off, since I always feel bad for guys in this position, and doubly so for young ones who might not have the confidence to take it in stride. I kissed and touched him and he was hard again within 10 seconds (geesh). I kissed and stroked him and touched his inner thighs and ass as he jerked himself off. He apologized for what happened and I kept chipper, joking that it was just one of the hazards of the trade. We talked a bit about what he was studying in school and he scampered off.

After he left I harbored some hope that maybe the cute guy from Thursday would appear and hit me back. And he did appear, but ignored my message. So I guess my intuition was right. Another hazard of the trade. I'm glad I have some fun plans tonight, so I don't waste hours trying to make up for it.

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