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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today I fucked a really hairy, meaty, short guy (his legs were awesome, giant thighs and calves). He actually had a fairly handsome face with light green eyes, dark eyebrows, and trim salt and pepper goatee. Online he seemed like the ideal bottom-- utterly devoted to making me feel as good as possible, for as long as I demanded it. But really he was a whole constellation of things that don't really do it for me-- kept his very nice lips completely tight when he kissed; kept pulling his asscheeks open while I rimmed him so I couldn't appreciate the shape of his rear but had to have a bull's-eye view of his innards; porny talk in a somewhat squeaky voice; extremely fast chicken-head cocksucking; etc etc etc. Further, I was completely preoccupied by a disagreement I managed to have on Facebook with a friend just before this guy arrived, and have terrible, terrible allergies lately. So it was pretty much perfunctory; we fooled around for the better part of an hour and I squirted a decent load in him, and he wanted to suck another one out of me, but my heart just wasn't in it (and my head feels like it's going to explode). So I sent him on his way. But not before I learned more than I ever knew about the intricacies of the PATH train schedule on nights and weekends. So that's something!

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