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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Tonight I got my dick sucked in a church yard at midnight, leaning up against a tree.
I had a busy day of work and family obligations, so I couldn't really think much about hooking up and had no expectation to. After work and before dinner I did sign on to some sites and collected a couple of people who gave me their numbers and expressed interest in getting fucked or servicing me, so I put them in my phone, telling them about when I would be done (which would be fairly late, but they seemed OK with that). Mind you, these are both dudes who hit on me every single time I come down here, and give me their numbers, and then hem and haw about really getting together, or just ignore the texts and any subsequent notes online for the rest of the visit. So I'm just as idiotic as they are for indulging this behavior. But that's how dudes are down here.

When I was all done with dinner and coffee, I texted the guy who wanted to get fucked. He actually replied, which is better than last time, but asked if I would be free tomorrow afternoon instead. I said sure, I was flexible, about when did he mean? Silence! Ugh. So I texted the other guy, who wanted to drink my cum. Silence!  I shrugged, logged on to a couple of sites, and saw them both logged on. Both of them cruised my profile without saying anything. I guess they sit on there beating off all night and enticing stupid out of towners like me to waste time on them and validate their desirability.

I chatted with a couple more cute guys, one of whom was very fun to talk to but had "thrown out his back" and could not meet up. Poor, poor thing. I was about to give up and just do some more work to entertain myself before bed, when the Scotsmanlike Cocksucker I mentioned yesterday hit me up again. He wanted me to come over to his place for a repeat of something we did last year, after much cajoling on my part-- he sucked me off in a churchyard near his house, up against a tree, after midnight. (He has a partner and couldn't host me or travel far, and they had dogs who would bark if we did it in their yard.) I actually love being naked outside at night (or at least having my dick out), but I typically prefer being comfy when I'm having sex, not confined up against a tree on a bunch of pine bark with no place to lie down if I decide I want to grind my crotch into someone. So first I turned him down, but when it became clear I was not going to get off tonight otherwise, I made a firm decision to go over there. He texted me the cross streets and I hopped in the car.

It was a really pretty night, very clear with bright stars, but a definite chill in the air. I was wearing jeans and a polo shirt so I was a little cold. I got there and found him in the churchyard, and we found a tree, and we had at it.

I am pretty enthusiastic about the sex I have on here, and say lots of positive things about the guys I meet up with, but this guy really does give beautiful, beautiful head. He gives me long strokes, with just the right frequency, all up and down my shaft; just the right tongue pressure, just the right amount of suction, no teeth whatsoever. He is also extremely fun to make out with-- he's handsome and has nice lips and tastes great. He was on his knees in front of me and I just had my bone sticking out of my fly-- there is something really fine about the sight of my penis sticking out of my jeans like that. His body felt more muscular and tighter than last time; I stuck my hand down the front of his shirt and felt the chest hair that he keeps clipped at just the right length, and his thick fleshy nipples. After a while, I pulled my pants down below my calves to feel the cold breeze on my legs, which made the warmth of his mouth feel that much more meltingly pleasant. He kneaded my calf muscles while he worked my bone. I felt up his ass down the back of his pants, running a finger between his cheeks, and he moaned and pulled his pants down, too. So then I pulled up my shirt so I was practically naked. I'm kind of schlubby really, but in the pale moonlight with a big fat boner I look pretty fantastic, I must say.

We went back and forth from him kneeling and sucking me, to us both standing and making out. But once I squatted down to kiss him, with my prick jutting up between my haunches, and I guess we both thought that looked pretty hot because he then LAID DOWN on the bark and twigs with his pants down below his ass, and sucked me in that position. I love looking at the length of a guy's back spread out between my legs, and the round buttocks poking out between his hoodie and his pants made me so fucking hot I couldn't stop talking about it. He kept licking my dickhead while I leaned over and kneaded his assmeat. I check my watch, which has an obnoxiously strong light-up face that I covered as soon as I could tell how late it was, worried someone would see this odd blue flash in the bushes. But we'd been there for a half an hour, and it was heaven.

Then A SIRED BLARED AND RED AND BLUE LIGHTS FLASHED AND WE FUCKING FREAKED OUT. We were about 50 feet from the main road, nestled in a bunch of flowering bushes, in a darkish area, but there were apartments across the side street we were on and in front of us was open lawn and then the dark church. We both thought someone had seen us and called the cops, though part of me knew this was unlikely. But the flashing lights and the siren had abruptly stopped very, very close to us. He was standing and had his pants pulled up in a jiffy. But I was trying to get up from my squatting position, and my wallet had somehow twisted around in my pants in a way that prevented me from pulling them up; it was all wedged up against my ass and I couldn't figure out what the fuck was going on at first. I'm whimpering and the Scotsmanlike Cocksucker says "I can NOT get arrested!" I tell him to walk away and he goes deep into the gloom. "Call me tomorrow," he calls out. I work out my wallet issue and just hang out on the ground a bit, then walk the other way. There is no sign of the cops or anyone who might be watching. I circle back around and find him sort of lingering, and we laugh nervously, and I tell him I think it's a coincidence. "I HAVE to get off," I tell him, and he asks if I can cum fast. I tell him he can make me cum pretty easily, though my erection is long gone. We go back into position, and he gets me thick and swollen pretty quick, but not bone-hard like I was. I was very, very close, though, and told him to slow down so I could get as hard as I could before I lost it, and he followed the instruction perfectly, giving me *exactly* what I wanted. So of course, because of this ideal pleasure, I felt the cum move out of my nuts and press its way into my tubes, and the gun started firing. He squealed a bit and whimpered when he felt my dickhead swell, and I squirted it all into his mouth. As soon as I was dry he violently spat me out to the side, which made me laugh hysterically-- he did this last time too and it seems so fucking heartless after all that cock worship. I jerked my dick some more to make those last few moments of lingering orgasm thrill up and down my inches, till my nuts were done secreting.

I put my dick away and we walked back to the street and laughed a bit about the police. As we went up the road a car pulled out of the apartment complex very slowly, and after we said goodbye and split up, it seemed to be following him, so I got nervous again. But then it went past him. I got in my car, parked near some bushes, and drove off. About 500 feet away, over a hill, the two cop cars were parked behind an SUV at the side of the road. It was just a case of driving while black; they were giving the (very handsome) driver of the SUV a sobriety test. I had gotten my rocks off in the open air just over the hill from four cops! So romantic!

I texted the Scotsmanlike Cocksucker at the next light and told him what had happened. He laughed and told me it had been awesome anyway and that I was his "daddy." I can appreciate that. It was worth it!

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