web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Reward

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today I squirted several long jets of sperm down the throat of the poor guy who got busted with me a few weeks ago by my partner. For a good while after that traumatic event he didn't seem to want to talk to me, which did not really surprise me, though I told him I'd like to see him again later that day, after apologizing. He accepted the apology but didn't reply to that offer, going completely silent. I figured I had to just leave him alone; I figured I'd pretty much blown that one and let it go. Then a few weeks later I get a hi-how-are-you message out of the blue, asking if there was any fallout with my partner; I told him no and asked how he was. He has a wife with apparently terrible health problems and kids and is deeply closeted, so it was extremely ironic that we were discovered as we were and that on my end it really didn't matter. It was complicated for him and made him think about how he was treating himself for a long time. We talked like normal people for a few days about his life and my life and stuff like that, until talk circled back to my dick and how bad he wanted it, when all intelligence and sophistication went out the window and we were back to just thinking about meat. I had recently gotten a negative hiv test which I guess caught his eye in my profile. So he wanted to swallow my cum desperately. It was just a matter of getting our schedules to work out. And today they did.

He swung by and this time looked a bit goofier to me than last time. He's essentially lived a straight life and it really shows in a subtle way-- no gay guy would act like this, somehow. It was sort of endearing. He barely had an hour so we didn't do much in the way of chitchat. Online we'd decided we both liked the idea of him stripping completely naked and getting on his knees before I've even pulled my dick out or loosened my belt. So that's what he did. And it is definitely mighty fine having a muscular guy with no clothes and thickening meat kneeling at your feet and rooting around in your fly. He smelled my pubes, found my dick, and licked through the fly just along the shaft. He really wanted to make it last, I could tell, really wanted to worship my cock, but again knowing he didn't have much time I pulled it out for him to begin his work.

Things progressed from there. This being our second hookup in a fairly short time, the intensity of the experience was a bit lower for me than the first time. But his back and ass are so beautifully shaped, and his meaty shoulders and biceps were so big in my hands, that I got into just watching him send himself to heaven guzzling down my schlong over and over. He turned on his side so he could jerk his big tool while he blew me, and I decided I just had to have a serious taste of it. His dick is easily 8" (which is a truly big dick; don't let inflated internet measurements fool you), as thick as mine, and he has the biggest, fleshiest dickhead I've ever seen on a guy, much more elongated than the typical little helmet you get on the end of a dick. The shape and size was really almost obscene, and he was precumming freely. I got us into a good relaxed 69 position, with my left arm propping me up under his thigh and my right arm free to cup his ass cheeks, run through his pubes, stroke the side of his tight, smooth body, or reach down and pull his head to my groin. Typically in a 69 the angle of contact is not as good because the tongue is on the wrong side of the dick, but whatever he was doing to my dong was making it feel fucking incredible. It could have just been all that fleshy dickhead and sweet/salty precum in my mouth making me unusually excited. For long periods we would deep throat each other at the same time-- with a few attempts I was able to get his entire bone down my throat comfortably so that my lips were in his bush. And we just held each other like that, as full as we could be of each other's manhood. Very fucking hot. I don't suck a lot of dick but this was a beauty.

And this time I also got to eat the fuck out of his ass. He went pretty crazy after just a little bit of tongue action, unable to keep still, yelping with pleasure, and had to get on all fours and strain his ass over the edge of the bed to get more of my face in his rear, all the while clamping his thighs against my shoulders and arms; he was like an animal. He sounded like he was going to hyperventilate and I could tell from the root of his cock, bulging between his balls and his asshole, that he was hard as a rock. I gave him some more torture and then eased up and laid on top of him with my bone between his legs, my dickhead between his cheeks, poking at his hole. He pushed my dickhead hard up against his hole and I thought for a minute he was going to stick it in-- I would have LOVED that-- but then he smiled and me and said "That is just too tempting," and pulled it away.

I humped him a bit and he kept saying he loved my big body holding him down, he wanted me to fuck him, he wanted me to split him in two, yadda yadda. But then he wanted the cum. I told him to wait. And we 69ed some more, and I humped him some more, and fucked his mouth a bit, long slow strokes, sometimes pulling it all the way out and holding it in front of his face so he could admire it before I stuck it back in.

And then I laid back and told him to edge me a bit and I would cum in him. "Don't try too hard, just suck my dick slowly, just enjoy it," I told him, and he obeyed. And I kneaded his arms and shoulders, held his big hands, and felt my nuts tensing up. And he could feel it too, and started making grunting noises. "Keep it slow, I wanna edge, then I'll cum in you," I said, and he slowed down, but his whole body was tense and he was beating off hard. And I let the floodgates open.

He swallowed it all and kept licking the hot spot on my dickhead as I spasmed and spasmed. And he was beating off like crazy. I put my ankle up under his dick, and when he unloaded, it shot all over my calf. It was very hot cum, I can still remember that feeling of the spray landing on my skin. Very nice, I could feel his body heat and his intense pleasure in his cum.

I half worried he'd get wacky after this. The whole time we did this, a crucifix necklace was dangling around his neck; at one point, I felt it sliding along my balls as he sucked my dick! A unique sensation to say the least. Sorry, Lord, but thanks for creating beauties like this. And I've been with Catholics who become extremely guilty and even a little crazy after they cum. But he was OK, just said he had to rush home, we'd taken almost an hour. So he got dressed quickly while I was still somewhat drunkly lolling about on the pillows. But then I pulled on my pants and a shirt and got him a glass of water.

"How was it?" he asked before leaving. This is another one of those straight guy things, to me; total homos almost never ask this. I told him it was great. And he smiled and we kissed goodbye and off he went.

He finally got his reward!


  1. Very hot blog! Perhaps one day we will hook! I might be too tall for you at 6'4" but I do love to bottom! Big , blnd, hairy and 45 years old!