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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today I fucked a short, hugely muscular bodybuilder who inexplicably hits me up every once in a while for cum. He travels like crazy so he's not around a lot, and *claims* he "doesn't hook up much" (with a body like that, it's a crime if he doesn't), so I don't hear from him very often. But today, while I was getting my chain yanked by a couple of very hot guys who never really come through with their offers of ass, he magically appeared, saying, and I quote, "Hey stud, want to come fuck me?" I'm not a stud and feel ridiculous when people call me that, but the last five words are music to my ears, so I left the other two dudes to spin in their indecision and ran to the village to drill this huge slab of meat.

This guy is a very handsome guy-- nice manly hispanic face, huge tool, big nuts, ridiculously huge arms, shoulders, pecs, abs, thigh muscles, calf muscles, and don't even get me started on the ass. He's a little quick to jump the gun for me; he kisses nicely but doesn't want to do it much, always wants me and him naked instantly, whereas I like admiring a guy in his clothes some first and always feel ridiculous naked next to a guy like that, even though I know he likes guys like me best; I like to wait till I'm really hard to be naked. He gives good but fairly abrasive head, licking my tool really hard in a way that makes it feel both awesome and a little stung at the same time-- his tongue is extremely powerful down there. The thing is, after yesterday's marathon cocksucking session, I was already pretty sore. So this was a little too much; I wasn't getting hard because the sting was too much this time. (It also didn't help that he's a repeat customer-- I get hardest with new guys, it's terrible.) But we all know the solution to that-- I put him on all fours, got down on the floor beside the bed, and spent five minutes in the wonderland of his hindquarters. Everything there is so bulging and thick-- thick balls, thick dick, thick muscular dickroot between his balls and asshole, bulging round cheeks, bulging thighs... I really could have been happy just lapping down there all night. I got hard pretty quick and slipped it in. He was *very* tight today and his asshole was hairier than I remember-- more ow. I plunged in and out of him a few rough times-- he likes it when I ride high and slam my dickhead against his prostate-- but it was again too much. So I pulled out and ate his ass some more.

Then the front desk buzzed him for some reason, and he had to go attend to it, and things kinda went downhill. I lost my erection halfway while waiting alone in the bed. When he came back, I pointed to my meat and told him to suck it. He cradled his head in my lap on my thigh and sucked the living daylights out of me while he beat that monster schlong between those crusher thighs. And I'm like good god, I can't believe I've got this awesome specimen all over my dick and I'm not getting hard. But it wasn't happening. More ass was needed. I got back in position and tried again. No dice this time. Finally I stood up and said, "I dunno man, I gotta tell you, I had my dick sucked for like an hour yesterday and I'm kinda sore." And he said, "Wow, that's one lucky guy!" I said, "I really want to get some more cum in you man, let me just kinda rest a bit, suck me really slow," and he said "Sure! But I can't believe you would want anything after being sucked for an hour. I wouldn't have any skin left." And he looked concernedly at my meat, which was a little red. I said, "Yeh but you make me feel so fucking good man, and I gotta get back inside you," so we got back into the cradling position. And he just massaged my whole swollen-but-not-hard tubesteak all along its length in his mouth, with amazing tongue motions, and I often felt like I would cum even though I wasn't hard.

But the energy was flagging, so I said, "Just let me eat yer fuckin ass some more, OK?" and he nodded, and I made him lie flat on the bed and hiked up his thighs with my arms so his ass was in my face but as meaty and round as possible, with his legs extended. I could reach up and feel his hard flanks and lats, tapering down to that tiny waist and those huge globes of ass. And I just licked and ate and didn't care about getting hard, didn't care about anything other than just getting what I wanted from the ass. And what do you know, I started getting hard as a rock. I stood up and slipped it along his hole so he could tell what was going on. And he got excited as soon as he felt it totally stiff. But I went down and ate some more to make sure I had my fill. Now the energy was back and he was moaning from my tongue, and his asshole was dilated, I could feel it; he was sucking my tongue into him with his muscles like a dick. Amazing what a hard dick will do to a bottom! I figured it was now or never, so I shoved him a little further onto the bed, mounted up, and drove it home like an oil derrick. He's hugely solid so I had no trouble putting all my weight on his shoulders, slapping my thighs against his, and ramming him as hard as I could. I didn't care about lasting, just making sure he would still feel how I'd topped him through the evening after I left. And I started firing into him, and he felt it, and cried out how much he wanted my cum, and I was shouting inane things like "Fuck yeah man, take it man, that's MY ass!". And then I said, "Hike back, take me all the way in," and he obeyed, and I started shooting harder when I felt him enveloping me up to the balls. I grabbed his waist and thrusted some more and he yelped, and I pulled his shoulders back and pushed in him hard, and he wanted it, he took it. And while I was still oozing the last of my cum into him from my poor deflating dick, I laughed and said "I am not touching this damn thing again for WEEKS." He just kept moaning incoherently about my cum.

And then the phone rang again! So no pillow talk. I pulled out and he answered, and it was apparently business. I cleaned off my dick, got dressed, and let myself out while he was still talking. I really need to take a week off, I think! My meat is mangled.


  1. Sorry for over-commenting, but you know I'm working my way through quite a backlog of entries!

    One of the best things my husband has taught me is how not to feel self conscious and nervous when I go soft during sex. It used to just destroy my mood and I'd get angry and frustrated. Through a few playful sessions where this happened after fucking for many consecutive days and realizing (a) I'm not a damn machine! And (b) there is a lot of fun to be had that can reinvigorate a limp dick, it's become something of a fun game when it happens. A challenge to us both to get out of our usual routine and do something different to arouse the beast again. Like you, rimming him usually does the trick! But there's other tricks, too.

    I'm glad you had the same experience with this guy, where you could both just switch it up, stop worrying if it would or would not happen and do what came naturally until your dick was back and firing inside him!

    1. No apology needed man, I'm just flattered *anyone* is reading what I wrote!

      Yeh, it takes a good bit of confidence on the part of both participants to handle a limp dick. A lot of guys out there really just don't have it, and panic when I don't walk into the room fully tumescent and oozing. Which just ain't gonna happen with me.

      To be honest, the chemistry with this guy-- who looks incredible, definitely one of the hottest guys I've ever been with-- has never been all that great. He's a super nice guy, clearly into me, and sucks dick pretty well if a little hard for my taste... but he is clearly impatient with kissing and touching and is all about getting dick in him right away. Which probably would turn any other top on but me. So I've had problems staying consistently hard with him from the beginning. (He's also just a fucking monster of pure muscle-- hard to grapple with even though he's pretty short!) I guess that's one bad side effect of being a big whore like me-- I've fucked so many truly hot guys that just being naked in a room with a hot guy doesn't make me hard any more. Sad but true.

      Luckily there are a lot of hot guys out there that DO like to kiss and be touched... and I have no trouble staying hard as a rock for them!

  2. Kissing and caressing is an absolute must for me with a new guy. Ironically, not with the husband. I guess we have all that confidence with each other to just read each other's need... Sometimes a quick and dirty job is what's needed without all the prelude. However, when I've been with a new guy, a great deal of get-to-know-you kissing, licking and touching has been necessary to figure out how to make our bodies fit together right, if that makes sense.

    I know you have a thing about giving out your email to readers, and I don't mind littering your blog with my comments if you don't, but if you ever want to disuss anything further offline, hit me at ybx.patrick at gmail.

    1. Don't mind the commenting one bit. I love talking about fucking almost as much as fucking itself.