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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today I fucked another "regular"-- if you can call someone I hook up with every 8 months or so "regular." I've really gotten to the point that hooking up with someone I already know is just not that interesting to me, and it's hard to get into. This guy has a pretty average body and a nice enough face, but his lips are a real phenomenon-- I absolutely love kissing him and was looking forward to getting together with him again just for that. But after a stressful afternoon of work and a crappy drive over, even his lips were not getting my motor running. He took off my clothes while we made out and dropped to his knees to receive the meat, and I was chubby down there but not really getting hard. I thought, I've really become a dirty novelty addict, haven't I? I pulled my dick out of his mouth and said, "I gotta relax, I had a crappy day and a stressful drive over," and he smiled and took off his clothes, kissed me some more, then got between my thighs and started working his magic in earnest. He's an awesome cocksucker-- we'd actually started out with him just offering to service me, years ago, and he made me so hot with his mouth that I just flipped him on his back and stuck my raw dick in him quite without asking. He didn't complain and we fucked for an hour that time. And now we always fuck after mostly perfunctory sucking. He put his hands on my chest and worked my tool with his expert tongue and I was magically hard as a rock and ready for some serious plowing.

First I let him gobble at me until he had his fill, because he was doing an unusually good job this time. His head is closely buzzed and he usually has some scruff so there is a specific tactile pleasure in laying my hand on the back of his head as he services me, or stroking his ears and cradling his jaw as he rolls my bone around in his mouth. I flipped him on his back and his eyes were greedy with anticipation, looking at my dick and my body; he's extremely meek and mild-mannered when we talk (even when we email on Manhunt) but in bed he is pretty unashamed with how much he loves dick and cum. I ground my dick into his for a while (he's pretty small but he precums) and we made out and held our bodies close; his scent and aura turn me on so much I could cum just from that. But I slicked my bone up with some spit, held it with one hand, and pushed it in.

He's awesome inside-- I always slide right in with nothing but spit for lube and he takes it in one smooth motion, centimeter by sinking centimeter, like a champ. His juices are slippery and warm, and have the perfect viscosity; it feels amazing on my bone. I couldn't fuck him very hard today or I would cum; I hadn't gotten off since the bodybuilder last week. So I whispered in his ear as I pushed into him for the nth time, "It feels too good, I don't want to cum too fast, I gotta fuck you really slow," and he whimpered a bit and grabbed my hairy back and pulled me down into him closer, and I whispered again, "I'm gonna fuck you really slow." He wanted every inch; for a while I would slowly give him half of me with smooth, firm strokes, but occasionally I would hike my elbows up under his knees, put my whole weight on him, and sink myself into him up to the balls. I could feel my nuts resting on the fuzz of his ass. He would moan and circle his hips and I might get another fraction of an inch deeper into him. I would feel like I wanted to let go but I would hold back. Just a beautiful fuck.

He's shy but will look me straight in the eye while I drill him, and we have an intense connection. If I stick my tongue in his ear or mouth he makes me feel like he wants me to fuck him everywhere; he's so greedy for any part of my body inside his. I fucked him for as long as I could stand it, which wasn't long with all that cum backed up in my tubes, so I told him "It's too good, I gotta cum in you now," and he said "Do it, cum in me, give it all to me," and I fucked him hard now, pistoning while the muscles between my legs spasmed and forced all my cum into him deep. He was thrashing his head back and forth so I kept plowing him even when I was done. He is beautifully flexible and my body was touching his the entire time we were fucking; he kept his legs out of the way and his hole at the perfect angle to receive my manhood. I hoped if I kept fucking him long enough with my load in him that he would pop too, and cum all over himself. But it was growing hot and I was starting to go soft, so I just put my weight on him and sucked his lips and licked his neck and ear.

We talked a little bit in bed but he became shy and dorky again, answering my questions with a certain amount of discomfort. A friend once told me I'm kind of an idiot; these guys mostly know I'm not available and probably want more from good sex than an athletic diversion, so they find it hard to just gab like chatty girlfriends after I ejaculate inside them and then watch me go. He's probably right; I guess I'm a little more integrated with my sex life than most guys are; a good conversation doesn't negate the dirty we just did nor make me think I gotta marry them. But I guess I'm weird. We talked about real estate and Toronto and his new cat, then I cleaned up a bit and kissed him goodbye. "You're always so good," I said as I started to leave, and he laughed and made an odd reply like he didn't know what to do with that information. Odd. But he keeps coming back for more. And even though I'm a promiscuous whore, I really never tire of his sweet slippery insides and fantastic lips. So I'll probably cum in him again later this year...


  1. That was really a beautiful post. I know that beautiful may seem like an unusual thing to say about an amazing fuck, but you write with an ease and natural flow.

    This is the first time I've come (no pun intended) across your blog, and I'm looking forward to browsing your archive and soaking up your new posts as well.

    Here's to great writing and even greater sex!


    1. Well thanks pal! I certainly approve of the word "beautiful" to describe sex. I've been teased for my feeling that sex is an almost spiritual experience for me, but it is, even if I'm doing it with someone whose name I've never quite managed to catch, and then relayed it to more strangers on the dirty filthy internet. It's a truly beautiful thing that in this sometimes miserable world, two guys can come together for an hour or two with no other purpose than to make each other feel as good as possible while they are together. I'm lucky to be gay and get to feel this kind of intense connection on a regular basis. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it. And I hope you get to have lots of beautiful sex yourself.