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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mutatis Mutandis

Today I got some pretty thorough service from an older guy who really looks like someone's Jewish uncle, the one with the jokes. He had a blurry face pic in his profile, so I blew him off over and over for a couple of months, but he just kept coming back for the meat shamelessly, telling me my least-favorite line, "You won't be disappointed." (In face I am very easy to disappoint, most often by the very guys who say I won't be.) This week has really been miserable for me, and today I thought I just *needed* someone to let me lay back while they suckled on my dickhead for a good hour or so, getting me so drunk of my own cock that I didn't care about anything except how intensely my nuts ache to squirt my goo down his throat. I wasn't having much luck, it being Friday, a/k/a/ Official No One Will Fuck You Day, so when Uncle Jew showed up, suggesting we just meet and see if it would work, I decided, what the hell, it's just a lousy blowjob. I needed the kind of tireless sucking he was advertising to help me forget about my stresses for a while and clear my head. So I invited him to my block, and went down to met him in the rain. He looked, as I said, like someone's Jewish uncle with the jokes-- not bad looking, just, very much that. I hesitated, thinking, am I gonna do this? The sky dripped and he waited. And I said, well, ready to suck some dick? And he said yes, and up we came.
We kissed a bit but I wasn't really feeling it. I wasn't that into him and was feeling extremely selfish and just wanted him to get to work. So I pulled out my dick and told him to get on his knees, and he did indeed have great technique, making my meat swell up with blood a little more with every suck. So I made myself comfortable and he get between my legs and kept it up, unrelentingly, for about a half an hour. At that point my brain was releasing so many hormones and neurotransmitters that you could easily convince me I was in love with him, as long as he would just keep putting his tongue on me like that. Of course, I was in love with my own dick too, and even putting my hands on my knees felt pretty good at that point, as my head lolled back and my torso went completely slack, my legs open wide to allow him to suck me as efficiently as possible. I was in love with my own hairy knees. Just don't stop sucking.

He was in love with my dick too, I think. He sat up and rubbed my dickhead all over his (actually quite attractive) ballsack, and then slicked me up and straddled me and tried to force my bone into his ridiculously tight hole. I woke up from my cocksuckee stupor a bit, like huh? what? where is my dick going now? and tried to help him get it in, and it was in there a good bit but just not really going anywhere. We tried a few more times, and then he wanted to lie beside me and stroke us both off and make out. It was OK. But then I directed his head back into my groin; I was losing my hardon and my pre-orgasmic buzz and wanted them back.

He sucked them back into existence.

I idly thought about flipping him on his back and pinning him down and drilling him good and spooging it all inside him until I was dry. But he was making me feel really good as it was, and his ass just wasn't that exciting to me. I began to wonder if this is how those really hot guys who get with me are. It's very weird having someone you're not very into making you feel awesome. He didn't seem to mind how selfish I was being, though he clearly wanted more. He looked into my face searchingly a lot. He was very into my beard. I kept my eyes closed, mostly, and just thought about all that cum trapped in ducts in my body, waiting to squirt out at the right moment.

The right moment came pretty unexpectedly. I just started cumming. He yelped like a good little cocksucker and jerked and jerked his tool (which was a bit bigger than mine, not bad). He wasn't as close, I guess, because he just lay there with his head on my thigh and my loosening hard-on slithered between his lips, coaxing out more acrid, salty drops of me, and beating off. I squeezed my dick muscles for him, so he could feel it swell in his mouth, and that did it for him-- he shot all over his belly. Not bad.

He's a nice guy; we talked about neighborhoods, towns upstate, his work designing buildings and renovating houses. I think he really liked me, and I think he'll be after me again soon, but I pretty much got what I needed from him. I gave him what he wanted, too; he just wants more. I'm sure I've been on the other end of this before. It's just a good reminder to be kind, I think, and appreciative of attention from someone who desperately wants to please you and stand next to your fire, as a wise man once put it. So I am humble.

And feeling much better now that my cum is inside him, instead of me!


  1. Sorry to read that you've had a rough week! Things will definitely get better!!

    1. Thanks Mr. Intend to relax this weekend and enjoy the cooler weather. A few things are already slowly working themselves out.

  2. Hey Cool.

    Loved your story, and I felt like the words were wrenched from my own experiences and feelings.

    I love your perspective.

    1. Thanks pal! Nice to know I'm not alone out there.

      When are we gonna hear more from you, btw?

  3. I met this guy in a San Francisco adult bookstore that I cannot get enough of. His body is not my usual (big belly) but has the most amazing cock. He's married and works in the financial district and stops in at the store for a little service before going home a few times a week.

    The 1st time I sucked his cock, I saw this beautiful cock slide through the glory hole. 8 thick inches of cock came sliding through. He bent down after a few minutes of my sucking to ask if I wanted to go to a private booth. I said sure. When I saw his body I was about to back out but, remembered why I was there...to suck dick. When I closed the door mhe pulled me in for a kiss. Wow! Great cock, great kisses and a married man are the reasons I dream of him at night.

    1. It's something I encounter over and over-- the most attractive men aren't always the best ones to have sex with, and vice versa!