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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today I fucked the living, sweaty hell out of a short, meaty, verry handsome Brazilian guy. He hit me up on Daddyhunt-- a useless site, so far-- with extremely handsome face pix. He had a buzzed head, scruffy lantern jaw, sharp straight nose, intense eyes, sweet lips that were slightly incongruous on his manly face, and this particular hairline that drives me crazy every time-- amazing how something simple as the shape of a hairline can get all your sexual machinery going. He sent me some smooth-skinned body shots in email which were really just kind of eh. Despite my own schlubby middle-agedness, I routinely have guys with bangin hairy bodies asking me to fuck them, so I perversely have ridiculous standards now, and put him on the back burner for a while, forgetting that the single hottest thing to me is looking a handsome guy in the face while I plow him. He hit me up again this morning, but I spent a little while talking to the hot-bodied online before realizing my folly and the prospect of going a horny Saturday sexless because of my hubris. So I asked him to come over, feeling a little like I was settling. But I definitely was not.

He showed up a little heavier than the pictures were, but just as handsome, and his limbs were nice and thick. His smile was erection-inducing. He was sweaty and needed a drink of water to cool down, so we chatted a bit, and I felt like he was diggin me. When we started kissing, though, I realized he was *extremely* rough, and kissed with permatongue, something that normally is a huge turnoff, and is doubly frustrating when a guy looks that good and has lips like that. Oddly, I found the tongue itself kind of a turnon-- long and pointy, much like the Devil is portrayed as having. He grappled me hard as we made out and I sort of felt my heart sinking-- I rarely get into rough sex. But I decided to go with it, and grapple and be rough back.

And for an hour we were at each other like wild dogs. I am pale and bruise easily, so I'm going to look like a battered wife tomorrow. He bit my left arm, hard and repeatedly, as I ground my dick into him and fingered his asshole. He practically twisted my nips off as he sucked my dick with enough pressure to remove paint from a brick fireplace. And when we kissed he alternated shoving his tongue in my mouth and chewing on my lips. I figured if he was going to do this, there weren't going to be any niceties about getting my dick in him. I had him on his back, with his legs held back in that magic submissive position that I love seeing the male body in so muck. I slicked up by knob with spit and rammed it in. He was extremely tight, so "rammed" is the right word-- no velvety insertion inch by sinking inch this time, but a genuine forcing of a thick engorged piece of meat into a very tight, dry hole. He grimaced but I got it in 2/3 of the way and flexed the dickhead so he'd feel it and my point would be made. Then I pulled out, greased myself up with some lube, and pushed it back in. Still very tight, still feeling like my dick was a weapon more than a magic wand. More lube, and it sank in easy, all the way up to the balls, and hit his gland just right because his face suddenly lit up after all that teeth-gritting.

One benefit of the rough blowjob is that he'd desensitized my dick a good bit. So I could go right to serious plowing. Always looking baldly into that handsome manly face, watching the expressions parade across it as I jabbed my dick into him at different angles-- riding high on his body, digging low into his back; pulling his legs up to fuck my bone up into his prostate; lying with my full weight on him, face an inch from his and dripping hot sweat into his eyes, barrel of my dick sliding in and out from balls to glans. "You're so fuckin handsome," I'd tell him, and he'd grin that nut-draining grin and stick that Devil tongue out a little, pleased with himself, desirable and all stuffed with horny dick. He spoke a steady stream of garbled, barely intelligible exclamations in a hoarse whisper. I cradled his head at the edge of the bed but gripped his buttock with the other and rammed it home. I only occasionally felt close to cumming. My muscles exulted in the strain of pummeling this meaty, accepting body into the mattress. The base of my dick was getting raw from the rough hair around his hole. He was slippery slick with my sweat. He was literally pounding my back as I banged into him, eventually so hard I had to say "Easy there, easy," because I almost saw stars. He was an animal and all he wanted was to be rammed with cock.

We took a break and stood up and made out, and I sucked his dick while I cupped his thick fuzzy balls to my chin. Then he laid back on the bed, propped up with his elbows and looked up at me as I stroked my dick and looked back at him. "Fuck you're good," he managed to get out with clear enunciation. I said something brilliant, like, "Yeah?" And he said "I don't bottom but when I do I like it." Maybe that explained the tightness, but he was a pretty awesome bottom, I have to say. I laid on top of him and held his face and told him to put his arms around me. He stopped all the kneading and scratching and squeezing, and just held me close to him, with his legs hitched around my waist. And we kissed and kissed and my dick got harder and harder. In the end, I really do prefer things a little slow. My dick was throbbing from the intense closeness so I pushed my penis back into him, put my hands on his meaty shoulders, leaned with all my weight into him, and deep-dicked him with every inch, long and slow, looking him square in the eye, long steady strokes over and over with no letup and no variation, just dick in hole, dick in hole, dick in hole, dick in hole, and him fixed in my gaze, until I was dizzy with pleasure and his face had gone slack. This was serious fucking.

I knew he wanted to taste my cum, he'd said so on line. So I asked him if he wanted to suck the cum out of me. He pushed me off him, and I laid back, and he hopped between my legs like a hound, and sucked my dick hungrily. It would not take me long to cum. "Slow it down a little," I said, and he obeyed, and I felt the cum rising after he'd given me just two or three more pumps with his tongue, and then I was letting loose in his mouth. I love the excitement a bottom shows when he tastes my salty orgasm erupt into his mouth. He was moving and grunting, but had pulled back to the very edge of the tip, maybe wanting to put his tongue over my hole and taste the cum right from the source. But I said "Go down," and he did, and held his head still as I shot into his throat. He excitedly sat up and started beating off in my face while I beat out the remaining pulses. Some more white goo appeared and he stopped, bent down, and sucked it off. Then put his dick back in front of me, as if he was going to cum in my face! I am pretty sure I winced and put my hand up to shield myself, and I think I heard him say "Be a good boy." I started laughing reflexively-- I really did not want him coming in my face, I barely even touch cum-- but I grabbed his ass, tugged his nipples, cupped his nuts, and told him to just cum on me, indicating my torso. So he took the dick out of my face, straddled my thigh, and shot hard, hot jets onto my belly. And then he flopped back on the bed, exhausted, and I fingered his balls and his taint while we locked legs a bit.

I seriously needed a fuck like this.

After a quiet little rest we got in the shower together and talked a bit while soaping up and rinsing off, kissing whenever we passed each other to get under or out of the stream of water. I gave him some more to drink and we chatted a bit more about Brazil, which I've never been to. We hugged one more time and he bit the hell out of my neck and we kissed-- with lips this time, I finally got to kiss his goddamn lips 5 seconds before he left-- and he was gone.

A couple of minutes later he texted me but it showed up as random symbols. So I texted back asking him to try again. Same garbled reply. Worried that he'd forgotten something here, I called him, and the call was kind of garbled, too. But I did manage to get him clearly to say he hadn't forgotten anything, and he'd try the text again. Still garbled. Now I was dying to know what this said! I txted "how about you email me, then". And he did, saying "Dude that was one of the bext sex I had this year. It felt right, hot, sweaty and passionate. Grr!" Now I feel bad that I dragged it out of him and made him type it four times. But it was nice to hear!

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