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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Semen's Biggest Fan

Today I decided to get a fairly perfunctory draining, in order to prepare for a possible marathon fuck with a pretty hot guy tomorrow night. We tried to hook up Saturday but timing didn't work out for either of us, so we're going to try scheduling it in advance. I know these things rarely work out but on the off chance it does, I wanted to be able to drill this dude without the burden of three days' worth of goo in my balls. And that meant I really needed someone to get me off today. I tried hitting up a couple of new guys who had told me they wanted to be my cocksucker-on-call but none of them responded-- bogus! A very handsome man I reconnected with on Scruff the other day was also not available to take my load, though I look forward to seeing him again at some point. I had a lot of work to do and not much time to cruise, so it looked like I might have to beat off tonight to prepare myself for what I hope is a long deep drilling tomorrow. But then I noticed on Manhunt a guy who has serviced me several times before (and who often lets me bareback him as long as I cum down his throat). He lives on the other side of my neighborhood, and is constantly after my dick, though I've told him I'm a big dirty whore and always want new guys. But he keeps coming back, full of hope-- he's got to be my semen's biggest fan. So I asked him if he wanted to get the cum out of me, and he said he could be here in ten minutes. I told him I was feeling very selfish today, and just wanted him to make my dick feel as good as it could and make me cum as hard as possible but nothing else, and to send me his cell number if that was cool with him. He did, and I texted him my address, and he hopped on his bike and flew over.

There's not a lot to say about this one. He's really just not my type-- his pix are a little on the misleading side, making him look a bit hunkier than he is. He's older than me but looks boyish and young. His skin is very smooth except a little bit on the chest around the nipples. He's got a bit of a badonkadonk, which is why I decided to drill it the first time I went to his place to get sucked off. Whatever magic my dick was working on him that first time had so hot that he didn't protest when I slid it in him natural and slick with his own spit, and I remember after a few minutes of me sawing away at him with him stunned on his back, he exclaimed, "I can't believe I'm doing this!" But a few minutes later he was moaning with pleasure and drunk on dick and groaned, "It's so velvety going in and out" and lolling all around holding me tight and opening his hole up to me completely. I think I fucked him two other times over the years, mostly because he's not the usual big/built/handsome/hairy guy who blows me and keeps me entertained with his bigness/builtness/handsomeness/hairiness. So to keep the energy up I usually have to fuck him. This time I knew I didn't want to do that-- I really wanted him to work for my cum this time. Perhaps it was a little perverse-- I couldn't get any of the really hot dudes I really wanted to service me to come over today, so I was putting this guy who is always begging to get me off in his place. I barely touched or kissed him, and kept him firmly focused on my tool, which he seemed completely happy with. He gave me a little more teeth than I like, and a lot of cheating hand action, but it felt good and he had me on the edge a couple of times. So I just laid back, my arms spread wide across the pillows and my hairy thighs parted wide to give him easy access, and bless his heart, he sucked and sucked and sucked for 40 minutes or so.

He's one of those people who somehow sucks with almost no pressure. You can sort of feel a tongue moving in there but it doesn't feel firm like other guys'. But on the edge of orgasm this is not a bad thing, because I like to feel myself skirting that precipice for as long as possible before I fall over it and erupt into ribbons of goo. With him I really never know when I'm going to cum. My dick just gets harder and harder, with the cum tube in the front straining and getting more and more prominent, and precum starts to flow, and the head flares, and the hole opens, and it all happens so slowly that the first sudden shot takes us both completely by surprise. He didn't stop the sucking as I fired into him, and the pleasure of it was so hard to take that I was practically clawing his shoulder and forearm, my heels digging into his sides as he knelt over me and received his reward from the depths of my testicles. Not bad.

His dick was hard and he was stroking it as he tried to get some blobs of cum out of my pubes that had somehow escaped his lips. I asked him if he wanted to get off but he said he didn't care. And off he went, taking a half a pint of his favorite semen with him.

Now let's see if Mr Tomorrow comes through and lets me fuck another big load into his guts. Stay tuned.


  1. I can not get over how two guys can be so different. I'm talking about you and me.

    I can save up for days, anticipating a special encounter, and still just produce just a dribble.

    You have to get off and releive some pressure the day before your anticipated special hookup.

    You cum in buckets, and I produce drips. You leisurely fall into orgasm, and I have to concentrate so hard sometimes it feels like work.

    And finally, you have a good sized dick while mine is a little smaller than average.

    I guess the one thing we have in common is how baffled we are that we get so much action!

    1. When I was younger, I often had trouble coming too. With my first boyfriend, I couldn't cum the first three times we had sex. I *never* used to be able to cum just from a blowjob, up until I was in my 30s. So things do change over time, I think.

      I love to save up before a long blowjob. But if I'm gonna fuck, I can't be too pent-up, because fucking is just too damn exciting... I'd lose it before I wanted to if my nuts were swollen with goo.

      My dick really is not all that big, but it is beautifully meaty and gives the illusion of being big, the way some short guys seem tall because of their comportment, maybe. I slept with a guy who must have been over 7" once, and he insisted my dick was bigger than his until I proved it was smaller.

      Dudes like confidence more than anything, I think. Know what you like and go after it and make them feel good too and your dick will seem five feet long.