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Friday, January 25, 2013

Dead End

Today I fooled around with a guy I've been with and had a great time with twice before, but I think the magic is offically gone. I've sort of resolved this year not to be so demanding about new New NEW all the time, but a tiger can't change his stripes, I guess. I'm just addicted to new meat.

 The guy came over and we got right down to it, but somehow he seemed to have much less patience for cocksucking this time, and kept using his hands and so on, as if he was a little tired of it almost right away. I ate his ass a bunch and ground into him a bunch but he was beating off the whole time with his hand in the way too much for it to be very fun. He also had in a giant PA ring which is always a turnoff for me.I find them distracting and in the way.

I was stiffish but not rock hard, and after a bout of vigorous face-fucking, which he seemed into, he threw me on my back and dove for my dick, and seeing his body spread out in front of me, feeling his hard biceps, just kinda made me start to cum. He wanted to pull off, I assume to keep me from cumming so fast and make it last a bit longer-- we'd barely been at it 15 minutes-- but I knew this wasn't working too well for me, so I held his head down on my tool and drilled up into him, bucking my hips into his face, and thoroughly emptied my nuts, which I realized were quite full since Monday, straight down his gullet.

I apologized and told him I've had a stressful day, which is actually true-- it was hard for me to get out of intense workspace into funspace when he showed up a little ealier than I expected-- but he swallowed me, said it was fine, and deftly hopped on top of me and ejaculated all over my chest in short order. "Oh wow I needed that," he said, so at least he was willing to *say* it had hit the spot somehow.

I told him to relax, that he didn't have to run out right away, feeling bad about how things had gone, and asked him how things were. He bent my ear off a bit about his new job and things going on in his life. He's a very enthusiastic, perky gay guy, but I had just discovered the Kroll show on Comedy Central show the other night, and I swear to God this fella started sounding just like Liz G the more I listened. Egad.

In any event we cleaned up, I gave him some iced tea and let him go on a bit, and then off he went. Ah well, gotta find some new meat now. But at least I got my load inside him. So far I'm doing great with that this year!


  1. Maybe he becomes the guy for the quickie head. Not a bad thing.

  2. The blush is off the rose; I hear you...

    1. And yet I can do Ultra Meat or Little Beard Big Nose over and over. You really just never know how these things end up falling out...