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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


(This was supposed to appear Saturday. I forgot to publish it because my brain is mush. Sorry.)

Today I just wanted to unload my nuts because tomorrow, if I can get some free time-- a rather big if-- I plan to go fuck the dude who blew me the other day when I was in such need. The memory of that guy's muscular little body and the dirty texts he's been sending me ever since have been ratcheting my horniness up to dangerous levels, and that combined with a pair of balls full of several days' worth of goo would make for an unsatisfactory fuck, I think. He was not free today and I was, unfortunately. The little guy wants me to fuck him long and slow and totally work his body over and that sounds so awesome right now, even if it doesn't happen. So if there's even a possibility, I want to have no more than a day's worth of cum in my nuts so I can fuck him long and deep. But that means today I needed to get rid of the surplus. I shot it down the throat of a guy who is Much Older Than Picture who hits on me often when I come down here, and who finally decided, for whatever reason, to seal the deal today.

I had the day off as my sister was hanging out with my mom, who started the week off well and took a turn for the worse as the week wore on. I'd talked to Finally Cocksucking this morning about getting me off, and he said he wasn't free till later in the afternoon, close to when I had to be back home with my mom. It was a beautiful cool bright day, but I was feeling a little dazed and shell-shocked-- quite unrelated to my mother's help, a nonstop series of chaotic disasters over the past few weeks has left me with decision fatigue and crazy amounts of stress. I sat for a while in a coffee shop/bookstore across town that had good reviews on Yelp but which is actually fairly lame, at least as far as the books go; it was kinda cute inside, as good as you can expect in this town, anyway; I used their wifi to download some shows I'm missing here that I like. At the appointed time I texted Finally Cocksucking and asked if he was still interest. There was, and he was about 25 minutes from where I was, so I packed up and drove over.

As I mentioned he was Much Older Than Picture, but honestly he was just fulfilling a sort of maintenance function on me, and looked enough like his quite cute younger-ish self online that when we went to his dimly-lit bedroom, I could pretend he still looked like that. He did have nice ears and a nicely-shapped, close-buzzed head. He sucked me just right and kissed pretty nicely too. He was trembling the entire time-- could he really have been that excited just blowing me? It didn't last very long-- maybe 15 minutes-- and while he had rock-hard arms and nicely muscled shoulders and some fun all-over body hair goin on, I wasn't into him enough or totally pent-up enough to really prolong this, so when it started feeling really good I didn't slow him down but just went with it and started cumming in him as soon as I had reached the point. He loved it and lapped it up, never breaking his stride but tonguing and gulping, tonguing and gulping. When I was done cumming he let go and kind of laid on his side, but then grabbed my dick again and slid it back down his throat. A nice touch. I came down and softened in his mouth and it was like being swaddled in the baby Jesus's clothes.

I hopped up and got dressed and asked about the rest of his days, which he said, in a much heavier southern accent than I detected at the door, that he would just stay home being lazy. Man, does that ever sound appealing to me right now.

I got a bottle of water from him and drove to a bookstore to get some stuff to read on long, lonely nights, and came back to talk to my sister some, who is clearly overwhelmed by everything I tell her about the situation here. I have no idea what is going to happen. I've been here a long time and it's wearing me down. I don't know how I would live here if I had to move for my mom. I don't even want to think about it.

In any event, hopefully tomorrow I can blow off some steam with Little Meaty Bottom. God knows I deserve it.


  1. It was weird. I think it appeared on my blog roll, but the link was dead. Meh. You have a lot going on and I just wish you well. Hang in there kiddo!

    1. Thanks man! Things are improving though I still can't go home. My partners going to be here for a few days but I hope to fuck a bunch of guys I've been taking to next week. Gotta make up for lost time!