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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flowers In My Hair

This week I'm in San Francisco; I arrived today and tomorrow I'm flying out a nephew to spend a week together as a graduation present for him. I came out a day early to minimize the possibility that he'd be stuck out here alone, and as a side bonus, I got the chance to sample some of the local ass. I have never had good luck hooking up here, however. This is definitely the flakiest place I've ever tried to hook up, and it doesn't seem like the dudes I do meet here are very good in bed, for some reason (no clue what's up with that). I wandered around this afternoon looking for a good coffee shop that wasn't mobbed where I could read and unwind after my flight, and saw lots of nice lookin guys online who I'd like to bone. But I am definitely not SF's flavor; I get very little attention here. Once I got back to my hotel, I found urgent work emails that sucked me into a ridiculous project for several hours. As I worked I was able to do a bunch of cruising, but in the end only one person seemed truly serious. He wanted to drain my nuts, and lately I keep going many many days between hookup, so I seriously needed it. He was pretty tall and older than me (52) but handsome in his pix and enthusiastic. So I invited him to my hotel. He looked older than his pix in person, unfortunately, but was still handsome enough to suck my dick, so I invited him up to my room. But he gave that tongue-twirling, light-touch head that actually makes me limper than I start out. It was a sad sight... his dick was not hard either but was dripping with precum. Just as I said OK to him, a bunch of other guys had hit me up, many wanting deep raw seedings. These birds in the bush were all I could think about while this other bird toiled away between my thighs. After a while I decided I would rather try my luck with some of those other dudes, imagining that they would all be gone by now or would flake anyway, and that I would be cursing my choice shortly. But this ineffectual cocksucking had to be put to an end. He took it well and we chatted amiably a bit and he shook my hand and left. At this point I was starving and had to get dinner, further forestalling nookie and making my balls a bluer shade of blue. I set up something with another guy while I was eating and he came over and didn't look as cute as his picture at all-- I'm not sure it was even him. But in the end it was the right choice!

I don't in general like being deep throated; it doesn't hit any of my good nerves and most dude's teeth end up scraping the fat root of my dick. But this guy sucked me all the way down and kept me in deep but massaged the whole length of my bone with his tongue-- something most guys just don't know how to do, apparently (I'm sure I don't). He didn't want to kiss, he'd said, so this is the kind of suction I needed. He had me steel-hard right away. He had very dark hair, striking eyebrows, and rather swarthy skin; he looked beautiful sucking my meat in the semi-dark of my hotel room. He advertised himself as mostly top online, but he seemed to want me to fuck him too; not sure what was up with that. His little hairy ass was beautifully shaped and his thighs, though thin, had an appealing swell in their musculature that made me even harder in his throat-- I knew I had to get in there.

After a bunch of sucking where I wrapped my legs around his body and fucked up into his skull, he sat up suddenly, straddled me, and sat down on my bone. It didn't go in easily, so he got some silicone-based lube and tried again; I slid right in this time. And he rode me pretty good-- I typically hate being on the bottom like that but I was very tired and jet-lagged and he stroked my body all over with big hands while he bucked on me, and it felt just right to just lay there and feel him use my unit for his pleasure for a while. But then I flipped him on his back, and ate him out in preparation for a true invasion. His body temperature was perfect-- that is something you don't often notice during sex but when someone has just the right kind of heat, it draws you into them and makes you feel even more like you are melting into them when you fuck. I felt it in my face, in my hands, my arms as I stroked them along his thighs and ate his hole. And I mounted him and sank my tool into him.

His whole body winced, if that's possible; "I'm not really good on the bottom," he said; I just chalked this kind of crazy mixed signal up to San Francisco. (Earlier a guy told me he was in SOMA, no, in Oakland, no he never said Oakland; maybe he was on drugs? He was hot but geesh!) I flipped him on his back, lubed up even more, and fucked him right. He pushed hard against my thighs on my in-stroke but I persisted. Finally he hiked his legs around my waist, which allowed him to take the weight of my thrusts; the angle pushed the sensitive spot on my dickhead against his spine, basically, and kept me from going in very deep. I wanted to feel my whole dick barreling in and out of him, but this was all he could take. The intense rubbing against my favorite spot basically ensured I would erupt almost right away. And I did. My face slackened with bliss and I said, "Ah no, I wanted it to last longer, it's too fast, too fast," and I tipped my head back and just punched my hips into him while my dick spurted. "Noooooooo," he cooed, "it's hot, cum in me, cum in me, fill me up," and it was like his very soul was sucking the cum out of my balls through my dick. It was an intense seeding. But I could have fucked his hairy little body all night long.

He sucked me a little after and then cuddled up beside me; I felt like I was going to fall asleep any minute, but answered his questions as lucidly as I could. Then he got dressed and skedaddled.

It's very late my time now. A very muscular asian wants me to fuck him in the morning. Will I? Who knows. My nephews is due right after lunch. I feel sated with no real need to fuck any time soon. But if I don't tomorrow, I won't be getting off till I'm back in NYC next week. We shall see.


  1. Best use of the word "skedaddled" that I've heard all day!

    Oh, by the way. I'm not much of a top, and almost never eat ass, but your story brought up a question.

    If you eat ass, after applying silicon lube, well, how does that go? Do you need to remove the lube first? Is it edible? Does it taste bad?

    Just wondering.


    1. Actually I realized while I was writing it that the timing was wrong; I ate his ass before he lubed up and there were some attempts at penetration with spit only. But it was too late and I was too tired to correct it. I actually avoid eating ass that's been lubed. The silicone stuff isn't as bad as the other stuff in terms of taste, but it stays in your mouth forever and is a weird powdery feeling (I actually don't even like it on my dick but it's a barebacking standard, seems like).

  2. I must have missed it... Why did you chose to title this one "Flowers In My Hair"?

    Have a great vacation! NYC will miss ya.

    1. See BlkJack below, I think he meant to reply to this.

  3. The fist line of the song by Scott McKenzie is; "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair". I live in the San Francisco and would love to have given you a proper "greeting" to our beautiful city. You should let your followers know when you travel. Must have been an off day for the city, because we are truly a city of whores! lol Thanks!

    1. Heh thanks BlkJack! Looks like I've picked a gloomy week to come out here.