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Friday, December 6, 2013

What I've Been Missing

Tonight my sweet potent cum was wasted on a towel… but damn, it was fun: an hour, hour and a half with a handsome little 5'6 critter: sweet hairy little body; rather swarthy, Mediterranean face; unusually big hands (why is that so fucking hot?); nice salt and pepper beard; aquiline nose, intense eyes, stark manly eyebrows. Nice thick tool, actually, big fuzzy nuts. Liked a light touch, especially on his ears, but constantly offered the side of his neck for me to gnaw on while I mimed fucking the stuffing out of him with my hips. Bottoms: show a top what you want nonverbally but sexily like this. My dick swelled every time he did it and I couldn't keep my mouth off him. We had intense, fantastic chemistry. We both agreed we'd have to fuck for real in the future. But he has always been very clear about his desire for safety, and I admire the fact that he wasn't scared off by my equal and opposite clarity to get as much of my anatomy and body fluid inside him with nothing between us as possible. He was still willing to do what we could together to have a good time, and so I figured I should be willing to meet him halfway. His body was built for a bigger guy like me to fucking pummel into the mattress. He's the rare dude I'd totally be willing to rubber up for. But I wonder how many other awesome experiences I'm missing out on because I always insist on getting my cum or naked dick in a dude? It's a dilemma.

He sucked me with a very light touch, about as light as you can get before it becomes useless and frustrating, which was a very nice tease. He liked to lay on his side so he could fist his fat tool easily while my own tool snaked in and out of his mouth. This gave me an awesome view of his extremely exciting, manly little body, his dark patches of hair, the swelling muscles of his chest, the black black triangle of pubes, the rigid thigh muscles. His buzzed scalp felt extremely erotic under my hand as I cradled his head in my hands, submitting completely to his pleasuring. When he had me hard as a rock, I flipped him on his back unceremoniously and pushed his legs apart with mine and ground my dick into his. He was extremely gooey with precum and my dick felt nonstop thrills sliding through that. And he curled into me and whimpered with pleasure at being on his back, pinned down by a bigger man who is intently sexually attuned to the allure of his body. We made out and held each other and just that motion, rolling hips against arched, hungry little body, was so much fun, so much fun, GOD I love sex.

He was shy about me eating him out at all, begging off because "I just came from work and I don't know…" Well, there's only one way to find out. I slid down between his legs and sniffed his pubes and licked the skin alongside his balls and slowly worked my way down to his crack. Everything was fine. It was mine to eat. And I ate the fuck out of it. And his asshole accepted my tongue like it was a small wet dick. I flipped him over so I could hike my arms up under his thighs and get a big face full of ass and free access to his swinging, heavy nuts and meaty, oozing dong. I told him I had to fuck him next time and he said, "Oh God."

And I snacked for as long as I pleased. And it was awesome. And then I went around and fucked his skull, holding him by his sensitive ears as he was still on all fours from the rimming assault, and he yelped a tiny yelp each time I thrust into him. And then I slid down beside him, six to nine, and we sucked each other's dick. His seemed to lose hardness as I did this; he must be awfully bottomy! I give pretty good head but maybe he is one of those dudes who are uncomfortable with attention paid to their bone. Whatever, it felt good in my mouth, I liked his fat dickhead and meaty shaft. And those big fat huevos! I took one into my mouth and sucked and sucked, eyes wide open admiring the hanging muscle of his thigh, the rough hair on all the curves and valleys of his groin, that fat tubesteak lying right below my chin. And then he sucked MY nut into HIS mouth. I don't know how it's possible for a big whore like me, but this was something new: suckin a dude's sack while he sucks mine! And it seemed like maybe it was new and exciting for him, too, because I felt his dick stiffen alongside my bearded cheek. We had the cradle of each other's manhood cradled gently in our mouths, and I felt his dick rustling beside me like an awakened puppy, thickening, lengthening, hardening. My own dick instantly pulsed to its full hardness. Nothing makes me harder than making another guy hard.

I actually thought he was willing to swallow, but in the end he said no, so I got him on his back again, where I could admire his body, and rub myself against it. I held his neck in one hand, his thigh and asscheek in the other, and fucked against him, staring at his sexy form, longing to be inside him, fantasizing about soaking his insides with my ejaculate. When I passed the point of no return, I reared up quickly, and just got into position when the first squirt came out in a kind of indistinct spray, white droplets flashing in a swarm between our bodies, something I found disappointing but which made him say, "Wow!" The next one was a long thick rope of jizz that shot out of me and splatted on his chin, right beside his mouth, before the other end had even cleared my the cumhole of my dick, seemed like, an arc of viscous sexual fluid connecting us in the air. A beautiful jet of sperm for him. He was a little shocked at that one-- close call, almost went in his mouth, so he kept it closed tight-- but at this point he was beyond words and beating off hard himself. More thick gobs sprayed all over his torso. I wiped the big splat of my genetic code off his handsome chin, and I guess he liked the feeling of my fingers running through the slime, because he ran his own through a big gob on his shoulder, and slapped it on his dick. That is extremely exciting (and, I've heard from sex clinics, extremely unsafe, so that is ironic). And with me slathered all over his turgid sex organ, his face became a mask of determination to get off good, get off hard.

This is an interesting moment during sex, isn't it, tops? I would say a large majority of the dudes I get with don't cum at all-- don't even seem interested in cumming. Of the ones who do want to get off, maybe a third seem to have a hard time, as if they're on the spot and can't perform. You never know what to do. Touch them here, touch them there? Hold their nuts? Finger their asshole? Kiss them? Stroke their nips or whatever else was turning them off during all your sweet sweet lovemaking? Or just sit there and watch going "Oh yeah man give me that cum man YEAH" like a porn star with a loose brain stem? I opted to just stroke the sides of his little body up and down, and run my hands through his rough pubes behind his fervent fist-pounding, and just watch his face run through its grimaces of pleasure. A lot of guys get very excited when you play with their pubes when they are close. Who knows, everyone is different. I wasn't doing anything special when suddenly every muscle tensed up in his body like he was in some kind of sexual electric chair, and his face lost its soft personality and became a knot of animalistic tension on a red, bulging neck, writhing back, and he shot hard, thin, grey, watery loads all over himself to mix with my fat milky ones. He was a fuckin mess!

I got him a towel, half moistened, to clean up with. And I laid beside him and we talked for a good while, maybe 20 minutes, about where he lives out in New Jersey, about fixing up our places, about dead little towns in the Hudson Valley and upstate that have amazing housing stock where rednecks live, with refrigerators and dead furniture piled up on the gingerbread-festooned porch under the sagging, once-majestic turret. We talked about great architectural salvage places along Route 9 and about the changes in the neighborhood I live in. I stroked his body while he talked and he stroked mine while I did; it was a nice friendly intimate moment in the little circle of light cast by the bedside lamps in the dark, cold room. I love a guy who is not uncomfortable after sex, wants to be a full person with me, wants to savor a little bit our time together. Then he got dressed, collected his BRIGHT YELLOW HARDHAT, which somehow I had missed on the way in-- he's an architect and was at a job site-- and he took his cute little body on home. I will have to give him another spin… but there are so many other asses to fuck, and some of them want me him them with no barrier… ah.

It was a great ending to the day. I was supposed to fuck the Handsome Fuckboy again today; he seemed real and enthusiastic, a couple of days ago when we set it up, but then ignored my texts until just now, as I was writing this. But I had a backup to him-- another young fellow who I could have hooked up with last night but the train wasn't running. He texted me this morning, during an appointment when I couldn't get back to him right away, apparently still hot for my dick, but then also stopped responding to my texts soon after I freed up. And I even had a backup to HIM: a guy who hits me up on Scruff every couple of weeks, saying charming things like "I am on my bike in your neighborhood, do you want me to suck you off?" and "Please eat my ass out and fuck me" and-- today-- "I need sperm". But he also vanished before anything could be set up. I was about to give up on the bottoms of the world, and got a cup of coffee and bought Hilton Als's new book and was reading it in a hipster-infested coffee shop when I noticed, during chapters, that today's cocksucker had just silently viewed my profile on Manhunt. I asked him if he wanted to suck some dick tonight, and he wrote back instantly saying yes where do you live, and I wrote back telling him to text me for the address, and he instantly said hi in a text, and I gave him the address, and within 20 minutes he was on his knees with his tongue straining towards the tube of pulsing veiny meat hanging out of my fly. I like my sex life lately, things are looking up again. Thanks, gods of sex, for the bounty you bestow on me. I'm happy to sacrifice the occasional load for your continued benevolence.


  1. wow that was hot. i'd love to mess around with you the next time i'm in manhattan.

    1. Thanks Aaron! I always like hearing from new people who are turned on by my posts. If you do find me cruising online next time you're here, please don't be all "OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG PLEASE FUCK ME JUST LIKE ON YOUR BLOOOOOOOG"… I'm a little weird about fucking my readers, for some reason, and the ones who have hit me up on hookup sites saying they recognize me kinda of make me shy away. But if you don't tell me you're a reader till after I've unloaded in you, well, what can I do? So play it cool!