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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Yesterday I was serviced by the greediest, hungriest cocksucker I've ever come across, ever. This bundle of meat-need was improbably packaged in a 6'5 Latin dude-- he looked more Italian to me, but that's what he was-- with a heavy Vinnie Boombatz-style Brooklyn accent and the least put-upon straight-acting demeanor I've seen in a happy homo. He hit me up on Grindr-- a typically worthless app-- and when I told him he could suck my dick for as long as he wanted, he wrote, "Really??" like a kid promised a breakfast of candy and milkshakes. He drove over from somewhere deep in Queens, and called me when he was looking for a parking space, expressing delight that I lived right across from the Brooklyn Brewery ("Aw man I was just there Sunday! Man I got hammered!"). I like all kinds of guys, from swish to thug, but I have to admit when I meet a guy who is a nice mix of normally masculine and gentle, with a big dose of desperate need to stuff my dick in as many of his holes for as long as possible, I'm a little smitten. And this dude definitely got meat in every hole, and we were at it for almost two hours.

The height thing is usually something of a logistical challenge, and this guy was just super tall. (I did once fuck a 6'6 guy; I felt like a ladybug on top of a stick insect.) He had to stoop way down to kiss me. But his lips were pillowy, full, very soft, very flexible, and he kissed sensuously but intensely. His demeanor was so warmly hey-yo-yo-let's-get-your-dick-sucked that I just pulled off my pants and shirt and hopped in bed and let him do his thing.

And his thing was utter cock worship. He lay on his back with his head rested on my left thigh, jerking his own thick meat while sucking my tubesteak down. His nips were sensitive when I brushed them, and this compared with his naked hunger for my sex made me think I might have to put my dick in his ass, too. But for now I just admired his long dudely body, not particularly worked out but very masculine and attractive to me, and stared at his extremely handsome face twist into an expression of simultaneous satisfaction and desperate want. He sucked greedily and noisily, but again not the put-on porny sounds of many cocksuckers; he grunted and whimpered like a starving calf sucking on a fat udder. And sometimes he would stop and talk, I can't even remember about what (maybe my apartment?) but it was amusing to see him go from blind suckling to Vinnie from the Block and back again. I felt a lot like I was getting blown by Lou Reed's big, goony brother.

And when I fucked his face, forget it. At one point he got himself into some position with his knees on the floor, hugging a pillow to his chest on the bed, with me on my haunches stabbing my tool into his face. He grabbed my hairy thighs with his giant mitts and trembled with excitement, bugging eyes taking in my hairy torso, the fat dick fucking his mouth, my legs, my face, and then closing in bliss, opening again watery with pleasure. I could only smile. This dude just fuckin loved dick.

Back between my thighs lying on the bed, his smooth round ass sang to me. I told him to stay put and slid down there and ate him out. He was a big guy so his ass felt immense, each of his balls alone filled my mouth. He was too sensitive to take much rimming-- "I'm really ticklish, that's why I'm floppin all around like a fish, man"-- but I felt his asshole accept my tongue. I don't usually like fucking guys this big, but I had to take advantage of what was being offered to me here. I stood up and aimed the dickhead, looked for any negative response and got none, and pushed it home. He was tight but yielding-- perfect-- and I instantly wanted to pop in him. I realized I hadn't cum in almost a week. No no, I had to pull out, he felt too good inside. But he was going "wow wow wow" so I knew if I could get used to the pleasure, get my dick a little more in the zone, I'd be going back in there for some serious deep inner stroking.

I worried he'd be squeamish about sucking me again but he wasn't. So handsome, so hungry for dick. He had me high as a fucking kite on my own dick. He kept saying "You are so hot man you push all my fuckin buttons man" and I just smiled and smiled, feeling like the kind of the world. Hours slipped by. I curled into his body and he stroked my leg and foot while he fed on my sex and I held his head and kissed his face and my whole body felt warm and liquid. All the while, he would say, "I wanna come back and suck you all weekend, I wanna be your regular cocksucker, I will suck you any time, oh man I love your big fat dick."

Every time I lay on top of him he hiked his legs back far. He wanted it. So I slipped back inside him. He was in hog-heaven with my dick inside him. I couldn't drill him too hard-- felt too good, too good-- so I would just push into him deep and hold it there and suck his pillowy lips and feel his big honking nose press into my face and feel his heavy, stubbled, curved jaw, and think, holy fuck. So good, so good. I wanted intensely to cum, and wanted desperately never to cum, never to stop. And I thought I had OK control, I was able to give him many long deep strokes with every inch of my dick, while sucking his nips-- one good thing about tall guys, when you fuck them, their nips are pretty much in your face-- but he was too good, it was all too good, and with no warning I felt my nuts relent and I was cumming. I pulled out fast-- we'd never talked about fucking raw, much less my seeding him, but I knew he really wanted to swallow me and had spent the past hour and a half telling me how good my precum tastes and how awesome it was going to be when I came in his mouth-- but I couldn't make it to his face. I just jizzed everywhere, hard. Long thick ropes. The pillow, his hair, his body, the sheet, my pleasure jetted out unfettered. Big pools collecting on his chest, his shoulder. And, I found out later, in his eye, which was bright red by the time he left my apartment.

He asked if I always came that much. I told him he had made me extra excited. Which is true. His own dick was long and hard by now, and I sucked his nips and cradled his balls and tickled his asshole and stroked his inner thigh and did everything I could try to help him get himself off too. But he couldn't. "I guess I got myself too worked up," he said, a little disappointed. I would have liked for him to cum.

We lay beside each other touching and coming down. But I finally had to ask, "So, like, are you straight, or what?" He looked a little shocked, and said, "What?" I said, "You're just like the straightest guy who ever sucked my dick." He laughed a little, and he said, "Nah, I'm a geek really, a super geek." He had a tattoo of superman's symbol on his shoulder; I tapped it and said "What, you mean like comics?" He said no, he's an IT guy, and he talked a little about that. And then he got a strange faraway look on his face. "What?" I asked. "No, I'm just thinking about what you said, the straightest guy to suck your dick." He smirked a little, but I waited. "No, I'm a faggot," he said in that endearing Brooklyn-scented voice. He grew up here, in Bay Ridge. I must say that some of the best, fondest sexual memories I have are of sex with dudes born and bred (no pun intended) in Brooklyn. But I don't get with many. "Next time you have to fuck me more," he said. "I didn't think fuckin was your thing." I told him about my height limit. "But you inspired me," he said. He looked very pleased. "Wow!" and then a pause. "Yeah, next time you have to fuck me more."

We dressed and chatted amiably and he left, after shaking my hand. He was back in his dress slacks, his big ugly black New York Winter Standard jacket, those giant shoe boats back on his feet. No one would look at this guy and think "He's a total cock fiend." But he is, and he's awesome. I only wish I had cum in him!


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    1. He had said something about me being one of those "mean tops" who wanted to cum in his face on purpose, but I told him that at that time when I'm feeling most splendid, aim and control are two things I am not truly capable of. If only! I could have shot it in his mouth at least...

  2. wow I can only imagine that hook up. woof.
    Aaron the hebrewman

    1. My dick is still kinda sore from all that sucking!