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Monday, June 16, 2014

Shooting My Gun

Today was a beautiful day. Not just because the weather is gorgeous, bright, and very warm with cool breezes. Not just because an adorable, hairy 27 year old just locked up his barber shop for me, ushered me to the basement, and worked my meat perfectly until I pumped my love nectar straight down his throat in a barber chair in front of a full-length mirror while the Killers were playing (a definite new one for me). No, mostly because 48 hours ago I was writhing in unbelievable kidney pain, utterly incapacitated and wishing I was dead. I've been having random attacks for the past couple of months, but had scans and tests done that didn't show anything. And then suddenly over the weekend, POW! It's complete misery, unrelenting, for a full day with almost no sleep. And then mysteriously, yesterday morning, it went away. I had a fairly normal day with in-laws, and in the middle of stop and go traffic on the GW Bridge, POW! It was pack. It took about 40 minutes to get home, and sitting in the car with that was excruciating. I spent another hour in bed, drinking water like crazy, and the pain slowly subsided, and then once when I hobbled to the bathroom to whizz, a giant black rock flew out of my dick! Unbelievable! There was no pain or blood or fanfare, but my wang genuinely ricocheted as this thing shot out. The pain in my kidney almost instantly subsided. It was like spooging a kidney stone. A friend I described this to now teases me that I am going to kill a bottom with my "bb gun". (I like the pun, though I don't think he knows about my predilections.) The kid I jizzed in today is safe and sound, of course. But without all that horrible pain, the world definitely looks like a truly beautiful place, and I feel luckier than ever to get to have sex with the guys I have sex with.

Anyway, enough about my kidneys. Just a brief summary of today's sexual plot: I went to a urologist fairly early in the morning, bearing my dick-rock, which the urologist was delighted with and promised to analyze post-haste. (Let me tell you, nothing makes you feel young and vital like waiting for a urologist appointment; the room was full of doddering geezers. I dread getting that old.) Then he wanted me to get a cat scan, saying the sonogram my regular doctor did was useless. So I was waiting around for that for a couple of hours, with nothing to do but look at dudes on Scruff. A guy in Hells Kitchen, across town, wanted me to fuck my load into him and "bring along a couple of buddies." (I don't have any "buddies" I plow bottoms with, but this request is so ridiculously common, maybe I should get some.) But when he heard I had an appointment first, he lost interest. The 27 year old kid had hit me up yesterday evening, actually, while I was lying in bed in agony. (Yes, I did a rather embarrassing amount of cruising, mostly on Scruff cuz it has the handsomest dudes, even while I was passing a kidney stone. There's nothing much else to do when you have to spend 24 hours in bed hating life… it's too hard to concentrate on reading with waves of pain washing over you, and there is something life-affirming about beautiful men with beautiful bodies who want to have sex with you that makes you think, maybe one day life will be normal again. Sue me, I'm a horny sex-loving bastard.) I didn't tell him I was passing a kidney stone, of course, but I couldn't push the conversation in the direction of let-me-put-my-dick-in-you-soon either, because I had no idea at that point how long I would be suffering like this, nor could I tell him why I might have to delay. But today he was online again being chatty, and we traded pix while I sat in the waiting room, and he said he had a little shop down in NoHo and would I like to come get my dick sucked and give him my fantabulous load RIGHT NOW. I told him I was waiting around for a doctor appointment, and he too completely lost interest.

After the appointment, I hit both of them up again, but my phone was almost dead and it had been about 40 minutes since each had lost interest, so I thought they were both real long shots. The Hells Kitchen bottom had a crazy "I am free from x till y, then from z till w" window of opportunity which pretty much excluded now. I told him I would try to fuck him tomorrow and focused on the cocksucking kid. He had been idle a while, Scruff said, so I went to get a muffin somewhere to wait for him to notice my message. And then my phone died. The muffin lady let me charge it at the cash register, and about 10 minutes later, I checked; he had said I could come down while it was charging! So I told him to text my number… and another 20 minutes passed. I was happy to sit in the bakery window and just relax and watch people go by and do nothing. But eventually I figured I was waiting for nothing. It was very nice out so I didn't go right into the subway, but walked down to the next one. There are a lot of awful hot dudes on that part of Park Avenue during the day, I must say. My neck was craning all over the damn place looking from face to crotch to legs to ass, as studs flew past me in all directions. And then I got down into the 6 to go home, and suddenly my phone buzzed. I didn't know I got reception in that station. It was the cocksucking kid, inviting me down. The train was just about to come. He gave me his address. And within 15 minutes I was in his barber chair watching him go down on my choad. And within 10 minutes of that, I was begging him to slow down. "You're gonna make me cum, please don't make me cum so fast," and he pulled off, leaned back, smiled up at me cherubically, showing off his own very handsome dick and balls hanging out of his shorts, saying, "I've been so horny all day." I stroked his dick and balls lightly, tugging on his foreskin, and sucked his face. He gave beautiful head. We made out, I groped his extremely hairy chest through his shirt, and then he was right back on my fuckstick. He is one of the rare cocksuckers who can really make deep throat feel good to me, and not like an attempt to chew my unit off at the base. The billowing hair on his tight little body against my hand and his rhythmic strokes on my wang had me on the edge and I knew there was no hope. "You're gonna make me cum, you're gonna make me cum, you're makin me cum, you're makin me cum," I chanted, and… well, he did. And he drank it all.

I came copious, life-affirming, pain-free, pure-pleasure cum into this sweet handsome kid. He jerked his own dick, and after I was done, I pulled out, admiring his tool, which was very long and handsome if a bit bent, and then probably too conspicuously looked at it and my shirt, which I had not bothered to take off and which he was aiming directly at. I worried I would have to ride the subway home with jizz all over my polo. He noticed, and put his dick away, saying "I'll get off later." I felt a little bad-- I would have liked to see him cum from sucking me and drinking me-- but I knew it was late and I should be going home anyway. So I pulled on my shorts, praised his abilities, kissed him some more, and told him we definitely need to get together again. He grinned and grinned at me, and I think it's a possibility-- I hope he will let me fuck him raw till he sees stars, but I know how people are, even me. He's a perfect bottom for me, but maybe I used up my chance on this quick spin in the barber seat. We'll see.

What a difference a day makes! One day firing ugly black coal through my limp dick. The next day, it's a fountain of gleaming white semen worthy of worship by a cute young man. Life is crazy.


  1. Damn stones are definitely painful. If they find anymore have that Dr. give you some pain meds for next time. Makes a huge difference. Besides making a deposit did you get him to give you a good trim where needed?

    1. Yeah Adam, I definitely plan on that (though I've read a scary percentage of people feel the pain even with pain meds! Unbelievable).

      I was in and out of there so quick there was no time to get a new do. This is one dude I really hope I get a repeat with. Maybe after I cum in him again, he'll give me a nice close hot shave!