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Thursday, July 10, 2014


I always cum a lot but sometimes I can't believe how much I cum. And neither can my sex partners. This time it was a very lean, tight, hung 25 year old (who looks disconcertingly like one of my nephews, but I did my best to ignore that) who said he only had 30 minutes to spend with me. I haven't unloaded since last week, having been traveling for a very relaxing Fourth of July in the Adirondacks, and then just too much work and distraction to really cruise much. A week of cum in my nuts builds up a dangerous amount of pressure as it is. But yesterday I did spend rather feverishly trying to find someone to get me off, after being flaked out on by a really cute guy early in the day who really got my hopes up. Nothing makes your nuts swell even more quite like fruitlessly cruising. Today was another very busy day of work, so I could only search in the background, but Lean and Tight is someone who chats me up from time to time on Scruff and Growlr and Mister, and he lives in my hood, and happened to be around today. So I hit him up with my charming line, "Wanna suck some dick?" and he said, "Tempting," and I told him how much sperm we were talking about, and he said he wanted it, but couldn't spend too long. That's typically quite deflating, but I figured, well, maybe it's time to just get the fuck off and move on. And 30 minutes is a perfectly respectable blowjob. So I gave him the address and he biked here in 10 minutes and barely 15 minutes later I was kneeling by his face, my hand on his head, tubesteak slithering into his mouth, unloading squirt after squirt of hot thick cum into him like a slow-motion Gatling gun, POW POW POW, and he swallowed and swallowed, slowly turning onto his back to jerk his own huge dick, just taking everything I had to unload in him. POW!

He wouldn't kiss, which was a disappointment, but his tight little body felt nice to grope, and so I just whipped out my soft dick and he stripped down to his jockstrap and knelt on the floor, kneading my dick to life with his tongue. He seemed like the kind of guy who enjoyed the feeling of a dick getting thicker and longer in his mouth; his style did make me feel a *little* bit like my dick was a piece of Double Mint gum, worked this way and that as if he were trying to blow it into a bubble. He held my hairy nuts in his had gently as he worked me over and I stiffened and lengthened respectably. At this point I got in bed and lay back and he took off the silly jockstrap, took one hit of poppers, and spread out his tight muscular body between my legs while he worked on my dick, which instantly got much harder, seeing that creamy ass. My brain went a little haywire-- I think I'm starting to like these young guys more and more, or at least, the lizard part of my brain is. After a few minutes I pulled my dick out, leaned over his back, and slapped his firm, supple ass cheek, and said, "This is a beauty. Can I eat this?" I leaned back and he looked into my face with a strange look, almost a can-this-really-be-happening look, although people must ask to eat that all the time. "I would *love* that," he almost whispered. "I dunno if I'm… I dunno if I'm…" and I smiled indulgently, patted his shoulder, and said, "Let me investigate it a bit, if there's any issue we can just keep doing this." He seemed reassured by my nonchalance, and I got off the bed and walked around to it, so narrow and round, and brushed my beard across the roundest part of one cheek, inhaling, and quickly said, "Oh, you're *fine*," and getting into position to chow on his rear like a fat church lady at a buffet. He clearly likes a good ass-eating; I chewed on the ass meat, licked his gooch and nuts, lapped up under all the delicious tendons and muscles there between his legs, and he just moaned and moaned and stroked his big long fat huge very big quite large cock, with his head buried in the comforter. Eventually I pried his meat out of his hands, stroking the head slowly while I probed his hole with my tongue-- that would be a fantastic place to stick my raw dick, I thought as it opened its silky secrets to me-- and his dickhead slowly grew slick with oozing precum. Very very very nice. My own dick was basically like a lead pipe at this point. I brought it up to his face and he saw how hard and veiny it was and sucked it greedily, while I reached over to that hiked-up ass and slid a finger into his little bottomy opening, and the combination of being inside him at one end while simultaneously inside him at the other did its usual magic. I tried to slow him down, tried pulling out for a second at a time, but the sucking was too good and his body was too creamy and beautiful and there I was, ejaculating so hard I felt I might pass out.

And I just kept ejaculating. Normally there will be four or five very forceful wet pulses, and the remainder slower and less voluminous, but the number here was one neither of us could count; after six equally thick jets of cum thought stops and only wonder is left; him wondering how many more I would shoot into him and me wondering if my dick was permanently stuck like this-- I didn't feel any abatement to the force of the spasms-- and whether he would start to spill my endlessly flowing sperm onto the comforter. But no, as I said, he slowly turned from ass-up to ass-down, so he could jerk that giant dick. When I finally did stop ejaculating I pulled my dick out and beat off too, because the feeling of tension was still there, and then I felt myself start to cum again after a few seconds, saying "Oh god there's more, there's more," and hearing him mutter "Can you cum again?" and when I felt myself tip over the edge I put my dick back in his mouth, and felt a thick rivulet of good run out onto his tongue; the pulsing was feeble but the pleasure was intense. And then he popped all over his very tight belly.

Fifteen minutes! Geesh.

I found something to clean him up with and we chatted very amiably about our jobs; he seemed unusually interested so I yammered a bit more than I normally would. For a guy who won't kiss he was awfully willing to linger after he'd gotten loaded up with what he wanted. Which is nice. I don't really like being heartlessly abandoned after I've given someone my most precious genetic gifts. But then he checked his phone, to make sure his boss hadn't written-- he was working from home too-- and I decided to let him go. At the door he hesitated, as if maybe now I could kiss him. I didn't know what was up with that but didn't want to be rebuffed again, so I just smiled at him, swatted his tush, and said "Bring that by again sometime so I can work on that some more," and he grinned and trotted away.

Right now I sort of feel like I do when I have a nice light vegetarian dinner with just enough food to satisfy me, versus after a perfect Thanksgiving dinner, when you can't imagine ever needing to eat again. I typically have sex that leaves me feeling like the later-- sore, wiped out, dehydrated, tired, levitated to another physical plane. Now I just don't feel horny any more. The lightness of the sensation is pleasant… but I hope I don't have to wait too long for Thanksgiving!


  1. Whcoat a fuckin' hot post. I need to go in search of a big huge cock to suck today!

    1. Got get em, Jack! Make em cum in you HARD!

  2. Fellow (sporadic) blogger and just came across your blog and read a few posts and love them! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us in such great detail; I'll definitely be catching up on some reading. Do you have an email for a more personal message? Mine is in my profile.

    I've come across a few big shooters and it's always hot to unexpectedly milk out a huge load. I still have a stain on the drywall of a particularly impressive and wild shooter..

    1. Thanks, madman! Glad you enjoy reading about the many adventures of my dick and balls. I'll check out your blog and send you an email over there, sure.

      Cum never comes out of drywall, does it?