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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dirty! Shame!

Today is my fourteenth anniversary with my partner, whom I love very deeply, but he's not home yet, so I just ejaculated down the throat of the Super Tight 25 Year Old I hooked up with last month. I'm horrible. But he begged and begged for it. So I gave it.

I had hit him up yesterday, actually, just being friendly because he had posted a bunch of new pix and I didn't recognize them. Rather that silently cruise the profile like a creeper, I just said hello and asked how he was, and we chatted a bit, then talk turned to how hard he made me cum last time, and how much he liked it too (I was a little surprised he wrote me back at all; he's certainly got a lot of dicks after him and I'm nothing to write home about), and how much he wanted more, but how much more his company makes him work now, and how he doesn't work from home ever. So I thought, well, that was fun, but I don't think I'll be seeing him again. I told him only sometimes do I have time right after work to have anyone over.

Today just as I finished working I checked Growlr and he had just msged me a couple minutes before, asking if today might be one of those evenings. It was still fairly early, so I asked him where he was; he lives on the other side of the hood so if he was already home it would be easy. But I assume he wrote that and got right on the subway, because he didn't reply for about half an hour. And then it was pushing it. I told him it was risky, and plus it was our anniversary so "my partner walking in on me with my face in your ass might be bad form." He said it was a five minute bike ride, to find out when he was coming home. I said "Wow, you're really hot to trot!" and he said "I just really want your load", and I said "Make your way over now and I'll text you if things start to look risky." He was cool with that.

He got here maybe five minutes before my partner was scheduled to leave work. I ushered him into my office, and made him bring the shoes he had just taken off, saying, "If he comes home early, you're stuck in here." He laughed and said, "For how long??" and I said, "Until he takes a shower or something." And I closed the door and he whipped off all his clothes, heedless of the uncovered floor-to-ceiling window in here, and I pulled off my shorts, and he knelt down completely naked, and kept stroking that mile-long wang of his while he kneaded my dick with his tongue, absolutely expertly. I just grew and grew and grew in his mouth until I was long and hard, and he was sucking me so eagerly he began seriously choking. "Are you OK?" I asked, and he kept laughing and coughing, holding my dick in one hand and wiping his mouth with the other between coughs, saying with that soundless voice, "Wrong pipe." And then he was ok and he sucked me more and I said "Just suck my dickhead, you don't have to deep throat me, just keep hittin it, keep hittin that spot, don't fuckin stop, suck my dick, suck my dick, make me cum man, keep suckin, keep hittin it keep hittin it keep hittin it you can make me cum," and he sucked like a complete fiend. I was close I was close I was close but couldn't get over that hump, would get riiiight up to it and he kept sucking me just right and it felt so good and I wanted to cum but I was standing up and it's hard to cum standing up. But I encouraged him and he liked it and he kept sucking me just right just right just right juuuuuust right…

…and then it was all over. I was shooting and shooting and shooting. And then he popped all over himself while he was swallowing my acrid, manly nectar, just the way it should be, cumming just cuz he tasted me cum, and I unloaded into him for a good minute or so, felt like. And then I pulled out and we both laughed like crazy.

"You have a SOCK to clean up with," I said, tossing the one I'd worn yesterday at him. "Pretend you're a teenager." He laughed but eyed it with some disdain, and rubbed it all over his tight little body and wiped up all the goo.

We talked a little bit about work and stuff but just then my phone buzzed and I freaked. It was just my sister, but it was an odd time for her to call, so I thought I should answer it. I ushered him to the door, talking to my sister, then asked her to hold on a sec, gave him a little kiss and a pat on the ass, and out he went.

My partner came home about 10 minutes later. Yipes.

I am dirty and shameful. But I got drained!


  1. Replies
    1. Heh well they were my socks, so I did! But I'm not all that into cum. That's why I'm always trying to get rid of mine and put it in other dudes :^]

  2. Sounds like you were saved by the phone pal. You were flying pretty close to the sun there Icarus.

    1. Yeah, that was pretty crazy. I never do things like that; I always keep a big buffer region if only to get me out of dick-in-stranger space and into love-my-partner space. But he was so hot to trot! His body is so rockin! How can you say no!

  3. I, too give myself a lot of time when connecting. Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thanks, Jack! That was a lesson learned, I think.