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Friday, August 22, 2014

Sperm Donor

Yesterday I thought I had something set up with a flaky kid who I'm giving up on-- it would have been really nice to fuck my load into his sweet, tight little body, but I guess he was just a tease. I'm always amazed at the lengths these teases will go to, checking out my profile every day, messaging frequent expressions of excitement about when we will get together next, picking specific days for it, texting me, yadda yadda. I guess there is some kind of sexual frisson that comes from all that? Whatever, I wanted to put my cum inside someone no matter what, so I went a-cruising. I saw a very handsome guy whose on Manhunt but decided not to write to because all his public pictures showed the Manhunt watermark, a sign that they are at least 5 years old. A few minutes later he hit me up, unlocking pictures *without* the watermark, but *with* clearly more than 5 years of age and maybe 60 pounds of weight.  His current face pic was ok but he definitely looked a lot better in the older pix! He was also a couple inches taller than me, and I'd spent the day hoping a little 5'7 slip of a thing was going to let me pummel him into the mattress all afternoon, so I silently passed on him. Maybe 20 minutes later he sent one of those "I guess I'm not your type so bye" emails, sweetening it with "it would have been fun to take your load up my ass". I checked him out again, and thought, well, if he's going to do a Hail Mary, so will I; it was starting to get too late to get off, and I was still so super-energized by Wednesday's insanely perfect milking that I just really wanted to cum in somebody. So I told him honestly I'd been looking for a little dude to pummel, but that he'd look good sucking my dick. He said he'd love to, and I did my usual pre-screening HR routine for new cocksuckers, insisting on stamina, edging, attitude, blabla, and he seemed game to seriously work me over, so I went up to see what he could do. He met me at the door looking about as chunky as I expected-- the meaty jockey body displayed in his public pix was long, long gone-- but his face was nice. And half an hour later he was sighing with a sleepy, happy look on his face, half-buried in my bush, with my wet slimy dick along side his cheek and his arms clamped around my thighs, cooing, "That was soooo much cum." Happy to oblige, pardner.

And he was not a bad cocksucker, really; a bit rough sometimes, and other times infuriatingly light. Not very good at following direction; I think his head was somewhere else and he barely heard what I told him to do, honestly. He did get me close a few times, and I greatly enjoyed holding his head like a bowling ball and drilling my fuckstick up into his skull with determined, precise thrusts. But I get the feeling that I was pretty much an uninteresting appendix to the much more interesting reality of my thick tubesteak and the promise of a huge gushing ejaculate issuing from my hairy nuts when he had fully satisfied me.

And that is the main difference between a perfectly fine cocksucker like this guy and a stellar, fantastically good one like Wednesday's. When Stinky Artsy Cocksucker took the reins, I felt an intense, deep connection arising from our roles on a sexual level. This was a primal, alchemical meeting of opposites: A top with a dick and cum freely offered, and a bottom with a tireless desire to please freely offering service. It seemed like it could go on forever, and everything either of us did only served to heighten the pleasure, intensify the connection. If I said I wanted more of this or that, his reaction was electric and instantaneous, as if I'd shaken a beaker filled with reagents. No question, he wanted to get me where I wanted to go and complied fully. My demands only made him more excited, and his compliance only made ME more excited. This is how it should be with a top and a bottom. I am sure he could sense my pleasure in every twitch and jump of my dick, every slick of precum that oozed out of me in reaction to his attentions.

Yesterday's dude was technically pretty good but it was missing that perfect meshing. What he really wanted was my cum. And after I had shot it in him, he wanted to talk about it, at length. Still lying with an armload of my thighs, deeply self-satisfied at having made me unload in him, he talked animatedly about how hard he got looking at my cumshots online, how much he wants to find tops who shoot like that, how HE shoots like that, but my cum is more thin and liquidy than his, "which makes it tastier," how most guys can't manage more than a dribble, how I totally filled his mouth, how he was going to beat off thinking about it four times later that night, how he is just a total cumpig, how my dick is a perfect size, not too big, how there are no tops in San Francisco, how salty my cum tasted, how he felt it splattering on the roof of his mouth, my cum my cum my cum.

And honestly I do love being appreciated for my ejaculatory prowess. I honestly think it gets me laid more than anything else about me. I am always happy to donate some sperm to a dude who is willing to put in the quality time to earn it. And this guy did a fine job of making me climax hard in a half an hour.

But there is no comparing a greedy cumpig rooting around in my groin like this to yesterday's cocksucker's almost sacerdotal devotion and power over my dick and balls. It's very, very rare, honestly. Most of the time, I'm just a sperm donor. And now I've got a pretty sore dick. Gonna have to let him rest a bit.


  1. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago. I really enjoy your stories. Although I am more of a writer myself, and breeding is not something I usually get into, I find your escapades captivating. Great writing.

    The Male Casting Couch

    1. Thanks Mark! I'm glad you like it. I am not an advocate for universal raw fucking the way some dudes are-- you do what you're comfortable with, is my mantra. But if it turns you on to read about it, I'm happy to keep fucking that way to provide you with more reading material :^]