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Friday, October 31, 2014

Hire a Pro

So after the abortive attempted fuck with the tweaker in town, I was left with balls that were not exactly blue, but were nonetheless overloaded with cum. I could have spent a lot of time yesterday looking for a new cutie to relieve me of my load, but was prickteased twice and decided to just call someone I know could do the job: the Stinky Artsy Cocksucker. And in a half an hour he hovered out my nuts and left me light and free, just in time to go pick up my sister at the airport for a long weekend visit. Sometimes you just need someone professional and capable.

He's a pretty fantastic worker I must say. I was quite stressed and had only so much time and so I drove over to his place-- which is a cluttered nest over on the other side of my hood; I last visited him in his natural habitat in, I think, 2010. I wasn't even remotely hard but he didn't care; he sat me down an a couch embedded in a tower of props and antiques and art materials and pulled off his shirt and just licked me up into his mouth and sucked away at me. I knew I wasn't instantly hardening, but with all the sensation of his slithery tongue in his mouth, and his stance, with his lips clamped around my hairy dick's base, not moving or pulling off, I couldn't tell what was really going on with my meat. I just knew it felt really good, so I just lay back and enjoyed it. After several long minutes, he finally pulled off me and I saw that my little limp noodle had stiffened into the thick meaty cylinder cocksuckers love so. And it was on.

He has a very interesting technique, making all kinds of crazy noises and doing his best to always keep me entire length buried in his mouth, but always maintaining some kind of contact with my dick, via his tongue or lips, to make sure I always feel something good. And I felt awesome. And he knew it. Eventually he pulled his pants off and his dick was rock hard; I stared at it while he blew me slowly and languidly. I don't think I've ever seen it before, despite ejaculating in his mouth like three or four times. It looked very pretty and inviting down there. During a break in the sucking, I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him deep, in thanks for making my dick feel so, so nice, and then reached down to fondle his own dick. It was very small indeed, fitting pretty neatly in my hand, but I have to say, it was the most awesome dickhead ever. Very fleshy, very hard flaring ridge, deep hole, big lobes at the top on the front-- very exciting to touch and stroke; I slicked my up fingers with spit and ran them slowly allllll around the head, up under the ridge, massaging slightly between those lobes on the front, over the hole, and then all around the ridge again, and he got harder and harder in my hand, whimpering like crazy. And then I lay back and offered him my own dick again, which looked humongous after spending all that time focused on his. More beautiful velvety sucking, and then we kept trading off; I would massage under the ridges of his dickhead till he could only moan, "I love that," and then give him my bone again, back and forth, sweet pleasure from man to man, dick to dick. And then when it just felt too, too good, there it was; my orgasm came out of nowhere and I just shot and shot and shot in him. Eventually, like last time, he began drooling gobs of my cum, with my fuckstill still deeply planted in his mouth, and then he spat out a big gob of me, right into my pubes, when I was done squirting into him. And then he let me go, and leaned back, and furiously jerked his shaft, just behind the head, which stretched and swelled from the motions of his hand, and he stared up at heaven. Not cumming fast enough, he reached down for the gob of goo he left in my pubes with a big rough paw-- his hands are huge and very nice-- and slathered my jizz all over his tool and feeling my warm love slime on his own genitals put him over the edge; he shot a couple of healthy jets into the air and breathed loudly. Happy to help! My cum has multiple uses.

We chatted amiably about Halloween plans and a restaurant around here that is reportedly haunted. And then I left, and went to pick up my sister. He gives truly Grade A head. It's good to have someone to rely on.

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