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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A New Resolution?

Today for some reason I was extremely horny all morning. I'm still very unmotivated to begin working as intensely as I have the past several weeks and am sort of taking advantage of the holiday period to slack. So between work calls I spent a lot of time looking at porny blogs and wistfully admiring beautiful male bodies and wishing my dick was inside one of them. After lunch the stinky but supernaturally skilled cocksucker wordlessly checked out my profile on Manhunt. I said hello to be friendly, and we chatted briefly about how our holidays went, and I mentioned how much running around I had been doing, and he said "You could probably use some good head to relax you." On the spot, I formed an early New Year's Resolution: To leave no offer of an orgasm unaccepted! Of course that's not true; I'm not going to start letting just anyone get me off. But the guy isn't bad looking, makes my dick feel incredible, is in the neighborhood, and never seems to tire of my bone, so it sounded good and I went with it. "That's a resolution I can get behind!" he said, and I ran over and he made me cum, as usual, very hard. I dunno if I can give up my promiscuous, new-meat-seeking ways, but there is a certain appeal to not being so fussy and having maybe three times as much sex as I'm having now. I will probably abandon this resolution right around the time you stick your new Exercycle in the corner to gather dust, around MLK day, or maybe even when you steal your first cigarette puff of 2015, at brunch on New Year's Day. But for now I feel generous with giving my dick to my deserving regulars when they want it!

He met me at his door wearing nothing but gym shorts. If his body were a bit better and he took raw meat I'd probably fuck him all the time; his face is probably not for everyone but there's something about it that really appeals to me, sort of like the kind of face I would have liked in the 70s when I was a kid; heavy five o'clock shadow even at 1 o'clock, porny mustache that looks really good on him, balding but swoopy hair a-la Robert Redford in Barefoot in the Park, extremely hairy (maybe even too hairy really). He was noticeably less stinky than usual-- not stinky at all to be honest. Whether that's because it's so cold out now or he had to clean up for a job interview or something, I have no clue. But I've never been a big fan of man stink so it helped enhance the experience for me.

He led me through his extremely cluttered apartment to the standard cocksucking chair-- he offered the bed but I like his technique when he's kneeling and has his elbows balanced on my knees the best; his tongue hits my dickhead's hot spot JUST RIGHT when he is in that position, so I pulled off my shoes and pants, sat down, opened my legs, and accepted his ministrations. I love the way he sucks me hard. He'll slurp me down all the way in one big gulp, but then just hold me there. My dick warms up inside him, slowly, and he makes very smallllll movements with his tongue along the sensitive underside of my meat, but otherwise, he just waits. Imperceptibly my junk thickens and swells and lengthens inside him and he just loves to feel it fill him that way. I can barely tell what's going on in the silky wet warmth of his mouth, but every once in a while I guess I feel the skin stretching over his tongue with the tension of my burgeoning erection, or I feel the helmet of my dickhead throb against the roof of his mouth as my body pumps hot hormone-filled blood into it, and these little movements let me know I'm getting bigger and bigger and harder and harder inside him, unseen but beautifully, subtly felt, until he senses that I am firm enough for him to slide me in and out of him with slick strokes rather than any accordioning compression. And when I feel that first slide of all the newly hard inches, it's fucking heaven.

He sucked the holy living hell out of me, edged me for a good long time, getting rather grunty and greedy there at the end, saying (barely audibly, as my girth was stuffing his mouth), "so fucking good so fucking good so fucking good" the whole time, still focused but clearly frenzied and drunk on my precum, thrilled to have a dick he could suck all he wanted, and then he began moving his palms over my hairy torso, very lightly, feeling my fuzz and my skin while he sucked hard on the knob of my fuckstick and we were off. I came and came and came and grabbed his head and pushed him down so he was holding almost my entire length in his mouth as I fired, and he didn't resist or really spit any out as he often does, but this time he just accepted the onslaught with gurgling greedy sounds. I came for well over a minute and then he pulled off, picked up a cloth-- I expected him to spit as he brought it to his mouth, but he just looked me in the eye, wiped his mouth as if I had just fed him a plate full of fried chicken rather than ten squirts of fuckjuice, then threw the towel at me and licked his lips.

I'm delicious!

We chatted happily about our families and our trips for Christmas and I got dressed and went and got a cup of coffee and a glazed donut and stared out the window at the passing hip kids all done up as they do themselves up. I'm in one of those phases where getting off just makes me want to get off more; I'm normally sated for days after I cum but now I just want to fuck and suck dick and ejaculate all over again and it's barely been two hours. Who knows how long this will last. For now, the resolution stands: I intend to fuck and cum every chance I get! Life is good when you're unloading your nuts freely and often!

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