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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lights, iPad, Action!

It's probably not surprising that after posting about all the ass that was flying at me from different directions, I'd have to go a week without getting off. But my job continues to eat my brain and my life and all my free time. Yesterday was the limit; after pulling two 12 hour days, then being awoken around 2am by messages from a malfunctioning computer, I decided to take the day off. I wanted to cruise for just the right cute hairy little cum-loving bottom, but I was so fried I could barely even muster the energy to swing through the apps and websites. I was hopelessly exhausted and just wanted to lie there and be serviced and cum hard and not care about anything else. So I knew who to call: Ultra Meat. He was on Scruff and just lives six blocks away or so. He never says no when I ask him to suck my dick. And yesterday was no exception; he was here in 20 minutes. But he did have one request of me, which he made after my sad, tired, neglected, flaccid piece of meat began to stiffen in his mouth: "Can I film this?"

I am *extremely* unphotogenic-- spectacularly so. And next to Ultra Meat, my body is truly, truly sad. But for whatever reason he is very into me, and I had known for a while that he has a vast video library of all the dudes he hooks up with; he'd shown me a few when I was tutoring him that he had taken, full-view videos showing face and body and all, with this one guy, also in the neighborhood, whom he seems to think is white hot. (It's a very weird feeling to see some other dude with this guy that I hook up with all the time; the guy was actually kind of attractive to me too, and while of course Ultra Meat is just a fuck buddy, it brought up weird feelings from simultaneous sexual interest in the other top and a bit of jealousy about seeing him with him-- and I'm not even a jealous person, but then again, I never watched anyone fuck anyone I was in any way involved with, if you can call what I have with Ultra Meat "involvement.) I was really too tired to care, and didn't want to deprive him, so I said OK. He went out to the bathroom for a minute, showing off that fantastic physique, and I woke up a bit from blowjobland to realize the music was playing in my office in the next room, and had just shifted from Sharon Jone and the Dap Kings to Dengue Fever, an indie band from the last decade featuring a rather screechy Cambodian singer. "Can you turn that off??" Ultra Meat called to me as his urine splashed in the toilet. I slowly pulled myself out of bed. "You don't like Cambodian singing?" I asked wryly, and silenced the music. I got back in bed, and he came in and fussed around with his iPod, which was not cooperating, and my erection slowly deflated. I thought, great, I'm going to lose interest and he is going to capture my failure to perform (if laying there and getting blown can be called performing) on video forever.

But once he had it set up, he got back to sucking me, and I just closed my eyes and lay back and completely cleared my head of anything except enjoying his attention to my dick. When I *did* open my eyes I saw him mugging terrifically for the camera-- I teased him about it and he let go of my dick and laughed but then put it back and and kept up the sensation till I was fully stiff.

"I just want to suck this white dick," he kept saying, and we kept laughing a little about the camera-- every time I shifted or he did he would make sure we were still in-frame, and I said, "I don't want you to want my dick because it's *white*, I want you to want it because it's *mine*!" and he said "I LOVE WHITE DICK" and I put my foot on his groin, which I know he loves, and held his head in my hands and pushed it aside a little to completely showcase my rod slipping in and out of his mouth and I drilled his skull and I know he was very happy.

I avoided looking at the screen too much. I really, really don't much care for the sight of myself, and the contrast with his incredible body is just too much. But I was getting very excited by his ever-increasing muscle mass-- he's bigger every time I get with him-- and wanted to hump against him. So camera be damned, I flipped him on his back and he wrapped his huge limbs around me and I ground my dick into his while we kissed intensely. Every time we came up for air he said "I wish you were fucking me, I wish you were shooting your cum inside me," which of course he would never let me do, but I said, "Remember that time I fucked you? Remember my raw dick sliding in and out of you? Felt so good," and he said, "So fucking good baby," and the camera caught all this. He periodically checked it out as I slammed away at his body with mine, and whined, "You look so fucking good on top of me! You're a real fucking *man*!" Which, coming from a guy of his build, is inexplicable, but it only made me slam against him harder.

When it got too hot and my dick seemed to be filling with an alarming amount of precum, signaling an orgasm, I let up, and pulled away from him, telling him I wanted to lay back and let him suck me some more.

"Can we point that light at us?" he asked about the bedside lamp, which had been off. I reached over then realize the knob to it falls off if it's pointing down, and so that got caught on camera too; I saw a glimpse of my face right in the iPod as I tried to get the knob back on and aim the warm light at us and though, why is that dude putting his dick in THAT dude… but whatever. I lay back and we found a groove with our bodies somehow curled around each other and intertwined and I saw my pale slick rod slipping in and out of his dark mouth and it looked mighty fine. And he brought me to the edge, and I said, "Where do you want the fucking cum, in you or on you," and I began to spurt before he answered and of course he pulled me out of his mouth and let the big thick gobs of semen jet out and land where they may: his chest, my leg, my belly, my hand. "Oh, wow, oh, wow," he kept saying, looking at my cum blobs, then picked one up with his hand, slicked up his own rod, and jerked hard and fast with my gooey dick bobbing in his face-- he licked the very tip, the hole, just with the end of his tongue, afraid of my cum and irresistibly drawn to it at the same time-- and I used the muscles between my legs to make it pulse and bob and thicken and swell up in the dickhead and that was all it took to make him pop.

He flopped on his back beside me, full of happy buzzing pleasure, and then said, "Can you make it stop recording?" I hit the button, but not before my big dumb face loomed on the screen. So that exists now.

We talked for about a half an hour about how he was doing in school, what he should do with his life, and all sorts of pleasant things. It's an unusual relationship; I slowly feel like he's a bit of a friend. But he's also my pornographer now. And a very nice pinch cocksucker.

After he left I stayed in bed for another hour, just reading and relaxing. By the end of the afternoon there was a work emergency that called me back home from the new coffee shop that opened with the big roasting room inside and all the well-heeled clientele arrayed on big chesterfields. It never ends.


  1. I would do ANYTHING to get a copy of that video! It would be the next best thing to having our own session. I can only imagine how you looked, naked in bed just reading and relaxing...woof!

    1. Heh well the reading part didn't get captured so everyone will have to keep imagining that. I'll have to find out later if Ultra Meat beat off to the video or not. I really find the idea of a video of me being that much of a turn-on to be very far-fetched somehow. I don't doubt the full tactile experience of being fucked by me is a real delight-- plenty of guys seem to want to come back for more-- but that's so different than looking at what is essentially porn, which to me at least requires a high level of physical attractiveness that few of us have.

  2. Would love to see the edited video on Xtube (as I'm sure a lot of other readers would too). Not holding my breath though.

  3. So, you'll be sending me the xtube link, right?

    1. Heh Ultra Meat promises it's for his eyes only, Jack. (Well, and I guess whoever else in the hood he shows these to, like he showed that other one to me.) Somehow he doesn't seem like the xtube type, so I think it will stay relatively obscure.