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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bad Day

Today was crappy-- I went out to dinner last night with my sister but knew I had to deal with a malfunctioning computer before the night was over, so when we were done I set up at her house and began doing what I thought was going to be something routine, but which ended up taking hours-- I was up very late, then awakened before five with more issues. I was supposed to spend today taking my mom to the zoo, but instead spent it sleeping late and feeling extremely depressed, as lack of sleep and being put out often do to me. My mom ended up not wanting to go out today, so I left on my own to get lunch in a cute part of town, and try to cheer up. A skinny black kid way north of town who has been after me ever since I got here, wanting me to fuck my load into his tight little body, texted me just after I finished eating; since I gave him my number he's texted me every freakin day begging for milk. I told him I was not really up for fucking because of the night I had, but that he could service my meat if he wanted. He is weirdly polite for an insistent fucktoy-- usually they are rather crass and cranky-- and he asked me if I would mind him hopping on top of my dick and fucking himself with it. I told him "Hey, the dick is yours; if you can get me hard and slick enough, knock yourself out. But I can't promise you a wild, athletic fuck today." He said that was cool, and said he'd jump in the shower. I drove over there and twenty minutes later I left him with a tail full of goo, but it really wasn't me doing my better work.

(1) While he was friendly and seemed happy to have me there, he wouldn't kiss.

(2) His apartment was a typical 22-year-old's sty-- pizza boxes everywhere, clothes and balled up chip bags on every flat surface; no towel in the bathroom.

(3) He was very very eager to make my limp, tired dick hard so he could sit on it, with the predictable result that it would not get hard, though he made me feel like I was going to cum about three times. This all happened as I lay on a wet towel, clearly the only clean one, which he had used to shower fifteen minutes before.

(4) He would not let me rim him to help me get hard.

(5) When I suggested we 69, he seemed a little wary, but after a bit of my attention his HUMONGOUS GENUINE NINE INCH PARTY FAVOR DONG grew hard as a rock in my mouth. It was another really beautiful dick, just right for sucking, and I actually managed to deep throat it almost all the way, a first for me.

(6) Feeling his bone harden to that majestic length inside my mouth made my own dick get hard enough to fuck him.

(7) He was very tight and had no lube, so instead he pulled out a crusty, well-loved bottle of lotion and slathered it all over his skinny ass and then all over my dick, and the gummy texture instantly made me lose my boner as son as it slid inside him.

(8) Sucking his dick to get it the boner back-- I was suddenly desperate to fuck my load into him and save the afternoon-- meant that I got a mouth full of flowery, bitter, soapy lotion. But really his dick was just about perfect so I was hard again in a jiffy.

(9) He must have self-lubricated because the second entry went in like buttah and I pushed his legs way back to pound my pud into him and he woke the hell up and roared "OH FUCK YEAH DADDY FUCK ME RIGHT THAT IS *RIGHT*" but of course having been sucked in a frenzy for 15 minutes and then stroking myself for another 5 with a GIGANTIC NINE INCH PARTY DONG down my throat meant I was not going to last and so I think after 10 or 12 strokes my dick was liquefying and my nuts were going OH BABY and I said, "I can't hold it man I gotta cum!" and he said "ARE YOU GONNA CUM!" and I said "I'm gonna cum!" and he said "YEAH FUCK THAT LOAD INTO ME DADDY!" and I fucked that load into him and I kinda pushed it in deep and held it there to enjoy the feeling of squirting into him, but he said "ARE YOU CUMMING!" and I said "Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming!" and he said "RAM IT INTO ME HARD SO I CAN CUM TOO, MAN!" and I woke up and rammed it into him hard and honestly I think the dick went from nine to ten inches-- it was fuckin huge against his 5'11, 150-pound frame, anyway, and when it was at full mast and straining to pump out his hot thick 22-year-old load all over his inky black body it looked like something out of science fiction. That was a truly impressive sight, and he just kept bellowing, "OH YEAH THAT FEELS GOOD KEEP FUCKIN ME!" so I kept fuckin him, watching the goo spurt everywhere.

(10) and then he reached down under his ass and forcefully pushed my dick out of his ass-- it genuinely hurt, the way he rammed that, and I went OW-- and he apologized in his polite way and ran to the bathroom.

(11) From the bathroom he kept exclaiming "That was hot, I needed that!" while I stupidly kept laughing and panting; it was actually one of the more pathetic fucks I've ever thrown, and I said "Sorry for the slow start and fast finish, I'm not at my best today," and he came back in the room with that same fucking towel, looked at me with a grin, and said, "It was good, man, if it hadn't been I wouldn't have cum." Which I guess is ok, but wow, poor kid if that was an unusually good fuck.

So I guess mixed bag. I guess I'm glad I kept my pride and got it up good enough to give it to him. But after I left I reeked of lotion and tasted it all through my mouth and felt just as depressed as when I went there, with an added slight headache from the exertion.

I went to a funky neighborhood not too far from his place and sat in a hipstery coffee shop drinking a very nice latte and staring out the window. Then I came home and made a dinner my mom didn't like, and a cake that fell and tasted very dry.

Tomorrow can't come fast enough!

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