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Monday, January 2, 2012

First Post

I'm a fortysomething gay guy who has lots of sex, although my looks are average and I'm fairly mild-mannered. At this point I've fucked, sucked, or been serviced by hundreds of guys (and a few girls!). I have come to wish I'd chronicled each encounter so I could remember or relive them over the years. I figure it's never too late to start.

Today it's been over two weeks since I had sex with someone, probably the longest I've gone in years. Partially that's due to the holidays-- too busy to cruise and get off-- but also because the last guy I was with was so rough with my dick, he bruised the hell out of it! This was a first. Online he'd said he wanted to meet up with a minimum of chitchat, and in fact didn't even want to kiss, just get to work on my meat and service me until I came. Normally no kissing is a turnoff for me but I was very full of cum and needed it sucked out of me desperately, so I said OK. I go to his place-- decent, big apartment-- and he directed me to a little dimly-lit alcove with a chair in it. Breaking his no-talking rule, I said, "So this is the cocksucking room, is it?" and he mumbled a sheepish reply. I whipped out the goods and he began giving me an incredibly excellent, velvety blowjob. This was going to be good, so once he'd gotten me rock-hard I sat back to enjoy myself. Not a lot of guys give head this good, and he was really hitting my hot spots just right, so I was really getting into it, and had to break his other rule-- I stood up, grabbed his head from my dick, and began sucking his lips. Making out just makes it better. This really set him off, and he became kind of frenzied and hot, dove for my dick again, and just began sucking the hell out of me. We traded off the sucking and kissing and he got rougher and rougher, till he said "I think I'm going to cum in my pants." This pretty much got me to the edge, and I blew about 6 days worth of spooge down his throat. He really did mess his pants up-- he had to go take them off-- even though he never took his dick out and I never saw him beat off at all. Getting up to head to the bathroom to clean up, I saw the deep, dark bruise on the top of my dick. It freaked him out a little and he apologized. I played it cool and thanked him and left... but it was out of commission for a week. And then it was Christmas. I beat off a few times after that but have left it alone for about 10 days, so whoever gets me next is going to be handsomely rewarded.


  1. Hey man, just came across your blog today -- FUCKING HOT! Would love to chat more sometime; hmu if so mattdanbb@hotmail.com. -Dan

  2. (I used to have a fun bb blog with a friend of mine.)