web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: October 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Kill Me

It's Halloween, and my sister is visiting, and it's Friday… and I'm home, working on something ridiculous that must be finished this weekend that just! won't! work! A lot of it is just babysitting a computer while it does stuff automatically. And then fails. After an hour. So I am here, chained to my desk, and outside the window everyone parades by in their fun get-ups. But I had one solace, at least: Ultra Meat sent me a text saying "Let me suck you" right after I sent my partner and sister out to have fun without me. As I was mostly just waiting for shit to fail and restart, I asked him over, and he made me cum. So there is that! His body is definitely getting bigger than ever, seems like-- he's almost at that point where he is just TOO muscular; his arms are supernaturally thick and hard. It's very exciting to touch them-- that alone made my dick hard as a rock-- but he's hard to mount and grind into now, because he's just too thick all over: his ass, in particular, is just ridiculously big and round and muscular now. But it's an impressive sight there between my legs, this big muscular beast reduced to helpless pleading for more dick even though he's already all full of it, and it's surreal when he's on his back, watching me kneel between his legs rubbing our dicks together, staring at me, saying, "I love it when you rub our dicks together. I love looking at you." So! There's that. But… kill me. I think I will be up all night working on this nonsense.

Hire a Pro

So after the abortive attempted fuck with the tweaker in town, I was left with balls that were not exactly blue, but were nonetheless overloaded with cum. I could have spent a lot of time yesterday looking for a new cutie to relieve me of my load, but was prickteased twice and decided to just call someone I know could do the job: the Stinky Artsy Cocksucker. And in a half an hour he hovered out my nuts and left me light and free, just in time to go pick up my sister at the airport for a long weekend visit. Sometimes you just need someone professional and capable.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Move Over Chelsea; Here's Hell's Kitchen!

So I've made my frustration with Chelsea plain on this blog; you never know if you're going to get an amazing beautiful sweet bottom with an incredible body, or a complete crackhead. More often it's the latter. There are actually more homos in Hell's Kitchen these days than Chelsea, and I've had some awesome sex there with some very hot guys, but I guess there's increasing creep of that old guard drug-addled sexual mess up from the hood to the south. Tonight I went up there to fuck a guy who looked great and seemed normal, if a little dorky/jokey about things (like calling my dick "thick n purty"). But as soon as I got there I saw the telltale signs of the inveterate tweaker: constant meaningless activity, endless talking about nonsense, the inability to actually get to the freaking sex because there's the volume knob on the speaker to adjust and glasses of tea to offer nine times over and a crucial cockring hiding in a box full of cleaning products and screwdrivers. He was very cute and Hell's Kitchen is a hike for me, so I stuck it out hoping to at least get off in him vigorously. But he balked at sucking my dick because I don't manscape my bush (which actually gets me laid more than it gets me balked at), and then offered to trim me. I thought it might be amusing, so I let him. There was something of the alpha primate experience about it, laying there with my legs open being groomed by this chatty, utter cartoon character, so I got into it. He pawed and stroked my meat as he trimmed all around my groin, which felt rather nice and soothing.  Finally he was satisfied and started sucking me. It was pretty much downhill from there. Fuckin Hell's Kitchen!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fuck, I Fuckin Love to Fuckin FUCK

Tonight my dick is sore and the shaft is red and tender, because for an hour and a half this afternoon I drilled the holy hell out of the hairy-chested little Latino, with a fuckstick hard and throbbing as a teenager's. And I shot my ejaculate into him so deep and hard that I can't believe it didn't squirt out of his ears. And it was fuckin GOOD.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Still flying rather high from Tuesday's fantastic fuck, I found myself feeling very horny for more yesterday. Just washing my dick in the shower had me all tingly and hot to stick it to someone else, soaping it up, feeling it swell in my hand from the touch, and thinking about the various dudes who have hit me up this week. One was a really cute bearded latino kid who said he wanted to spend serious quality time sucking me off, as long as I kissed and touched him a lot-- a man after my own heart for sure! Thinking about getting him drunk on my dick and caresses and then feeding him my cum had me very excited. He'd said he would be free Friday, and work is still too busy for me to get much action, so I didn't try to hook up too hard yesterday. Today, though, the kid was of course nowhere to be found and didn't reply to my texts. Harumph. But yesterday, another kid waaaay over in Lefferts Gardens had hit me up on BBRT, with beautiful body and ass pics, and a really cute face, but that neighborhood is an hour away by train; maybe half an hour by car, which would be doable any time when work wasn't busting my ass. We traded a lot of hot texts and he begged and begged me to go fuck him, but I had to put him off. When the cocksucker didn't come through today, I hit up the cum hungry bottom, telling him I could only spare so much time and would have to leave pretty much right away. Happily, he replied quickly with his address. "You have to leave by noon?" he asked, seeming disappointed. I promised him I could fuck him for an hour or so, as long as I could leave right away. He seemed happy with that. "Will you cum in my mouth?" he asked, and I said yes, as long as I could fuck him raw, I'd pull out and unload down his throat. So I rushed over-- or tried to; the traffic on the way was unrelenting and instead of 30 minutes it took more like 40 to get there. I found a parking space very close to his building, feeling lucky, and really looking forward to getting my face in his incredible-looking ass and kissing that super handsome face and cumming deep in his nicely toned body… but the good luck stopped as soon as I got to his door, and ended barely 20 minutes later, with me ejaculating like a teenager after five strokes in his very tight ass. You just can never tell!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mistaken Identity

My latest high-pressure, six-day, frustrated load of semen is now safely deposited inside an amazing, hairy, ripped body in Chelsea. This is one of those almost out-of-body experiences for me; did this guy really make out with me, suck my dick, lay back and let me ram my bone into him till we both popped?? He was absolutely beautiful, with a bushy beardo face; perfectly sculpted, lean muscles; a sweet fat dick; and ab muscles so rigid and wavy that I could have played "Diggin' my Potatoes" on them. And he loved it too; feeling my beard scratch against his balls as I licked all around his hole made him moan with pure pleasure, and when I put my own schlubby body on his perfectly formed frame, he hitched his rock-hard thighs around me in that tight, unmistakable way bottoms have of saying, without words, "I need you inside me, as deep as you can go." What a bottom! After a long spell of fucking and getting sucked off by regulars, he was an awesome new experience. But ironically, it almost didn't happen, and he almost wasn't even new! All due to some weird simultaneous cases of mistaken identity… and my age-old prejudice against fucking in Chelsea. But for once I'm glad I went to that stupid neighborhood, and stuck it out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Forgetting, Never Remembering

Maybe I've officially gotten off with too many dudes. On Mister a tight little torso hit me up telling me I was "sizzlin' hott!!" or whatever those canned messages on there say, but had no face pic. I liked his little body, and his profile said he wanted to work on his "oral talents" lately, so I told him he could suck my dick all he wanted. I think he wanted to take it to WhatsApp-- kids these days and their proliferation of apps!-- and we traded face pix there. Whereupon he announced we had hooked up before. I didn't recognize him at all, and asked how long ago. "A long time ago," he said, "maybe years." Somehow I vaguely registered the memory of fucking a tiny muscular little dude like him, but details were hazy as the answer from a Magic 8 Ball. But the offer of tireless cocksucking certainly appealed to me. We played WhatsApp tag for a couple of weeks, but today was the day. As soon as he showed up, I completely recognized him, and now that he's gone, I found the previous entry about him and re-read it. Wow! We hooked up over two years ago, and I slipped my bare bone into him! Crikey.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Ultra Meat's abiding attraction to me remains an absolute mystery. I've been tutoring him in algebra for a few weeks now, and while he pays me and seems to loathe the class and need lots of help, I always feel like it's all just a ruse to get next to me. "You think I'm giving you fifty bucks every week just to suck you dick?" he asked me on Thursday night, when I teased him about it before the lesson. And yet somehow I think he is. After the lesson was over-- we do it in a common area of my building where there is a table and it's quiet-- he grabbed my groin and begged, "Isn't there somewhere we can go so I can blow you?" Of course there was nowhere, and I had to get back to my partner. He had brought a bunch of trash from a sandwich and drink he ate on the subway over, and there was no trash can in the common room, so I paused down the hall at the trash room to throw it all down the chute. He followed me in there, and unzipped my fly as I threw the stuff away, kneading my dick with his hand. Being discovered in the trash room with my wang down some other dude's throat would be the height of indignity-- and this was actually the evening of the day I fucked the last dude, so getting head now have been gilding the lily-- so I just laughed, let him feel it a bit, then pulled his hand out and did my best to zip up with my one free hand. He left frustrated, I'm sure, and then yesterday afternoon he was texting me, "I want your load." I was home alone that day, stuck doing some work while my partner went out of town for a family thing. I had an hour before a telephone meeting, so I told him, "If you come now you can have it." Twenty minutes later his huge black meaty bulk was spread out in front of me on the bed, his head buried in my groin, his mouth full of my dick and his eyes full of imploring me not to take it away. I let him have his fill.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Still Alive!

Somehow I am surviving the onslaught of bad luck and stress aimed at me. My colleague left for good early this week and preparing for and adjusting to that has taken all the energy, time, and attention I have. I haven't even had time to feel horny or care about the fact that I could never take time to get off. Late at night I might sign into Scruff on Adam4Adam on my cell phone and see everything I was missing. But pleasuring my dick just hasn't been high on my priority list. One of those nights, a hot tight torso I had solicited for oral servicing on Daddyhunt months ago suddenly woke up, declaring my penis "delicious". He unlocked a cute/boyish latino face with olive skin and lots of stubble. I told him he could suck on it all he wanted, and he pointed out we hooked up once already, and he still remembered how much cum I squirted into him. I realized I recognized him, and I think there is a post about him on this blog, but the memory is all very hazy and dim, like he was some ancient king, Ætheræd the Unræd or Wilfred the Hairy or something, an almost forgotten tale of conquest and pleasure that I don't even think I could locate in these archives to put a link here. We talked about possibly hooking up the next day, but of course that day came and went full of stress and endlessly multiplying tasks and calls, and my delicious penis went unsucked. And then another old bottomy admirer resurfaced on Scruff-- a beautifully hairy-chested little latino kid I fucked my sperm into last time I was in DC. He has moved back to NYC and lives not far away, in Greenpoint, and wanted more of my dick inside him. I told him about the cast, and he said he was happy to service me. Yesterday afternoon there was a sudden lull; I had actually called in sick with allergies, but was out of bed by 10am and ended up working till 10pm (with one break in there for lunch and another to tutor Ultra Meat, who spent half the time grabbing at my crotch and asking me where we could go so he could suck my dick). I hadn't had any emails in hours. My partner was out on a job interview. I thought, maybe that kid is around. I texted him and he replied instantly and was here in 20 minutes-- "I am running!" he texted on the way, and indeed he showed up soaked with sweat. I may be one-armed and completely over my head at work, but my milkshake still brings the boys to the yard! But the bonus is, the kid went home just as soaked as he arrived-- but soaked *inside* his body this time, warm and slimy in his ass from the release of almost three weeks of pent-up ejaculate I'd been stewing during this crazy period. Ah! Still alive… alive and orgasming!