web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: March 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Too Much Meat

Today I quickly juiced up a guy I fuck once a year or so... but I think this might be my last time with this guy. I'm not totally sure what got into me today-- I was still somewhat in convalescence mode after the intense, hard, athletic fuck with All American Bottom a couple of days ago, and honestly have felt completely sexually sated since then. I had a somewhat frustrating day when I didn't get much done, didn't have eat enough for lunch, and worked out harder than usual in the morning, and it's like wires got crossed in my brain or something: stress, hunger, and tiredness suddenly turned into an out-of-control horniness. A young kid who keeps hitting me up to fuck him but never seals the deal reappeared and started it, I think. I suddenly was so horny I couldn't think-- nothing would help but cumming in someone. Big Meat had viewed me a month or so ago when we were both down south, I visiting my family and he doing his work travel thing. He told me he'd be around a while here in NYC in March. I saw his profile on adam4adam after the kid told me he wasn't actually free after all. I thought, yeah, I could use a big bodybuilder between my thighs right now, sucking the cum out of my nuts. I hit him up and he replied maybe a half hour later, and I went right over to his place, unable to think about anything but getting off.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Serious Fucking

Today I saw that All American Bottom had silently cruised my profile on Manhunt. I had been thinking I wanted to find a really cute guy to get with today, not necessarily to fuck or be serviced or get my cum in him or anything like that... just a really cute fun guy to fool around with and touch him all over and enjoy his cuteness in a sweet, gentle way. But All American Bottom is so appealing, and having him pay me any attention at all is such an aphrodisiac; I'm sure he has hotter tops plowing him all the time, with his wholesome good looks and very nice shoulders and chest and I always just want to pound him into the fucking mattress when I see him. So I wrote him, asked him if he was free today, and he said he was, and so I told him I'd come by in an hour or so. And I did, and we had a fantastic lip-sucking, tongue-lolling, neck-nuzzling, tool-throating, tit-tugging, ass-munching, beef-groping, hole-tonguing, groin-grinding, cock-frotting, ass-smacking, deep-dicking, body-flipping, flesh-slapping, waist-gripping, thigh-grabbing, hair-pulling, hole-sloshing, gut-skewering, back-stroking, limb-twisting, skull-drilling, nut-licking, eye-gazing, breath-wheezing, knee-scraping, nip-chewing, hip-thrusting, mind-melting, hand-holding, blood-pounding, sweat-pouring, motherfucking good time together.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Motion of Fucking

Today a guy from way up on the Upper East Side hit me up on Daddyhunt and as we exchanged pictures he begged and begged for my dick. He was not the cutest guy in the world, but had a kind of scruffy, woodsy, manly lookin thing going on, with light green eyes (something I always like), and his body shot looked pretty nice. He told me he was the Best Cocksucker Ever and would suck me for as long as I say and swallow everything. I wasn't even all that horny, just idly checking email really... until he said all that, and expressed willingness to hop right on the subway and come over. That got my nuts churning. So I said ok, come over. He was here in a half an hour, and got right to work, but didn't give very good head, to be honest. It looked like he had nice legs and a nice ass through his jeans, though, so I commanded him to take his pants off. He complied, revealing a creamy, shapely pair of buttocks the gleamed down there between my feet as he gnawed away at my bone. A couple of flicks of his nipples sent him into orbit and turned him into a whimpering blob of jelly, endlessly telling me how hot I am, and I wasn't going to get off from the head, so there was no other real alternative than to flip him over, slick up my dickhead, and push my tool into him. And he took it greedily, asking for more!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweet Mother of God!

Last night I deposited two loads of my cum in the stupendously hot, ripped body of an eager-to-please bottom. I reload slowly so this is unusual, but the man was so unbelievably beautiful, and so amazingly patient and focused on my pleasure, that I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I had to get as much of my sperm in this amazing specimen on manhood as I could.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Little!

Today I flooded the sweet tattooed body of a horny little bottom with my hot thick seed. Someone up there must like me-- just as I was whining about never getting to fuck little guys, I am magically sent two guys under 5'9 to take my raw dick in their body all the way up to my hairy nuts. This guy hit me up on Scruff, a site I haven't had tons of luck with; he wasn't all that cute really-- rather nerdy and weasely, not in the way I typically like-- but he quickly sent me a bunch of pictures of a tight little body with a really nice mini-manly shape. I told him right away I was looking to fuck raw, and he didn't bat an eye; his profile had more words than usual on there but he was very no-nonsense and just seemed very into sex and just wanted to get plowed by a dick like mine, which he made all the right noises in praise of. He did Just Need To Take A Shower and said he couldn't come over for an hour or so, but I was starving and had just started dinner anyway. I told him it would be cool as long as he was for real and no longer in shopping mode. He assured me he wasn't, and right on time he reappeared asking for my apartment number, cleaned up and ready to have the stuffing dicked out of him. He was here about five minutes early, looking a liiiiittle cuter and a liiiiitle less weasely than his picture-- his presence in my apartment ready to take my tool however I wanted to give it might have been affecting my judgment-- so I was happy. We got right down to it.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today I fucked the sweet little body of a very cute white Latino guy who has been chasing me for years on a variety of hookup sites and apps, but who I always thought was just full of shit. He would routinely hit me up, demand to know if I was horny and in the city (he lives on the Upper East Side), and then when I'd say I'd come by if he let me fuck him skin-on-skin, he'd often say yes but then scamper away, not to be heard from again for several months, whereupon exactly the same thing would happen again. This morning, after giving up on another guy who claimed to be all-too-eager to get fucked by my big hairy body and take my load, but who mysteriously would never be free until "three hours from now"... then being hit up by someone in my neighborhood on Grindr with no public picture who (1) sent very hot ones of himself unbidden, (2) proclaimed mine hot when I replied, (3) asked if I wanted a blowjob, then (4) immediately blocked me when I said yes... I finally decided to give the Little Latino his final chance. He immediately responded saying I could come up any time. I didn't mention raw this time, figuring maybe he's one of those guys who needs to pretend it's not happening to make it happen, and ran up to his place, wondering how this would go.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Today was finally the day! You know what I'm talking about, loyal readers. You know who I finally stuck my bare, throbbing, oozing, meaty, triumphant dick in today. And it was not a disappointment.