web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dusk Fuck

Today I fucked Little Beard Big Nose again. I recently got an iPhone, opening me up to the wonderful world of grindr and scruff, which had been unavailable on my stupid old smartphone. But I don't seem to be very popular on either site. And of course it is Friday, a/k/a No One Is Gonna Fuck You Day, and it's raining outside. So when I saw Little Beard Big Nose on scruff or wherever, I hit him up, saying "Wanna fuck? I'm horny." He told me a friend was coming over and he couldn't get away, but then a few minutes later said the guy had cancelled on him. (I wondered if HE cancelled on the FRIEND.) It's getting dark early now, and it was gloomy outside so the light was low, and I had several hours free after work. So I asked him if he had some time to spend, if we could take it slow and really get into it. There is something really sensual to me about fucking at night, when the lights are low and the fall is coming; I do most of my fucking during the day so this was a bit of a treat that I wanted to savor, and I knew he wouldn't disappoint me in the pleasure department. He said sure, and was over in about 10 minutes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today was another one of those flabbergasting experiences that I feel like I can't explain: I got blown by a good looking, hugely stacked and muscular, beautifully proportioned 31-year-old black guy-- or maybe he was Latino and middle-eastern? It was hard to tell from looking at him, but his accent sounded lightly tinged with the cadence of black speech, and his skin had the chocolatey undertone, and his ass had the ampleness, and his pubes the rough, very short-curled texture, of a black guy. No matter-- he was one extremely beautiful man, and he hit me up Monday on Daddyhunt with the charming greeting, "Fuck me?" His profile wasn't filled out much, so I didn't know where he was or even how tall he was and stuff like that. But the body was undeniably my kinda body-- huge chest, huge shoulders, huge guns, thick neck, big ass, big legs, willowy waist, no fat anywhere, beautiful masculine proportions. I asked if he took it raw and he said no. I had really, really wanted to fuck on Monday, so I told him maybe he could suck me off sometime and mentally put him in the "no" bin, turning to other possibilities. And then the begging started.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Promiscuous Fool

Today I fooled around with the incredibly hot, handsome, stacked, built, muscular guy I got with earlier this year. He had recently re-appeared on adam4adam after a trip to Europe for much of the summer and immediately started hitting me up again, asking me to fuck him. This is extremely flattering, since he could clearly have just about anyone he wanted. He is so beautiful and so sensual but also so intense, athletic, and affectionate in bed that I know it would be heaven to get my bare bone in him and fuck myself silly in him raw, but he is very strict about safety and won't even swallow, so it's not to be. And he is a little inconvenient to get to. So in the past few weeks I've sort of put him off. It's sort of ridiculous to me that I have this unbelievable stud on the line, who improbably likes hairy bearded daddies like me, and yet half the time when he hits me up I'm like eh, because of my constant need to plow someone new. But today when he hit me up, on this beautiful clear crisp fall day, I decided I'd hop on the train for the long haul, put on the rubber, and fuck him with the infuriating barrier, just so I could get my hands on him again and know that I put my dick in that incredible body. I was on my way to him within 10 minutes of him saying hello, with my chronically unused travel condom and some lube in my bag, and in another half an hour I had my face buried in his ass so deep I could barely breathe.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Today I didn't even want to get off; I wanted to have lunch with a friend who works in the neighborhood at a place with outdoor seating that makes an excellent fried chicken sandwich-- it is an incredibly beautiful clear day today. But my friend had to pick up her kids from school early and didn't have time for a languid outdoor cafe lunch. So instead I fucked someone.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today I juiced up a pretty skanky dude. There are very real sexual "dialects" out there and it's pretty disappointing to me when someone who is pretty attractive-- he wasn't super hot or anything, but I liked his face and his body-- doesn't speak the same sexual dialect as me. Let me explain.

This morning I was teased by a fantastic guy I fucked before, who is actually mostly top and typically only hits me up when he wants me to fuck some Latino kid in Bushwick with him or something like that. But he has a fantastic little body with a meaty ass that I'm dying to eat that incredible assmeat again and squirt another big load in him, and I'm flattered someone as good-looking as him keeps coming back for more, so I keep the dialog open. (I am not really interested in 3ways, but I confess the idea of watching this guy fuck another guy, then me separating them and taking turns deep-dicking them both, and cumming in one a few spurts, then pulling out and squirting the rest in the other, gives me a serious boner.) He definitely speaks my dialect! Today he said he wanted me to fuck him, "It's been a while and I'm horny." He exchanged a couple emails with me, expressing excitement at the idea of getting eaten out, then vanished, as he is prone to do. Maybe he found someone better, or a bottom, who knows. But he got my motor going and I had to fuck. I hit up another guy I had an awesome time with once, who also hits me up all the time asking for more. He will never go raw, however, and even though he is like one of the hottest guys I ever touched, I'm stupid and always want someone new, and someone who will take me unwrapped. But the first guy filled me with ass-hunger, and the second guy is beautiful, so I hit him up. And he wrote back instantly, saying he only had short periods free today. So then I was seriously frustrated. Skanky appeared a few hours later, after I sent a fusillade of unrequited can-I-fuck-you-please notes to guys I hadn't hit on before which made me sad and lonely. Skanky said he "needed" my cum. We'd talked before but hadn't sealed the deal. I figured this is what I was going to have to do today-- I needed ass. His pix were kinda OK but I did really like his face. So I ran over. And it was pretty skanky-- just so not how I like to have sex.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kiss Kiss Kiss

Today I got blown by a 27-year-old med student who showed up in scrubs. ("I haven't been to the hospital yet," he said, "so I'm not like contaminated or anything.") He was a very nerdy-looking Jewish guy-- the kind Bubbe wants you to marry-- about 6'2, legs for days which looked very nice bent below him when he was squatting down in front of my tool with his scrub pants around his ankles. He was extremely awkward, tripping over himself trying to get his shoes and scrubs off, with apparently only vague control over his limbs-- but gave really good head; something he said in a text ("I've been wanting to do this for a while") makes me wonder if he is inexperienced with hookups like this. Or maybe it meant he's seen my ads before and has wanted my dick specifically for a while (he did follow that up with "Your dick looks awesome"). Either way he was pretty talented, that's for sure. I could tell he smokes, however, and had popped an Altoid or something, which always makes my dick sting, go numb, and feel like it's freezing off when it comes out of the mouth-- not something I enjoy. He didn't want to kiss but leapt straight for my goods as soon as we got to the bedroom. And I just can't tell you how much a difference kissing makes for me. It's like taking the protein out of a meal-- this had all the trappings of a good hookup but I'm left still a little hungry and hollow-feeling.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Milked Dry

Today a 24-year old with unusual stamina and patience blew me for about an hour and a half and got two (2) loads out of my nuts, which are now as shriveled and desiccated as raisins, in shock from the assault. I have always been a slow reloader, but now that I'm in more 40s I am even more so. Typically after I cum my interest in sex drains away so quickly and completely that I can occasionally feel impatient and annoyed with myself for spending so much time on it, even before the very last spurt has come out-- if I actually beat off, my sex drive seems utterly ridiculous for several hours and I wonder why I ever bother fucking. (Once it comes roaring back, a day or so later, I always seem to be reminded.) But today, damn if I didn't rise to the occasion.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Enough

Today's fuck was incredibly, intensely pleasurable, and has only left me hungry for more sex. He was another young guy, not my typical type: a little taller than me, short curly hair on his head, slender smooth body with very little definition, like a sea creature, and an almost choirboy-like face under the scruff on his chin. He hit me up last time he was in town, months ago, but it didn't work to get together, so this time around he wanted to set aside time in advance, before he arrived. I'm not so sure why I was so acquiescent to the encounter, since he really isn't really what I tend to go for. It must have been the ass, which didn't disappoint in person either: beautifully round, taut but pliant, oversized for his lanky frame, crowning rather thick thighs covered with coarse hair. He met me at the door of his hotel room naked, looking like something you invite into your lap to pet. I sidled up to him and looked him in the eye and made to kiss him, and he seemed extremely shy and reticent for someone who just met me at the door naked. I reached behind to stroke his buttocks while I brushed his lips with mine, and just the heft of his ass, just that perfect curve in my hand, was enough to make my dick engorge with blood. The shyness was somehow acting in his favor, arousing my ardor and making me want to crack it. Before we got too into it I had to take a pit stop, and I came back to find him lying languidly on the bed, idly fingering his fairly small dick. I leaned over to kiss him-- his lips parted a bit more for me, which I took as a good sign, and I undid my belt and let my shorts drop to reveal my meaty choad. He looked me up and down slowly. And I clambered over to the bed and brazenly put the tip of my dick against his lips, and he slowly sucked me in, and the real fun began.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today I fucked the living, sweaty hell out of a short, meaty, verry handsome Brazilian guy. He hit me up on Daddyhunt-- a useless site, so far-- with extremely handsome face pix. He had a buzzed head, scruffy lantern jaw, sharp straight nose, intense eyes, sweet lips that were slightly incongruous on his manly face, and this particular hairline that drives me crazy every time-- amazing how something simple as the shape of a hairline can get all your sexual machinery going. He sent me some smooth-skinned body shots in email which were really just kind of eh. Despite my own schlubby middle-agedness, I routinely have guys with bangin hairy bodies asking me to fuck them, so I perversely have ridiculous standards now, and put him on the back burner for a while, forgetting that the single hottest thing to me is looking a handsome guy in the face while I plow him. He hit me up again this morning, but I spent a little while talking to the hot-bodied online before realizing my folly and the prospect of going a horny Saturday sexless because of my hubris. So I asked him to come over, feeling a little like I was settling. But I definitely was not.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Today I hopped in my car; drove a several slow, smoggy, stop-and-go miles on an elevated highway across Brooklyn at rush hour; searched for a parking space; trudged up the stairs of an old apartment building to an efficiency apartment containing a glamorously handsome but thin and hairless Latino bottom who held me close and kissed like a dream and sucked my dick with the most beautiful velvety pressure; took off my clothes and took off his clothes and got in bed and made out intensely with our hands all over each other and I laid on top of him and held his hairy thighs and ground my dick into his (which was long but very bent) and sucked his nips and within ten minutes, without any warning at all, like some kind of tenth-grader, began ejaculating copiously all over him. "What the fuck??" I exclaimed at my moronic penis as I fisted it and helplessly watched the thick white ropes of goo plaster the very, very annoyed bottom. "What the FUCK??" I began to laugh riotously, shaking my head, and said "This has not happened to me in a LONG time." Annoyed Latino Bottom jumped up and ran into the bathroom, closed the door, and spent far too long in there to be just washing up cum. I slowly got dressed again, wondering if I should offer to help get him off. Then I decided not to-- he wanted to get fucked and I wasn't gonna be able to do that any time soon, so I finished putting on my clothes. He was still in the bathroom. Should I just leave without saying goodbye? I didn't know! I just stood there looking at the door. He finally came out, and I apologized, which he dismissed with fake good will. I said "I guess you were just too hot!" and he broke into a wry smile for a second and said "Oh, yeah!" and began showing me out the door. On the way back to my car I felt completely humiliated, but also unusually light and jaunty, because for whatever reason that was a pretty awesome orgasm and I came a LOT-- most bottoms I get with would be all google eyed and drooling at it. And *I'm* the one who spent 35 minutes in downtown Brooklyn rush-hour traffic for 10 minutes of nookie that puts my tool out of commission for the time being. He can just dial up another top, just like that! He can get stuffed with dicks all night long! Ah well, the perils of topping-- the burden, the responsibility, the red-faced shame. But hey, I got off!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Today I came in the mouth of a totally jacked 29 year old-- very unassuming looking jock-like Latin guy whose flesh had the kind of thickness that made me need to squeeze and squeeze them. He was about 5'8 but seemed much taller because of his impressive musculature. Today is dreary and my work was very tedious, and I dangled my dick out on craigslist for several hours, garnering maybe three pitiful replies, most clearly not serious at all. And then Jacked Jack came long when I'd about given up. I felt sure he'd flake on me, and lined up a backup plan in Battery Park City with a tall, long-suffering guy who has been after my cum for almost a year now. But Jacked Jack came through, and he that rarest gift the heavens bestow on someone like me-- sensual, skilled, sensitive, tactile, affectionate, hung, oversexed... pretty much everything I ever want in a bottom. Except he had the oddest demeanor, and I'm not sure what to make of it.