web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: February 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wait and Hurry Up

Today I fucked a little hispanic fellow that I had an extremely good time fucking once before, late last year. Today was one of those wait and hurry up kind of days. I had only gotten off once since the superhairy stinky beauty last week, on Thursday, when I was so horny I was going out of my mind and just had to beat off looking at some porn in order to concentrate on real life. So I had about 5 days worth of high-pressure fuckjuice roiling around in my balls, and I knew I wanted to find someone to get off in, but there didn't seem to be much going on online today. Until about 3 or 3:30-- suddenly I'd been hit up by a beautiful, meaty bottom wanting to get "bred", the little hispanic dude, and a guy who had broken his plans to come over today and then suddenly wanted to un-break them. I suddenly had to make a quick decision about who to fuck. Not sure what's in the air, but maybe I wanted to go with a sure thing and not try to play flakes against each other, and I have such positive associations for the little guy that I was incredibly horny for him when he hit me up. So without much ceremony I told the new guys they were out of luck, and I sat here waiting for the little fucker to arrive.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today was one of those crazy rains/pours situations. I hadn't gotten off since last week with the wrestling semi-top, and while I spent most of the weekend having a good time with friends and wasn't online much, I had hoped to get some fucking in, but the pickings were slim when I looked. So it felt like a bit of a dry spell and my nuts were swollen with pent-up ejaculate. But a deluge began this morning. First I was hit on by a guy who I fucked last year, who occasionally checks out my profile again online and asks me for more cum. He's one of the few guys I felt like I could get with over and over, so I always get a nice jolt when he hits on me-- he's extremely good-looking to me and it's a real ego boost. But things never worked out with him again. This morning we talked a little more specifically than usual about getting together after work, but considering how things had been in the past, and the distance to his place (which is right across the river as the crow flies, but a tortured circuit around town on the subway), I didn't put much stock in it. Shortly after, a guy who *always* hits me up and asks for details about my latest conquest, once again hit me up making a big show of wanting to come over and suck my dick. I really can't tell if he's for real or not-- it can be amazing how many ridiculous things come up in my own life to keep me from getting laid, so it's possible we just have bad luck, but it's pretty crazy. And he was also very specific about what time he'd want to come over today. I had two guys after my dick. I felt golden!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today I hooked up with a guy I've been wanting for a long time-- the guy who forgot his wallet on the way to the subway and cancelled a few weeks ago, during my dry spell. He's been a frustrating guy from the start; he'd often hit me up and wander away before I answered, or say he was up for meeting and sign off. Then of course the I'm on-my-way-now, I'm-not-coming thing a while back. But his pics were a real turnon-- a tight, meaty looking body and a nice all-american sorta face. So I would keep after him, but it was never good timing to get together. Earlier today I was feeling really pent-up-- haven't gotten off since Saturday-- another fella hit on me, saying he would suck me off for as long as I wanted, and he gave me his address, but by the time I got into the subway he'd cancelled, saying his roommate came home. Argh! I asked if he'd just come to me, and he asked for my address, then vanished. So when Mr Meaty showed up online a few hours later I hit him up, and he was on his way within 10 minutes. Bingo! Or so I thought.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today I fucked a guy I've been after for at least a year online. He claimed to be interested but was supremely  flaky-- he would hit me up and disappear before I could reply five minutes later, or ask if I was free but then say he himself wasn't, etc. Ironically his screen name advertised him as "EZ" though he was anything  but. But his ass shots were nice and I really liked his scruffy face and little body, so I would persist hitting on  him, mostly out of habit at this point, with no expectations. I had no plans today and really didn't want to  spend it all cruising, but I really, REALLY wanted to fuck someone cute. I saw him on as soon as I  logged in, and hit on him again expecting nothing, but surprisingly this time I had his address and phone  number within about 10 minutes. Easy indeed!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This has been a really frustrating week, starting with this weekend's aborted fuck. In the past year or two I've decided I would never cum on my own, but only give my cum to other guys-- preferably inside them-- and have largely stuck to it. I only beat off a couple times a month, maybe. Life would be easier if I just beat off every morning and went about my business without feeling the need to find someone to get off in... but definitely a little less exciting. I am not a hot guy, but I am very forthright about what I like to do, and express it in frank but hopefully exciting, appealing terms to compatible bottoms, which makes even guys out of my league want to get with me, I think.  So I do get just about as much ass as I think I can handle. But ever since that last hookup I've been full of a high-pressure load and have had nothing but frustration setting things up, making me feel like maybe I was losing my mojo.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today I fucked a thin little 24 year old, but it was a rather abortive experience. I actually had intended/hoped to fuck a really cute guy who approached me on Thursday asking if I was free this weekend-- it sounded like we were really compatible, and he had a great tight, meaty, hairy body, and he set a time to talk today in advance, but I was somewhat skeptical. I'd written him Friday to see if he still thought he'd be free, but he never logged on to read the message. So when this kid started hitting on me asking to suck my dick, I was in two minds. I am increasingly into these little bodies (he is thin and 5'7) but I wasn't that turned on by his face. But I also imagined waiting around all day for the real prize to just blow me off. So I decided to go with the sure thing and had the kid come over, after making sure he wanted to get fucked.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Tonight I hooked up with a tall thin guy who had a little surprise for me. He had a nice face, thin, bearded, thick sensuous-looking lips and brown eyes, a bit older than me and showing it; most people would probably not give him a second look. There's a certain kind of look in a guy's face that I really respond to, however; he had a very manly face but not, say brutish or firm or hard or anything like that... just manly, not soft except in the eyes and the lips. His body did not look like much in his clothes, rather scrawny, but we were getting together to make out and get my dick sucked so for that a good face is good enough. He led me over to what I assume was his cocksucking chair-- a lot of guys seem to have these-- and we began the festivities.