web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: April 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Today I had to have some medical tests done; I've inexplicably selected a doctor in Chinatown to replace the very local one with the horrible bedside manner who pretty much told me I am going to die before I'm 50, so I traipsed down there early this morning in miserable rain to have a Polish woman squirt my body with freezing cold lube and ram metal pads into my guts while she scowled at a screen and barked, "DEEP BREATH!" Once this was over, I decided I would work at a coffee shop in Manhattan to see if I could score any new ass over there. I wasn't getting much attention around the doctor's office except from the hung valley girl who has sucked me off and let me fuck my load into his ass a couple of times. He lives not far from Chinatown and always notices when I'm over at that doctor, and I told him he could suck the cum outta my nuts if he was willing to go for a quickie-- I don't really think I'm that into him any more but I do like how much he pursues me-- but he seems to want a long intense fuck like I've given him in the past. I don't think I have that in me any more, so I gave him my regrets and set off for a coffee shop on 14th St. There I had to field a bunch of intense work emergencies and couldn't really focus on finding any ass, not that much seemed available anyway. This coffee shop is not far from the Asian crackhead's place, so of course he saw me nearby and peppered me with "hey"s on every single app and hookup site. I didn't reply to any of his messages; I was really not in the mood to babysit someone while he sucked on a pipe and begged for nip play. Finally toward the end of the day when I'd made some progress, I focused a bit closer on some sites, and a cute little tight body about 10 blocks away-- in the middle of lovely Chelsea-- hit me up on adam4adam. I asked if he wanted to suck the cum out of me RIGHT NOW, and he said he did. I told him to text me his address and I'd leave, and he said, "I don't have a phone. Meet me in front of the Whole Foods." If I was not an idiot whose thoughts were addled by all the surplus cum backed up into my brain, I would have realized this was a huge red flag. But he wasn't far, and seemed willing to meet instantly, so I figured, what the hell. A couple of dudes suddenly hit me up on BBRTs and Scruff, but I had a bird in the hand, so I packed up my stuff and ran up there-- in some pretty messy rain-- and waited to meet my cocksucker.

Monday, April 28, 2014

White Streaks

Last week I was traveling in Arizona with my partner. I love him and love looking at him and touching him and being with him, but we are completely sexless at this point (hence my endless fucking around, with his blessing, though we don't talk about it). Which meant a long spell of no ass. The scenery was amazing as we traveled around the canyons-- I love the desert, the elemental quality of the air, the water, the earth, the light-- but inside my pants, my balls were endlessly swelling with the cum endlessly manufactured therein, relentlessly, mindlessly, hourly churning out more and more goo and packing it into the small space inside my scrotum. On our first night in the Grand Canyon area, I wanted to go out and see the sky, and maybe catch the tail end of the Lyrid meteor shower, so after dinner we drove back into the pitch-black park. My partner is actually pretty afraid of the dark, and this was truly, truly dark country, so he huddled up in the car while I trotted down a path a ways to get away from even the dim lights in the parking lot. The air was completely clear and the stars were brilliant. I saw my sign, Scorpio, rising in the east, with its horny red central star. And, unbelievably, as I stopped and stood on the trail looking straight up, a long streak of light split the sky in half. Lyrids, I've read, have the quality of leaving these long trails that linger a bit after the meteorite burns off, leaving a jet of brilliance in the sky. Scorpio rising, jets of white light in the sky, cool air, darkness, my solitary presence on the path… what can I say? I was romanced by it all, and I unzipped my fly and pulled out my dick.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rapid Service

Today I drowned an obliging cocksucker in eight days' worth of surplus seminal fluid from my poor, beleaguered balls. Last week was intense for work, with me routinely staying up past two or even three to get urgent stuff done, and unable to get even 5 or 6 hours of sleep for a long stretch. The intense schedule extended into the weekend, and I've long kept to my promise only to cum when other dudes make me cum, so I went without, thinking I could make up for it fairly soon. But all that stress and lack of sleep gave me an insane cold sore, which then got infected, swelled up like the Elephant Man's lip, and pretty much meant I wasn't going to get any ass THIS week, for sure. On top of all that our apartment is a construction zone, with renovations to both bathrooms leaving everything covered with fine layers of dust, and general disorganization. My dick was pretty low on my list of priorities… until today. Things are finally calmer at work, some stressful complications with the renovations are past, and I found myself in Manhattan picking up some materials with an hour or two to spare. And luckily for me, New York City is stocked with an endless supply of men who seek tops who just want to be serviced with no reciprocation. I got on adam4adam, looked to see who was in Chelsea, found a furry older guy whose name promised he had one thing on his mind and that was tubesteak squirting slimy goo down his throat. I asked him if he wanted mine, he said he did, I asked him where he was, and he told me two avenues away, I told him my cell, he texted me his address, and within three minutes of hailing this guy my pants were on his floor and my neglected meat was being slurped slowly up between his lips, while my balls tingled in anticipation.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wolfkid Jack

Yesterday I was hit up by a 23-year-old kid with pictures that made him look kinda weird in the face, like a young Wolfman Jack. A *lot* like Wolfman Jack. I'm not all that into Wolfman Jack, so I was merely polite at first, but he unlocked his pictures and while they were small and not very well-staged, they made it look like he had a sweet little body. You don't expect Wolfman Jack to have a sweet little body, so it was weird to look at the pictures, kind of like those trendy photos where guys with nice bodies put animal heads over their faces, only this face was real. He had a very nice manner, saying he wanted to please "daddy bear" in any way he could (is there any phrase less sexy than "daddy bear"??) and said he would swallow my cum yadda yadda. I have been working like a motherfucker lately, often staying up till 2 or 3, and was so stressed out and pent-up yesterday when he hit me up that I relented, decided I could eat his very pretty ass out a lot to keep interested, and just let his enthusiasm for my penis carry the day. So I invited him over and he was here in 20 minutes. Well! Let's just say he's not photogenic! He was so cute my dick was hard as granite class and got me off good and I loved it!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Today I just squirted-- and I do mean JUST squirted, just barely-- a four-day load into a very handsome, cute/compact, meaty little bottom. It was more like some kind of clinical injection procedure than a fuck. I was eating his ass-- a fantastic, firm, round, tight-muscled, lightly fuzzy ass-- and fingering his hole with my index finger, slowly massaging his prostate with my left hand, and stroking my own dick with my right hand, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt myself reach the point of no return. He had been tight and I had not yet been able to get my bone in him, hence the fingering and eating, but I wasn't going to waste this cum. I had 1.5 seconds to act, there on the edge of a thundering climax, to get my seed inside him. Barreling over the precipice of orgasm against your will is not conducive to tactical planning. My body was on auto-pilot, but my mind knew exactly what it wanted.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Handiwork

I've often been asked by readers whether I'd consider putting pictures on here to illustrate the stories and I've always demurred… to me this is a much more verbal than visual record of my sex life so I've not put up any pictures (except for a rather whiny post about the kinds of guys I tend to get to fuck versus the ones I wish I could fuck but never get to). This means I get nice comments about how I write, which are more flattering than comments about how hot any pictures I put on the blog would be. But maybe it's time to reward longtime readers with something more immediate. So here's what I did this afternoon:
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