web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: October 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Today I was going out of my mind with the need to ejaculate. I've spent a week on a jury, with another to go, having to work at night. During breaks on the jury I'll check my phone-- shamelessly using the free wi-fi in the courthouse to check out Scruff and Grindr to see who's downtown-- and have found that Ultra Meat has taken to sending me almost daily reports of how he's currently beating off looking at my pictures, or is now constantly fantasizing about swallowing my cum (he hasn't even let me cum in his mouth yet), telling me I'm hot as fuck and better than my pictures, yadda yadda. So several times a day during the grind I'm exchanging dirty texts that get my precum flowing, with a guy whose mere phone number is giving me a semi lately. And meanwhile, every minute my clueless nuts are churning out more useless cum that I can't find the proper ass or mouth for, clogging my ducts and practically backing up into my brain. Couple that with the crisp fall weather, which always makes me want to fuck nonstop, and pretty much every male ass that walks by looks like a shining beacon of pleasure to me. My family guests are back this weekend for a few days, but I have a lot of catch-up work to do, so I sent them out on their own. While working I cruised a bit for someone to cum in without any avail-- it's a beautiful day here so everyone is certainly out enjoying it, and Saturdays are hard anyway. And then during a lunch break on Grindr I saw a cocksucker I've been with a few times here in NYC who is always game to help me out. He lives in the neighborhood, though on the other side, so it was maximally easy to go over, get off, and come back and work.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I don't often hook up this much, but today was three for three this week; after last night's disappointment I really wanted to throw a good raw fuck with a full seeding finish. I'm gonna be out of commission for the next couple of weeks as I'm stuck on a jury all day and evenings belong to my partner, so I couldn't let that be my last hookup until after that all blows over. I found a little round-assed Italian guy on BBRTS-- a site that is largely useless for finding bareback sex, truth be told; there's a lot more everywhere else-- who liked my schlubby body shot and asked me to come to him in Tribeca to eat him out and drill him good. He's 5'7, perfect ass, cute little body, much too pretty in the face for my tastes but you can do worse than that. I hopped on the train and he buzzed me up to an insanely huge, fancy apartment full of classic high modernist furniture. This kid is 29 or so... something seemed fishy that he was in a place like this, but who knows, maybe he inherited it. There were pictures of him on the wall in the bedroom. His little body looked great in his clothes. His hair was laquered just so. It was time to fuck.

Friday, October 12, 2012


If you'd asked me this morning to write an essay about all the worst qualities I can imagine in a bottom, I would have basically described the guy I tried to fuck tonight. His pictures showed a very nice tight young body (he's 29), smooth and muscular like a dancer's, and a nice face, a little boyish and red/blond for me but nice. He hit me up and we quickly decided we'd like to fuck, but he said no raw, and I initially said no. But then I decided I really just wanted the feeling of manhandling a meaty body and thrusting my hips against it, even more than I wanted to feel slippery meat in a slippery hole. So I changed my mind, and told him I'd put a rubber on for him and ran over-- he was a 15 minute walk away. It was a beautiful clear evening, with fluorescent pink clouds in the darkening sky, and that brisk air that lets you know autumn is really here. I felt great. And he opened the door, wearing a pair of red long underpants that showed off his meaty thighs and perfect ass to great effect. I felt golden. But it was downhill from there.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Relief

Today I went to Soho to get some quick relief. I was out of town for the long weekend and have family visiting now, so I haven't gotten off since last week. On Monday I got a note from a guy I used to fuck the living hell out of in the town I used to live in-- once I plowed him for two hours straight, until we were both dizzy and exhausted with pleasure, until I finally unloaded down his throat. He was really the ideal bottom for me-- short, average looking in the face but very muscular and tight, hairy, huge dick for a little guy, ass that would make you cry, and able to take a pounding like a champ. Absolutely velvety and slick inside; the relentless desire to continue the in-and-out with him would almost drive me crazy, but I couldn't stop and never wanted to cum because the fucking was too good. He said he was going to be in town for a couple of days and wanted me in him again for old time's sake. It was very nice to hear from him after all these years, so of course I wanted to get with him, but timing was tricky with the visitors. As it turned out the only time I had free, Wednesday afternoon, his phone went out and he wasn't getting reception. So I missed out on prime ass-- I can't stress how awesome a bottom this guy is-- and it left me insanely horny with no outlet that day. Ultra Meat hit me up again while I was waiting to hear from Ideal Bottom but I put him off. (I'm pretty thrilled to have this stud constantly after my tool, but I can't do him every week; I just can't.) The very rough bottom from a while back suddenly favorited me on Daddyhunt yesterday, so I sent him a quick little jokey note asking why I wasn't his favorite before. He wrote back a rather bitchy reply-- the last time he hit me up for more dick, I'd honestly told him I would like to get together again sometime, but I'm a bad fuck buddy, just a big whore, and I like to space out repeats. He took great offense at this (I wasn't calling *him* a whore!) but I thought maybe he forgot about it and was signalling a desire to get together again. Apparently not. This time he told me he didn't appreciate what I'd said before, that I was extremely rude, and then asked if I wanted him to paint my apartment as he was hurting for work. Dudes be crazy! I was out of my mind with a week's worth of cum backing up to my eyeballs and could not take this. So today I felt fortunate to be hit up right away in the morning by a really handsome Arab with a sweet slender body covered with soft, straight hair who wanted to suck all the cum out of me. I should have been working-- I have jury duty tomorrow and am *always* picked, it's a curse, so I have a lot to do before I vanish for however long-- but honestly at that point all I cared about was getting sucked off and cumming in someone hot. So I abandoned work and ran over.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Perhaps reliably, last night's marathon fuckfest uptown didn't happen. All afternoon we exchanged little texts about the assignation. He told me the general block he lives on so I could gauge how long it would take to get there. But we'd talked about me calling him after I was done with a volunteer stint in midtown. When I was done, I texted and called, and got no response. I waited around in the noirish drizzle in Midtown-- there's nothing going on there at night, and with the huge skyscrapers all around lit up with spotlights, their height disappearing into the foggy sky, I felt like I was in some kind of sinister thriller. I gave him 20 minutes and decided to go get something to eat, sticking around the area in case he came through-- he lives in Harlem. An hour later I was eating some mediocre lasagna in Hell's Kitchen and seeing who was around on Scruff and Grindr-- no one talks to me there, do people talk? And then, an hour after I was supposed to be fucking him, he calls and texts with the address, asking if I could also pick up some cigarettes on the way! I told him it was too late, I had already left and was eating (a small lie, but nothing is a bigger turnoff than flakiness). First he claimed he'd sent me the address and confirmed in the afternoon (he hadn't), then claimed he was "in a meeting" when I called him and didn't hear the phone-- who has meetings at 8:45pm?? I think he must do a lot of drugs. He seemed normal the times we talked on the phone and texted-- actually like a smart, cool person. But he was clearly making shit up. He finally said, "Another time, I hope," but I don't think so. This was doubly frustrating for me, because on and off all day I'd been involved in an extended dad/son fantasy chat on Manhunt with a very handsome young man, which left my pants gooey inside and my hands shaking. I was really looking forward to taking all that pent up horniness out on Flaky Harlem Muscle Guy, but it wasn't meant to be. Today, My Son hit me up yet again, looking for more nasty chat about my cum. I've got him begging me to cum inside him now, but I'm not sure if this is just fantasy or not-- he definitely sounds like other guys who have started out chaste and safe and end up begging me to ejaculate in them until it's coming out of their ears, so I'm optimistic it might turn into reality. But another day of chat with this extremely cute hairy guy was not helping my concentration any. And absolutely no one was biting today. So when I was hit up by UltraMeat-- with the very efficient msg "Service?"-- first I told him, "I'm really looking to fuck today." He said, "Aww please? I'll let you cum in my mouth." Something he didn't do last time. I decided it is insane that I let a guy like that beg and beg and turn him away, with a body like that, with a face like that, so beautifully sensual and eager-to-please. So I told him to come over now, and let me eat his ass this time. He showered quickly and was here in about 10 minutes.

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Semen's Biggest Fan

Today I decided to get a fairly perfunctory draining, in order to prepare for a possible marathon fuck with a pretty hot guy tomorrow night. We tried to hook up Saturday but timing didn't work out for either of us, so we're going to try scheduling it in advance. I know these things rarely work out but on the off chance it does, I wanted to be able to drill this dude without the burden of three days' worth of goo in my balls. And that meant I really needed someone to get me off today. I tried hitting up a couple of new guys who had told me they wanted to be my cocksucker-on-call but none of them responded-- bogus! A very handsome man I reconnected with on Scruff the other day was also not available to take my load, though I look forward to seeing him again at some point. I had a lot of work to do and not much time to cruise, so it looked like I might have to beat off tonight to prepare myself for what I hope is a long deep drilling tomorrow. But then I noticed on Manhunt a guy who has serviced me several times before (and who often lets me bareback him as long as I cum down his throat). He lives on the other side of my neighborhood, and is constantly after my dick, though I've told him I'm a big dirty whore and always want new guys. But he keeps coming back, full of hope-- he's got to be my semen's biggest fan. So I asked him if he wanted to get the cum out of me, and he said he could be here in ten minutes. I told him I was feeling very selfish today, and just wanted him to make my dick feel as good as it could and make me cum as hard as possible but nothing else, and to send me his cell number if that was cool with him. He did, and I texted him my address, and he hopped on his bike and flew over.