web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: August 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big-Dicked Bottoms!

Tonight I have some super-fun, fantastic sex. Just oral and humping and some finger-in-the-hole and a bit of teasing-the-crack action, but you know, when it's good, it's good, and that's all you need. It also doesn't hurt when the dude you get with (1) is crazy about your dick and wants to make you unload your nuts inside his mouth, (2) is a very cute scruffy Frenchman staying right in the neighborhood, and (3) has a long, fat, rock-hard dick swinging between his meaty little legs. I'm a top but I'm still a dude, and I really fuckin love a nice dick. I like to hold it while I eat ass, I like to lay it alongside mine and admire the thick tubes of meat, I like to slick up my dick, slick up his dick, press em together, and fuck his meat with my meat. I like to be 6 and suck it down and let it fill my throat while 9 works my dickhead just right, making my nuts tingle and ooze, making my dick lengthen and strengthen, making the whole world nothing but dick dick dick dick dick. I honestly spent the long, sweet hour we spent together wishing I could slip my bone in his ass and see him impaled there on his back. And part of me wondered if he would have let me if I'd pushed it. He'd asked very earnestly if I was "always safe" and I honestly answered "No I am not" but told him about my recent HIV test and my top-only habit, and he just wanted the dick and the cum so much that seemed OK with him. But we were having a fantastic time, naked together, bodies entwined, one step too far would have just ruined things. I decided not to be greedy and go with it. And I think I gave him a mouthful of cum to remember. I know I'll be thinking about his BIG FAT SCHLONG for a good while to come.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Laws of Nature

On the one hand, I can't complain. My latest manly emission is currently deep in the ass of an extremely muscular, beautiful-assed latin dude, a bit older than me but amazingly built, with smooth caramel-colored skin and a very tight hole. Perhaps my semen is even easing the way for another top's penetration-- it definitely seemed like a fresh clean hole to me, especially given how hard it was to get my bone up there, and how my spit (deposited into my hand for stroking while eating out this delectable confection) and his spit (from briefly suckin on my bone before I began the fucking phase of our hookup) were not enough to guide my way and lube was required, but maybe he was in cum-dump mode today and I just got there first. On that hand, I'm feeling pretty good. I love putting my cum in hot bodies. But on the other hand, kids, what is the Universal Law of Nature regarding beautiful bodies? That's right-- they're lousy lays, unless there is some other complicating factor, some recessive sexual gene that lets beautiful dudes also be fun in bed. Unfortunately, this guy didn't have it. But he's got my spooge!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sperm Donor

Yesterday I thought I had something set up with a flaky kid who I'm giving up on-- it would have been really nice to fuck my load into his sweet, tight little body, but I guess he was just a tease. I'm always amazed at the lengths these teases will go to, checking out my profile every day, messaging frequent expressions of excitement about when we will get together next, picking specific days for it, texting me, yadda yadda. I guess there is some kind of sexual frisson that comes from all that? Whatever, I wanted to put my cum inside someone no matter what, so I went a-cruising. I saw a very handsome guy whose on Manhunt but decided not to write to because all his public pictures showed the Manhunt watermark, a sign that they are at least 5 years old. A few minutes later he hit me up, unlocking pictures *without* the watermark, but *with* clearly more than 5 years of age and maybe 60 pounds of weight.  His current face pic was ok but he definitely looked a lot better in the older pix! He was also a couple inches taller than me, and I'd spent the day hoping a little 5'7 slip of a thing was going to let me pummel him into the mattress all afternoon, so I silently passed on him. Maybe 20 minutes later he sent one of those "I guess I'm not your type so bye" emails, sweetening it with "it would have been fun to take your load up my ass". I checked him out again, and thought, well, if he's going to do a Hail Mary, so will I; it was starting to get too late to get off, and I was still so super-energized by Wednesday's insanely perfect milking that I just really wanted to cum in somebody. So I told him honestly I'd been looking for a little dude to pummel, but that he'd look good sucking my dick. He said he'd love to, and I did my usual pre-screening HR routine for new cocksuckers, insisting on stamina, edging, attitude, blabla, and he seemed game to seriously work me over, so I went up to see what he could do. He met me at the door looking about as chunky as I expected-- the meaty jockey body displayed in his public pix was long, long gone-- but his face was nice. And half an hour later he was sighing with a sleepy, happy look on his face, half-buried in my bush, with my wet slimy dick along side his cheek and his arms clamped around my thighs, cooing, "That was soooo much cum." Happy to oblige, pardner.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Now THAT'S Service

I just got my pipes thoroughly-- THOROUGHLY-- cleaned out by a handsome bearish dude that did the honors for me maybe four years ago, when I first moved to this neighborhood. Honestly all I remembered about him was that (1) he was heavier than his pictures made him look, and not as sexy, (2) he really really had serious manstink, which is not my favorite, and (3) he was really nice to talk to afterwards. His pictures made him look *really* sexy, and hip in that hipstery way guys were hip four years ago but kinda aren't so much any more, so this all kind of added up to disappointment, really. I honestly didn't remember if the head was very good, though I guess I had a vague feeling that it had been? His place was rather squalid, on the unfashionable side of the hood, and I remember thinking for the first fifteen minutes of nothing but the possibility of bedbugs. And it seems like maybe soon after that, he stopped being on Manhunt (where he had been as much a fixture as me, I guess) and I forgot about him, except occasionally when something new would happen with the endlessly under construction building next door, which he had told me his artist friends had lived in and were being kicked out of, and which he seemed annoyed about, and which I felt vaguely guilty for, being the type of yuppie asshole who was buying the buildings around here that resulted in artists getting kicked out of things. Suddenly the other day he reappeared on Manhunt and silently viewed my profile. He had new pictures on there, including some shirt-free body shots, which he had skillfully avoided years ago. He looked pretty nice, and I thought, well, maybe I should give him another whirl. His profile did express and awesome attitude towards sucking dick. And attitude is everything. And I haven't been able to get my dick in anyone since last week. He seemed happy that I hit him up again, and told me I could bring my unit by any time for service, and reminded me he didn't swallow but wouldn't make me pull out either, and so today I went by. I came back with nuts that felt about five pounds lighter, barely able to walk from having been intensely pleasured for the better part of an hour by someone so good at cocksucking I have a strong urge to write him a formal letter of recommendation. AH!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dirty! Shame!

Today is my fourteenth anniversary with my partner, whom I love very deeply, but he's not home yet, so I just ejaculated down the throat of the Super Tight 25 Year Old I hooked up with last month. I'm horrible. But he begged and begged for it. So I gave it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


So I'd just been walking around with all that unspent cum in my nuts since trying to unleash it on the two ineffectual bottoms Monday afternoon-- which means all the cum I've made since Friday, PLUS the extra cum churned up by eating out the beautiful, useless kid and then getting beautifully sucked by and ramming the supposed easy hole, was roiling inside my scrotum. I felt oddly untroubled by it-- I know sometimes being that full of juice makes me out of my mind with the need to shoot it out, but recent experiences have maybe made me a little mellower. I cruised a bunch but got nowhere, but didn't feel like OH MY GOD I MUST EJACULATE NOW. A black kid who was all over me yesterday on Scruff, who had a verrrry nice body but wasn't really my type in the face reappeared, and I figured, well, if he wants to suck me off and relieve me, I wouldn't push him out of bed. So I offered my dick to him. He seemed very enthusiastic, asking "You just want head?" as if he wanted more but seemed OK with my selfish needs, and said he would text me when he was ready to leave. Just then, my Old Reliable (who I can't believe I haven't fucked in two years) appeared on Adam4Adam, and viewed my profile without saying anything. I have very fond associations with that guy, even though he's not the hottest dude I ever plowed, and  even thoughI've fucked him several times since moving to NYC, and even though we had an awkward conversation sometime last year where he showed me a link to some weird anal device online that he wanted to try, and which I couldn't even figure out the purpose of, my heart leapt seeing him there, so I said hello. He asked if I was around and I told him I was waiting for someone but I'd let him know if it fell through, and he reminded me of his number. And I waited and waited for the black kid to text me, but he never did. So I gave up on him and texted Old Reliable. He was perfectly willing to drive over here instantly. I *knew* he could get me off properly; if I took it slowly enough I could fuck it into his sweet velvety guts. So I gave him the address…. and then all hell broke loose at work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

0 for 2!

I wonder if the guy with the fake pix has been using my watch to do some voodoo on me, for making him suck my dick without fucking him? Between Friday's mechanical semen-extraction exercise and yesterday, I'm beginning to feel a little cursed! What happened? Well, I hooked up with two different guys yesterday afternoon-- one a young kid with a beautiful little body and awesome ass, and another who was basically an available hole a few blocks away that I intended to just get off in-- and I didn't get to cum either time! Both complete busts; a new one for me. Maybe I need to put my dick away for a while and wait for Mercury to go out of retrograde or Mars to stop squaring Saturn or whatever the fuck is going on that keeps me from enjoying its pleasures properly lately! But all this means is that there is more red-hot cum boiling in my nuts than ever, and whoever gets it next is going to get a real gift of pressure and volume. I'll just have to choose carefully the recipient of this slimy, liquid boon, more carefully than the last few guys. Read on to see how I managed to get my dick in two very different guys within a few hours of each other, but still keep all the sperm in my nuts.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Today I disposed of a nice fat wad of surplus semen in the ass of an obliging, hairy European dude of unknown extraction. And it felt good-- when that beautiful tingling jolted from the base of my spine, through my balls, up the shaft of my dick, and into the thick, sensitive flesh of my dickhead, signaling to the rest of my body that it was time to shoot it out, I pushed into him deep, deep as it would go, and held it there, saying, "Feel that? Feel it squirting out?" and he looked up at me from his position pinned there on his back, accepting everything I had to give. That perfect spot of my dickhead was pressed firmly against some wall of his insides and slid around in my cum slightly as each pulse made my dick extend and retract slightly, and I counted one, two, three, four spurts, and then I began thrusting into him again, fucking hard to get the most sensation out of spurts five, six, and seven, and then I felt that spark rising from my spine into my dick again, and I thought I might start cumming again even though my first orgasm had barely subsided, so I fucked harder and harder, and there was a little push over an edge yet further along the scale of climax, and I lowered my body to his and whispered huskily into his ear, "Milk it out of me," and he obliged me with some constrictions inside his body, making me shudder and finish completely with a sigh. It was actually a very, very good orgasm. But… I was totally not into this guy, not all that into the sex, either. It was odd that such perfunctory sex should end with such an intense ejaculation. I think this is a first for me…. not usually one for going through the motions. But sometimes maybe sex is just a reflex, and my brain is along for the ride.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pheromone Match and Mismatch

Just sent home a super-jacked little black dude with a rear end full of all the semen I've made since last Wednesday-- and also the extra bit of juice that the Slovenly Liar worked up in me on Monday during his abortive, toothy blowjob. And that all adds up to a pretty nice load of spunk for the little guy. He was really tiny-- about 5'5 at most, maybe even shorter-- but his shoulders were like granite, and just about as wide as he was tall. He even had those crazy abs that some bodybuilder types get that make them look like they have a gut but when you touch it it's solid and unmovable. His upper body was just an extreme V shape tapering down to a round little ass. My favorite. He wasn't the cutest guy in the world but he had a nice face. I just can never resist squirting my sperm inside a short, super-built dude, so I went with it. And we had a great time together-- he loved kissing, sucking my dick, having my face in his ass, being touched and, in particular, having his ears sucked on (bonus erogenous zone! another favorite)-- and he looked fantastic with my white dick sliding in and out of him, but there was one thing missing, and it was: pheromones.

Monday, August 4, 2014


I'm loath to post things like this, but my sex life isn't all perfect round buttocks and hot ejaculations transporting me to an astral plane. And for what it's worth, I did get my dick sucked till it was hard and thick today. But otherwise it was the kind of experience that makes me wonder what the fuck I'm doing   hooking up randomly all the time, putting my dick in dudes after exchanging three sentences with them, running around town to inseminate as many bodies as I can. So pop some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the sad show.