web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: September 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013


Tonight I went up to Murray Hill to juice up the body a little latin guy, maybe 5'8, who has chased me for a month or so now, setting up times in the near future when I can fuck him, but who never knows who I am when I text him, and typically never replies once I remind him. Today was going to be his third chance, and this I only was giving him because his picture was awfully handsome in a new way-- I have never fucked a guy who looked quite like this, somehow. Not my usual type but quite appealing. He'd told me yesterday he'd be off today at 5:30 and wanted me to do him. I replied this morning saying I would text him around then if I was free. And I did, and predictably, to my irresistible "Hey wanna fuck" text, he replied, "Yes! Who is this?" (which is hilarious; how many of us get random texts asking us if we want to fuck, right when we want to fuck, but we have no clue who it is?). I told him who I am, and this time he sent me his address. So I ran up there. And, of course, this being the theme for the week, it was not the guy in the picture! He was nice enough looking, not quite as glamorous as the picture but nice enough, and had a very cute little body that I really enjoyed wrapping my considerably bigger bulk around and feeling up as we made out very nicely. But the ass definitely wasn't his either, which was a bit of a disappointment, and led to a fairly mundane fuck. But he turned out to be a nice guy, during our long post-coital chat, and as I left him and went back to the subway, I felt that deep satisfaction only a top can feel when he has deposited his semen in yet another dude in yet another locale. I love getting off in other dudes and leaving them with my cum inside them.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Fucked a Kid in Elmhurst, Just to Watch Him Cum

I just deposited an intense load of semen in the ass of a 24 year old Persian kid in Queens-- an ass that would make any top weep with pleasure and longing-- after sweating copiously all over his lithe, tight body for an hour. He was so sensual, so open to pleasure, and so exotically handsome that my dick ached and throbbed and oozed the entire time, and after my orgasm I felt my body still trembling, all the way through the shower I took to get the sweat off, through dressing, and walking back in the car to sit in traffic home. Literally shaking. "I want to do this every day," he had whispered into my ear at one point, while I was heaving my hairy dad's body against his thin hairless boy's body, and I whispered back that I could fuck him all night long-- and I could have, if the pleasure wasn't so great that I had to spend the whole time inside him fighting an epic battle with my testicles about what to do with my burning spooge. This was one amazing fuck, the kind I am always searching for, the kind that makes lesser sex seem downright ridiculous and pointless. And to top it off, it was all these things despite happening in the house of a friend of his, whom he was "cat sitting" for, on a futon in the crappy cluttered living room, separated from the hallway and kitchen only by a flimsy fabric screen, while the friend's roommate was home, going back and forth from his bedroom to the kitchen, cooking a hamburger with onions, having two full telephone conversations, and washing dishes-- all to the tune of a crappy blues band on the television on some public-access channel, which the Persian kid had put on to cover the sounds of our rutting (I doubt it did). I am supremely distractable and can lose my erection because of an ice cream truck passing, but this was so intense, so fantastic, that a bubble of fuck energy surrounded us and I never missed a beat, diving deeper and deeper into him, deeper and deeper into sexual ecstasy, despite this worldly nonsense. God, what a beautiful fuck!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Birds and Bushes and Sure Things

Today I had assumed I'd be fucking someone on BBRTS who hit me up repeatedly during the week, after we planned a Saturday afternoon fuck, checking in and talking about how much he was looking forward to hooking up today. As I promised I texted him this morning to see if he was around-- despite not feeling very horny because of insane allergies dragging me down. He replied to the text 20 minutes later asking for my screen name, and then never replied to that. What is with dudes, what's the point of all that? Perhaps I was just an iron in his fire. Of course, I've done that to others, too, in a sense, though if I say I'm going to hook up at fairly specific time on a specific day, I'll come through. He was not actually online all morning, even while he was texting me, but I can only assume he went with some better bird in some more alluring bush. Other dudes who on various apps expressed great interest in having sex with me the first time we talked, but who ignored me that last time I propositioned them, had messaged me at 1:30 or 5:30 in the morning. I guess I am a bird in many hands, a pot on many back burners! Deciding not to be like this, and instead go for a sure thing, I took up the very handsome German guy's standing offer to blow me today. He's been after me quite a bit ever since our assignation a few weeks ago, apparently reminded of how intoxicating my sex organs are. I always feel a disappointment all out of proportion when I end up hooking up with a regular, but he is just extremely handsome and his lanky body is so lovely to look at and touch that I said sure. He came over about an hour later and we had sex for about an hour and a half.  I'm wrung out and certainly no longer feeling disappointed!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today I glazed the belly of a tall, average-built and average-looking Dominican guy with about a pint of milk-- I realize now it's been a week since I got off, but the time flew by with work being so busy that I didn't have much chance to cruise or get off. This fella replied to an ad I placed a couple of weeks ago, but someone else had gotten to me first. I hit him up today despite knowing that guys who are raring to go one day on craigslist are frequently completely uninterested on another, for whatever reason. They only liked my pix because they had on horny goggles? They feel like they somehow already had sex with me even though we did nothing but exchange 4 emails, and thus have moved on to new, more alluring meat? Who knows! But the guy did write back, then text me, then sound a little confused on the requirement to spend some quality time on my unit ("I thought you just wanted a blow," he texted, clearly unaware of who he was dealing with here), then kinda sorta convince me he could go a reasonable distance, then drop on me his need to walk his freakin dog. He was just on the edge of my neighborhood, and I am still really too busy to do much searching around for ass, so I told him to text me when he was done. Almost an hour later, just when I was about to give up on him and search in earnest, he texted me that he was on his way. He showed up fairly soon, looking ok enough in the face; his body was nothing special and while his ass did look rather substantial in his jeans, it wasn't turning me on like the naked rear view he'd shown me in email. I prepared to be disappointed, but decided it was a chance to get off, and led him to the bedroom. And then I felt his body heat!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Impeccable Service

Today I was feeling a little blue-balled. I haven't unloaded since Friday, and yesterday a couple of guys including the big burly dude who sucked the crap out of me a while back offered to get me off in various ways, all needing to hook up "a little bit later" and then never getting back to me; the anticipation makes my nuts churn out extra cum but then I didn't get my outlet. So today I figured I would dangle out a Craigslist ad to try to maximize the chances I could get my rocks off. I only asked for head, but made sure to specify what kind of head I'm looking for-- a long, slow, epic session with a cum-hungry cocksucker who would not get bored or tired till I was satisfied. I got a decent crop of replies-- Craigslist has been utterly useless lately-- and ended up having a game of Cocksucker Chicken, playing a fairly cute latin guy with a heartbreakingly fine ass against a rather scrawny little nerdling with very nice body hair and an excellent attitude. After a few emails with each I texted them both and figured whoever got back to me first would get the cum-- and I was hoping it was the latino. But it was the scrawny dude, but a matter of something like 10 minutes. A bird in the hand is worth two hot asses in the bush that never come through, so while I kicked myself a little, I stuck with my commitment to him. He was coming from way across Brooklyn, so it took him forever to get here, and while he was traveling I got still more very promising offers from very cute guys who claim they'll take rainchecks. I figured, this little dude better be worth it. When he showed up, I could tell from the video intercom that he was even scrawnier and nerdier than the pix. My heart sank, but I figured, he came all this way, give him a chance.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Brooklyn's Finest Ass

I just injected what I am now convinced is Brooklyn's finest ass with about a quart of my semen. This ass is truly perfect and the owner seems to know it-- he knew exactly how to hike it up, exactly how to pull apart the cheeks, exactly how to put it on display to ideally appeal to a top like me. I've fucked him before, but it was a good while ago. He occasionally would hit me up asking to tag-team bottoms with him; he often advertises himself as a top but if that were true it would be a grievous sin, because this ass is museum quality. And it just went home loaded up with the fruits of a very intense orgasm on my part.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today, after being out of commission for several weeks, the ridiculously handsome German guy from last year sucked my dick until I popped-- releasing three weeks worth of pent-up orgasmic energy (as well as the extra volume that comes with long periods of abstention). I always cum a lot but today it was down his throat, all over his beautiful face, in three wads on the wool carpet, and coating the shaft of my dick with that distinctive-smelling slime, which he happily licked off as he made his own big uncut dick cum all over his tight, smooth torso. They say that when a man saves up his ejaculate, he is more energized, more focused, more intense in his regular life; spilling seed is like spilling vital essence. Well, this is the longest I've gone without getting off in years and years, and I am here to tell you, if you want to be truly energized and focused, you should have as many extremely good looking men working to drain the semen out of your nuts as possible. I feel light as a feather since he got me off.