web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: August 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today I fucked the hell out of a sweet-bodied little Irishman, but he rather hoodwinked me, as I'll explain in a bit. He hit me up fairly aggressively on Manhunt a while back expressing hearty and crass approval of my pictures and cumshots, and later his desire to get fucked. He listed himself as Safe Only so I gave him the standard I-fuck-raw-but-you-can-just-suck-me-off-sometime, and he quickly changed his tune, saying he would take me raw. So he went on my buddy list and I told him things were really busy and it would be a while before we could get together. He occasionally came back asking for my dick but I just couldn't swing a trip over to his neighborhood very easily. But within an hour of yesterday's 10 minute disappointment, I was horny again and knew I had to fuck somebody good, and soon. I considered fucking someone yesterday evening, mere hours after the blowjob. And I had a few admirers that might have worked out. But I ended up doing a bunch of work instead. So today, for sure, I was going to plow somebody good. I saw Wild Irish online and pinged him about this afternoon, which didn't look like it was going to work for him. But then I found out I had several free hours after work, so I texted him at the end of the day asking if I could swing by and stick my dick in him. He was happy to have me, so I drove over there. He answered the door looking cuter/manlier than his pictures, which were a little boyish for my taste, and his ass and legs were a sight to behold as he led me up the stairs to his apartment at the top of a nice brownstone on a gorgeously leafy street. I couldn't wait to get up in that! But he hoodwinked me!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been out of commission for a bit, but today I got some service from a big ripped muscular guy with a rather funny face, who came over to drain the accumulated cum of the past two weeks. For the second half of this month I've been insanely busy with work and social stuff and just didn't have the time to look for sex. Simultaneously, I got an ugly infected hair follicle. (Sorry, you asked.) You can't really wave that in someone's face and ask them to suck it. It cleared up on its own, thankfully, but seems to have left a bit of a scar, which I hope isn't an issue. None of this was particularly sexy. So since the last entry I wrote, I've lived hookup-free. In a way it was rather pleasant-- there's so much more time in the day when you have a good reason to ignore your dick and all the flakeout knuckleheads on line who string you along and leave you high and dry for the next knucklehead. But today I knew if I didn't get off my nuts were basically going to pop. In my absence a new crop of dudes seem to have appeared on the various hookup sites and they wasted my time all morning. A Craigslist ad I posted did manage to attract the Big Meathead who was very excited by the prospect of getting a big load, so he's the one who got it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Short, Sweet

Today I pumped about a quart of grade-A spooge into the mouth of a verrrry cute little guy with a muscular body, stupendous ass, and a nice trim beard. I certainly can't whine about slim pickings today. I was accosted on Manhunt right away this morning by a nice looking guy from out of town who said he wanted to work the cum out of me but was busy till 4, so I had that on the back burner. But knowing how these things go, I decided to put some other feelers out there. I had five days of sperm production packed into my nuts, and *supposedly* I'm going to fuck a tight-bodied little twentysomething tomorrow afternoon-- again, I know how these things go, but if he's for real and comes through, I need to be in top form, with my ducts well-exercised, so I can dig my tool into that body for as long as possible. And that meant getting milked good today. So I tried another Craigslist ad, and was deluged with replies. One cocksucker was a 6'3, 290 pound hairy monster bodybuilder with a hot bearded face who was saying all the right things as we traded a few emails. But exactly simultaneously, Short and Sweet appeared on Manhunt, also saying the right things. He was only 5'7-- perfect for fucking, a little small for servicing; Six Three Monster would have been very hot between my thighs-- but he was a lot cuter in the face (it turns out he's an actor, and they're always really handsome). They were both up in Hell's Kitchen, about two blocks apart, so neither was any easier to get to. So I decided, well, whoever advances to the address stage first would get the load. Six Three Monster dallied a little bit while Short and Sweet texted me his location, so I ran to the train.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Tonight I fooled around with Ultra Sensuous again, after a very frustrating week that left me with serious, genuine blueballs; the sexual well was seriously dry since my last encounter on Saturday. I had an unusual night free as my partner was working till very late, so I cruised online heavily, imagining a whole new pool of ass to tap that is not available during the day, my usual hunting period. But evenings seem like weekends-- most guys seem to sign on and go away from the computer for hours, or are insulting about not being attracted to you when you hit on them, or seem to be looking for validation more than dick. I tried a Craigslist ad again, since it worked so well last time, and only got a few nibbles, one of which turned out to be from some guy with a distorted, ugly cock pic on his Manhunt profile who hits me up over and over, saying he's "heard" I'm an awesome top, will never show me what he looks like, and abuses me for not showing HIM (despite my having something like five clear pictures of my dick and body visible there), then goes away an sulks, and does it all over again months later. Tonight he answered the Craigslist ad with a picture of a guy who was totally my type, and when I sent him back my face, he told me who he was, admitted it was not him, and taunted me for finally getting my pic. Fuckin nutjob! So you can imagine the state of my ducts at this point; my nuts were so swollen and sensitive that I was almost in pain. There were a bunch of guys I've been with before online who I could have reached out to, but I kept holding out for new, new, new, until I rather passive-aggressively touched Ultra Sensuous' profile without actually writing him. Within a few minutes, he wrote me, saying just, "More please." I decided I was being ridiculous, and could do worse than getting with such a fantastic little ass again, so I hopped on the train and was there in 20 minutes.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uber Alles

Today I shot my thick, salty jizz down the throat of German dude with a tall, thin, tight body and an extremely handsome face-- very short buzzed scalp and beard to match running along his handsome jawline, thicker and slightly porny mustache over his sensuous lips. I had tried Craigslist again, hoping to sort of order up exactly what I wanted, but not expecting much. Dudes must be unusually horny today, because I got a lot of response, but he was by far the best looking and most eloquent about his love of dick-- there's nothing worse than a guy who gives you a couple of uninspiring words, even if he looks really good; in my experience the guys who are best in bed are also best at expressing what they like. The only thing was, he said he didn't think he would be up for swallowing, and would prefer I sprayed his face instead. Today I felt that was non-negotiable; I needed on a primal level to get my seed in another body. So I was torn-- go with him because he's so cute and enthusiastic, but maybe waste my cum? Or take my chances finding a true cumguzzler among the numbskulls of Craigslist? Knowing that if I treat a bottom or cocksucker right, I can typically get him to want what I want, I told him that I *really* like being swallowed, but would not make him do anything he didn't want to, and he scampered over in short order. We had a little over an hour of really fantastic sex. And which do you think it is, Gentle Reader? Did I get this handsome fella to ask for my cum inside him? Decide before you read on!