web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: November 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Long Time Coming, But a Short Time Cumming

I'm always amazed at how you can spend years trying to fuck somebody, literally years, and still never get your dick in them. There's a little guy with a seriously meaty ass and, at least in pix, a sweet little 5'8 body in the neighborhood who has been hitting on me, and then I on him, literally since I moved to NYC four years ago. He appears and disappears, comes on strong and then goes cold. He also has a partner and so that makes logistic doubly complicated, of course. But eventually you put someone in the Never pile, take them off your buddy list where they have lingered forlornly for way too long, and typically, lacking my stamina and appetite for nonstop seed-spreading, they drop off the sites all together. And this guy was gone for at least a year, seems like. But he reappeared last week, when I was crazy busy and my nuts had no outlet but just kept churning out more and more useless, unloved cum. I winced as I had to again turn down his advances two days in a row, figuring he'd give up on me yet again. But I love fuckin dudes that size, so I added him to my buddy list again and decided to make a priority to pin him down and juice him up and send him home overflowing with my liquid pleasure. I was up late all night doing emergency work so I felt comfortable taking it pretty easy today. When he appeared online late in the afternoon, I told him I wanted to fuck him. He said he'd just made plans with another dude, whose screen name he rather indiscreetly told me, and who of course I immediately looked up, and who looked extremely hot-- I had just cruised him on Manhunt-- so I felt like there was no competition. So I wished him a good time with the muscly hung stud. But fifteen minutes later, the bottoms said the hot dude stopped responding, and so he told me he'd come over to my place, but then I got, "I just need to walk the dog first." Riiiight! Keep on shopping, dude. I had a couple of guys sniffing around me on line-- maybe my dry spell is over-- so I figured whoever could commit to taking my raw dick first would get it. Surprisingly, it turned out to be Local But Impossible Bottom! He came through after all. He only lives about 8 blocks away, so he was here pretty quick after that. He was considerably chunkier than his photos, which made my heart sink a bit. But I was very horny so I told him we should get down to it, and I led him back to the bedroom and I fucked my sponge into him good.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Deep Throat, On Film!

I'm not a big fan of guys who are all about deep-throating-- all the tingly nerves are in my fat fleshy dickhead-- but today, I had a guy come service me who clearly had prehensile tonsils. He took my fuckstick all the way down to the hairy root and managed to tickle the whole length of my bone AND my throbbing dickhead with some strange muscle deep in his esophagus. If I could have my greedy way, dudes would tongue the best spot on my dick, right under the cumhole, for two hours and make me numb. But this guy did something I didn't even know I wanted, for about 90 minutes, till I was practically crying from pleasure overload that would not stop. And my dick fired till it felt like my spine was going to shoot out. I am now very, very calm as I write this. AH!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Head or Tail

Tonight I foolishly agreed to spend more of my precious seed in Chelsea, despite constant disappointment with the guys there. I got a home HIV test today and for whatever reason a negative result always makes me instantly want to squirt my juice into a new hole. Who knows what's up with that. It's like blowing a Christmas bonus, I guess. I have noticed a decided uptick in interest in my online profiles on all apps and hookup sites since I changed my age to 45-- somehow I knew this would happen, as 45 is a more appealing number than 43 or 44 are, somehow. I figured I'd either totally expire or suddenly get hit on by a ton of guys in their 20s. And that's exactly what happened. But a lot of them are flaky, and the guy I fucked my wad into today was himself in his upper 40s. He had very hot pictures, a very nice muscular smooth body, a rather pouty face with a good bit of character to it. Awesome legs and a rather small but totally fuckable ass. We first talked over the weekend, when I was marooned on Long Island because the train going into Manhattan wasn't running at all. I said all the right things and got his motor running but couldn't seal the deal without an hour of travel time on some crazy alternate route. So he hit me up this morning, asking when I would come dick him down. I told him I'd do it after work. He said it was perfect. I was out of my mind horny the whole rest of the day and couldn't stop looking at his picture and thinking, wow, I get to mount this body, I get to stick my dick in it, I get to eat that ass and flood it with my ejaculate. What a life! But of course…. it being Chelsea and all…

Sunday, November 17, 2013

That Raw, Tempting Fruit

Today I wet my greedy bare bone in the tall, shapely body of a really handsome dude I spoke with on Scruff a bunch over the summer when I was in San Francisco for a week. He lived very close to where I was staying, and he was interesting to chat with-- knew how to impressionistically convey his breath of musical knowledge without banging me over the head with it; used multisyllabic words; replied in a timely and meaningful fashion... which are all exceedingly rare on those stupid apps-- and he had a really nice hipster look to him, scruffy in the face but with that slick schoolboy/Hitler youth hair. He was 6'4, though, and very thin and maybe too hairy even for me, and I'm pretty sure made it clear somehow he was safe only yadda yadda. There was no shortage of compact, muscular, cum-craving sluts out there to work on jizzing in, so I kind of kept trying to direct our chats back to the friendly, but he was pretty aggressive in pursuing me. In the end I was too busy with my nephew and inseminating whoever I could wherever I could out there, and so he never sucked my dick. But he said he'd be in NYC sometime in the fall and kept in touch all those months. And then suddenly, a few days ago, he was here, barely half a mile away. We tried to hook up a couple of times, in the brief moments I've had free, but it never worked out. I didn't really expect to get off this weekend, so I wasn't too upset, but today when I found myself home alone for a few hours, I texted him, asking what he was up to. As it happened he was at that very moment walking about four blocks from my house, on the way to the next neighborhood up. Within ten minutes he was on his knees sucking my still-soft dick-- I couldn't get hard making out with him, he was too freakin tall and tight-lipped-- and, wonder of wonders, he was the type of cocksucker who really works to find a top's buttons, and he found mine. When he happened upon the right thing, he instantly noted the subtle change in my meat, the infinitesimal swelling that a single tap of that spot with just the right pressure brought about, and then he was really doing it right, and enjoying the pleasure of feeling my meat swell to like five times its flaccid size-- I was hardening beautifully in his mouth and melting into the sensation of being serviced and he was whimpering with pleasure. He was so handsome-- salt and pepper hair, a little floppy now on top, dark wide eyebrows, an extremely patrician nose, eyes the color of Coke bottles against the sky, luxuriant beard on his handsome angled jaw, and, best of all, a mouth full of my oozing, horny dick. It was time to lay back and let him seriously do his thing.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


So it's been almost three weeks since my last hookup-- and, as I've vowed only to cum in or on other dudes, that means I went that long without an orgasm. In part it was due to constant visitors, and too much work, and trips out of town. But in part it was also a break from all the ridiculousness you put up with when you're aiming at having multiple hookups a week with a steady supply of new guys. The pickings have been extremely slim-- even other guys on Manhunt seem to be complaining in their profiles about dry spells and a lack of guys who seem serious about hooking up. Seems like something is in the air. I've tried to arrange a few things and been prick-teased and flaked on, even by old standby regulars who are always begging for my dick, so after a while, I decided to give myself a break from it all. Oddly, the pressure in my nuts was not that great; after a while I almost felt a little liberated from those wrinkly little bastards. In the meantime I had a birthday and reflected a bit on what the future holds and the role that tons-n-tons of sex has in my life. I'm not sure I feel the drive to hook up as much as I used to, and wonder if hitting my late 40s is going to slow down availability, too. But then today, on Growlr, I was hit up by a very cute, tight-bodied little 22 year old, who pretty much set up a hookup in minutes, acquiesced to my desire to be serviced and not fuck him-- I figured after three weeks I'd pop instantly if I stuck my dick in an ass-- and then ran over and was in my arms within half an hour or so. I guess my new age only makes me more desirable to the kids? That's what Buddy Bear's experience seems to suggest. I never much had a taste for guys this young, but if they're all like this kid, I'll take it. And wouldn't you know-- despite my pent-up situation, I managed to last almost an hour through quite good head and extremely pleasant fondling, and to stick my raw dick in him AND fuck the cum out of him, literally hands-free fuck him into orgasm-- all without popping till his dick was oozing a thick steady stream of deep-prostate-orgasm cum. And then I shot a fat tadpole of goo on him for good measure-- not sure whether he wanted me to cum in him or not. Not a bad welcome to 45, and not a bad end to my hiatus!