web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: September 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Had to avail myself of more neighborhood services to get the fucking cum out of my nuts, this time via another visit from the somewhat stinky but supernaturally skilled cocksucker who did me a few weeks back. (He was noticeably less stinky today; that was nice.) Every new dude I try to get with lately flakes on me, all of a sudden, and I'm too uncomfortable with this cast on to just bid my time, let my sperm seriously back up and roil in my nuts, so when there's a sure thing, I am going for it. And honestly I'm enjoying it; it's pretty easy when you just let dudes who are constantly jonesing for your spooge just come get it, laying back and not really doing anything at all.  I'd say I'm getting a little lazy. I really just whip it out and make them go to work, no muss, no fuss, very unlike me. And it keeps me from getting all frustrated and tense sexually-- my life is frustrating and tense enough right now-- but to me, this is not real sex. I keep seeing dudes I want to sex up properly online. Beautiful asses I want to slobber on, worship, fill with my meat, whale with my tool. Muscles I want to lick and chew and sweat on. Faces I want to kiss and look at while I flood their bodies with my warm salty liquid pleasure. But instead, it's OK, come over, get me up, get me off, drink it down, take it home. This could be a little addictive. Ultra Meat is back to wanting me to tutor him-- does he think he can suck my dick every time? The diligent latin cocksucker checks me out at least twice a week. The hungry but affectless raw bottom is after me, checking me out, "woofing" me on Scruff, begging me to bone him at 2am on BBRT. They all live in my hood and giving them a little bit of attention makes them just want more. I can just lay back and get all the attention my dick can stand with all these dudes. But I miss the variety, can't wait to see and touch and fuck new men. I think I need a functioning right hand for that! For now, I just take the easy road.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hot for Teacher

So a few days ago I get messages from Ultra Meat on all the apps he's on, and then a text message from him. I figure this can't just be him routinely wanting my dick, so I text him back. Turns out he is taking some basic math classes-- I knew he was going to college finally, but it turns out he has to take algebra and he just can't even. "Aren't you a math teacher or something?" he asked plaintively. "The distributive property is kicking my ass!" I don't know why he thought I was a math teacher-- maybe I just look like one, or maybe my semen tastes like a math teacher's semen, or maybe I mentioned to him that I have volunteered helping adults get their GEDs in the past. I do like math and am a pretty good tutor, so I told him I would help him. I offered to do it for free but he insisted on paying me. And that's cool. So I went by yesterday morning, and was all business; I didn't grope him or kiss him or anything, we just got right into it. I helped him for two hours, during which he expressed extreme frustration with being forced to learn algebra, but it was nothing I hadn't seen before. By the end he was begging to stop, saying he was exhausted, and I said sure. I toyed with saying, "So, you wanna kiss my dick a little?" But we were actually in his place, and while his partner wasn't around, I felt like maybe that would be out of line. So I just said my goodbyes, got the cash, and headed out. Two hours later I saw a text he had actually sent the instant I walked out, saying, "So hard to keep it professional." It hadn't seemed that way to me-- several times when trying to make a strong point or command his attention I put my hand on his MASSIVE FUCKING SHOULDER but he didn't seem titillated at all, just dizzy from all the parentheses. I wrote back saying I figured it would be bad to hit on him there, and he said "You should have." Then he said, " wanna come back? :-)" By that time I was busy with another friend who had suddenly come to town, but when we were wrapping up, I texted him, asking if it was too late. "My partner's sister is coming tonight. I don't know when." I exhaled loudly. "All these people interfering with this blowjob!" I texted. He lol'ed. I said, "Does she have a key and everything?" He said no, but, "Who do I tell her you are?" "She buzzes, I pull up my pants and get out of there before she gets in." He said "Ok, when?" After I sent my friend to the train station, I asked if the coast was still clear. "I'm three blocks away," I said. "Come over," he said. And I did. And he hoovered all the spunk out of my ducts GOOD.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Helpin' a Dude Out

So between the fucking cast-- which is still past my elbow but hopefully will be reduced to a forearm cast Monday-- the extra stress at work, and my unemployed partner always moping around the house, my dick has been sorely neglected. Nine days went by since my last draining and I didn't even muster the energy to be horny for most of them. But by yesterday, even though I wasn't animalistically lustful like I might be in less stressful times, I did begin to feel that back-of-the-skull hunger for ass in my face and sensation on my dick. It appeared while I was bathing and soaped up my meat and never went away, making me irritable and unable to concentrate. Today, with a couple of hopeful possibilities for new jobs on the potential horizon, and a beautiful bright breezy day outside, my partner decided to take a trip to the Rockaways to relax a bit. Work was very quiet and I felt burned out and unmotivated. So I had lunch with a good friend, but also put out feelers for service. Tireless Cocksucking Boy has suddenly come back on my radar, and was interested but busy till the evening; no good. Fridays are always hard to hook up on for some reason. So I asked the diligent Latino cumgobbler who got me off last time if he was around today. He apparently was off all day and definitely wanted more of my cum. So with a sure thing in my pocket, I enjoyed my lunch, came home, did some minor things for work, and invited him over. My nuts feel five pounds lighter. It's all inside his belly now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Am I Cursed?

It's not bad enough having a broken arm, but now my closest colleague, who really bears the brunt of half the work at my tiny company, has resigned, giving us a month's notice; the entire time, of course, I'll be in a cast and barely able to work. This at a time when we seem to be expanding rapidly and need his manpower. Stress! What is there to do but throw up your hands-- well, the one hand you CAN throw up-- and say, "Fuck it, I'm gonna get my dick sucked!" And then go get your dick sucked, this time by a reasonably handsome Latino dude in the neighborhood, who came over and worked on my knob for a good half hour, clearing the pips very well and heading home with a nice big load in his belly. It helped relax me for, I guess, half the afternoon, anyway!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

…Or Not

Something told me the best way to get my dick sucked would be to post a self-pitying explanation of why I would not be having any sex any time soon! Guess who came to the rescue this evening, when my partner went out for a few hours to dispel his cabin fever?

Out of Order

I'll probably be on hiatus for a while here. We went up to the mountains this weekend to stay with friends at their family's camp and on the very first day there, in a single exquisite minute, I went from chomping on a granola bar ankle-deep in the brilliant, sparkling flow from a waterfall to ass on the rocks with my wrist bent at an unholy angle, the granola bar nowhere to be found. I'll be in a cast for six weeks or so. And my partner has lost his job so I won't have the place to myself much either. And just typing this post with one hand is rather dizzying and slow right now. My friends in the blogroll will have to entertain you with their exploits during my convalescence!