web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: May 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012


I can't believe who I just fucked... in about three different ways. He and I had been talking on Adam4Adam for well over a year, maybe even two, but had never gotten together. His pix online are verrry nice, showing a tight, slight but beautifully muscular body, and an intense, latin face. I'm pretty sure I hit him up the first time, and he seemed to like me, but didn't want to fuck raw and seemed uninterested in all the other fun stuff you can do if that puts you off-- it was fucking or nothing. So I let it go. And he kept hitting on me, for months and months and months, but whenever there was a chance we could get together, we'd stumble over the fucking issue again as if it were brand new. Or he'd say he was OK with trying it raw (typically if I had posted that I'd just tested negative a week or two before), and then chicken out or float away. So I wrote him off and lost touch with him for a long time... till he texted me last week. He must have saved my number from previous flakeout, God knows how long ago. He said he'd deleted his profile on Adam4Adam because he was totally sexually frustrated and getting nowhere, but he still wanted to meet me. I'm a sucker for a  dude who validates me by (1) being smokin hot and (2) never forgetting about me and (3) asking for my dick over and over, even if it's just to make an ass out of me. So I did it all over again... and he chickened out again, right when we were sealing the deal! I told him he was giving mixed signals and he eventually said he knew he was... he just couldn't get over the raw thing. So the first thing I can't believe happened-- I told him I'd put a rubber on for him (I've really turned down way too many hot guys because they're unwilling to go bare, I think). I told him I'd fuck him after the long weekend sometime. He sounded very excited about this. And that day turned out to be today. And I just can't believe it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today I fucked another "regular"-- if you can call someone I hook up with every 8 months or so "regular." I've really gotten to the point that hooking up with someone I already know is just not that interesting to me, and it's hard to get into. This guy has a pretty average body and a nice enough face, but his lips are a real phenomenon-- I absolutely love kissing him and was looking forward to getting together with him again just for that. But after a stressful afternoon of work and a crappy drive over, even his lips were not getting my motor running. He took off my clothes while we made out and dropped to his knees to receive the meat, and I was chubby down there but not really getting hard. I thought, I've really become a dirty novelty addict, haven't I? I pulled my dick out of his mouth and said, "I gotta relax, I had a crappy day and a stressful drive over," and he smiled and took off his clothes, kissed me some more, then got between my thighs and started working his magic in earnest. He's an awesome cocksucker-- we'd actually started out with him just offering to service me, years ago, and he made me so hot with his mouth that I just flipped him on his back and stuck my raw dick in him quite without asking. He didn't complain and we fucked for an hour that time. And now we always fuck after mostly perfunctory sucking. He put his hands on my chest and worked my tool with his expert tongue and I was magically hard as a rock and ready for some serious plowing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today I fucked a short, hugely muscular bodybuilder who inexplicably hits me up every once in a while for cum. He travels like crazy so he's not around a lot, and *claims* he "doesn't hook up much" (with a body like that, it's a crime if he doesn't), so I don't hear from him very often. But today, while I was getting my chain yanked by a couple of very hot guys who never really come through with their offers of ass, he magically appeared, saying, and I quote, "Hey stud, want to come fuck me?" I'm not a stud and feel ridiculous when people call me that, but the last five words are music to my ears, so I left the other two dudes to spin in their indecision and ran to the village to drill this huge slab of meat.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today I got to enjoy the kind of mind-erasing, nut-draining edge session that I've been waiting for for at least a year and a half, since I lost my best cocksucker. (He started to fall for me and said he couldn't come over any more or it would break his heart that he couldn't have me. I recently emailed him asking how he was doing, and he said he had a serious boyfriend now, so I'm very happy for him. And I hope the boyfriend appreciates what a fantastic cocksucker he is.) I hadn't gotten off since I glazed Younbeard's face and was seriously jonesing. I needed a completely selfless dude to completely service me. In the past couple months, I've felt like Manhunt and Adam4Adam are somehow drying up-- there are fewer and fewer new profiles there, seems like-- and Craigslist has been a waste for a long time now. I was actually feeling a little desperate. So when a nebbishy but borderline handsome guy checked me out on Manhunt, I hit him up asking if he wanted to suck me off. He did, so I ran over. And he was GOOD.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I utterly plastered the face of a tall, very cute, bearded young guy, maybe 26 years old-- it was a lot of cum, even for me. It's amazing how a handsome face can really kick my semen production into overdrive. I just got off yesterday in Red Stunner, and was not particularly full. Youngbeard and I only fooled around for 35, 40 minutes, not enough time to build up a real high-pressure load. But when I was done with him, he looked like something out of Alien. I had to admire my own work unabashedly before I got him a washcloth.

But this almost didn't happen at all.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Better Than Poppers?

Today I fucked a handsome, red-haired artist with a humongous, party-favor dong that stayed rock hard the whole time I was in him. He was in a hurry to hook up before work. He lives on the far southern end of my neighborhood, and had to hook up NOW. I figured if I drove there I could get there fastest and we'd have 45 minutes to screw. So he said, great. This was awesome! But first, of course, being a bottom, he had to ask me pointedly about poppers. I fuckin hate poppers; I really hate anything that is a distraction from sex between two naked dudes with nothing between them except maybe a thin layer of spit-- I like it completely natural. Some guys seem more into poppers than the sex itself; if I get a whiff of that from someone's profile or online behavior, I take a pass, no matter how cute they are. But he seemed just to have a run-of-the-mill bottom's attachment to poppers, so I gave him the I-don't-do-them-but-you-can line and ran over. If I got there in 10 minutes, we could fuck for almost an hour!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Today I splooged all over the face of a cute, nerdy guy. I'm not all that into facial cumshots, to be honest, and would rather have been brought to the edge orally and swallowed, but it's what he wanted, so it's what I gave him.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today I fucked the little guy with the beard and the big nose who blew me earlier this year. But first I had a bit of a blow to my pride. Last week sometime I placed an ad on Craigslist for a raw fuck, because nothing was going on at all on the usual sites I use. A guy hit me up with somewhat obscured pictures (one of which was stretched sideways a bit); he said he had a partner and had to be careful, but what I could see looked pretty good, muscular and shapely. Timing didn't work out that day and he hounded me all week to get together, but he seemed a little too shady for me and I was busy. But today I hit him up because I was just craving some long deep thrusting again. He agreed to come over but would not give me a phone number-- another red flag that usually makes me pass on a guy-- so I told him we'd have to meet outside somewhere. He was fine with that. We were shaking hands on the street a half hour later, and he looked really good, but I suddenly realized he looked familiar to me. I asked if we'd talked before, and he said he didn't think so. I realized who he was-- someone who had been after me on various sites for years, ever since I moved to NYC, but would always flake out at the last minute with various excuses, disappear for a while, resurface with new pictures, reel me in, and make a putz out of me all over again. Before I could say anything about our history, he said, "Is it OK if I say I'm just not feeling it? I don't mean to offend, but..." and I calmly said, "Of course not, don't worry about it." He offered his hand again, and then he ran off. He came all the way here from Tribeca to do that! I dunno if he really didn't like what he saw, or if he is just a complete closet case. I've had to do this myself to people who were Not As Cute As Picture, so part of me took it in stride, but another part thought, wah, I'm ugly. So of course I had to fuck someone else, pronto, and I got back online. And suddenly Little Beard Big Nose showed up. And he wanted to fuck!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bait and Switch

Today I fucked a guy who used laughably fake pix, but was still a good time. This has happened to me before: a perfectly fine-looking guy uses pix of another perfectly fine-looking guy-- not hot, tempting guys but guys who are perfectly serviceable, and yet bear no resemblance whatsoever to the actual person in any way. If the guy turns out not to be someone I would be attracted to, I send them away or just leave, saying it isn't working out in person, you never know till you try, blablabla. But today, the guy showed up actually a little more my type than the pictures, which were a little too pretty/boyish for me; this guy was much more in the regular guy realm. Not a hot guy but nice face, reasonably attractive, with a decently proportioned if ever-so-slightly chunky build. He had a friendly manner as he came in (I later found out he's a real estate agent) so I thought, what the hell. I had only advertised for a blowjob and he said all the right things-- suck you for as long as you want, nip play drives me wild and makes me hungry for cum, I can go for hours sucking dick, etc etc etc. So I said "Ready to suck some dick?" and he said "Hell yeah!" and started taking off his tie. We kissed a bit and went back to the bedroom; his ass looked cute in his pants. Little did I know what other bait and switches I was in for.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Today I rather unexpectedly fucked a young, hard, ripped little guy who looked like a cross between a Central American and an Indian. I honestly didn't have the time to be doing this today; I had a lot of work and preparations for a visitor this weekend. But I haven't gotten off since Saturday, when I gave Lanky Beauty his thick, salty reward, and my nuts were overloaded. I just wanted someone to suck me off so I could get on with the rest of my day. Young Tight had hit me up before, looking to swallow my fucknectar, but I have been in a topping mood lately and feel like I'm giving too many loads orally. So I turned him down before. Today when he hit me up I had sort of been hoping some other guys would work out-- I'll fuck all kinds of guys no taller than me, but I really like being sucked off by big muscular white guys, for some reason. I just wanted to lay back and watch a big handsome white guy blow me. But the big muscular white guys who chatted with me either flaked away or just wanted quickies. I don't do quickies, so I told Young Tight it was his lucky day. He lived a good ways away so I got a bunch of work done before he got here. But then he showed up and gave me more than I bargained for.