web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: December 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today I had an unusually efficient hookup, especially for my hometown here in the South. My partner and my nephew were planning to go to the gym for a couple of hours this afternoon after lunch, and a guy I had been messaging with a bit on Scruff said he'd be around about that time and wanted me to fuck him. Thinking of the zillion things that always get in the way of stuff like this, and knowing I'm really here for my family, I figured it was not going to really happen. But crazily it did, and it was pretty fuckin good. I can honestly say I've never been with someone who was this into me, and I sort of dug it. As soon as I saw that look in his eyes I knew I would be cumming in him deep.

Friday, December 21, 2012


I began this blog right after New Year's Day this year as a way to memorialize the sex I have. I am sure I sound like a dissipative whore on here, but I am sort of sentimental and hate that I have these intense experiences with other men, only to see them lost to memory for good. So I wanted to have a place to list them and revisit them if I wanted. And now a bunch of people have found my blog, and they read about the experiences too, and get hard along with me at the exciting parts, and laugh along with me at the ridiculous parts, and I like that. I wish I'd started this a long time ago, from the beginning maybe, so I could look back on an entire adulthood of sex.  But all I have is a year.

(Ironically, after I stared this draft the other day, a guy who I fucked TWICE last fall and completely forgot about reappeared on Scruff or something, saying he thought I was a great top. I felt like a heel because I honestly had no clue who he was, and it took several memory jogs for me to remember, even with pictures. We had had phenomenal sex; I found our email exchange from when we were doing it and then it all came back to me. How strange and sad.)

But I'm a guy, and there's another reason guys do things like this blog, and keep little black books and so on. We like numbers. We like notches in our belts. We like to boast. We marvel at stats, fetishize the numerals themselves. When I was a kid and discovered masturbation, after about a year of abusing myself two or three times daily, I remember adding up how much cum I had shot, and it was a rather surprising amount.  Then I added up how much I would shoot by the time I was 30 at that rate (of course, I hardly got off three times a day in my 20s like I did when I was 13, but I didn't know that then). And it was an insane amount of cum, and I am pretty sure I beat off several times again, just looking at that calculation, adding even more cum to my lifetime volume. So here at the end of the year, I've gone through my blog, and found that there are one or two guys I already completely can't remember, and one that I had to think about long and hard before I could recall his face. So the first intent of this project is a bit of a failure... you just can't remember everything, even if you document it. You can't be a slut and have every experience simultaneously be precious, no matter how you try. But I can still add everything up! Here's a detailed, final accounting of my sexual experience for 2012.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today I fucked a seriously pent-up wad, saved since Saturday and augmented by repeated prick-teasing since then, into the hairy little body of a dude who turned out to be high as a kite on crack or whatever it is the kids are doing these days. And afterward I kinda wanted to dip my dick in bleach.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today I had an experience barely worth writing about, but for completeness' sake I will. A guy I've been trading witty-ish barbs with on various apps like Scruff for the past few months pinged me while I was out and about in the East Village today, buffeted by the hordes of drunken kids in Santa suits that made up this year's Santa Con. (I saw a svelte Mrs Santa in high heeled boots leaning against a wall and vomiting up her pizza awhile her friends held her hair back and cooed gently.) I was idly horny but had no luck in the morning trying to rustle up any talent, and didn't want to waste too much time on a nice day looking for ass, so I gave up to go out and to hunt for some stuff for the house. So when App Dude began writing me again-- he lives in the East Village and must have seen that I was closer by than usual-- I thought he might do for a blowjob. I feel weird on apps asking boldly for raw fucking, like I do on, say, Manhunt-- maybe because I lead with my face on the apps, and the seem less sexually charged than the hookup sites anyway. And with App Guy, with whom I'd talked about fairly normal stuff the whole time, I felt a little uptight suddenly saying "So hey, maybe I should stop by and stick my dick in your mouth." Instead I noted that he'd never unlocked his pix for me on this particular app. He summarily unlocked but apologized for their g-rating, saying, "I'm shy." The unlocked pix were actually cuter/more manly than the main pic, so I was emboldened. He asked for mine, so I showed him my own filthy pic of myself sporting a boner, which he seemed to appreciate. So only then did I ask him if he'd like to blow me, saying, "I'll still be your friend if you say no." But he said yes, and I went over, with a spring in my step.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Tonight I fucked a guy who I was very eager to meet, and who was even more eager to meet me, who said all the right things but was really just a lousy lay. Highlights follow, but if you read this blog a lot, stop now to see you can guess in advance all the things he did that made it disappointing! Fun game!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Today I had a rather unusual experience, for me... I hooked up with a guy a bit older than me who was almost completely inexperienced. I typically don't encourage this kind of thing; I'm pretty frequently hit up by guys who aren't sure of their oral prowess and want to be "trained" or whatever. But my dick ain't a good starter dick, and I like to be sucked off by a professional, so I usually shoo anyone who goes on about being a newbie away. This guy didn't mention his inexperience at all when he hit me up; just said he really was in the mood to suck and be submissive. But he said he doesn't do this often and had to be "ultra-discreet." He didn't even want to give me a face pic first, though when I said that was a deal breaker he eventually  relented as long as I super-promised to delete it instantly. He had a nice, somewhat Irish face and a very manly, hairy, muscular but not primped body. Mighty fine, I thought, I'll take it! But then would not give me a number to text my address to, which always freaks me out. In the end he agreed to meet on the corner near my place. Only then, when we talked about how much time he had, and I insisted, as I usually do, on serious head with stamina, did he reveal that he wasn't very experienced but would try his best. He said he only had a little while to spend, which made me think this wasn't going to happen, but when I pressed him on it, he said he meant "only" about 90 minutes! If he was not confident, at least he was eager to spend some time. I only had an hour myself. So I waited for him to come and met him on the corner, and while the typical shortcomings of a very inexperienced guy were evident, it was a really interesting experience.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Last night I wasted a big, pent up load beating off, and today I foolishly turned down a bunch of hot guys who wanted my dick, all in preparation to meet a guy this evening who turned out to be a fraud. We've been playing text tag for a couple of months now. His pix showed a very muscled, very manly body, with a nice shot of him sinuously draped across a sofa face down, with an ample, extremely inviting ass prominently bulging up-- that image is burned into my brain. But he had no face pic online and kept the other pictures locked after briefly showing me-- both of which would normally be red flags for me, but I was seduced by the idea of fucking my cum into another bodybuilder type, albeit one who looked a little past his prime, which is actually just fine with me. And he sounded like exactly the kind of sensual guy who I could sweat all over for hours. His face pic, which he emailed me later, did not really turn me on-- a rather hard-looking latino-indigenous face-- but it was masculine and had nice muscular-looking lips. He lived waaay uptown, though at least near an express subway. We kept trying and failing to set up a time every couple of weeks. All I knew was I wanted to cum in that sweet, beckoning ass. I wanted to add another big, muscular notch to my belt. So I indulged him in his frequent texting (which should have been another red flag, though I *have* had guys built like that after me more determinedly than you'd expect, given how *I* look) in hopes the timing would eventually work out. We decided yesterday that today after work would be the day! And, alas, it was.