web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: June 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013


Today I got to stick my dick in my ideal kinda bottom-- 5'8, tight little body, beautiful hair pattern on his chest and arms and legs, very manly face with a big nose and full lips and dark eyebrows-- but a little queeny/swishy, which is kinda fun in this package-- buzzed head, heartbreakingly sweet little round ass with very slick, accepting hole. Dudes like this are rarely enough bottoms-- they're almost 90% tops in fact, as best I can tell-- and when they *are* bottoms, they have no interest in me. So when this guy, who lives maybe three blocks away in fact, hit me up and fairly persistently chased me, I felt incredibly lucky! His profile said safe only, but I decided to roll with it; he was very attractive to me and said "I like to serve" and I figured even if he just sucked me off and let me eat his ass and hump his hairy little body into the mattress, I'd be thrilled. But God is perverse. God is a miserable being who giveth and taketh away. In fact he doesn't even giveth; he promiseth, he teaseth, he suggesteth and leadeth to believe. He creates the beauties and fills you with desire for them and doesn't let you have him, and the one he does give you is a GODDAMN LOUSY LAY.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today may have been my last assignation with Ultra Meat. Hang your head in remembrance.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nerds Need Cock Too

Yesterday I squirted all my cum up the ass of a rather nerdly little fellow in Hell's Kitchen. He hit me up on BBRTS and was *extremely* into me, then put off by the fact that I had a partner, then finally willing to fuck with me. He was OK looking to me, but more importantly (1) was 5'8, a size I absolutely adore plowing, and (2) hung like a fucking donkey in his pics. Although he was hairless and blond and not really my type at all, I love little guys with big dicks who are super into me, so I told him I'd go fuck him Saturday morning. He sent a constant stream little notes about it every day, and it was nice to know I had a little guy waiting so eagerly for my dick at the end of the week, so it was a pleasure to bring my tool over to him and dick him down right.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Today I got some pretty awesome head from someone I was completely not attracted to, but who showed an uncommon need for my sex. His pictures online were actually not bad, showing a hairy, darkly bearded guy, burly but not out of control build. He hit me up for the first time sometime last year, and sounded genuinely desperate to get my cum inside him-- he wanted me to fuck him, but he did seem too burly for that, so I told him he could suck me off if he had the stamina to edge me really good. He said he did, and was very accommodating of when, despite living way uptown. We made some plans for him to come get me off during lunch one day, and I saved up a bit of surplus semen in my testicles in anticipation-- and then he texted me saying he had to cancel. He set up another time, and then cancelled that at the last minute too. A few months went by and I forgot he existed. Then I get another text out of nowhere, with more begging for forgiveness, begging for my dick. I am an indulgent man-- perhaps too indulgent-- so I let him try again. And again he cancelled. This was always because of work issues coming up at the last minute. I can understand that, but decided he was just too far away for this to be practicable; he'd have to be closer so he could easily pop out, suckle on my meat for a nice long interval, and pop back. He'd be on the subway almost an hour if he ever came. So I let him fade away. But he wouldn't let it go and was constantly texting me, whimpering about how my cum was the ONLY CUM that would satisfy him, my dick was the BEST DICK IN NYC and he HAD TO TASTE IT. But eventually he said, "OK, I'm sorry, this is just never going to work, I never get what I want, I'll delete you from my contacts."And a few more months went by, till a couple months ago, when I was staying with my mother, and he was back, saying he just can't believe he never got to suck me, he still keeps thinking about my dick, blablabla. Clearly, he never deleted my contact at all! But I decided, in my enfeebled state down there, to be generous and give him another chance when I got back home. Today was the day. I had a nice three-day load saved up. I'd been prick-teased by a couple of guys on Grindr who are totally my type and were willing to flash me dirty pictures but not actually meet up to fuck, so there was some tension in my nuts. Perfect day to lay back and be brought to orgasm by someone who desperately needed to get me off.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doling It Out

Today I deeply and copiously inseminated Stinky and Remote-- a guy whose face is so beautiful to me that it utterly melts me, but who I never hook up with because (1) he's popular and busy, and (2) very hard to get to by subway even though he's directly across the river, because of his extreme Lower East Side location, and (3) I'm a filthy promiscuous whore who insists on always ejaculating in someone new, despite the fact that there are beauties like this one out there wanting my dick in them pretty much whenever they can get it.  Looking through my blog to find the entry to link to above, I see I haven't been with him since March of last year. And ironically, the thing I expressed worry about there *did* sort of happen... a few months after that last hookup, he vanished from all the hookup sites. A little later, he improbably showed up as a possible friend on Facebook, so I eagerly added him, asking what happened to him. He told me he was kind of out of the random sex game, looking for a real boyfriend. I hope he wasn't checking to see who was looking at him on facebook, because I combed through all his pictures and looked at him all the time-- he's wearing all these twee, hipstery clothes in his pictures, despite being an extremely meaty, hairy, rather brute-faced lunk of a guy, which is actually one of my favorite combinations in a way. In one he has on a dandy bowler and suspenders, and together with his miles-deep, soulful brown eyes and thick, porny mustache, the combination of all my recent fetishes on one guy makes my heart wring itself to bits in my chest and then essentially melt into my nutsack. He'd talked about selling the remote-but-close place and moving to Brooklyn, which I eagerly awaited. We never did hook up again, though, despite sending occasional dirty drive-by messages on Facebook. Sometime last fall, he reappeared on some of the sex sites, but we never connected. This morning I was carrying the load I've built up since Tuesday dealing with the knuckleheads in DC. I cruised a bit after my partner left for a day on his own, but honestly didn't have the heart to look very strenuously. When I saw Stinky and Remote's appear on line, I asked him if he wanted to suck the load out of me. He did. There was no muss and no fuss and I decided he would be an awesome welcome back to Gotham. And he was.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Velvet Hipster

Today I glazed with thick gooey cum the long, sweet body of a quasi-hipster here in Washington, DC. I'm slowly making my way home from down south and have stopped off for the week to visit friends and, admittedly, sample from a pool of men I haven't fucked in much for a few years. Sadly there are a *lot* of guys here who are still on, still using the exact same pictures they had when I lived here four years ago. And some of them have even hit me up! But there does look to be a good bit of new meat. The guys here are much more whitebread than they are in NYC, but the conservative, well-groomed look does still have a pretty good hold on me. (When I first moved here, in my 20s, I just adored the Republican-with-the-sharp-part-in-the-hair look. I still kinda do sometimes, though I much prefer the typical Brooklyn scruffy/ethnic look.) A few of these guys hit me up but wouldn't host or ran away when I asked them to let me stick my filthy bare bone inside their pristine, muscular bodies. But this one guy hit me up seeming quite nice and together, being precise about when he'd be free to hook up and where he was and so on and so forth. He was 6'2, well over my height limit for fucking (which I really wanted to do today), but he had a handsome bearded face and buzzed head, just perfect for cocksucking. Overall he was the ottery type that I love but who is never into me back. He did warn me that he was working from home so I'd have to endure him occasionally stopping to check his work email. "But we can have sex for as long as you want otherwise," he said. Bingo! He was only about 6 blocks from the coffee shop where I was working (and eye-fucking a very cute, meaty other scruffy dude with beautiful thick thighs!) so I packed up and sauntered over for what I hoped would be a nice servicing session.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Yesterday I had my final assignation (no pun intended) with the little hardbody here in my hometown.  My partner flew in right after and I've been busy in a trip to the mountains with him and my nephews, tubing and eating and relaxing, and just have a few moments to jot down a few recollections of this awesome, intimate, intense, deep, naturally bare fuck with this unusually responsive bottom. When I got to his place and ran the bell, the door flew open instantly as if he'd been standing right inside waiting. We stood making out in his foyer for ages. We barely made it from there to the kitchen, where I unzipped his fly and stuck my already turgid member in his underpants, sending him into proxysms of pleasure. He undid my shorts and let them fall to the floor and sucked my dick like I was the only man on earth. I remember stepping out of the shorts so I could open my legs a bit and give him better access to my nuts, which he caressed lovingly while gulping my meat down. I watched myself get pleasures in nothing but a white polo and a pair of yellow chucks and thought, fuck I love being a man. My thighs and meat looked huge next to this horny little guy. And we went to the bedroom and he pressed his hard body into me with a desire that is impossible to fake. He worshiped me and made me feel like a king and tolde "I wish you lived here I love being with you" and he took my ramrod into him over and over as I pounded the bed audibly against the wall and he obeyed when I commanded "Look at me when I cum in you" and his pupils were dilated with naked hungry pleasure as I unloaded all my sexual fluids into his little body. It was good. So fucking good. We cooled off together in the shower and he asked me to Facebook him and I left. It was a fantastic goodbye. I only have one question.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Best excuse yet for why someone who has strung me along for half an hour on Manhunt suddenly dropped off the face of the earth rather than give me his address so we can actually fuck?


Today I said "What the hell" to myself and went over to the house of a 58 year old dude so I could just get off down the throat of a decent cocksucker already. I'm pretty sure I've fucked my way through the few available bottoms here so I didn't have high expectations for anything, and he looked okaaaaay in his pictures, but at least said all the right things in response to my craigslist ad about wanting to park himself between my legs and lap away at my joystick till my nuts squirt. So while he really was a bit on the old side for me, I decided to give him a whirl. Ironically, this is after being pestered for the better part of an hour yesterday by a 19-year-old who has "had sex 4 times" and thinks I'm the hottest guy on a4a. I'm sure he says that to all the girls, and who knows if he's for real or not, but I'd turned him down long ago and he seemed genuine in having pined away for me ever since; he also convincingly conveyed that didn't know what raw fucking was (he seemed to think it meant I wanted to fuck him UNTIL he was raw, but recovered with an insouciance and willingness to submit to it that at least *seemed* 19 years old to me). Feeling rather geezerlike myself, I kept stringing him along, amused and not a little titillated by the idea of dumping my seed into a kid barely older than my nephews. But the pictures were just too, too angelically applecheeked and underdeveloped (though the dick and ass weren't). I couldn't imagine getting a boner for that in person. I wasn't into most guys that age even when I *was* that age. And when I pulled up to the Game Geezer's apartment, and saw him standing outside looking for me anxiously because it could be "confusing" to find his place (it wasn't), I thought, I dunno how I can get a boner for *that*, either. But I also felt, despite my middle-aged paunchy and wrinkled reality, like a golden god of beauty visiting a mere mortal, to bestow my heavenly testicular ambrosia on the unsuspecting and righteous. I figured, he and I can make this be all about my dick. And it was in fact all about my dick, and I love my dick, and he loved my dick, and my dick loved it too, so, success!