web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A New Resolution?

Today for some reason I was extremely horny all morning. I'm still very unmotivated to begin working as intensely as I have the past several weeks and am sort of taking advantage of the holiday period to slack. So between work calls I spent a lot of time looking at porny blogs and wistfully admiring beautiful male bodies and wishing my dick was inside one of them. After lunch the stinky but supernaturally skilled cocksucker wordlessly checked out my profile on Manhunt. I said hello to be friendly, and we chatted briefly about how our holidays went, and I mentioned how much running around I had been doing, and he said "You could probably use some good head to relax you." On the spot, I formed an early New Year's Resolution: To leave no offer of an orgasm unaccepted! Of course that's not true; I'm not going to start letting just anyone get me off. But the guy isn't bad looking, makes my dick feel incredible, is in the neighborhood, and never seems to tire of my bone, so it sounded good and I went with it. "That's a resolution I can get behind!" he said, and I ran over and he made me cum, as usual, very hard. I dunno if I can give up my promiscuous, new-meat-seeking ways, but there is a certain appeal to not being so fussy and having maybe three times as much sex as I'm having now. I will probably abandon this resolution right around the time you stick your new Exercycle in the corner to gather dust, around MLK day, or maybe even when you steal your first cigarette puff of 2015, at brunch on New Year's Day. But for now I feel generous with giving my dick to my deserving regulars when they want it!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Who Makes My Dick Hard

Today I finally snagged a guy who has been evasive on Manhunt for ages-- I was about to write him off, but had a lot of time to myself today, as my boss is out sick and I am largely unmotivated after working a bit over the weekend, so I figured I'd give him one last chance. He's blown off multiple arranged meetings with lame excuses (the last one was of course a Family Emergency). He lives out on Long Island so I assume he is hot for my meat but when he is really facing down coming into Brooklyn to suck it, he decides eh. Today I just hit him up saying, "I want you to come suck my dick and drink my cum," and after about an hour and a half of hemming and hawing, he got into his car and drove over. I fully expected him not to look quite like his picture-- something about the quality made it seem pre-good-cell-phone-camera-era, maybe about 6 years old, and I was right. He'd aged and put on a bit of weight. But damn it if he didn't make my dick so fucking hard that it was almost painful. He sucked me like a champ, swallowed everything, and left me feeling as light and springy as a newly shorn lamb.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Friday night I got an awesome delayed Christmas present from the Gods of Fucking who watch over me so well. After a long week and a half of running around buying presents, driving way down south to where my family is, entertaining my mother, driving all over that goddamn city for vast distances to do minor things, spending Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas Day treating everyone to Chinese food, Friday day taking my partner around to thrift stores in the ghetto, and Friday evening treating a couple of nephews to pizza, I found myself with a few hours of free time that night, as my partner was hanging out with a friend he has in the area. After going an entire week without lightening the load on my poor, ever-more-cum-laden testicles, I was very much in the mood to have my meat serviced and my ejaculate swallowed by some diligent lover of dick and semen. But it was Friday night in a small southern city full of closeted, largely unattractive men… the odds didn't look good. Nonetheless, I sat in my car in the parking lot of the pizza place, signed on to apps and websites, and cast out my line to see what I could reel in. On Scruff I hit on a tight, muscular, prettily handsome black kid, 29 years old, who confessed a love of heavy ejaculators, with no expectation that my ability to squirt five foot jets of sperm would trump my 46-year-old body and graying beard. I waited for his reply, fully expecting to be dragging a pair of heavy, still-spooge-swollen nuts back to my mother's house after an hour or two of wasted time. But no! It was Christmas! He replied fairly quickly, and within a half an hour, I was at his place, praising to the skies my fantastic luck at getting my dick and my sexual fluid inside beautiful men.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fuck This Shit

I was up till about 2 working last night on something that should have taken 10 minutes, and woke up spontaneously this morning at 7:30 with a splitting headache. My partner stirred too so we had a massive hour-long cuddle session before he had to shower and get up. But I didn't get up. I lay in bed, fuming at my life, thinking FUCK THIS SHIT! and deciding I would just keep laying there. One of my bosses is off this week, himself nursing a horrible cold from his own brand of overwork, and my new colleague is having a family emergency which, despite involving a hospital and sounding very alarming for him, was a relief for me; no questions or new issues to look at from him. I fired up Scruff and a rather skanky dude 300 feet from me wanted to hook up now Now NOW asking how hung How Hung HOW HUNG, but my partner was in the shower and I needed to somehow wake up more fully so I told him I'd text him in a half an hour. And after my partner left and I had a bowl of cereal, I asked if he wanted to come drain my nuts and he was all HOW HUNG and I told him and he said OK and then I never heard from him again. (I'm the only person in the world who doesn't lie about how big his dick is, I guess; I'd love another inch or so but most dudes are perfectly fine with it.) But another guy I've been playing Scruff tag with, also about 330 feet away, cruised my profile wordlessly. And about ten minutes later he was here in my apartment with my dick in his mouth. He wasn't all that great, but FUCK THIS SHIT, I got my dick sucked.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Nuts' Precious Cargo

It's no secret that I am maybe inordinately proud of myself for the volume and pressure of my cum, and that half the dudes that let me fuck them do so because of that simple fact. And I recognize that it's kind of silly. But in the end I suppose I have fetishized my own ejaculatory prowess. When I have a long dry spell, such as I have this week, as my job continues to eat my brain, my time, and my life, the frustration of not being able to have sex as often as I like is counterbalanced by the knowledge that I am building up a truly impressive store of fluid in my balls and that I can re-brand myself as a seed-squirting stud packed to the gills with salty fluid and out of my mind with the horny need to shed it into the gullet or ass of a willing, cum-hungry cumslut or whatever. But because I fetishize my own cum, I get very picky about who I will put these epic loads in, often causing an even greater buildup of fluid and frustration, until finally, I just have to pick someone at random to relieve myself of my semen inside. Today, that was the blond twink I fucked the hell out of earlier this year even though I wasn't that into him physically. And honestly, it felt like a total waste of my nuts' precious cargo.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So last night, after a physical therapy session in Brooklyn Heights, I trotted down to DUMBO to inseminate a tiny, 5'2 older Italian dude who, in pictures at least, had an insanely muscular body, beautiful round ass, and a nice face. I'm a sucker for a short guy with a lot of meat on his bones who is crazy about getting deep dicked and loaded up with cum, and he fit the bill. I worried a bit about the pictures being accurate-- especially bottoms at that age tend to round their ages down and use old pictures. And my suspicions were correct: when I arrived at his incredibly over designed apartment building and got to his place, he was older looking than the pictures in face and body. Although overall they were not too far off; he had lost the fullness of musculature he had in his pictures, looking a bit more withered in the limbs. But the muscles he did have were improbably rock-hard and overall it was really not so bad that he was not still fuckable. This could have been a pretty fun fuck, really! The problem? Gawd. The overacting.

Monday, December 8, 2014


After gagging out that long post last night, I felt rather melancholy… but also, horny. Because despite all the complicated emotions brought up by the repeat performance with the Ideal Bottom of My Endless Longing, he is still just an incredibly hot guy, I fucking loved fucking him even if he was high and paranoid and annoying, and even now I just wish my dick was back inside his perfect, humid interior, sliding up and down in his warmth, with my hands all over his hard hairy body and my lips pasted to his, breathing his breath. The way I came left me feeling completely unfinished. I had a few spare hours to myself. I knew that UltraMeat was on his own over the weekend; apparently his partner was away again, and he had hit me up late Friday night, knowing full well I was highly unlikely to be free. But he had been hitting me up a lot while I was in Portugal, and I made him jealous with tales of all the hot dudes there sucking my dick, and ever since he's been whining, "When is my turn? You whore! When is my turn?" And if one person can reliably get me off, it's Ultra Meat. So feeling like I wanted a stable, reliable, known quantity after my rainy, druggy, NYCHA adventure the other night, I trotted over and he sucked the holy hell out of my nuts.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Memory and Longing

I started this blog as a way to record my sexual experiences so they wouldn't be lost to fallible memory. I would have flashes of intense, beautiful experiences with strangers, or humorous experiences with odd guys, or improbable situations that I felt like I wanted to get down lest I forget them. And ironically, I would find that reading back over a few years' worth of sexual experiences, I forget many of them. And even more ironic was the experience I just had last night. It was in fact related to one of the improbable, only-happens-to-me kind of thing I wished I'd recorded when it happened, and which I've certainly never forgot in its general shape. But memory is a slippery thing, and when two people are involved, the asymmetries and changes due to the passage of time can be a little heartbreaking. In short: I ran into a guy online who I fucked for or five years ago, in an extremely intense, fulfilling experience that (unusually for me) I intensely wanted to repeat, but couldn't. And I fucked him again-- I was so excited to be with him again I ran all the way down to City Hall in Manhattan in a freezing, driving rain, full of anticipation, head full of the memory of the time before. But he didn't remember me at all, and was not himself, and the extremely hot start to our reunion dissolved into strangeness. I'm not sure what I think.

Friday, December 5, 2014


This stressful, intense year continues to build in stress and intensity. I fucked a dude on Monday and haven't even had time to write a little blog post about it! I haven't had time to fuck anyone else! My job is eating my brain, and to add to it, my mother spent most of the week in the hospital for a very nail-biting stay. I toyed with letting the blog go for now, but as things calm down, I find myself wanting to keep recording my experiences, even if it's five days later. So read on to find out about who I fucked my sperm into on Monday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wham, Bam, Thank You Crackhead

I'm back in the Big Apple now, trying to calm down a bit from last week's work-and-insomnia-and-suckfest in Lisbon, which was punctuated-- literally the minute I got in line for my flight home, LITERALLY-- by a final disaster due to a change I made days before which only propagated to some automatic system days later-- again, literally the second I was about to be completely unavailable for 8 hours-- making all hell break loose. I got notifications on my phone from the systems that something was wrong, and only had time on my tiny little iPhone to verify that yes, something was sorely amiss, and send frantic instructions to people, some of whom were in the US and would not be up for at least 4 hours, and the new employee I was training in Lisbon who was certainly getting a very warm welcome to the company at 10am on his first Sunday with us. And then I had to get on the plane and shut my phone off and stew for 8 hours, fighting the jet-stream, wondering if there would still be a company when I landed. Of course, there was, and happily, my brand-new colleague handled the situation with flying colors. I was completely fried, myself. Yesterday was a busy day of recovering more fully from the disaster, and today was fairly quiet. So when a hairy, handsome Latin dude up in Hell's Kitchen hit me up on BBRTs right after lunch, I paused. I have been so used to stress and emergencies the past two months, that I felt a reflex to tell him I would love to plow his sweet hairy body and load it up with hot salty fuck-goo, but that I was too busy right then. And then I realized: everyone is done in Portugal for the day. I haven't heard a peep from anyone else. I *would* love to load this guy up with hot salty fuck-goo. Why not just go do it? So I told him I would, and how long it would take to get up there, and he was all "HURRRRRRY I'M SO HORRRRNY" and I told him I'd be there as fast as I could. It does take a while to hike up there, so when I got out of the train he was all "ARE YOU CLOSE ARE YOU CLOSE" and I was. He said, "The door is unlocked, just come in and fuck me," and I said, "Gotta eat that ass out first," and he said, "OH YEAH," and I was at his place in no time. I did let myself in, and I did eat him out, and I did load him up with hot salty fuck-goo, but it all took fifteen minutes, max. I felt ridiculous cumming so quickly, but it also felt fantastic-- like a big fuck-you to all the intense pressure I've had building up since I broke my wrist-- so I laughed and laughed and collapsed on his back. It would take longer to write about the encounter in detail than it took to actually do the loading up with the hot salty fuck-goo, so instead, let me rhapsodize a bit about the way a nicely built dude looks when he is in this position:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

One Last Shot At Lisbon

Tonight I deposited my final load of semen in the last Portuguese throat I will have access to for a while. He was a slightly older, handsome bearded (of course) dude with a slight French cast to his Portuguese accent. He had a monster dong which was regrettably cheesy and uncut, so I kept away from it, and he didn't have much of a body really, but I let him do what he came for, which was worship my dick like it was gonna deliver him to Jesus. And he did that for a long, slow hour. He whined like a baby the entire time. I don't know what it is about this town that makes dudes here so cock-crazy, but no one loves dick like a Lisboense homo. Anyway, he got me higher and higher till I had to pop, and I popped. I was tired after a long day of tramping around neighborhoods and visiting unusual museums, and had to meet my colleague and his wife for one last dinner, one last coffee that lasted way too late, and one last cab ride back to this hotel. Now I'm packing and I get up early to fly back to NYC, where I thought I had it good, but after this week of nonstop nut-draining by very nice looking men, I don't know! How ya gonna keep em down on the farm, now that they've shed a gallon of cum on Lisbon? Or something. Good night all. My balls are tired and looking forward to a bit of a rest.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lisbon is for Cocksuckers!

Geesh. This could get a little dull! Another super handsome, hunky cocksucker came to my hotel room and worked over my unit for about 40 minutes until I was just outta my mind with pleasure and amazement and really incoherent thought and basically had no choice but to squirt all that delight out through my pisshole, and he drank it all down, hooting like a monkey when he felt the volume and the endless pulsing, sucking me too hard now really at that ultra-sensitive time, practically hopping around the bed-- as much as someone tethered to a stationary tubesteak can hop around-- and didn't let go of my poor spent dong until he had sucked and licked every last vestige of my manly flavor off it… only taking breaks to drool copiously all over me from salivary glands that had completely lost control from being blasted with the fluid he's clearly most addicted to. Did I mention that he was super handsome and beautifully hunky? With a beard? And that he sucked the holy living hell out of my dick? I definitely did not expect to be so popular here, or to encounter so many gorgeous available guys. Geesh again!

Monday, November 17, 2014


Today was a long tiring day of cramming a lot of information into a new employee's head; he was rather skeptical of a lot of the way we do things, which I found rather tiresome-- dude, you just started, learn a bit about how things work before you criticize it all-- and at the end of the day I was pretty wiped. My colleague's wife offered to cook dinner for me, which was nice; I saw she had fresh broccoli and all you can get in the restaurants here is fried potatoes with everything. So I definitely wanted to stay. But last night I had set up a cockworshipping session with a handsome young man on Manhunt; he seemed pretty hot to trot and I really liked his face. I would have to rush through dinner to meet him at the time we agreed on at my hotel, but I knew I couldn't do that and accept a home cooked dinner. So I asked him if we could go a little later, fully expecting that to be some kind of trigger for it not to happen. But he seemed OK with it. I had dinner, got some freakin vitamins/roughage, and made it back to the hotel pretty early. When I texted him he said he'd get ready and leave right away. I guess Portugal is being kind to me and my genitals! But in the end, he was a bit heavier than his pictures-- nothing crazy, just far on the cubbish side for my tastes, though he was just as handsome as the pictures, with another one of those beautiful Iberian beards. I met him out front, and we went up in the elevator chatting a bit, and made out in the room, and he sucked and sucked me, and I came in his mouth, and he swallowed me eagerly, and there was a lot of kissing while he made himself pop too-- which was only accomplished by squeezing his nipples alarmingly hard-- but eh. Maybe the other night completely blew the curve for any sex I will ever have again. Or maybe this rather depressing introduction to our new hire has dampened my joie de vivre. But eh. It was nice to get off, but I think I will get a pastry and go to bed. I hope tomorrow goes better with this new guy at work… sigh.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Absolutely Beautiful

I'm in Portugal this week for work. And last night a handsome bearded Iberian dude came over and made me cum so hard I thought my nuts would come flinging out of my shaft whole. I think the men here are extreeeemely attractive and this guy was a perfect specimen: black hair and eyebrows, dense inky beard, glittering soulful eyes, tan skin, sweet sweet sweet ass like a ripe fruit from an exotic tree. Even when you have a lot of sex like me, you realize there are so many components to attraction, and mutual interest, and chemistry, and taste, and when all of it falls into place it feels like a minor miracle. So for a miraculous hour in Lisbon I stuck my dick in this beautiful guy who clearly wanted me as much as I wanted him, who enjoyed everything I did to him as much as I enjoyed everything he did to me. It was absolutely beautiful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Amusing Ironies

Today I was hit up by a "str8" guy on Grindr somewhere in my neighborhood, with a very distant shot from the side of an indoor pool of an OK-ish tall body and a nice-ish face, from what was visible. He would periodically hit me up with "hello sir" or "hi daddy" and claiming to give good head and wanting to meet me now now now, but then would flake away pretty quickly. Admittedly, Grindr is pretty much the worst app out there, hanging, crashing, and delaying messages for hours or days, so it might not just be him. But his profile said "ultra discreet. willing to experience everything" and I don't have a lot of patience with discreet or people claiming to be straight, so I only idly entertained any conversation with him, and only because the picture was pretty nice. Today I really did want some head, so when he appeared I engaged with him a little more seriously. He wanted to see my dick, so I sent him a few shots, and asked if he swallowed, and he said "every drop", and sent along a very handsome face pic. The body wasn't much, but not terrible. And then he said he wanted to suck me long and slow and then "right when ur bat to cum i turn over and u put the just the tip of ur cock in my ass to unload it." Well! That's quite a scenario. I would honestly rather have my dick sucked and beautifully tongue-massaged all the way through my manliest moments of ejaculation, but I thought, well, maybe I can just fuck him like he says at the end. He was so handsome my brain was fogged. He wasn't far and I looked forward to a little amusement for my penis… but any experienced gay dude out there can pretty much already spy the red flags waving like it's May Day in Stalingrad, and they would of course be right.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Before and After

Today I squirted a hefty load of semen which I had spent the preceding 40 minutes desperately trying with all my might NOT to squirt into the thin, sweet body of a guy who I thought was about 27 but I see now, looking his profile back up on adam4adam, is actually 37. And the depth and pleasure of my thrusting erection's strokes felt infinitely more satisfying once I'd shot the load-- lubricated so nicely by the slightly viscous slime I'd deposited inside him-- than before, when something in the electrical charge between our skin kept my dick from making its way inside with that gliding sensation I love so much. And I woke up this morning not even horny, and after fucking the guy, I am completely full of erotic desire for more fucking. Ain't sex funny?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ain't It The Way

Friday I had to do a last minute renewal of my passport for a business trip to Portugal next week. The office is down in Soho so I took advantage of being in a new hood to check out all the apps and hookup sites to maybe attract some new attention. I logged into all of them and waited to get my little blue book. When I was done, I had gotten an unlock from a tall Elijah Wood lookalike-- not really my type to be honest, but he had a sweet, tight little body, thick pec muscles on a rather willowy frame, perfectly matted with a beautiful short hair pattern that made my meat swell up in my pants as I sat there in the federal services building with boners and assholes winking at me from my little phone screen. His giant tool jutting out from that awesome little body didn't hurt any. "What's up, sir", he asked, and when I told him I was looking to get my meat sucked long and slow and have my giant week-old load swallowed, he expressed enthusiastic interest, and told me the cross streets he was at. This was seeming too easy! I gave him my number and asked for his specific address, and he wrote back pretty quickly, telling me he was hopping in the shower and to come up. Work has been as intense and frustrating and stressful as ever lately, and Fridays are never good days to hook up for some reason. This all seemed too good to be true-- my favorite kind of body wanted to plant itself between my legs and drain my nuts and drink me down, and was a ten minute walk away, no muss no fuss, was I just being buttered up?

Friday, October 31, 2014

Kill Me

It's Halloween, and my sister is visiting, and it's Friday… and I'm home, working on something ridiculous that must be finished this weekend that just! won't! work! A lot of it is just babysitting a computer while it does stuff automatically. And then fails. After an hour. So I am here, chained to my desk, and outside the window everyone parades by in their fun get-ups. But I had one solace, at least: Ultra Meat sent me a text saying "Let me suck you" right after I sent my partner and sister out to have fun without me. As I was mostly just waiting for shit to fail and restart, I asked him over, and he made me cum. So there is that! His body is definitely getting bigger than ever, seems like-- he's almost at that point where he is just TOO muscular; his arms are supernaturally thick and hard. It's very exciting to touch them-- that alone made my dick hard as a rock-- but he's hard to mount and grind into now, because he's just too thick all over: his ass, in particular, is just ridiculously big and round and muscular now. But it's an impressive sight there between my legs, this big muscular beast reduced to helpless pleading for more dick even though he's already all full of it, and it's surreal when he's on his back, watching me kneel between his legs rubbing our dicks together, staring at me, saying, "I love it when you rub our dicks together. I love looking at you." So! There's that. But… kill me. I think I will be up all night working on this nonsense.

Hire a Pro

So after the abortive attempted fuck with the tweaker in town, I was left with balls that were not exactly blue, but were nonetheless overloaded with cum. I could have spent a lot of time yesterday looking for a new cutie to relieve me of my load, but was prickteased twice and decided to just call someone I know could do the job: the Stinky Artsy Cocksucker. And in a half an hour he hovered out my nuts and left me light and free, just in time to go pick up my sister at the airport for a long weekend visit. Sometimes you just need someone professional and capable.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Move Over Chelsea; Here's Hell's Kitchen!

So I've made my frustration with Chelsea plain on this blog; you never know if you're going to get an amazing beautiful sweet bottom with an incredible body, or a complete crackhead. More often it's the latter. There are actually more homos in Hell's Kitchen these days than Chelsea, and I've had some awesome sex there with some very hot guys, but I guess there's increasing creep of that old guard drug-addled sexual mess up from the hood to the south. Tonight I went up there to fuck a guy who looked great and seemed normal, if a little dorky/jokey about things (like calling my dick "thick n purty"). But as soon as I got there I saw the telltale signs of the inveterate tweaker: constant meaningless activity, endless talking about nonsense, the inability to actually get to the freaking sex because there's the volume knob on the speaker to adjust and glasses of tea to offer nine times over and a crucial cockring hiding in a box full of cleaning products and screwdrivers. He was very cute and Hell's Kitchen is a hike for me, so I stuck it out hoping to at least get off in him vigorously. But he balked at sucking my dick because I don't manscape my bush (which actually gets me laid more than it gets me balked at), and then offered to trim me. I thought it might be amusing, so I let him. There was something of the alpha primate experience about it, laying there with my legs open being groomed by this chatty, utter cartoon character, so I got into it. He pawed and stroked my meat as he trimmed all around my groin, which felt rather nice and soothing.  Finally he was satisfied and started sucking me. It was pretty much downhill from there. Fuckin Hell's Kitchen!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fuck, I Fuckin Love to Fuckin FUCK

Tonight my dick is sore and the shaft is red and tender, because for an hour and a half this afternoon I drilled the holy hell out of the hairy-chested little Latino, with a fuckstick hard and throbbing as a teenager's. And I shot my ejaculate into him so deep and hard that I can't believe it didn't squirt out of his ears. And it was fuckin GOOD.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Still flying rather high from Tuesday's fantastic fuck, I found myself feeling very horny for more yesterday. Just washing my dick in the shower had me all tingly and hot to stick it to someone else, soaping it up, feeling it swell in my hand from the touch, and thinking about the various dudes who have hit me up this week. One was a really cute bearded latino kid who said he wanted to spend serious quality time sucking me off, as long as I kissed and touched him a lot-- a man after my own heart for sure! Thinking about getting him drunk on my dick and caresses and then feeding him my cum had me very excited. He'd said he would be free Friday, and work is still too busy for me to get much action, so I didn't try to hook up too hard yesterday. Today, though, the kid was of course nowhere to be found and didn't reply to my texts. Harumph. But yesterday, another kid waaaay over in Lefferts Gardens had hit me up on BBRT, with beautiful body and ass pics, and a really cute face, but that neighborhood is an hour away by train; maybe half an hour by car, which would be doable any time when work wasn't busting my ass. We traded a lot of hot texts and he begged and begged me to go fuck him, but I had to put him off. When the cocksucker didn't come through today, I hit up the cum hungry bottom, telling him I could only spare so much time and would have to leave pretty much right away. Happily, he replied quickly with his address. "You have to leave by noon?" he asked, seeming disappointed. I promised him I could fuck him for an hour or so, as long as I could leave right away. He seemed happy with that. "Will you cum in my mouth?" he asked, and I said yes, as long as I could fuck him raw, I'd pull out and unload down his throat. So I rushed over-- or tried to; the traffic on the way was unrelenting and instead of 30 minutes it took more like 40 to get there. I found a parking space very close to his building, feeling lucky, and really looking forward to getting my face in his incredible-looking ass and kissing that super handsome face and cumming deep in his nicely toned body… but the good luck stopped as soon as I got to his door, and ended barely 20 minutes later, with me ejaculating like a teenager after five strokes in his very tight ass. You just can never tell!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mistaken Identity

My latest high-pressure, six-day, frustrated load of semen is now safely deposited inside an amazing, hairy, ripped body in Chelsea. This is one of those almost out-of-body experiences for me; did this guy really make out with me, suck my dick, lay back and let me ram my bone into him till we both popped?? He was absolutely beautiful, with a bushy beardo face; perfectly sculpted, lean muscles; a sweet fat dick; and ab muscles so rigid and wavy that I could have played "Diggin' my Potatoes" on them. And he loved it too; feeling my beard scratch against his balls as I licked all around his hole made him moan with pure pleasure, and when I put my own schlubby body on his perfectly formed frame, he hitched his rock-hard thighs around me in that tight, unmistakable way bottoms have of saying, without words, "I need you inside me, as deep as you can go." What a bottom! After a long spell of fucking and getting sucked off by regulars, he was an awesome new experience. But ironically, it almost didn't happen, and he almost wasn't even new! All due to some weird simultaneous cases of mistaken identity… and my age-old prejudice against fucking in Chelsea. But for once I'm glad I went to that stupid neighborhood, and stuck it out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Forgetting, Never Remembering

Maybe I've officially gotten off with too many dudes. On Mister a tight little torso hit me up telling me I was "sizzlin' hott!!" or whatever those canned messages on there say, but had no face pic. I liked his little body, and his profile said he wanted to work on his "oral talents" lately, so I told him he could suck my dick all he wanted. I think he wanted to take it to WhatsApp-- kids these days and their proliferation of apps!-- and we traded face pix there. Whereupon he announced we had hooked up before. I didn't recognize him at all, and asked how long ago. "A long time ago," he said, "maybe years." Somehow I vaguely registered the memory of fucking a tiny muscular little dude like him, but details were hazy as the answer from a Magic 8 Ball. But the offer of tireless cocksucking certainly appealed to me. We played WhatsApp tag for a couple of weeks, but today was the day. As soon as he showed up, I completely recognized him, and now that he's gone, I found the previous entry about him and re-read it. Wow! We hooked up over two years ago, and I slipped my bare bone into him! Crikey.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Ultra Meat's abiding attraction to me remains an absolute mystery. I've been tutoring him in algebra for a few weeks now, and while he pays me and seems to loathe the class and need lots of help, I always feel like it's all just a ruse to get next to me. "You think I'm giving you fifty bucks every week just to suck you dick?" he asked me on Thursday night, when I teased him about it before the lesson. And yet somehow I think he is. After the lesson was over-- we do it in a common area of my building where there is a table and it's quiet-- he grabbed my groin and begged, "Isn't there somewhere we can go so I can blow you?" Of course there was nowhere, and I had to get back to my partner. He had brought a bunch of trash from a sandwich and drink he ate on the subway over, and there was no trash can in the common room, so I paused down the hall at the trash room to throw it all down the chute. He followed me in there, and unzipped my fly as I threw the stuff away, kneading my dick with his hand. Being discovered in the trash room with my wang down some other dude's throat would be the height of indignity-- and this was actually the evening of the day I fucked the last dude, so getting head now have been gilding the lily-- so I just laughed, let him feel it a bit, then pulled his hand out and did my best to zip up with my one free hand. He left frustrated, I'm sure, and then yesterday afternoon he was texting me, "I want your load." I was home alone that day, stuck doing some work while my partner went out of town for a family thing. I had an hour before a telephone meeting, so I told him, "If you come now you can have it." Twenty minutes later his huge black meaty bulk was spread out in front of me on the bed, his head buried in my groin, his mouth full of my dick and his eyes full of imploring me not to take it away. I let him have his fill.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Still Alive!

Somehow I am surviving the onslaught of bad luck and stress aimed at me. My colleague left for good early this week and preparing for and adjusting to that has taken all the energy, time, and attention I have. I haven't even had time to feel horny or care about the fact that I could never take time to get off. Late at night I might sign into Scruff on Adam4Adam on my cell phone and see everything I was missing. But pleasuring my dick just hasn't been high on my priority list. One of those nights, a hot tight torso I had solicited for oral servicing on Daddyhunt months ago suddenly woke up, declaring my penis "delicious". He unlocked a cute/boyish latino face with olive skin and lots of stubble. I told him he could suck on it all he wanted, and he pointed out we hooked up once already, and he still remembered how much cum I squirted into him. I realized I recognized him, and I think there is a post about him on this blog, but the memory is all very hazy and dim, like he was some ancient king, Ætheræd the Unræd or Wilfred the Hairy or something, an almost forgotten tale of conquest and pleasure that I don't even think I could locate in these archives to put a link here. We talked about possibly hooking up the next day, but of course that day came and went full of stress and endlessly multiplying tasks and calls, and my delicious penis went unsucked. And then another old bottomy admirer resurfaced on Scruff-- a beautifully hairy-chested little latino kid I fucked my sperm into last time I was in DC. He has moved back to NYC and lives not far away, in Greenpoint, and wanted more of my dick inside him. I told him about the cast, and he said he was happy to service me. Yesterday afternoon there was a sudden lull; I had actually called in sick with allergies, but was out of bed by 10am and ended up working till 10pm (with one break in there for lunch and another to tutor Ultra Meat, who spent half the time grabbing at my crotch and asking me where we could go so he could suck my dick). I hadn't had any emails in hours. My partner was out on a job interview. I thought, maybe that kid is around. I texted him and he replied instantly and was here in 20 minutes-- "I am running!" he texted on the way, and indeed he showed up soaked with sweat. I may be one-armed and completely over my head at work, but my milkshake still brings the boys to the yard! But the bonus is, the kid went home just as soaked as he arrived-- but soaked *inside* his body this time, warm and slimy in his ass from the release of almost three weeks of pent-up ejaculate I'd been stewing during this crazy period. Ah! Still alive… alive and orgasming!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Had to avail myself of more neighborhood services to get the fucking cum out of my nuts, this time via another visit from the somewhat stinky but supernaturally skilled cocksucker who did me a few weeks back. (He was noticeably less stinky today; that was nice.) Every new dude I try to get with lately flakes on me, all of a sudden, and I'm too uncomfortable with this cast on to just bid my time, let my sperm seriously back up and roil in my nuts, so when there's a sure thing, I am going for it. And honestly I'm enjoying it; it's pretty easy when you just let dudes who are constantly jonesing for your spooge just come get it, laying back and not really doing anything at all.  I'd say I'm getting a little lazy. I really just whip it out and make them go to work, no muss, no fuss, very unlike me. And it keeps me from getting all frustrated and tense sexually-- my life is frustrating and tense enough right now-- but to me, this is not real sex. I keep seeing dudes I want to sex up properly online. Beautiful asses I want to slobber on, worship, fill with my meat, whale with my tool. Muscles I want to lick and chew and sweat on. Faces I want to kiss and look at while I flood their bodies with my warm salty liquid pleasure. But instead, it's OK, come over, get me up, get me off, drink it down, take it home. This could be a little addictive. Ultra Meat is back to wanting me to tutor him-- does he think he can suck my dick every time? The diligent latin cocksucker checks me out at least twice a week. The hungry but affectless raw bottom is after me, checking me out, "woofing" me on Scruff, begging me to bone him at 2am on BBRT. They all live in my hood and giving them a little bit of attention makes them just want more. I can just lay back and get all the attention my dick can stand with all these dudes. But I miss the variety, can't wait to see and touch and fuck new men. I think I need a functioning right hand for that! For now, I just take the easy road.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hot for Teacher

So a few days ago I get messages from Ultra Meat on all the apps he's on, and then a text message from him. I figure this can't just be him routinely wanting my dick, so I text him back. Turns out he is taking some basic math classes-- I knew he was going to college finally, but it turns out he has to take algebra and he just can't even. "Aren't you a math teacher or something?" he asked plaintively. "The distributive property is kicking my ass!" I don't know why he thought I was a math teacher-- maybe I just look like one, or maybe my semen tastes like a math teacher's semen, or maybe I mentioned to him that I have volunteered helping adults get their GEDs in the past. I do like math and am a pretty good tutor, so I told him I would help him. I offered to do it for free but he insisted on paying me. And that's cool. So I went by yesterday morning, and was all business; I didn't grope him or kiss him or anything, we just got right into it. I helped him for two hours, during which he expressed extreme frustration with being forced to learn algebra, but it was nothing I hadn't seen before. By the end he was begging to stop, saying he was exhausted, and I said sure. I toyed with saying, "So, you wanna kiss my dick a little?" But we were actually in his place, and while his partner wasn't around, I felt like maybe that would be out of line. So I just said my goodbyes, got the cash, and headed out. Two hours later I saw a text he had actually sent the instant I walked out, saying, "So hard to keep it professional." It hadn't seemed that way to me-- several times when trying to make a strong point or command his attention I put my hand on his MASSIVE FUCKING SHOULDER but he didn't seem titillated at all, just dizzy from all the parentheses. I wrote back saying I figured it would be bad to hit on him there, and he said "You should have." Then he said, " wanna come back? :-)" By that time I was busy with another friend who had suddenly come to town, but when we were wrapping up, I texted him, asking if it was too late. "My partner's sister is coming tonight. I don't know when." I exhaled loudly. "All these people interfering with this blowjob!" I texted. He lol'ed. I said, "Does she have a key and everything?" He said no, but, "Who do I tell her you are?" "She buzzes, I pull up my pants and get out of there before she gets in." He said "Ok, when?" After I sent my friend to the train station, I asked if the coast was still clear. "I'm three blocks away," I said. "Come over," he said. And I did. And he hoovered all the spunk out of my ducts GOOD.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Helpin' a Dude Out

So between the fucking cast-- which is still past my elbow but hopefully will be reduced to a forearm cast Monday-- the extra stress at work, and my unemployed partner always moping around the house, my dick has been sorely neglected. Nine days went by since my last draining and I didn't even muster the energy to be horny for most of them. But by yesterday, even though I wasn't animalistically lustful like I might be in less stressful times, I did begin to feel that back-of-the-skull hunger for ass in my face and sensation on my dick. It appeared while I was bathing and soaped up my meat and never went away, making me irritable and unable to concentrate. Today, with a couple of hopeful possibilities for new jobs on the potential horizon, and a beautiful bright breezy day outside, my partner decided to take a trip to the Rockaways to relax a bit. Work was very quiet and I felt burned out and unmotivated. So I had lunch with a good friend, but also put out feelers for service. Tireless Cocksucking Boy has suddenly come back on my radar, and was interested but busy till the evening; no good. Fridays are always hard to hook up on for some reason. So I asked the diligent Latino cumgobbler who got me off last time if he was around today. He apparently was off all day and definitely wanted more of my cum. So with a sure thing in my pocket, I enjoyed my lunch, came home, did some minor things for work, and invited him over. My nuts feel five pounds lighter. It's all inside his belly now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Am I Cursed?

It's not bad enough having a broken arm, but now my closest colleague, who really bears the brunt of half the work at my tiny company, has resigned, giving us a month's notice; the entire time, of course, I'll be in a cast and barely able to work. This at a time when we seem to be expanding rapidly and need his manpower. Stress! What is there to do but throw up your hands-- well, the one hand you CAN throw up-- and say, "Fuck it, I'm gonna get my dick sucked!" And then go get your dick sucked, this time by a reasonably handsome Latino dude in the neighborhood, who came over and worked on my knob for a good half hour, clearing the pips very well and heading home with a nice big load in his belly. It helped relax me for, I guess, half the afternoon, anyway!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

…Or Not

Something told me the best way to get my dick sucked would be to post a self-pitying explanation of why I would not be having any sex any time soon! Guess who came to the rescue this evening, when my partner went out for a few hours to dispel his cabin fever?

Out of Order

I'll probably be on hiatus for a while here. We went up to the mountains this weekend to stay with friends at their family's camp and on the very first day there, in a single exquisite minute, I went from chomping on a granola bar ankle-deep in the brilliant, sparkling flow from a waterfall to ass on the rocks with my wrist bent at an unholy angle, the granola bar nowhere to be found. I'll be in a cast for six weeks or so. And my partner has lost his job so I won't have the place to myself much either. And just typing this post with one hand is rather dizzying and slow right now. My friends in the blogroll will have to entertain you with their exploits during my convalescence!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big-Dicked Bottoms!

Tonight I have some super-fun, fantastic sex. Just oral and humping and some finger-in-the-hole and a bit of teasing-the-crack action, but you know, when it's good, it's good, and that's all you need. It also doesn't hurt when the dude you get with (1) is crazy about your dick and wants to make you unload your nuts inside his mouth, (2) is a very cute scruffy Frenchman staying right in the neighborhood, and (3) has a long, fat, rock-hard dick swinging between his meaty little legs. I'm a top but I'm still a dude, and I really fuckin love a nice dick. I like to hold it while I eat ass, I like to lay it alongside mine and admire the thick tubes of meat, I like to slick up my dick, slick up his dick, press em together, and fuck his meat with my meat. I like to be 6 and suck it down and let it fill my throat while 9 works my dickhead just right, making my nuts tingle and ooze, making my dick lengthen and strengthen, making the whole world nothing but dick dick dick dick dick. I honestly spent the long, sweet hour we spent together wishing I could slip my bone in his ass and see him impaled there on his back. And part of me wondered if he would have let me if I'd pushed it. He'd asked very earnestly if I was "always safe" and I honestly answered "No I am not" but told him about my recent HIV test and my top-only habit, and he just wanted the dick and the cum so much that seemed OK with him. But we were having a fantastic time, naked together, bodies entwined, one step too far would have just ruined things. I decided not to be greedy and go with it. And I think I gave him a mouthful of cum to remember. I know I'll be thinking about his BIG FAT SCHLONG for a good while to come.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Laws of Nature

On the one hand, I can't complain. My latest manly emission is currently deep in the ass of an extremely muscular, beautiful-assed latin dude, a bit older than me but amazingly built, with smooth caramel-colored skin and a very tight hole. Perhaps my semen is even easing the way for another top's penetration-- it definitely seemed like a fresh clean hole to me, especially given how hard it was to get my bone up there, and how my spit (deposited into my hand for stroking while eating out this delectable confection) and his spit (from briefly suckin on my bone before I began the fucking phase of our hookup) were not enough to guide my way and lube was required, but maybe he was in cum-dump mode today and I just got there first. On that hand, I'm feeling pretty good. I love putting my cum in hot bodies. But on the other hand, kids, what is the Universal Law of Nature regarding beautiful bodies? That's right-- they're lousy lays, unless there is some other complicating factor, some recessive sexual gene that lets beautiful dudes also be fun in bed. Unfortunately, this guy didn't have it. But he's got my spooge!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sperm Donor

Yesterday I thought I had something set up with a flaky kid who I'm giving up on-- it would have been really nice to fuck my load into his sweet, tight little body, but I guess he was just a tease. I'm always amazed at the lengths these teases will go to, checking out my profile every day, messaging frequent expressions of excitement about when we will get together next, picking specific days for it, texting me, yadda yadda. I guess there is some kind of sexual frisson that comes from all that? Whatever, I wanted to put my cum inside someone no matter what, so I went a-cruising. I saw a very handsome guy whose on Manhunt but decided not to write to because all his public pictures showed the Manhunt watermark, a sign that they are at least 5 years old. A few minutes later he hit me up, unlocking pictures *without* the watermark, but *with* clearly more than 5 years of age and maybe 60 pounds of weight.  His current face pic was ok but he definitely looked a lot better in the older pix! He was also a couple inches taller than me, and I'd spent the day hoping a little 5'7 slip of a thing was going to let me pummel him into the mattress all afternoon, so I silently passed on him. Maybe 20 minutes later he sent one of those "I guess I'm not your type so bye" emails, sweetening it with "it would have been fun to take your load up my ass". I checked him out again, and thought, well, if he's going to do a Hail Mary, so will I; it was starting to get too late to get off, and I was still so super-energized by Wednesday's insanely perfect milking that I just really wanted to cum in somebody. So I told him honestly I'd been looking for a little dude to pummel, but that he'd look good sucking my dick. He said he'd love to, and I did my usual pre-screening HR routine for new cocksuckers, insisting on stamina, edging, attitude, blabla, and he seemed game to seriously work me over, so I went up to see what he could do. He met me at the door looking about as chunky as I expected-- the meaty jockey body displayed in his public pix was long, long gone-- but his face was nice. And half an hour later he was sighing with a sleepy, happy look on his face, half-buried in my bush, with my wet slimy dick along side his cheek and his arms clamped around my thighs, cooing, "That was soooo much cum." Happy to oblige, pardner.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Now THAT'S Service

I just got my pipes thoroughly-- THOROUGHLY-- cleaned out by a handsome bearish dude that did the honors for me maybe four years ago, when I first moved to this neighborhood. Honestly all I remembered about him was that (1) he was heavier than his pictures made him look, and not as sexy, (2) he really really had serious manstink, which is not my favorite, and (3) he was really nice to talk to afterwards. His pictures made him look *really* sexy, and hip in that hipstery way guys were hip four years ago but kinda aren't so much any more, so this all kind of added up to disappointment, really. I honestly didn't remember if the head was very good, though I guess I had a vague feeling that it had been? His place was rather squalid, on the unfashionable side of the hood, and I remember thinking for the first fifteen minutes of nothing but the possibility of bedbugs. And it seems like maybe soon after that, he stopped being on Manhunt (where he had been as much a fixture as me, I guess) and I forgot about him, except occasionally when something new would happen with the endlessly under construction building next door, which he had told me his artist friends had lived in and were being kicked out of, and which he seemed annoyed about, and which I felt vaguely guilty for, being the type of yuppie asshole who was buying the buildings around here that resulted in artists getting kicked out of things. Suddenly the other day he reappeared on Manhunt and silently viewed my profile. He had new pictures on there, including some shirt-free body shots, which he had skillfully avoided years ago. He looked pretty nice, and I thought, well, maybe I should give him another whirl. His profile did express and awesome attitude towards sucking dick. And attitude is everything. And I haven't been able to get my dick in anyone since last week. He seemed happy that I hit him up again, and told me I could bring my unit by any time for service, and reminded me he didn't swallow but wouldn't make me pull out either, and so today I went by. I came back with nuts that felt about five pounds lighter, barely able to walk from having been intensely pleasured for the better part of an hour by someone so good at cocksucking I have a strong urge to write him a formal letter of recommendation. AH!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dirty! Shame!

Today is my fourteenth anniversary with my partner, whom I love very deeply, but he's not home yet, so I just ejaculated down the throat of the Super Tight 25 Year Old I hooked up with last month. I'm horrible. But he begged and begged for it. So I gave it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


So I'd just been walking around with all that unspent cum in my nuts since trying to unleash it on the two ineffectual bottoms Monday afternoon-- which means all the cum I've made since Friday, PLUS the extra cum churned up by eating out the beautiful, useless kid and then getting beautifully sucked by and ramming the supposed easy hole, was roiling inside my scrotum. I felt oddly untroubled by it-- I know sometimes being that full of juice makes me out of my mind with the need to shoot it out, but recent experiences have maybe made me a little mellower. I cruised a bunch but got nowhere, but didn't feel like OH MY GOD I MUST EJACULATE NOW. A black kid who was all over me yesterday on Scruff, who had a verrrry nice body but wasn't really my type in the face reappeared, and I figured, well, if he wants to suck me off and relieve me, I wouldn't push him out of bed. So I offered my dick to him. He seemed very enthusiastic, asking "You just want head?" as if he wanted more but seemed OK with my selfish needs, and said he would text me when he was ready to leave. Just then, my Old Reliable (who I can't believe I haven't fucked in two years) appeared on Adam4Adam, and viewed my profile without saying anything. I have very fond associations with that guy, even though he's not the hottest dude I ever plowed, and  even thoughI've fucked him several times since moving to NYC, and even though we had an awkward conversation sometime last year where he showed me a link to some weird anal device online that he wanted to try, and which I couldn't even figure out the purpose of, my heart leapt seeing him there, so I said hello. He asked if I was around and I told him I was waiting for someone but I'd let him know if it fell through, and he reminded me of his number. And I waited and waited for the black kid to text me, but he never did. So I gave up on him and texted Old Reliable. He was perfectly willing to drive over here instantly. I *knew* he could get me off properly; if I took it slowly enough I could fuck it into his sweet velvety guts. So I gave him the address…. and then all hell broke loose at work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

0 for 2!

I wonder if the guy with the fake pix has been using my watch to do some voodoo on me, for making him suck my dick without fucking him? Between Friday's mechanical semen-extraction exercise and yesterday, I'm beginning to feel a little cursed! What happened? Well, I hooked up with two different guys yesterday afternoon-- one a young kid with a beautiful little body and awesome ass, and another who was basically an available hole a few blocks away that I intended to just get off in-- and I didn't get to cum either time! Both complete busts; a new one for me. Maybe I need to put my dick away for a while and wait for Mercury to go out of retrograde or Mars to stop squaring Saturn or whatever the fuck is going on that keeps me from enjoying its pleasures properly lately! But all this means is that there is more red-hot cum boiling in my nuts than ever, and whoever gets it next is going to get a real gift of pressure and volume. I'll just have to choose carefully the recipient of this slimy, liquid boon, more carefully than the last few guys. Read on to see how I managed to get my dick in two very different guys within a few hours of each other, but still keep all the sperm in my nuts.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Today I disposed of a nice fat wad of surplus semen in the ass of an obliging, hairy European dude of unknown extraction. And it felt good-- when that beautiful tingling jolted from the base of my spine, through my balls, up the shaft of my dick, and into the thick, sensitive flesh of my dickhead, signaling to the rest of my body that it was time to shoot it out, I pushed into him deep, deep as it would go, and held it there, saying, "Feel that? Feel it squirting out?" and he looked up at me from his position pinned there on his back, accepting everything I had to give. That perfect spot of my dickhead was pressed firmly against some wall of his insides and slid around in my cum slightly as each pulse made my dick extend and retract slightly, and I counted one, two, three, four spurts, and then I began thrusting into him again, fucking hard to get the most sensation out of spurts five, six, and seven, and then I felt that spark rising from my spine into my dick again, and I thought I might start cumming again even though my first orgasm had barely subsided, so I fucked harder and harder, and there was a little push over an edge yet further along the scale of climax, and I lowered my body to his and whispered huskily into his ear, "Milk it out of me," and he obliged me with some constrictions inside his body, making me shudder and finish completely with a sigh. It was actually a very, very good orgasm. But… I was totally not into this guy, not all that into the sex, either. It was odd that such perfunctory sex should end with such an intense ejaculation. I think this is a first for me…. not usually one for going through the motions. But sometimes maybe sex is just a reflex, and my brain is along for the ride.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pheromone Match and Mismatch

Just sent home a super-jacked little black dude with a rear end full of all the semen I've made since last Wednesday-- and also the extra bit of juice that the Slovenly Liar worked up in me on Monday during his abortive, toothy blowjob. And that all adds up to a pretty nice load of spunk for the little guy. He was really tiny-- about 5'5 at most, maybe even shorter-- but his shoulders were like granite, and just about as wide as he was tall. He even had those crazy abs that some bodybuilder types get that make them look like they have a gut but when you touch it it's solid and unmovable. His upper body was just an extreme V shape tapering down to a round little ass. My favorite. He wasn't the cutest guy in the world but he had a nice face. I just can never resist squirting my sperm inside a short, super-built dude, so I went with it. And we had a great time together-- he loved kissing, sucking my dick, having my face in his ass, being touched and, in particular, having his ears sucked on (bonus erogenous zone! another favorite)-- and he looked fantastic with my white dick sliding in and out of him, but there was one thing missing, and it was: pheromones.

Monday, August 4, 2014


I'm loath to post things like this, but my sex life isn't all perfect round buttocks and hot ejaculations transporting me to an astral plane. And for what it's worth, I did get my dick sucked till it was hard and thick today. But otherwise it was the kind of experience that makes me wonder what the fuck I'm doing   hooking up randomly all the time, putting my dick in dudes after exchanging three sentences with them, running around town to inseminate as many bodies as I can. So pop some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the sad show.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Poor Guy

Well, my dick is suddenly popular again-- I dunno if it's the weather or what, but dudes seem pretty horny out there (it's a gorgeous sunny day). A tall black dude about my age who has a nice ass and body and an ok face hit me up first, but was slow on the replying; then a verrry tall young dude with an extravagant blond beard hit me up on BBRT, and we got kind of hot and heavy with the emails and then moved to texting, as he sounded like an ideal cocksucker, and I've always liked getting with guys who are conspicuously hipstery, even naked. But once I started to seal the deal he told me he was waaay up in Harlem, and while he was planning to come downtown and could easily come here, he was busy till the end of the day. Nothing drives me crazier than waiting around for sex, so I hit up a bunch of other guys who had been Very Into me on various apps, but they all begged off till tomorrow or the weekend. During all this, the tall black guy slowly sprinkled some pointless how-are-you-type emails and then I was hit up by the guy with the beautiful, gigantic dick who dared to tell me no when we hooked up. He seemed hot to trot but if I didn't decide RIGHT THEN AND THERE when and where he was to suck my dick, he was going to go away for the afternoon. I didn't blame him, but figured it would be nice to get together again, if only so I could get some of that FIENDISHLY LONG AND FAT DICK of his, so I relented, gave up on finding someone new, and told him to come over. And he did. And then maybe 40 minutes later he left, a confused mixture of extremely excited and rather shaken. Because you know what happened.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stuffing the Meatball

Today I got hit up on BBRTs by a short Italian meatball of a man with a handsome, vaguely Tom of Finland face and a beautiful, beautiful schlong between his legs, who admired the force and volume of the ejaculate in my photos. He wasn't my type in the body really-- extremely muscular and just really too bulky-- but I thought he would look fantastic between my thighs with my meat in his mouth, and told him so. "As a neophyte bottom," he replied, "I'd rather you shot it in my hole. I've never had one that big in me." Well, he wasn't perfect, but he needed my cum, so what else could I do but oblige?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Efficient Semen Delivery System

Today I woke up in a terrible, depressed mood, and then was faced with some urgent and complex work that kept me very busy all day. Whenever I needed a breather, I would check out the apps on my smart phone, and of course today, since I couldn't get away to fuck anybody, everybody wanted to be fucked. Cute younger guys and handsome men my age were pinging me like crazy on apps where I usually get absolutely nothing. I think I ended up scaring a bunch of them away, especially one very promising, hairy, manly, handsome 42-year-old, with my need to put my sperm in their bodies. Of course the most willing guy with the best attitude was a total cum addict in Berlin, of all places, who lamented that he moved away from NYC a year before I got here and said he would suck my dick all day long and make me cum over and over and never get tired of it blabla. Of course all this sexy talk with guys who eventually one by one revealed themselves to be available or unwilling to let me ejaculate inside one of their orifices only left me hugely horny and tense. My partner is off today and was around the whole time as well, filling out job applications and doing laundry and such. But he left around 5 to take care of some errands, and soon after that I finished the urgent, complex work. I had another project I wanted to start but it's a beautiful, beautiful day out and who wants to start a new project at 5pm, even if you could maybe get another hour and a half our of your day? The inertia was too great. One of the asses that was flinging itself at me belonged to the affectless guy who lives in my neighborhood that I inseminated late last year. He told me mid-afternoon that he had the day off and could host for a change. I ignored him at the time but when my schedule suddenly freed up, I decided, look, I can cruise pointlessly to find someone in the next two hours or so to put my cum in, or I can just go get off in him. It didn't hurt that everything looked so bright and breezy outside my window. I hit him up on Grindr, fully expecting him to no longer be around, but he instantly replied, and told me where he was-- not even 10 blocks away-- and I brushed my teeth and was out the door. I figured I had an hour to plow his sweet ass (which I do remember as being very nice, even if I wasn't hugely into him in other ways). But today, I was basically providing stud service. My cum went from the vesicles inside my balls to the depths of this dudes intestines in what for me is record time. And it feels so fucking good to get rid of your cum after a day like today!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Topping the Top

Today I went round two with the amazing-assed purported 8" top whose throat I spooged copiously down earlier this year. Again he gave that super-light, barely-there, gotta-use-the-hands-a-bit head, but my nuts were full almost to the bursting point after getting off and wandering in a desert of a dry spell for bottoms for over a week, so I was just happy to have someone come and give my dick any attention at all after that. It was much as last time-- I love how he kisses, his body is a fucking drug to me, his ass still makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful-- but with a special added ingredient this time!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


It's been a bit of a dry spell this week. As I watched my nuts swell daily with more and more of their unspent semen production, everything in my life seemed to conspire against getting any release. The weekend was happily busy with social activities and a nice road trip when my partner had an unexpected day off, so I was happy to go without an orgasm those days. Monday it seemed like half the I was cockblocked by my own lungs-- I don't know if it's allergies or an infection but they have been full of sticky mucus for days and I was so wiped out Monday I could barely get out of bed and slept most of the day. I would occasionally wake up to check work email and feebly look at all the apps and sites, where countless cute men wanted me to put my meat in them-- it was like a joke, I had more solicitations than ever and sex was the furthest thing from my mind. Tuesday it was an insane day of work that left my balls furiously undrained, beginning with urgent calls in the morning and then a relentless grind of putting out urgent fires. Then yesterday, all the interest from earlier in the week dried up-- I actually had a quieter day and the opportunity to do some nice fucking, and even what I thought was a sure thing with a guy who wants my cum but whose schedule never aligns with mine. But he had to work late, so I told him it probably wouldn't work; he was freeing up just as my partner would be getting home. Then my partner said he wanted to have dinner with some friends, so I told the sure thing, oh wow, I'm free after all-- and then I was cockblocked by HIS partner, who was flying home a day earlier unexpectedly. Another dude who wanted to get the cum out of my nuts was coy about having pix on Manhunt, and spoon-fed them to me in email; then I was cockblocked by yahoo, which did not deliver the face pic he sent for an hour, by which time I'd given up on the guy, thinking he was a pic collector. By this morning the cum was backing up into my brain… I just had to unload it, clear out the ducts. Enter the Cute, Good Kissin' Very Meaty Cocksucker!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Well, so much for the wish at the end of my last post! I just vigorously fucked the thin, impatient, cranky cocksucker I see I had a very short time with last time as well, spending maybe 20 minutes at his place max. What's happening to me?

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I always cum a lot but sometimes I can't believe how much I cum. And neither can my sex partners. This time it was a very lean, tight, hung 25 year old (who looks disconcertingly like one of my nephews, but I did my best to ignore that) who said he only had 30 minutes to spend with me. I haven't unloaded since last week, having been traveling for a very relaxing Fourth of July in the Adirondacks, and then just too much work and distraction to really cruise much. A week of cum in my nuts builds up a dangerous amount of pressure as it is. But yesterday I did spend rather feverishly trying to find someone to get me off, after being flaked out on by a really cute guy early in the day who really got my hopes up. Nothing makes your nuts swell even more quite like fruitlessly cruising. Today was another very busy day of work, so I could only search in the background, but Lean and Tight is someone who chats me up from time to time on Scruff and Growlr and Mister, and he lives in my hood, and happened to be around today. So I hit him up with my charming line, "Wanna suck some dick?" and he said, "Tempting," and I told him how much sperm we were talking about, and he said he wanted it, but couldn't spend too long. That's typically quite deflating, but I figured, well, maybe it's time to just get the fuck off and move on. And 30 minutes is a perfectly respectable blowjob. So I gave him the address and he biked here in 10 minutes and barely 15 minutes later I was kneeling by his face, my hand on his head, tubesteak slithering into his mouth, unloading squirt after squirt of hot thick cum into him like a slow-motion Gatling gun, POW POW POW, and he swallowed and swallowed, slowly turning onto his back to jerk his own huge dick, just taking everything I had to unload in him. POW!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


It's about a thousand degrees outside, and I've been horny all day. Someone who hit me up Monday and wanted to fuck Tuesday said he'd settle for Wednesday. At 4pm. I gave him my number but I know how those things go. I was cruising online a bit, looking for just the right bottom to squirt my balljuice in. On BBRT, an extremely beautifully muscular dude with XXX in his screen name hit me up out of the blue, asking if I wanted to breed him "at 3:45 today." As that was several hours away, and his profile said he was "picky" and an escort who had done porn as well, I decided he was just on drugs, trying to put stuff on the back burner, and gave it little mind, though I told him I would be happy to juice him up when the time came. I wasn't finding much other ass. So I hit up a 23 year old super-hottie who I chatted with on Scruff a bit a week or two ago; back then I thought we were getting somewhere when he suddenly asked if I could "help him out some" if he came over. Hookers! Everywhere! I told him I didn't pay for sex, even with high quality meat such as himself (he was really beautiful), and he crumpled immediately, saying "You wouldn't be paying for my ass" and then, when I didn't reply much, "I'm sorry I brought it up, I want your load, you don't have to pay, can I come over," blablabla. I had made other plans at that point to just go have dinner with a friend. But today I hit him up again. And he seemed game. And then my boss called with something urgent. Then my MOM called with something urgent. By the time I got back to the hot kid, over an hour had gone by, and he said he was in Hell's Kitchen, but could hook up "later". Well, I know how that goes. I cursed my luck. But then lo and behold, the XXX hot stud on BBRT materialized, right at 3:45, telling me he wanted me to go fuck him. How convenient! So I told him to text me the address, and had it within 2 minutes, and was on the train within a minute of that, and fifteen minutes after that I was on all fours with my face in the most fantastic ass I've encountered in years. I was sweating from the heat as it was… by the time I left I was drenched with sweat from the exertion of deep-dicking his amazing body. This fuck was only about a half hour, but it was FUCKING HOT OMG HOT.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Yesterday I got beautiful oral service and then fucked a wet, slimy load into a willing, hungry body, cumming harder than I have in a long time-- but it was that old paradox: The hottest, most physically satisfying sex is so often with guys I am least attracted to.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Well, tonight was a new one. It was a guy who has been rather ardent in his pursuit of me on BBRT more or less since I got here. For the first few days I was sticking my dick in dudes all over the place, but then there was just too much going on with family for me to meet up with this guy. He was a big meathead-- about my height, but very muscular with huge guns and a big dick, who for whatever reason was just all about me shooting one of my big loads inside him. Tonight I did a few errands with my mom, and one of my nephews wanted to hang out, but I was feeling over-socialized again. The big meathead said he would be free tonight a little late. He was honestly unusually well-spoken and polite for a big meathead, I must say. So I decided to set aside my evening for him. But the more we chatted, the more it became clear he was one of those bottoms who needed this and that and also the other thing to make a fuck just right. Nothing dampens my enthusiasm than a bottom with a lot of recherché needs. But I wanted to fuck that body. So ok, I did everything he asked for, except put on the fucking mask he left for me on the side table by the stairs as I went up. ("It will honestly annoy me to wear it," I said in the flurry of texts listing all the clauses and codicils required to close the deal on this late night fuck, garnering me a ":(" but a "no not a deal breaker at all" also, thank God.) I slipped in the side door. I crept up the back stairs slowly but deliberately. I went through the various rooms as instructed, and found him face down on the bed, heartbreakingly beautiful ass clad in tight black briefs (that was my request!). I refrained from kissing him (ugh I hate guys who insist on this). And I fucked him and I was aggressive and rough like he demanded… and yes, in the heat of the moment, Dear Reader, I choked him.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Dick Is Getting An Awful Lot of Exercise

Tonight I wanted some time to myself, after back-to-back event-packed evenings with family members since I've gotten to my home town-- I can only handle so much socializing before I get completely worn out. I imagined having a little dinner by myself, a nice drink on a patio somewhere, and maybe some quiet time with a book and a cup of coffee in a little bakery across town that is open late. But I actually neglected to bring any books on the flight; I read all the ones I bought recently while lying in bed during my kidney stone lost weekend. So I of course ended up cruising all the apps and sites while I ate my burger, and keeping it up at the quiet bar I had the cocktail at, to the point that I ran the battery into the 10% charged zone searching for some mellow oral service maybe. Almost on one was biting except one guy who was 400 feet away from me on Grindr while I had dinner, in a grocery store across the parking lot, apparently. He couldn't host. He didn't know a place to suck my dick outside (it's a beautiful night here, after a sweltering day-- perfect dick sucking weather). I gave up on him, then on everyone, and drove back to my sister's, intending to maybe just catch up on some work, or talk to her if she was home. But at the last turnoff before her house, I decided to pull over and check the sites again. And an oral sub had hit me up on adam4adam. Perfect! He was a little doughy and maybe 4 years older than me, but I kinda liked his face, which had a sort of dive-bar-house-band-musician look about it, with a goatee, long hair, and the inescapable traces of rather hard living in it. But I liked his face, with his intelligent eyes and rather large nose. And "oral sub" is always a turn on. So I told him I was looking for someone with stamina to edge me for as long as I could stand it. He replied saying he had great skill orally but was rather new to bottoming. I told him to text me if he wanted to suck my dick and drink my cum-- I added that my phone was about to die so it had to be arranged quickly. He instantly texted me, I instantly had the address, and within five minutes he was between my legs nuzzling my soft dick, trying to coax it into a hard cum-pistol.

Friday, June 20, 2014

An Old Friend

Today I squirted my sperm into the slender, hard, really just very very delicate seeming little body of the guy I kept fucking last spring here in my home town while I was taking care of my mother. I don't know what it is about this guy. He's not exactly what you'd call cute-- I mean, kind of, to me at least, but I don't know if many others would think so-- and he is so slim, with arms barely more than twigs really, and thin legs that swell with lean muscle the way a frog's might. He's gone vegan so he seems even leaner and lighter than before; I hear a bit about his life and see pictures of his exploits in the mountains on Facebook, where we've become friends, and think, this is so not the kind of guy I usually fuck, let alone fuck over and over. But he really, really keeps me coming back for more. I don't know what it is about these little guys that brings out something a little brutish in me: I grip his body around his hard little waist a little more firmly; I grind my body into his a little more roughly and press my weight into his minuscule frame more heavily; and I fuck my fuckin fuckstick into him with all the force my bulky frame can put behind my hips, fucking all the way in, all the way out, slamming against his body, making the headboard pound against the wall with noisy knocks narrating each mindless, animalistic thrust. And he just loves it. He holds me tight, wraps his legs around mine and hitches them firmly against me, planting the soles of his feet against my calves like a monkey holding onto a tree in a hurricane. I fuck him like crazy and he shakes with pleasure and kisses me so hard my lips could bruise, saying "You feel so good you feel so good." And he feels good too, and I cum in him just as hard and animalistically as I fucked him. It's good.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Aw Yeah

I have that total-body tired-but-sated feeling that only comes from fucking the living hell out of a bottom for an hour. There is no better feeling in the world… except spending the last twenty minutes of that fuck session right on the edge of cumming, feeling the bottom's body heat and sweet slick bodily secretions enveloping every inch of your rigid tool, which you've got buried as deep in him as it will go, looking into his handsome face, thrilled to be stuffed with meat, with his legs wrapped around yours and his arms wrapped around your back, taking everything you have to offer. That feeling just might be better. But I'm going to feel this post-fuck cell-deep satisfaction for the whole rest of the day. Knowing my cum is safe in his belly and not going anywhere-- he wanted to end by sucking the cum out of my nuts, and I was happy to lay back and oblige, soaked and breathless as I was by the end-- well, knowing he's keeping my cum inside him for good just adds that extra bit of satisfaction. It's good to be a top.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Shooting My Gun

Today was a beautiful day. Not just because the weather is gorgeous, bright, and very warm with cool breezes. Not just because an adorable, hairy 27 year old just locked up his barber shop for me, ushered me to the basement, and worked my meat perfectly until I pumped my love nectar straight down his throat in a barber chair in front of a full-length mirror while the Killers were playing (a definite new one for me). No, mostly because 48 hours ago I was writhing in unbelievable kidney pain, utterly incapacitated and wishing I was dead. I've been having random attacks for the past couple of months, but had scans and tests done that didn't show anything. And then suddenly over the weekend, POW! It's complete misery, unrelenting, for a full day with almost no sleep. And then mysteriously, yesterday morning, it went away. I had a fairly normal day with in-laws, and in the middle of stop and go traffic on the GW Bridge, POW! It was pack. It took about 40 minutes to get home, and sitting in the car with that was excruciating. I spent another hour in bed, drinking water like crazy, and the pain slowly subsided, and then once when I hobbled to the bathroom to whizz, a giant black rock flew out of my dick! Unbelievable! There was no pain or blood or fanfare, but my wang genuinely ricocheted as this thing shot out. The pain in my kidney almost instantly subsided. It was like spooging a kidney stone. A friend I described this to now teases me that I am going to kill a bottom with my "bb gun". (I like the pun, though I don't think he knows about my predilections.) The kid I jizzed in today is safe and sound, of course. But without all that horrible pain, the world definitely looks like a truly beautiful place, and I feel luckier than ever to get to have sex with the guys I have sex with.

Friday, June 13, 2014


It's been a while since Ultra Meat has come by. He told me a while back that he had started school and was crazy busy, and even his profile says he doesn't have much time. I have to admit that one of my more perverse personality traits has been awakened by this lack of attention to me: now that he is largely unavailable, I suddenly want him. Despite his amazing body and sweet disposition and genuine if inexplicable love of my dick and my schlubby body, I always pushed him to the back of potential sex partners. But he checked me out on Scruff a few days ago and reactivated his attractiveness. Today I had hoped to hook up with someone visiting from London with an amazing ass who says all the right things, but he wasn't around this afternoon like he said he'd be-- I hadn't much banked on it anyway, since he's visiting and of course would be more about be-bopping around with friends than waiting for me to tell him my genitals were available for his delectation. So after a late lunch and a ridiculously delicious scone at a coffee shop across the neighborhood, when Ultra Meat actually woofed me on Scruff, I impulsively asked, "wanna suck me?" and he said "yes" and I said "meet me at my place in 15 minutes," and I hiked over in the sudden sultry heat to get off. Because it's better to get off than to not get off, right? And there were two unexpected perks this time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Too Much and Not Enough

My latest ejaculate just walked out the door deep inside the flawless body of a 23 year old jet-black Dominican kid-- absolutely flawless. Broad shoulders, thick arms and legs, tiny muscular waist, ass like a pair of grammar school globes, fat dick, big balls. This was quite a trophy for a middle-aged schlub like me-- and he had hit ME up on the normally useless app Jack'd, where my picture quite unashamedly shows my hairy but not very toned midsection (maybe that's why it's useless). But the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. As an insatiable lover of intense, transportive sex, I can *only* mark this down into the trophy column, something which definitely strokes my ego, I guess, but which I am not really very interested in. It was very much like spooging in a Sphinx. A red-hot, fucking stacked, sex-on-wheels Sphinx.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Today's orgasm was slow-built over the course of a hot, sweaty hour in a small bedroom in Greenpoint, with the window open and a light breeze blowing through the trees outside-- built up inside the wet mouth, against the lean body and huge thick tool of a small, slightly older dude-- built up even more intensely when said dude offered me his bare hole to receive my throbbing, stone-solid prick a few times. Just a few strokes each, half against his will, half with all the desire in the world. He had invited me up to service my meat and drink my cum. It had been a stressful day and I just wanted pleasure-- as much pleasure as I could stand, just to enjoy someone's body, to enjoy my own body, to feel sex in every cell of my flesh, every joint in my skeleton, every nerve everywhere: no cares, just sex, pleasure, sex. I went up there with my meat already swollen in my pants with the knowledge that I could have it, that all he wanted to do was suck my dick and make me cum and drink whatever I produced in my climax. How exciting to have this on offer, someone waiting to get me off. We kissed and his lips felt ample and open. And when I found the way to work his nipples just right, I knew he would give me everything, and sure enough, he did give me that taboo entry to his body, at least for a while. Just lying against him, limbs twined around each other, dick to dick, mouth to mouth, feeling that intense closeness, was a kind of heaven, and I just drank it in, sometimes stopping just to feel the closeness, hold his body, hold his ass in my hands with his legs wrapped around my waist and our groins pressed together tight. "You're very good," he said as I moved agains him, and worked my dick into his hole, and I realized then how quiet he had been. I am good. Sex is good."You have to fuck me for real sometime," he said, and I took that to mean he wasn't ready today. So I just enjoyed what I had.  I felt incredibly free with him, and he clearly did with me. But then he said something to me that I think I have never heard when on top of another guy.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


I've said it before but I must say it again, over and over again: it's so good to be a top. My looks are nothing to write home about but somehow there is a seemingly endless array of incredibly beautiful men out there willing to meet me, kiss me, suck my dick, make me cum, and swallow everything I produce, no matter how punishing the volume or saltiness. It's amazing to me. I grew up an extremely self-conscious nerd, rather funny looking, painfully uptight and shy and depressed, thinking life was somehow for other people, expecting nothing, a gay male Janice Ian song. Fast forward thirty years, when you'd think I'm past my prime with my graying chest hair and wrinkled smile, and handsome men are endlessly eager to do nothing but make me feel good. What a world! Today's load-sucker was a heart-meltingly handsome Italian guy, 32 years old, dark hair and beard, big noble nose, fine dark eyebrows and glittering deep brown eyes, and an insanely hot meaty muscled body, covered front and back with straight black hairs forming elegant patterns. Sort of a cross between Joey Fatone and the big hunky Kitchen Cousin dude that's always driving the bulldozer. And unlike most beautiful men, he gave incredible head that had me wanting to cum instantly. We were not together long, maybe 25 minutes tops, but I spent almost that entire time fighting off the urge to blow my wad and blow it hard. Which only meant that when I finally gave in-- far sooner than I wanted to, I wish I could have spent the whole day with him-- the ejaculate was huge and forceful and seemingly never-ending. Wow.

Monday, June 2, 2014


My latest ejaculation, released about 30 minutes ago in Fort Greene, left the totality of my past two days' semen production deposited deep in the body of a little 29-year-old latino slip of a thing, small and thin enough for me to snap in two like a pretzel stick. He was, however, laughably unlike his photos, which showed a trim but finely muscled body, along with a partner who was also small in stature but much thicker. I rarely am interested in groups but they both looked fantastic to fuck, and I instantly fantasized about having them both on all fours in front of me, going back and forth between them with tongue and prick, or eating one ass while being blown by the other. He said he was alone today, though, which made the decision easier. He was honestly much more articulate than guys who look like his pictures are-- it has to be said, the hotter the guy the stupider and more frustrating he is to communicate with, usually-- which should have been a tip off. But it is a beautiful summery day, bright and breezy, and the pictures and his easy availability instantly filled my blood with the desire to rut and spread my seed. I have work to do, and errands too, but sex…. sex is the thing I can never argue with. I never get tired of it, despite the endless sameness of much of the mechanics. Am I compulsive? And is that a good thing, or a bad thing, to be filled with desire so easily? Those thoughts were bubbling underground as I got my car keys, brushed my teeth, and rode over.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Just sweated all over and spurted deep inside a nerdy-handsome, beautifully compact/muscular slightly hairy dude with a fat dick and one of those asses that reduces a top like me to a useless gibbering, licking, thrusting, squirting imbecile. And I thought he was standing me up-- we both expected he would be here in 30/40 minutes, coming from the Upper West Side, but it had been well over an hour, and I was about five minutes away from getting annoyed and this close to going to Tribeca to fuck a little bottom I plowed a couple years ago who doesn't seem to remember who I am (always charming). But then I suddenly got a text from the Compact Bottom saying he was off the train, which had been greatly delayed, and now I feel like a very lucky, sated top indeed.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ruled By My Sex

I just got out of the shower to wash off the sticky, sweaty residue from a deep, satisfying fuck with a kid half my age that I really wasn't all that attracted to-- 27, blond, angelic, a little goofy looking, from Texas-- but he had the nice tight little body of a Pilates instructor, the sweet rounded ass cheeks of a dancer, and a long fat prick that was hard as soon as he tasted my meat and stayed straight and solid as a bone the entire time I plowed him. This is the kind of fuck I dream about with guys who are more my type, but so rarely seem to find. He had replied to a Craigslist ad I put up that got a trickle of replies, and then aggressively hit me up on Grindr. None of his pics were too intriguing except the body shot, showing the tight belly, the very light dusting of body hair, and a decent caboose. My brain stem and testicles were pretty much in charge of me today, pretty much dictating that I *had* to fuck and spread my seed come hell or high water, so given his good attitude, thin midsection, and deep desire for the liquid contents of my scrotum to be squirted inside him, I invited him over. He didn't look much more my type in person, but once he was spread out between my thighs, showing off those thick muscular legs and that creamy pair of ass-mounds, it was all over, and I was soon buried in him up to my hairy, cum-swollen nuts, and loving it.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Morning Juice

Just a quick post for completeness' sake: Early yesterday morning I squirted another nine or ten jets of my salty, acrid reproductive fluid down the eager gullet of, and into the belly of, yet another verrrry cute Latin kid down in DC.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This week, for work and to visit some friends, I'm in Washington, DC-- the semen ingesting capital of the world, I think. There are about 15 times more people, literally, in NYC, but there are about 10 times as many dudes *here* who are crazy to get their orifices crammed with cock and cum. BBRT is a sleepy hamlet always full of the same half-animated tweakers in NYC, but in DC it seems to be a bustling bazaar of horny flesh. So I'm hoping to make the most of it and fuck my load out wherever I can. Yesterday I had the opportunity, in the hour between finishing up work and needing to run up to Silver Spring to visit an old friend, to get my rocks off. One of the zillions of cum-vampires who hit me up as soon as I appeared here in town turned out to be about three blocks from the coffee shop I was working in. There was little negotiation required-- I told him I had about 45 minutes to load him up with hot thick cum, he said hell yes and told me where he was, I said I'd be there in five minutes, and within ten I had him pinned on the bed with my tongue down his throat. His pictures, I think, were fake. His body was pretty slender (actually a bit too slender for me, truth be told) and his face a little pretty in the pictures, but in person he was cubbish, and had much thicker features, much manlier. I preferred him in person-- he was extremely handsome, with swarthy skin, heavy stubble, dark eyebrows, thick meaty lips, very straight handsome nose, slightly middle eastern features, jet black hair. He was not perfectly built but he had that magic ingredient that made him extremely sexy; I'm getting a boner the next day just thinking about how it felt to suck on his lips, inhale his scent, have my face next to one so radiantly manly and handsome. I didn't mind the fake pix at all. More than anything I regretted that I only had a limited amount of time to bone him. I fucking love looking into a handsome face while I bury my bone up to the balls in a guy like that. I fuckin live for getting my dick in handsome dudes like this.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Magic Asshole

Yesterday, after being electrified by my experience with the beautiful lanky German, I just knew I had to fuck. My sex was alive and needed more expression. If only I could fuck everyone I saw online that I was attracted to… just snap my fingers and get it. But things didn't seem to be working out too well for me. Guys who had hit me up in the past saying they wanted my load SO BAD but the timing didn't work out were suddenly completely mute when I offered it to them today. Guys who said they wanted me to come fuck it into them NOW suddenly went silent when I asked where they lived. My exuberant libido was diminished by this nonsense and I focused on work instead. And then out of nowhere I got hit up on BBRT by a "mixed" black dude-- he looked pretty latino in the face, with a very prominent brow ridge that looked extremely manly to me. He just said, "So hot." His screen name offered a 9 inch dick (yawn; it was big but looked maybe 7 and a half to me-- which is still a really big dick, but geesh), and he unlocked pictures showing a tight little body with that magical V shape that wakes up my gonads. My balls immediately sent out their oily hormonal signals through my blood into my brain, saying, "Go get that. Pin it. Nail it. We want to inseminate that NOW." Unlike half the drug addicts on that site, who hit you up then wander off for hours or days, he replied pretty quickly, but told me he was out of unlocks for the day. He showed enough to know I wanted to fuck him, and things moved quickly to texts on our cells. He said he'd just gotten home from work and needed to shower, and he was a slow train ride away from me in Bed Stuy, but he was here about an hour later, after getting lost in the next neighborhood up and wandering around in the muggy air a bit. I opened the door and my heart sank a bit. He looked much scrawnier and nerdier than the pix standing in my doorway, and he was dressed miserably, in a dorky jacket and very unflattering jeans. I invited him in anyway, feeling bad about his trek, and offered him some water. We chatted a bit about how he'd recently moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan while he drank. He was shy and sweet, and I figured, well, he has a great attitude so let's see how he sucks dick. I led him back to the bedroom, and… let's just say, don't judge a cocksucking raw bottom by his jacket and jeans.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Every Time

Yesterday had all the makings of a sexually frustrating disaster. The weather was beautiful, sunny, breezy, and it just made me want to mount a meaty little dude and run him through with my hard bone and ejaculate deep inside him. All that remained was to find the dude! I was getting a fair amount of attention but much of it was of the "I really want you to fuck me tomorrow"variety that never pans out-- who are these guys who get horny, log on to a hookup site, decide they are too busy, and then never sign on again? In any event, towards the end of the day, I was suddenly hit up by two guys at once-- one, a muscular but rather kinky and messy-sounded muscle dude in SoHo on BBRTS, and the other, a very cute little 22 year old on Scruff. The 22 year old was only a few blocks away working, but would be done "soon", and always asks if I have poppers or pot and then turns me down because I never do. This time he claimed he would be OK sucking my dick and drinking my cum without enahancements, but I hate to set up a meeting with the other guy already disappointed about something. The muscle dude was obviously a subway trip away but very hot to trot, and clearly wanted to be seeded. So I foolishly chose him, telling the kid something came up. When I got out of the subway, I had a voicemail and a ton of texts, asking what he wanted me to wear etc-- but this kind of behavior says one thing to me, and that thing is, "I am high as a kite and out of my mind." And when he finally buzzed me up to his palatial, extremely expensive-looking floor-through apartment-- the elevator opened right into the living room-- I saw that my suspicious were correct. Not only was he so high he could barely stand straight, he was much older and chunkier than the pictures, and the drugs were in the process of melting his face off. He lumbered over to me and leered at me, fingering the end of very big-looking dick in his boxer briefs, but I said, "This isn't going to work, sorry. I think I ought to go." He acted amazed, and as we waited for the elevator to come back, he kept standing there, staring at me, imploring me to tell him what the deal was. I gave him bland assurances that it wasn't a big deal, it happens to me too, blabla, but wished desperately that I could just get out of there without waiting for the elevator. Finally it came, and I went back home, cursing myself for not just going with the very cute little kid, who will probably never hit me up again. When I got off the train, there were more texts, voicemails, and BBRTS messages from the drugged out nut, saying it must have been that he was wearing a hat in his pictures, and that he shaved recently, but that it was really him, and that I should have stayed to see him naked, yadda yadda. Egad! I told him to give it up and that I wasn't interested, and he said, "Too bad. You actually were hotter in person. Not as fat. Too bad about the attitude." Eesh, the things I get myself into. My cum resigned itself to spending another night in my balls, and I went home and started dinner for my partner. We had a nice time eating and talking, and he left to meet a friend for drinks. I texted the kid back, asking if maybe he wanted me to come by. Predictably, he didn't reply, but just then I got woofed on Scruff by the extremely handsome German cocksucker who lives on the other end of my neighborhood. Me being me, I really wanted to cruise a bit for fresh ass. Hoping the kid might reply, I told him I might have plans but would let him know within a half hour. He kept up a stream of messages to me: "Cancel the other thing and come over! Want to make you feel good!!" and "I want your cock, man!!" and "I need that load!!" Well, that worked it's magic. I could do worse after a day like today than having my manhood sucked by an extremely handsome dude who is crazy about my dick and wants to have my cum inside him, even if it's just in the belly. So I gave up on the kid, who I never did hear from, and went down to get with the German guy. And after every experience with him, I wonder why I don't put my dick in him all the fuckin time.