web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: July 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Poor Guy

Well, my dick is suddenly popular again-- I dunno if it's the weather or what, but dudes seem pretty horny out there (it's a gorgeous sunny day). A tall black dude about my age who has a nice ass and body and an ok face hit me up first, but was slow on the replying; then a verrry tall young dude with an extravagant blond beard hit me up on BBRT, and we got kind of hot and heavy with the emails and then moved to texting, as he sounded like an ideal cocksucker, and I've always liked getting with guys who are conspicuously hipstery, even naked. But once I started to seal the deal he told me he was waaay up in Harlem, and while he was planning to come downtown and could easily come here, he was busy till the end of the day. Nothing drives me crazier than waiting around for sex, so I hit up a bunch of other guys who had been Very Into me on various apps, but they all begged off till tomorrow or the weekend. During all this, the tall black guy slowly sprinkled some pointless how-are-you-type emails and then I was hit up by the guy with the beautiful, gigantic dick who dared to tell me no when we hooked up. He seemed hot to trot but if I didn't decide RIGHT THEN AND THERE when and where he was to suck my dick, he was going to go away for the afternoon. I didn't blame him, but figured it would be nice to get together again, if only so I could get some of that FIENDISHLY LONG AND FAT DICK of his, so I relented, gave up on finding someone new, and told him to come over. And he did. And then maybe 40 minutes later he left, a confused mixture of extremely excited and rather shaken. Because you know what happened.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stuffing the Meatball

Today I got hit up on BBRTs by a short Italian meatball of a man with a handsome, vaguely Tom of Finland face and a beautiful, beautiful schlong between his legs, who admired the force and volume of the ejaculate in my photos. He wasn't my type in the body really-- extremely muscular and just really too bulky-- but I thought he would look fantastic between my thighs with my meat in his mouth, and told him so. "As a neophyte bottom," he replied, "I'd rather you shot it in my hole. I've never had one that big in me." Well, he wasn't perfect, but he needed my cum, so what else could I do but oblige?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Efficient Semen Delivery System

Today I woke up in a terrible, depressed mood, and then was faced with some urgent and complex work that kept me very busy all day. Whenever I needed a breather, I would check out the apps on my smart phone, and of course today, since I couldn't get away to fuck anybody, everybody wanted to be fucked. Cute younger guys and handsome men my age were pinging me like crazy on apps where I usually get absolutely nothing. I think I ended up scaring a bunch of them away, especially one very promising, hairy, manly, handsome 42-year-old, with my need to put my sperm in their bodies. Of course the most willing guy with the best attitude was a total cum addict in Berlin, of all places, who lamented that he moved away from NYC a year before I got here and said he would suck my dick all day long and make me cum over and over and never get tired of it blabla. Of course all this sexy talk with guys who eventually one by one revealed themselves to be available or unwilling to let me ejaculate inside one of their orifices only left me hugely horny and tense. My partner is off today and was around the whole time as well, filling out job applications and doing laundry and such. But he left around 5 to take care of some errands, and soon after that I finished the urgent, complex work. I had another project I wanted to start but it's a beautiful, beautiful day out and who wants to start a new project at 5pm, even if you could maybe get another hour and a half our of your day? The inertia was too great. One of the asses that was flinging itself at me belonged to the affectless guy who lives in my neighborhood that I inseminated late last year. He told me mid-afternoon that he had the day off and could host for a change. I ignored him at the time but when my schedule suddenly freed up, I decided, look, I can cruise pointlessly to find someone in the next two hours or so to put my cum in, or I can just go get off in him. It didn't hurt that everything looked so bright and breezy outside my window. I hit him up on Grindr, fully expecting him to no longer be around, but he instantly replied, and told me where he was-- not even 10 blocks away-- and I brushed my teeth and was out the door. I figured I had an hour to plow his sweet ass (which I do remember as being very nice, even if I wasn't hugely into him in other ways). But today, I was basically providing stud service. My cum went from the vesicles inside my balls to the depths of this dudes intestines in what for me is record time. And it feels so fucking good to get rid of your cum after a day like today!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Topping the Top

Today I went round two with the amazing-assed purported 8" top whose throat I spooged copiously down earlier this year. Again he gave that super-light, barely-there, gotta-use-the-hands-a-bit head, but my nuts were full almost to the bursting point after getting off and wandering in a desert of a dry spell for bottoms for over a week, so I was just happy to have someone come and give my dick any attention at all after that. It was much as last time-- I love how he kisses, his body is a fucking drug to me, his ass still makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful-- but with a special added ingredient this time!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


It's been a bit of a dry spell this week. As I watched my nuts swell daily with more and more of their unspent semen production, everything in my life seemed to conspire against getting any release. The weekend was happily busy with social activities and a nice road trip when my partner had an unexpected day off, so I was happy to go without an orgasm those days. Monday it seemed like half the I was cockblocked by my own lungs-- I don't know if it's allergies or an infection but they have been full of sticky mucus for days and I was so wiped out Monday I could barely get out of bed and slept most of the day. I would occasionally wake up to check work email and feebly look at all the apps and sites, where countless cute men wanted me to put my meat in them-- it was like a joke, I had more solicitations than ever and sex was the furthest thing from my mind. Tuesday it was an insane day of work that left my balls furiously undrained, beginning with urgent calls in the morning and then a relentless grind of putting out urgent fires. Then yesterday, all the interest from earlier in the week dried up-- I actually had a quieter day and the opportunity to do some nice fucking, and even what I thought was a sure thing with a guy who wants my cum but whose schedule never aligns with mine. But he had to work late, so I told him it probably wouldn't work; he was freeing up just as my partner would be getting home. Then my partner said he wanted to have dinner with some friends, so I told the sure thing, oh wow, I'm free after all-- and then I was cockblocked by HIS partner, who was flying home a day earlier unexpectedly. Another dude who wanted to get the cum out of my nuts was coy about having pix on Manhunt, and spoon-fed them to me in email; then I was cockblocked by yahoo, which did not deliver the face pic he sent for an hour, by which time I'd given up on the guy, thinking he was a pic collector. By this morning the cum was backing up into my brain… I just had to unload it, clear out the ducts. Enter the Cute, Good Kissin' Very Meaty Cocksucker!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Well, so much for the wish at the end of my last post! I just vigorously fucked the thin, impatient, cranky cocksucker I see I had a very short time with last time as well, spending maybe 20 minutes at his place max. What's happening to me?

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I always cum a lot but sometimes I can't believe how much I cum. And neither can my sex partners. This time it was a very lean, tight, hung 25 year old (who looks disconcertingly like one of my nephews, but I did my best to ignore that) who said he only had 30 minutes to spend with me. I haven't unloaded since last week, having been traveling for a very relaxing Fourth of July in the Adirondacks, and then just too much work and distraction to really cruise much. A week of cum in my nuts builds up a dangerous amount of pressure as it is. But yesterday I did spend rather feverishly trying to find someone to get me off, after being flaked out on by a really cute guy early in the day who really got my hopes up. Nothing makes your nuts swell even more quite like fruitlessly cruising. Today was another very busy day of work, so I could only search in the background, but Lean and Tight is someone who chats me up from time to time on Scruff and Growlr and Mister, and he lives in my hood, and happened to be around today. So I hit him up with my charming line, "Wanna suck some dick?" and he said, "Tempting," and I told him how much sperm we were talking about, and he said he wanted it, but couldn't spend too long. That's typically quite deflating, but I figured, well, maybe it's time to just get the fuck off and move on. And 30 minutes is a perfectly respectable blowjob. So I gave him the address and he biked here in 10 minutes and barely 15 minutes later I was kneeling by his face, my hand on his head, tubesteak slithering into his mouth, unloading squirt after squirt of hot thick cum into him like a slow-motion Gatling gun, POW POW POW, and he swallowed and swallowed, slowly turning onto his back to jerk his own huge dick, just taking everything I had to unload in him. POW!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


It's about a thousand degrees outside, and I've been horny all day. Someone who hit me up Monday and wanted to fuck Tuesday said he'd settle for Wednesday. At 4pm. I gave him my number but I know how those things go. I was cruising online a bit, looking for just the right bottom to squirt my balljuice in. On BBRT, an extremely beautifully muscular dude with XXX in his screen name hit me up out of the blue, asking if I wanted to breed him "at 3:45 today." As that was several hours away, and his profile said he was "picky" and an escort who had done porn as well, I decided he was just on drugs, trying to put stuff on the back burner, and gave it little mind, though I told him I would be happy to juice him up when the time came. I wasn't finding much other ass. So I hit up a 23 year old super-hottie who I chatted with on Scruff a bit a week or two ago; back then I thought we were getting somewhere when he suddenly asked if I could "help him out some" if he came over. Hookers! Everywhere! I told him I didn't pay for sex, even with high quality meat such as himself (he was really beautiful), and he crumpled immediately, saying "You wouldn't be paying for my ass" and then, when I didn't reply much, "I'm sorry I brought it up, I want your load, you don't have to pay, can I come over," blablabla. I had made other plans at that point to just go have dinner with a friend. But today I hit him up again. And he seemed game. And then my boss called with something urgent. Then my MOM called with something urgent. By the time I got back to the hot kid, over an hour had gone by, and he said he was in Hell's Kitchen, but could hook up "later". Well, I know how that goes. I cursed my luck. But then lo and behold, the XXX hot stud on BBRT materialized, right at 3:45, telling me he wanted me to go fuck him. How convenient! So I told him to text me the address, and had it within 2 minutes, and was on the train within a minute of that, and fifteen minutes after that I was on all fours with my face in the most fantastic ass I've encountered in years. I was sweating from the heat as it was… by the time I left I was drenched with sweat from the exertion of deep-dicking his amazing body. This fuck was only about a half hour, but it was FUCKING HOT OMG HOT.