web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: April 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

...And Fucking When You ARE Horny!

Today I dicked the stuffing out of a cute little 5'9, 130-pound slip of a thing who wailed and whimpered like he was having the time of his life, and left him soaked inside with almost a week's production of sperm from my constantly-neglected testicles. This was the fuck I've been needing to reward me for my time down here in my lame, sprawling home town!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fucking When You're Not Horny

Today Hot Little Meaty had told me he had the day off. After not hearing from him on Sunday, when I'd hoped to fuck him silly and was extremely hot for it, I wasn't sure if he was a flake, despite having always said all the right things in occasional texts since he drank me down last week. So I didn't approach him about today. But he did reappear, asking if I could come over and fuck him. I definitely wanted to fuck him, but after last night's slightly disappointing session, I wasn't really horny at all. But my mom was doing pretty well today, and it was a nice day, and I felt I could spend the afternoon working outside the house to see how my mom does on her own a bit more. (She conspicuously wore the alert necklace thing today, I guess as a peace offering. That was a great development; I bought her some flowers to thank her.) If I could get away, it would let me swing over there after the gym at lunch and before I got back into work. Somewhat against my better judgment, I told him I would come plow him. I worked out, made my mom and myself some lunch, wolfed it down, showered, and got to his place just a little late. But it didn't go quite as planned. You can't fuck when you're not horny!


(This was supposed to appear Saturday. I forgot to publish it because my brain is mush. Sorry.)

Today I just wanted to unload my nuts because tomorrow, if I can get some free time-- a rather big if-- I plan to go fuck the dude who blew me the other day when I was in such need. The memory of that guy's muscular little body and the dirty texts he's been sending me ever since have been ratcheting my horniness up to dangerous levels, and that combined with a pair of balls full of several days' worth of goo would make for an unsatisfactory fuck, I think. He was not free today and I was, unfortunately. The little guy wants me to fuck him long and slow and totally work his body over and that sounds so awesome right now, even if it doesn't happen. So if there's even a possibility, I want to have no more than a day's worth of cum in my nuts so I can fuck him long and deep. But that means today I needed to get rid of the surplus. I shot it down the throat of a guy who is Much Older Than Picture who hits on me often when I come down here, and who finally decided, for whatever reason, to seal the deal today.


Last night was another exercise in excruciating frustration... another unavoidable crazy argument with my poor mother, who really isn't adjusting to this new reality very well and dealing with some flakiness from homos. I'm a deeply patient guy but this one thing my mom and I clashed over kinda made me snap. She's since come to an understanding today, which is nice, but last night was tough. I had set up with a very helpful neighbor some time off to blow off some steam, and yesterday afternoon had even lined up what I thought was going to be a verrrrry nice fuck session with a cute, hot-assed guy in a hotel downtown for hours last night. When the time came, mom rejected the neighbor visit, wouldn't wear the new pendant I bought her for emergencies, AND Downtown Hot-Ass told me he had someone else there at the appointed time and was no longer free. WTF! I was about to explode at this confluence of events. I tried to go out just to get some coffee and relax but with my mom refusing to wear the damn thing I couldn't do it, fearing the worst. So I turned the car around before I even drove a mile, and just stayed in, calling a friend in NYC and ranting to him for an hour and a half (thanks man), and then tried to go to bed. Lying in the bed I cycled through various apps looking at the same dudes I've been looking at since I got here a month ago. But one of them, a reasonably cute, hairy little dude who had a history of ignoring my approaches, suddenly hit me up, and he was only a few miles away. It was getting to be midnight. I decided it would help me sleep to blow a load. We left it rather vague what we'd be doing-- trading head and eating his ass, I guess. I didn't care, I just wanted to relax. Thinking I wouldn't be gone long enough for anything bad to happen, I hopped in the car and drove over.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today I finally got to blow this huge frustrated pent-up load I've been carrying in my nuts since last night's debacle with Bossy Bottom of the Levant! I came huge in a guy with horrible froggy face pictures and body shots that looked sorta good but were from odd enough angles and with bad enough lenses that I wondered whether they were artful (=deceitful). But today after a very frustrating errand and a bizarre argument with my mom-- whom I must be very patient with, as she's pretty confused after a stroke, but who also drives me bat-shit crazy sometimes-- I just wanted to get the fuck out and ejaculate down someone's throat so I could fucking think. So I got online, saw him there, knew he was free to host in the afternoons only, and asked him if he wanted me to go cum in him. He said sure, gave me his number, and I drove over. He was barely three miles away on the same road my mom lives off. So at least it would be an easy orgasm, even if he didn't look like much.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today I had an aborted fuck with a rather sensuous, meaty middle eastern guy (Turkish, I think) on a twin bed in a dorm room of a college about 30 miles north of here. He has hit me up most times I come to visit for years, byt I never found the idea of fucking a college student in his dorm room 30 miles away appealing, though his ass was a true phenomenon in his pictures. But tonight I had another free night as a neighbor wanted to sit with my mom, and I wanted desperately to get off, and he was low-hanging fruit. I texted him at the number he has pushed on me a zillion times and asked if he still wanted it; he said yes and told me how to meet him, in a parking lot near his dorm where he would come down and meet me. Felt a little shady but I went with it. It was a beautiful night for a drive with the top down as the sun set. Ejaculation, however, was not in the cards, as I will explain.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Today I had another evening off, as a neighbor was eager to stay with my mom for much of the night, and of course I took the opportunity to run off and get my dick sucked again. I only had a few hours to myself and really don't have the time, energy, or inclination here to cruise a lot and find the ideal sex partner. So after casting about for 45 minutes or so I settled on a guy who is well over a half hour drive away, a few towns north of here, who looked cute in his pictures (body shots conspicuously missing) and said all the right things. Driving up there I felt ridiculous-- a 40 minute drive for a blowjob! But mostly I'm rather numb... there are so many frustrating things going on, even unrelated to my mom's health, that my brain is rather mush. The constrained free time and opportunity to have some physical release made me feel like a starving man given just a crust of bread, clutching it to his chest; the whole drive up there I was speeding and wondering if I'd get a call that would make me have to go back home. When I arrived the street was pretty dark and it was not clear which house was his. I actually went up to the wrong one first; a big fat dude came out and I thought "Oh, fuck," thinking I'd been hoodwinked by fake pictures, but it just turned out to be the suspicious, dumb owner of the house two doors down, who was suspicious and dumb in the way only a suspicious, dumb Southerner can be. I asked if it was the number I was looking for, and he said no, suspiciously giving me the actual number, and I apologized and realized I went the wrong way at the next house. I made it to the correct house, and the guy was OK if Not As Cute As Picture. But I just needed my dick sucked.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blowing Off Steam

For the past two weeks, I've been dealing with fallout from some seriously stressful health issues that my mother has, which have left me completely uninterested in hooking up (or really much of anything other than my family), and for a while I've been quasi-relocated to the wretched city of my youth here in the South for the time being, until my mom's situation stabilizes and I can go back to a Brooklyn that suddenly feels far away and unreal. But today there was a bit of a breakthrough with my mom, and I got no sleep last night, so I decided I deserved a break. I made only perfunctory visits to the hospital to see her after spending the morning there, and once I'd dealt with a ridiculous disaster in her condo involving two sudden leaks, one originating in her apartment and one intruding from the apartment above, I devoted the rest of the afternoon to me. And when I say me, I mean my dick, which has been utterly neglected for the past 12 days. After a couple of highly-sexed visits here, the dudes in this town seem to be back to their insane, useless selves, and the usual half-dozen or so guys who hit on me every time I come down here and have never followed through for the better part of a decade hit on me once more like clockwork as soon as I set my location to here, and I despaired of ever ejaculating again. I had just decided I was too tired for this and would just go read when a guy who looked rather like an unlikely cross between Opie Taylor, Rick Astley, and Junior Samples hit me up on Grindr. As luck would have it, he was actually close enough to walk to-- a near-impossibility in this crazy-sprawling city. It seemed like fate that I should squirt my semen into Junior Opie Astley. So I went over.