web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: July 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today I had the honor of helping a guy in a relationship of five years cheat for the first time, though I didn't know this until after the fact. He pursued be on Daddyhunt rather aggressively, and I suppose I should have known something was up; his profile only showed a hairy chest picture, and in private chat he would only show the left half of his face. It always amazes me how people think doing things like this, or wearing sunglasses or a hat, will actually keep someone who knows them from recognizing them on a homo fuck site. On the contrary-- anyone who knows you will immediately recognize you in a hat or sunglasses or cut down the middle; only dudes who are contemplating sticking their dicks in you for fun are thwarted by these ruses. But the left half of his face was pretty manly and nice looking, and he also sent a rather nice meaty dick pic and a closeup of his ass which pretty much only served to inform me that there was indeed a crack in his ass. I rather intended to blow him off except that I felt really horny today and wanted to be serviced, and while he didn't seem to talk about sex in a very interesting way, he really seemed to want me, so I figured he'd do. He was coming from New Jersey and would take forever to get here; normally I'm way too high-strung to wait around two hours for someone to come suck my dick, wondering endlessly if they're going to flake and leave me with blueballs, or if they'll not look like their picture and I'll have to send them away heartlessly, or even worse, if THEY won't like ME and let me know just how much of their time they wasted in getting here. But today I figured I didn't have the energy to actively cruise for anything, and was happy to invite a handsome guy like him over. As the time passed I got less and less enthusiastic... and then, he showed up.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ass Fiend

Today I was in the West Village watching a movie with a friend and having some lunch and drinks after. When we finished up I felt like I wanted to get off somehow before going home, but didn't really have a lot of time. But lo and behold, as soon as I logged on to Scruff, a little dude hit me up asking "What are you up to yadda yadda." I quickly progressed things to "Do you give good head and swallow?" territory, and he asserted that he did but wanted a facial, yadda yadda. Turned out he was like 382 feet away from me and just had to "wait till a friend leaves" (who are these people who do Scruff while their friends are right there in their apartments, and yet can't tell said friends, "I have someone coming over now, can we get together again later"??). It took about fifteen minutes of loitering on my part, but finally the friend was gone and the coast was clear for me to head to his place and get my dick sucked. Easy! Except that, perhaps predictably, he gave about the worst head ever, seemed reluctant to kiss, and was all around completely inept in bed. It would have been a disaster, were I not a COMPLETE ASS FIEND and were he not in possession of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, MEATY, ROUND ASS I'D SEEN ALL MONTH! And this time the ass was enough!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today I slipped my raw bone into the beautifully round, meaty hindquarters of the Little Orange Cub I plowed a few weeks ago. I wanted new meat, of course, but have been pretty busy with work since coming back from San Francisco, and he saw me back in the area on Scruff and was all over me. He *really* likes me. So I decided it was best to go with a sure thing and get off fairly early in the day so I could concentrate for the rest of the afternoon. He works just a couple blocks from me some days. So I invited him over and he gave me his sweet little body for a long, deep, intense, connected fuck!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Tonight is the last day in San Francisco with my nephew; we fly out separately tomorrow. He had a great time and was open to everything, which was very gratifying for me. We went up and down the coast a bit and saw a lot of giant trees, giant rocks, and waves, and climbed a lot of hills and drank a lot of coffee in the city. Today he was a little on the mellow side, wanting to just hang out some in the insane hipster Mission apartment I booked on AirBnB, which is full of taxidermy and skulls and terrariums and so on, but also features a rather preciously curated vinyl record collection (Richard Hell! Wanda Jackson! Flying Lizards! Stevie Nicks! Martha and the Muffins!). My nephew just wanted to hang out in the apartment most of the day listening to the records and staring at the taxidermy and fantasizing about just living in a city like this, so I went off to look at some stores that would bore him out of his mind. And also, to ejaculate in a dude, if I could find one willing to host me in the middle of the day. As I've mentioned, I've never been too lucky in San Francisco, and the requirement to travel in the middle of a work day made it seem impossible. I was carrying a full week's load after my twofer on my first night here. I just wanted someone to suck it outta me. But I got more than I bargained for.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flowers In My Hair

This week I'm in San Francisco; I arrived today and tomorrow I'm flying out a nephew to spend a week together as a graduation present for him. I came out a day early to minimize the possibility that he'd be stuck out here alone, and as a side bonus, I got the chance to sample some of the local ass. I have never had good luck hooking up here, however. This is definitely the flakiest place I've ever tried to hook up, and it doesn't seem like the dudes I do meet here are very good in bed, for some reason (no clue what's up with that). I wandered around this afternoon looking for a good coffee shop that wasn't mobbed where I could read and unwind after my flight, and saw lots of nice lookin guys online who I'd like to bone. But I am definitely not SF's flavor; I get very little attention here. Once I got back to my hotel, I found urgent work emails that sucked me into a ridiculous project for several hours. As I worked I was able to do a bunch of cruising, but in the end only one person seemed truly serious. He wanted to drain my nuts, and lately I keep going many many days between hookup, so I seriously needed it. He was pretty tall and older than me (52) but handsome in his pix and enthusiastic. So I invited him to my hotel. He looked older than his pix in person, unfortunately, but was still handsome enough to suck my dick, so I invited him up to my room. But he gave that tongue-twirling, light-touch head that actually makes me limper than I start out. It was a sad sight... his dick was not hard either but was dripping with precum. Just as I said OK to him, a bunch of other guys had hit me up, many wanting deep raw seedings. These birds in the bush were all I could think about while this other bird toiled away between my thighs. After a while I decided I would rather try my luck with some of those other dudes, imagining that they would all be gone by now or would flake anyway, and that I would be cursing my choice shortly. But this ineffectual cocksucking had to be put to an end. He took it well and we chatted amiably a bit and he shook my hand and left. At this point I was starving and had to get dinner, further forestalling nookie and making my balls a bluer shade of blue. I set up something with another guy while I was eating and he came over and didn't look as cute as his picture at all-- I'm not sure it was even him. But in the end it was the right choice!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's a twisted sexual world I inhabit, and I have a twisted sexual brain, I guess. Perhaps predictably, allll the dudes who were so hot to get with me on Monday, and whom I passed over to get with the Orange Cub, have since been completely mute, or lost track of time, or were suddenly "too hungry" after work, or had a meeting that was going too long to hook up with me since. It amazes me how someone can go from "when When WHEN can we fuck" to completely ignoring you in one day, but I'm well-acquainted with the phenomenon by this time. I thought I was at least going to get some oral service from a guy who hits on me constantly on Scruff and a4a and only lives six or seven blocks away-- we'd talked about a specific time today, and messages from him were already waiting when I got up on various sites, but when the time came, he was not responding to stimuli. I was in a pretty pleasant mood today and really wanted to fuck somebody good, but every place was full of the same faces that have turned me down in the past; hookup sites all seem to be dwindling and less and less used every month. Where are people going to get off? On Manhunt I saw the amazing, flawlessly muscular and insanely hung dude in the East Village that I have fucked a few times over the years (he's #7 in the "what I get" gallery that I posted last year), who is still on my buddy list even though I kinda lost interest in him after our last hookup. Suddenly he seemed like my only hope. I really wanted a new guy, a little otter, someone really cute and affectionate who wanted the stuffing pounded out of him, who wanted to simultaneously be fucked and made love to. This is not that guy. But he's unbelievably beautiful and it's amazing he lets me put my dick in him at all. What is wrong with me? Feeling an overwhelming sense of somehow settling for less, I msged him, "wouldn't mind eatin that ass and stuffin my meat in it again, big guy." (My poetry is the envy of Sappho.) Instantly he replied, "When?" And I said, "You free now?" He asked how long it would take me to get there, and I said 20 minutes, and he texted me his address. An entire afternoon spent casting around for and being ignored or teased or rejected by little nerds, and then I hit on a fucking greek god and I have his number and address and free access to his tenderest secret membranes within 10 minutes. Nothing left to do but sigh and go over and give him what he needs.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Today I was extremely horny and unusually popular, which can be its own kind of curse, almost as bewildering as being extremely horny and unpopular! I hadn't gotten off in almost a week, having been busy over the weekend with holiday traveling, and had swollen, tender nuts that I was really looking forward to having slowly drained. Of course for this I like big meaty guys, and one hit me up this morning-- a gigantic latin body builder who is being rather persistent about getting with me for some reason-- but he wrote me too early, and he'd wandered away before I could make any plans with him. Everyone else was little guys who I'm more likely to want to plow, and they all showed up at basically the same time, one or two on each site and app I use, basically! Three of them were very promising and not far from me, one cuter than the other. I'm a gentleman and always let whoever said something specific first have precedence, and in this case it was a little cubbish guy who has teased me on Scruff for almost a year now, who said he'd come over at 4. This was at 2:30. Suddenly at 3, all these other guys want my dick in them and they can all meet now Now NOW! They all want it NOW! I am vague about meeting up and suggest maybe another time with them, all the time kicking myself, thinking that Scruff cub is going to flake on me like before and I'm gonna end up with nobody. He did end up coming over a bit late, which was agony-- I really only had the place to myself till about 5:30, so every minute he was late was a minute my dick wasn't going to get sucked, and another percentage of likelihood that my nuts were just going to spend another night marinating in their own goo. But then he showed up! And wow was it fun!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today I bagged another of my favorite kind of guy! And again, there was something lacking in his sexual demeanor. What *is* this?