web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: February 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spooging in the Mec du Nord

Tonight I shot my wad inside a verrrry hot 24-year-old Quebecois kid, but overall it was kind of a drag. I saw him on Scruff earlier in the day, somewhere very nearby, but decided he was Out Of My League And He Knew It. I really wanted to fuck a good hairy bottom today-- I wanted a long sweaty intense athletic fuck. He was the *kind* of guy I wanted to plow-- cute but a little brutish-looking, hairy, meaty, black hair, dark skin-- but he was 6' tall (a bit over my height limit) and as I said, somehow even just in a self-picture in a bathroom mirror, he seemed rather full of himself. By the end of the day, as tumbleweeds blew by on my regular hookup sites and I had nothing line up, I decided to just tell him, "You Quebec dudes are so freakin hot. What is in the water up there??" He said "You New York guys aren't bad either," which I realize now is not the same as saying he thought *I* was attractive. But we quickly ascertained that he was only a couple of blocks from me and wanted to take raw dick. He just Needed To Take A Shower For Thirty Minutes (something I still typically take as a stalling tactic; I've had two guys flake out on me with that statement recently). But then 5 minutes later he texted again, saying "Your pictures just gave me a hard-on. Leave now." He told me he wanted to do the leave-the-door-unlocked-lay-on-the-bed-in-a-jockstrap thing, which I find tedious, but his ass was fantastic, and he wanted me to start by rimming him in this position. I could have rimmed him all night, from the look of the pictures he showed me, so I was happy to oblige-- at least he didn't expect me to walk in the room with a hot-red poker in my pants and plow him instantly, like some guys. I love to eat ass. I was there in like two minutes.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Tonight I shot my first wasted load of 2013, all over the dark body of an extremely sensual Arab kid, still in college, maybe 21 years old. But I honestly didn't mind. He'd chased me all week on Scruff, wanting a "passionate fuck" from me, but I kept having to blow him off over and over as family issues interfered. He was in fact last night's backup plan. Tonight was my last night here in my hometown and I took everyone out for a hilarious birthday dinner for my mom, then was supposed to go bowling with my nephews. Dinner ran very late, and then every bowling alley in the city had an hour wait for a lane except one, which we sped over to desperately, only to find that a thousand people showed up in the intervening twenty minutes and now there was an hour waiting list there, too. I apologized to my nephews and took them home, hugged them and lectured them briefly, and decided it was time to reward the Patient Arab with a hard thick bone in his ass. We hadn't talked about raw or wrapped. I felt almost satanic thinking I would try to insinuate my bare cock into a young kid's vulnerable innards, despite my recent clean bill of health.  But I wanted a reward after a stressful week of filial duty. And if he wanted a "passionate" fuck, I knew he was ripe for seduction with my masterful ways. I felt somehow confident I could work my way into him skin on skin.  In the end it was not to be, but what I got was almost as good.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Tonight I experienced the ultimate in cock worship. I'm still down south in the last couple of days handling some family issues, and had a night off. I'd spoken to a fairly handsome-looking older guy on Manhunt last night who sounded *ok*, not fantastic, but this visit has been fairly slim pickings when I go online (not that I have much opportunity to hook up, much as I'd like to). I really wanted to fuck, not get sucked, but all I found on that front was a guy with incredible pix who said all the right things and turned out to be a pricktease. So I figured I'd take what I could get-- I was already getting too pent up to fuck anyone properly anyway after not unloading since Monday. But then Apparently Handsome tells me he's not actually free till today. Which was iffy. But I decided to lie to my family, tell them I was having drinks with an old friend from High School, and get my dick sucked. I didn't know what to expect-- he didn't talk like the cock-crazy cum-gobbler I typically go for. And he wanted me to have my nuts shaved which made me think he was high-maintenance (I did trim my prodigious thicket for him a bit but I like being a hairy dude). But he texted me all day saying he was thinking about my dick, which was a good sign. So at 8 I went out into the gross cold rain and took my chances.

And boy, was I rewarded.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Darkness and Lights

Today I got off in the mouth of a guy who hit me up on Scruff looking rather serious and semisexy, but who in real life turned out to be a rather perky fella who you could easily imagine singing in a glee club. I am back home in my southern home town again, dealing with some pretty heavy family issues, and had a rather grueling dinner with a wayward nephew who needed some straightening out. It was a draining, emotional day, and part of me just wanted to collapse in bed. The other part-- located between my legs-- decided I deserved to be treated to some royal oral service for my efforts down here. Hooking up here is typically insane-- these guys are all closeted, chicken, deluded, and full of shit, and mostly unattractive at that-- but since I am very busy this visit and have little time to hook up, of course I'm getting offers right and left. This guy has been the closest and most enthusiastic about getting the cum out of me-- I find that guys who talk about sex entertainingly can also do it entertainingly, and he was a veritable thesaurus of terms for semen, alternately begging for my cum, seed, juice, spooge, sperm, and jizz throughout my visit here so far. So I figured tonight was his lucky night. He gave me directions to his "other" house, whatever that meant, and I drove out there-- past the subdivision where I grew up, past the big aging mall for the white trash, down some dark roads to a new development full of aughts-style overbuilt houses, and down to the very end of the last street, butting up against some woods, with brilliant stars, planets, and moon hanging overhead. I hoped for the best and knocked on the door.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today I had another go-round with Ultra Meat, who I guess has been really busy lately-- I haven't seen him online at all, and the time or two I asked him to come blow me he was out of town. Today he asked to come suck me and our schedules barely lined up for about 45 minutes in the afternoon, so he came over then. Honestly, I wasn't even horny today, preoccupied with work, some family stuff, and a general free-floating angst. On the one hand, he's so fucking hot I feel like saying no to him is some kind of hubris. But once he was on his way, I was like, I really just kinda don't care about getting off right now. And I started worrying this was going to be the first nail in the coffin with him or something, because I just wasn't that excited, and often a bad or lackluster experience with a regular is what sends thing to a slow, final heat-death. So what happened, Dear Reader? Taking bets now before it's revealed!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Today I got the kind of head I wish everyone could give-- silky, firm, focused, enveloping, constant, eager, incredible head, making every inch of my dick feel like the only fucking dick in the world, pulling my nuts tight up against my body with the ache of pleasure. Who gave me this beautiful, duct-flooding sensation? Why, the Second String Cocksucker, who I led on and then dissed yesterday. He seemed so crestfallen that I wouldn't let him suck my dick yesterday that I told him he could come over today. My partner was scheduled to work and I figured I could give him some of my afternoon. But this morning my partner's boss told him everything was cancelled due to the snow. We thought we had a nice bright, not too cold day to do whatever we wanted together. We had a nice lunch, during which the chain was yanked again and he was called into work anyway. I was a little depressed at this point and not at all horny, but I thought, well, at least I don't have to blow this guy off again; how hard can it be to lay back and let him get his fill of dick, even if I don't feel into it? Turned out not to be hard at all, though I certainly didn't just lay back with him.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Homo Unerectus

Today I came down the throat of a ridiculously good-looking dude, but the overall experience was frustrated by a little penile insouciance on my part. We'd planned a couple days ago to hook up today, but the BIG SCARY SNOWSTORM ended up closing my partner's office, so he was around most of the day trying to figure out what to do, and I kept Crazy Handsome on a string, telling him I wasn't sure when exactly he could come over but I felt sure he could. Eventually my partner got cabin fever and decided to go out. This is one of those cases where I feel a little illicit-- I suppose ideally as soon as I knew my partner was off today, I should have cancelled with Crazy Handsome. But he was unusually into hooking up with me specifically, and the pictures he had, while rather "artful" and "indirect", suggested a fantastic ass and a verrry hot face. So I really wanted to, and left it open. Shame on me. I waited a respectful half hour after I was alone to see if Crazy Handsome was still free, and he was, but then when I told him the address, he stopped replying, finally saying, "I thought you were in Midtown." I guess I left my location there on a4a from when I was volunteering the other night! I thought oh gawd, another Manhattanite afraid of crossing the East River and getting sharkbite. Compounding my wickedness in all this, I had another cute kid on the wire, who hit me up on Grindr last night and wanted to come over and suck my dick. I told him it was a possibility, thinking  Crazy Handsome was just going to let me down. I was shamefully playing them off each other, something I almost never do. So once Crazy Handsome started hemming and hawing, I said a little hello to Second String Cocksucker. Then Crazy Handsome comes back alive and says OK. So now I have to tell Second String Cocksucker today is out. He is annoyed but still after me, saying Maybe Tomorrow™, to which I said yes, We'll See®. And I waited for Crazy Handsome, hoping I wouldn't be disappointed with my choice.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today was one of those days where despite my best efforts of setting up a good fuck, and going to the trouble of also setting up a promising backup, I almost went without ass completely and basically ended up with a consolation prize: a pathetically quick juicing-up of a Not As Cute As Picture latin guy who had porked up a bit but had a party-favor dong, at least 9", that had me drooling. And even that almost didn't happen once I arrived at his Chelsea sty, as I'll explain in a bit, so after a day of frustration I guess I'm lucky I got off at all. But I'm still finding that everyone I get with in 2013 takes my cum! And that's something. I guess. But for the curious, here are the gory details of the day's disappointments.

Friday, February 1, 2013


I just shot about a pint of milk and, I'm pretty sure, half my brain's grey matter out through my tubesteak and into the patient, spectacularly skilled gullet of Tireless Cocksucking Boy. I can barely function because the relentless, insane pleasure has fried my mental circuits and left me pretty much wanting to just stare at the wall while the scorched neurons slowly grow back. But I'll try to make a coherent entry to commemorate the occasion.