web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: July 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today I got a nice note from Cute Son yesterday, thanking me for the load I slathered all over his chest and face. That's class! He said next time he might need me to cum on his asshole, while his legs are spread wide. I told him I would be happy to oblige... that's just another step on the road to getting my bare, oozing dick inside him and squirting the cum where I *really* want it to go. I'm happy to inch my way along with this one, and invest a couple of external loads and hookup sessions that could go to new guys to get what I want. He's so fucking cute.

But... a thank you note for ejaculating on someone ten years younger and a thousand times hotter than me, after he gave me his body to slobber and sweat all over as I saw fit for an hour! What a life!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Today I engaged in a little silly Dad/son nonsense with an absolutely adorable kid in his early 30s. I never thought this guy would really come through; he prickteased me for weeks on Daddyhunt (a site which as far as I can tell is pretty useless for hooking up) and then disappeared completely, then a few months later, reappeared on Manhunt and yanked my chain for much, much longer-- I think we've been talking since winter. I'm about a zero on the kink-o-meter, so roleplay and stuff like that is more likely to make me feel like a numbnuts than turn me on, but something about his approach was appealing; it didn't come on too strong and he was such an arresting mix of youthful/boyish (with a total Teen Beat smile full of white teeth, dreamy green eyes, and very symmetrical face) and manly (hairy body, huge muscular thighs, nice beard, strong nose) that it turned me on to think of him being into me as an older guy. So I indulged him for as long as he kept after me, even though he lives in Harlem and has a partner himself and it seemed like it would never work out even if he truly wanted it to. But today he hit me up asking to come over and suck "Daddy" off (I think I prefer being called Dad to be honest, nota bene) and I told him sure, I would have some free time in the afternoon. I kept expecting to get a text saying "something came up" or whatever, but he showed up barely two minutes late, which is impressive given how far he was coming from. My son is a very responsible young man, you see! He was wearing a tank top that showed off this bulging shoulders, biceps, and huge lats, and I thought, holy fuck, jackpot! I gave him some water, and we chatted a bit, and then Dad showed him how his body works.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Today I was rescued from the tension in my overflowing balls by Little Beard Big Nose, who gamely let me cum in him for the first time, taking the salty, high-pressure load in his mouth this afternoon. I had a bad cold for a couple of days earlier this week, and was totally not up for any sex with anyone, but by Wednesday I really felt the need to find someone to get me off. I've mentioned before that it seems like sites like Manhunt and Adam4Adam are dwindling at bit-- it used to be much easier to hook up on them and they seemed to have a more constant influx of new ass, but the list of new profiles is definitely shrinking each week. For years, if all I wanted was someone to drink the cum out of my nuts, Craigslist was always a reliable last resort-- you had to sift through a lot of chaff in a very inefficient way, but I was typically guaranteed to find someone up to my standards and willing to service me. But Craigslist has become totally useless in the past year or two; it's all people leading you on or behaving inanely now (i.e. thinking I'm going to hook up with them with no picture, or asking me to fist them and spit in their face when I just posted looking for head, yaddayadda). By today I was pretty much out of my mind; I can't really think when my ducts are as clogged with sperm as they were after a week of not cumming. So when Little Beard Big Nose showed up, I took advantage of him. He never let me cum in him before (and was even shy about taking my dick raw the first several times we talked), and I knew I *had* to have this load taken bodily-- I was not going to waste it in a towel. But this time he said he swallows "sometimes", so I invited him over. Ten minutes later he was shuddering in my bedroom and ripping my pants off.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mutatis Mutandis

Today I got some pretty thorough service from an older guy who really looks like someone's Jewish uncle, the one with the jokes. He had a blurry face pic in his profile, so I blew him off over and over for a couple of months, but he just kept coming back for the meat shamelessly, telling me my least-favorite line, "You won't be disappointed." (In face I am very easy to disappoint, most often by the very guys who say I won't be.) This week has really been miserable for me, and today I thought I just *needed* someone to let me lay back while they suckled on my dickhead for a good hour or so, getting me so drunk of my own cock that I didn't care about anything except how intensely my nuts ache to squirt my goo down his throat. I wasn't having much luck, it being Friday, a/k/a/ Official No One Will Fuck You Day, so when Uncle Jew showed up, suggesting we just meet and see if it would work, I decided, what the hell, it's just a lousy blowjob. I needed the kind of tireless sucking he was advertising to help me forget about my stresses for a while and clear my head. So I invited him to my block, and went down to met him in the rain. He looked, as I said, like someone's Jewish uncle with the jokes-- not bad looking, just, very much that. I hesitated, thinking, am I gonna do this? The sky dripped and he waited. And I said, well, ready to suck some dick? And he said yes, and up we came.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Lately I've been under a lot of stress, feeling like a bunch of things are not working out in my favor-- dealing with some financial fraud done in my name, a new personal venture that is starting out badly, and family worries. Today I figured I wasn't even chipper enough to get my dick hard enough to fuck anyone, and I was feeling the opposite of horny. But someone up there really, really likes me and sent me a little gift today. I've said it a million times-- I'm a middle-aged non-built average-looking hairy dude, but for some reason, fantastic sexual favors keep coming my way with little bidding on my own part. And today I plowed an awesome Latino kid, 29 years old, with a tight little 5'6 body (66 inches is rapidly becoming a fetish with me; the more guys I fuck who are that size, the more I want to fuck). He's visiting Brooklyn this month and hit me up out of the blue a couple of weeks ago, but his pix are kind of eh-- his face was nice but wasn't really turning me on, and his body looked hard but a little wide around the middle, a little weirdly proportioned. Like a zillion other guys, his profile said he wanted safe only, and I flatly told him I fuck raw, but he was ok with it after asking some perfunctory questions about my habits and status. His body did look fun to fuck but he was in Brighton Beach and his pix didn't thrill me enough to invite him up. But today he was pretty insistent, again expressed willingness to take my bare bone, and I thought, well, maybe I can fuck the stress away, cum out all that anxiety. And damn if I didn't.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Today I deep-dicked a nicely built Filipino I've spooged in a couple of times before who has an unusual amount of patience. As I've mentioned before, every time we fuck, he routinely hits me up again within a week or two, wanting more juice shot into him. I've told him I don't work that way, that he has to give me some time to miss him a bit, but I guess my bone just hits his little bottom hot spot in just the right way, and he can't help himself. He expresses his disappointment but never goes away for good. He resurfaced again a few weeks ago, and was starting to look good to me again, but not yet, not yet. And he hit me up again earlier this week, but I gave that load to a beautiful new ass in Chelsea. Today, however, is Friday, and for whatever reason it's just about impossible to get laid on a Friday. A cute cocksucker who calls me Daddy and wants me to spooge all over his face and ass was supposed to swing by today, and though I doubted him, I did save up a nice big load to slather him with. He's young and predictably flaked, despite months of rhapsodizing about how beautiful my ejaculations are, so when Filipino Hotbod appeared yet again, with another patient request for my tubesteak, I asked him to travel to me. He was here an hour or so later. Two minutes after that, my dick was in him.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Good, Handsome, Bareback

Today I squirted everything I had into the body of an extremely beautiful Arab guy, with a perfectly muscled physique and a face that would make you cry with its melding of manly, dark features around the scruffy chin and brow, and soft sensuality in the eyes and lips-- a flawless-looking person who I have absolutely no business sweating all over and ejaculating in, with my schlubby middle-aged body and graying beard, but I fuckin feasted on this guy. His name apparently means "The Good" or "The Handsome" in Arabic. And he lived up to his name. And it almost didn't happen at all: Only a bit of luck got me in the position to juice up that beautiful body with my high-pressure, five-day load.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Today I had an awesome time slipping my bare bone in and out of an extremely cute 26 year old, with clear green eyes, sandy hair, nice thick arms and legs, and a seriously beefy ass with the most unbelievably slick insides I've ever felt. Something must be in the air this week-- I was getting hit on right and left on every site out there all morning. I'd considered making it an all-oldies week, and looked in on a couple of regulars who were around but quiet, when Cute And Slick appeared. I am pretty sure he was using someone else's pix-- a more handsome than cute guy with a tight body and an extremely appealing hipster moustache (the whole hipster look seriously tents my pants; it's deeply sad to me that I feel like it's about to be completely over and God knows what they'll move on to next). He said he was looking for safe only, and I figured if I was going to hook up today I was definitely gonna fuck someone skin on skin, but he didn't seem fazed when I told him, and asked me to unlock anyway. He liked how big my cumshots are, and gave me a minimum of fuss, taking a quick shower and appearing within a half an hour. He looked enough like the pix that I didn't think anything about it at first-- mostly I noticed that his tank top was soaked from the walk over, as it's 93 degrees outside today, and so I got him some ice water and we chatted awkwardly a bit. But he clearly wanted to just get to it, so we got to it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Improbably Perfect

Today, continuing this week's developing non-promiscuous, Recycling Old Tricks theme, I fooled around again with Little Beard Big Nose. I didn't have any intention of hooking up today at all really, but during my lunch break, his face showed up in my visits list on Manhunt, and I remembered running into him in a corner grocery down the street a few weeks back, where he was very friendly and happy to see me (not shady like most dudes you fuck are when you run into them in the street), and I remembered how my dick jumped in my pants when I patted his cute little torso as he passed by to leave the store. And seeing his face there on my screen made my dick jump again-- it's automatic with him. Honestly, I bet no one would agree with me about this guy, but Jesus he gets my motor running. He's 5'6 and big-dicked and round-assed and manly-faced and dark-bearded and he drives me crazy and makes me sweat. He's fuckin perfect! For me. I played a little cat-and-mouse game with him but eventually I was like "ok come suck my dick" and in five minutes he was in my bedroom and we were sucking face and ripping each other's clothes off and wrapping ourselves around each other.

I'm Number One!

This isn't a sex post, but I just had to say, it's interesting to see how people get to my blog using the blogger tools you get when you set one up. They'll tell you how many people come from what URLs (thanks, One Hookup At A Time), but they also tell you what search terms people have used to get to your blog. A lot of these are various misspellings of blog top promiscuous, which is not surprising. I like and can relate to adam4adam chicken out, though I tried that one on google and didn't see my site listed in the first several pages of results. A bunch are completely cryptic, like was someone who and steal girl's panties-- I truly have no clue how the latter could get you here at all. But I am pleased and amused to see that I am among the top listings for "cocksucking chair" and "had to cum in him", but, best of all, this blog is the number one google result for "stuck my dick in him". Fuck yeah, man!

Now you know where to go to get a dick stuck in you.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Today I fucked the Cuter Than Picture guy again-- successfully, cleanly, and to copious completion this time, thankfully. He works in a restaurant not far from my place, so I figured it would happen sooner or later, but while he has hit me up a few times since last month, of course I was always looking for a new field to plow, as it were, so I would be noncommittal. Today he hit me up early in the afternoon just being friendly, and the emails rapidly turned sexual, and I was getting turned on by my own explicit, terse descriptions of my cum, his body, and their desired interposition. He wouldn't be free till later in the day, but I think after last week's string of relatively lackluster experiences, I figured there are worse things than being roped into getting your dick sucked and squirting your semen in the body of a very cute guy with a nice body who you've already been with. So I waited for him to come over-- he left work early so we could have more time together-- and we had another awesome time.