web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: March 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


My life is pretty stressful lately and I haven't had much time to myself. What little time I did have wasn't terribly conducive to getting off. So I've been walking around since last week with slowly swelling nuts-- I could genuinely feel them getting bigger and heavier; they're not that big usually but it seems that when I don't ejaculate for long periods, they really do become like heavy, thick figs in my hand if I gently cradle them when I get out of the shower in the morning. They are swelling with salty nectar right before my eyes. I sort of like the feeling, and there is a threshold I reach where the load stored up becomes precious enough in my estimation that only the ideal cocksucker will do to drain it out. Over the weekend I did have a day to myself, and put up an ad on craigslist, something I haven't done in a long time, certainly not successfully, and included a picture of me fully clothed with just my nads hanging out of my fly-- a rather pretty thick but soft piece of meat hanging over a hairy, round, ripe, swollen, perfectly-hanging nuts. I admit the picture even turned me on a little-- like most men, I do feel a great love for my own dick. And this photo seemed to get a lot of attention, but much of it was useless for my purposes. Either the wrong attitude or not my type. One guy wrote me late at night, long after I'd  given up and gone to bed, and he seemed just right: very handsome/bordering on pretty black dude, fantastic body, wrote in full sentences, had a personality even when just asking for my load, and clearly appreciated working for a voluminous ejaculate. This was the guy I wanted to squirt my hot thick semen into. It was just a matter of time.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Today I shot what felt like a very vigorous, healthy, forceful load down the throat of a little whisp of a dude who's been after me for a good while. This was the runner-up cocksucker from my rains-and-pours day a while back. He was annoyed that I chose someone else over him, and yet kept coming back to me once he saw me on Scruff: first with "Hey jerk" then repeated attempts to suck my dick despite being annoyed. I seriously tried but I am not endlessly available to ejaculate in your mouth; invariably when he hit me up I was not free, nor was he when I hit *him* up. Eventually he told me he'd lost interest, and I told him it was fine, I would leave him be. And then there he was again this morning, asking if I was horny. I had a standing offer from the Very Handsome German Nut-Drainer, who hit me up too early for me to be free, and told me he was off today. But I am always desirous of spreading my seed far and wide, so I gave this new kid a chance. But dude is very high-strung… I juiced him up nicely, but I'm kinda sorry I didn't give my load to the German, now.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Come N Get It

A 22 year old Turkish kid with a rather sexy beard hit me up ceaselessly on Mister, Grindr, *and* Scruff for weeks, but said he would never fuck raw, and was after me again today, and the big hairy bottom ape in town who said he wanted to fuck today was AWOL, and it's a pretty day, and I like guys who are very into my dick, and any day is a good day to get off, and Fridays are hard to hook up on anyway, and he lives in the neighborhood, so I said, what the hell, come over and make me cum, and he came over, and I ate his ass and he sucked my dick and I humped his young little body and I started cumming so I grabbed my dick and watched it drip a trail of frustrated, held-back first spurts of my orgasm all over his body as I lumbered mindlessly to his head, and I stuck it in his mouth, and he sucked the head, and I ejaculated the rest down his throat and he swallowed it and I went AAAAAH. That is all.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Girl Can't Help It

So after yesterday's intense suck-and-grindfest, my dick was feeling a little sore. I am *hoping* to fuck my load into a big hairy ape of a bottom who I've been chasing for a year or so on various apps tomorrow. So while I felt pretty horny today, I wanted to sort of preserve my tender meat for what is sure to be an onslaught tomorrow, if it happens-- the dude's ass, like his whole body, is covered with thick black hair. Frequently in the past year or so I've gotten myself into the mood just to suck a big, beautiful dick, preferably one attached to a handsome, hairy, bearded guy. I'm kind of picky about dicks. Many of them are really just not pretty to me. When a dick looks good, it looks mighty good. When there is anything wrong with it, no matter how big it is, I couldn't care less about it. These cocksucking moods are pretty frustrating, because most of the dicks on display online are just not that appetizing to me. Or they are attached to very short guys, which I'm not too interested in blowing (but I will gladly fuck them silly). When I *do* find a good guy with a good dick, or one who is hot enough that maybe I won't care so much about his dick, he's so far out of my league that I just get ignored. Today on a4a I found a guy whose profile I've cruised a few times. He lists himself as a few years older than me, has pictures showing a nice, naturally meaty physique on a rather slender frame, west-coast hair and a really nice, partly-hard schlong, supposedly 8" long. He claims he's "not into average", is versatile/top, and is all about the safe-only thing, so I never really hit him up before. But today, I thought, what the hell. I offered him no-recip head for as long as he wanted it. I even fancied that maybe I'd leave all my clothes on, not even beat off, build up a big load in my nuts, and drink this surfer-dude's load but save mine, and then shoot mine into the ape-bottom tomorrow. I do love to suck dick so this wasn't *hugely* far-fetched. Surprisingly, he was into it, despite my being wholly average indeed, and I thought, this ought to be fun, I haven't done this since I was in my 20s! Suckin dudes off! I ran over there thinking of the pleasure I would take in feeling my testicles swell with unreleased semen production, and how much fun it would be to let it all loose tomorrow in the bottom. But this is me...

About 50 minutes later my raw dick was buried to the balls in this genuinely beautifully hung dude's ass while he beat that giant fuckstick of his to orgasm and then watched helplessly as I fucked myself to the edge of mine, only whimpering, "Don't cum in there." I just can't help it! Even when I *want* to be a submissive cocksucker, I'm gonna end up on top.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Today I spent a long, hot hour tangled up with a meaty asian guy who sucked my dick like he was starving and kept begging me to stay longer. He was also high as a kite-- because I was in Chelsea, of course, and everyone in Chelsea is on drugs. I was working in a coffee shop in the neighborhood because I had an errand to run there at the end of the day. I initially ignored his overtures after he announced he loved "sucking dick and being a boTtom" (ugh), but as the hour of my errand grew closer and I wasn't getting any other good offers, I decided to give him a try. I'm not usually into smooth guys but his body was very nicely built, and he had large handsome features and said his nipples were extremely sensitive. I tried to scare him off by saying I like guys with stamina who will suck my dick for as long as I say without getting bored or tired, but this only made him relentless; he asked how long I had, said he wanted as much time with my dick as possible, asked even before I got there if I could spend more than the hour I promised him (I couldn't), and I decided to give him a try. And he certainly drained my nuts dry, though I came all over his body in thick, gooey streaks that completely coated his belly and chest.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fun and Non-Fun

Why is good sex so freakin FUN? Seriously, you do the same things over and over, there's not a lot to it, but when it's working, it's the most fantastic thing in the world. Tonight was a 180-degree turnaround from something that happened last night that I didn't even bother blogging about, though they were oddly similar situations on paper, and the first experience would have seemed to be the preferable one based on basic parameters. But yesterday was a total bust that left me feeling kind of dejected and depressed, while today I feel like I have a new dick. Who can say?? But fuck, tonight was fun!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Perfect Fuck

I just sent a guy home with a rear end so loaded up with a week's worth of my nuts' semen production that he must be sloshing audibly all the way to the subway. I ejaculated so hard I felt like my urethra would burst right through the meat of my penis-- which was harder than it's been since I was 14. This felt like gold-medal olympic fucking-- not marathon, as with this much cum packed into my nuts for a week, it was a nonstop fight to avoid losing it too soon-- but a long hour of sweaty, relentless penile invasion of his body. And what inspired me to these heights of toppinghood? An unassuming little guy-- nice lips, nice teeth, nice sharp stubbled chin, green eyes and dark eyebrows, but not much of a body--  who nonetheless had the best bottomy attitude online. Fun, enthusiastic, in complete lust with my dick pix and earnestly hungry to feel me pulsing out my sperm inside him, not at all put-on. And he knew how to kiss, and how to luxuriantly stroke my dick through my shorts in a way that made it want to lengthen and harden for him, rather than shrink from an over-eager need for a boner. When I opened the door to him, I wasn't sure how it would go. But as soon as my dick was inside his mouth, I knew I had a winner. There is no substitute for a good bottom, no way to pretend when you aren't. And I rewarded his skill with all the thick hard meat and hot, salty semen he needed. I feel completely satisfied… I almost feel reborn.