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Saturday, January 17, 2015


Yesterday I had the kind of sex I was always having in my 20s, being a still-unconfident little toplet, scrupulously observing safe sex practices and endlessly anxious about losing my erection inside a bubble of latex. These days I rarely bother fucking anyone who insists on rubber-- I forget the last time I did it, it's been years-- and as I was working in the coffee shop in Chelsea (yes, Chelsea) yesterday I approached a nice, normal-but-toned body with a fairly pretty little ass and asked it if it wanted to be plowed and seeded, and was shot down on the raw part, but the owner of the little body unlocked his pictures anyway, revealing one of those faces that I could easily fall in love with. He proclaimed me extremely hot, and said he was rather new to bottoming anyway and from my profile it sounded like I needed someone who could take it for hours, and he "wasn't there yet." I liked his enthusiasm, and I *really* liked his face. So I asked if he'd just like to suck my dick, dry hump, get his ass eaten, have a good time in general. Make no mistake, I really wanted to slide my bare bone in a silky ass and let my seed fly, but a handsome face will get you everywhere with me. And he accepted, and within 15 minutes I had my tongue down his throat and a very stiff boner in my pants.

I dunno how to describe his looks. Very symmetrical face, dark hair, very kissable lips, shapely lips, not too thin, not too thick, a prominent nose, intense dark eyes. And he was incredibly hungry for me. I have not been kissed that way in, well, ever. I think I could have just made out with him all afternoon. He was very tonguey, which I normally don't like, but feeling my own tongue loll against his sensually, feeling our copious sex-charged saliva melding between our faces was incredibly exciting. He wanted to pull all my clothes off immediately but first I had him suck my dick through my fly, because I like seeing my super-engorged choad highlighted against my jeans like that. I got him naked and kneeling and I was clothed except for the piece of meat he wanted to taste. But he was eager and got up and pulled everything off me and just stared at me with open admiration and trembling excitement-- honestly I am nothing to look at naked-- but he was enthralled with all my body hair and touched me all over and kissed me with that starving mouth some more.

It was just really fun.

He did not give good head and did not take direction well-- some guys you just can't feel their tongues and he was one of them. But it didn't matter much. He was so handsome with my meat in his mouth, and we had to tussle a bit because I kept wanting to kiss him-- it felt so deeply satisfying-- and he kept wanting to get my dick back in his mouth. But when I mounted his body and slid my dick alongside his-- he was more hung than me though I confess my dick is prettier-- he submitted completely, wrapped himself around me tightly with all limbs, and a look of complete bliss on his face: eyes closed, neck limp, mouth slightly open.

In the end that's how I came. Reared up and let fly long ropy jets of cum, after we'd built up a good sweat just fooling around like this, like teenagers really. He kept saying "Oh wow, oh wow" as I splatted him over and over with my baby batter. And stared at me intently, glazed with my sexual fluids, thrilled to be coated with me like that, then commanded, "Jerk me off." I eyed a pool of semen on his belly and said, "With that?" and he said, "With that." So I scooped myself up and slicked up his rod and stroked it up and down with long strokes, not sure exactly how he wanted it; it's hard to get a lot of guys off with hand jobs, or get them off at all, really; half the guys I fuck don't even get erections but want to take me or suck me for an hour anyway. But after only seven or eight strokes, he was spurting hotly all over my hand, my arm, the bed. He didn't cum in long hard jets like I do, but he squirted at least as much cum out by the time he was done as I had. He (and my arm) were really a mess.

Very very fun. Simple and fun. I like fun.

Afterward we had a long lively conversation-- I detected a Canadian accent and he laughed and we talked about cities up there, and placed we'd been. He's a nice guy. I'd love to spooge inside him. But he's a good boy.

I'm not. The next bottom is getting stuffed and loaded to the gills!


  1. Love your blog and as always very hot post. Just wondering though, what made you stop using protection? No judgment, just curious is all.

    1. Well, I was monogamous with my partner for about 4 years in the apparently crucial time between 2000 and 2004. When I got back into the recreational sex scene, with all the new hookup websites and craigslist and everything, things had totally seemed to change. The first guy I got with, having heard I hadn't fucked in three years, hopped on my dick instantly and took my load deep inside with complete glee. And even with guys who said they wanted it safe, over and over I found myself slipped inside them skin on skin. Raw ass was so easy and available, and the resulting sex so much more satisfying, that it just became harder and harder to rubber up. I would rather just get blown or fool around like in this post than be covered now. I am not afraid of judgment, really-- I know it's foolhardy risky behavior. But I fucking love it, so there it is. I am always up-front about it with guys, and if it scares them off then that's OK; I don't want to seduce anyone into being risky with me. But I just don't want to go back now.

    2. Interesting. Thanks for the reply.
      By the way i have to praise your writing, because I think you really have a way with words that makes the reading just enjoyable and vivid. Sure you didn't study english/writing instead of math (I think?) which seems to be your field?

    3. Thanks, Anonymous! Nope, I did indeed study mathematics in college. In fact, despite going to a very highly-regarded liberal arts school with an excellent English department, and being rather artistically aware and literate, I managed to get a degree without taking a single literature class (except one I dropped in the second week because the professor put me to sleep). I think I filled my literature requirement by taking a horrid poetry-writing class that was full of embarrassingly bad writers; only three people in there wrote anything you might dignify with the term "poetry", and I was not one of them, though I liked a couple of things I turned in.

      I do read a lot, and always wrote a lot as a kid and a young adult, but now my talent is only on display here, in a secret blog about sexual fluid transfer.

    4. Odd that you came around to barebacking late, as your posts seem to indicate some type of cum fetish, or rather deep pleasure not just from the sensations on your raw dick but also the mental high of "knowing" that your semen was inside the body of another man. Perhaps you developed this "fetish" or compulsion over the years?

    5. I wouldn't say it reaches the level of "fetish" really, though when a guy wants my cum inside him it is *extremely* gratifying. A big part of it is the "naturalness" and "non-wastefulness" of cumming in another dude. I cum a lot, and if I do it outside, it gets everywhere, and grows cold and watery and sad, and it just gets thrown away and seems messy. If I cum in the dude, no muss, no fuss, and there's just that feeling that I've given him something that he really wanted. But if a guy doesn't want me to cum inside him I'm happy to plaster him.

  2. Hmm... For some reason, I see you holding your arm up in the air and running in circles, crying out for someone to get it off you. :-)

    I agree about the stroking off a guy bit. So it makes it more of an ego trip when you tug a couple times and they shoot off while staring intently at you with those eyes of complete adoration.

    You stud!

    1. I totally did sort of recoil when I felt that first glop; you know me well. Total double-standard, I know.

      It's really awesome to make another dude cum. But he was pretty easy all around; it's been a long time since I've been with someone so clearly into me. A very nice ego boost indeed.

      I'm not a stud, but I play one on blogspot!

    2. Man , it drives me nuts when a cute guy is into me. When he lets me go as deep and hard as i want, when he looks into my eyes with lust and does whatever he can to please me ,that is fucking incredible.