web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: November 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wham, Bam, Thank You Crackhead

I'm back in the Big Apple now, trying to calm down a bit from last week's work-and-insomnia-and-suckfest in Lisbon, which was punctuated-- literally the minute I got in line for my flight home, LITERALLY-- by a final disaster due to a change I made days before which only propagated to some automatic system days later-- again, literally the second I was about to be completely unavailable for 8 hours-- making all hell break loose. I got notifications on my phone from the systems that something was wrong, and only had time on my tiny little iPhone to verify that yes, something was sorely amiss, and send frantic instructions to people, some of whom were in the US and would not be up for at least 4 hours, and the new employee I was training in Lisbon who was certainly getting a very warm welcome to the company at 10am on his first Sunday with us. And then I had to get on the plane and shut my phone off and stew for 8 hours, fighting the jet-stream, wondering if there would still be a company when I landed. Of course, there was, and happily, my brand-new colleague handled the situation with flying colors. I was completely fried, myself. Yesterday was a busy day of recovering more fully from the disaster, and today was fairly quiet. So when a hairy, handsome Latin dude up in Hell's Kitchen hit me up on BBRTs right after lunch, I paused. I have been so used to stress and emergencies the past two months, that I felt a reflex to tell him I would love to plow his sweet hairy body and load it up with hot salty fuck-goo, but that I was too busy right then. And then I realized: everyone is done in Portugal for the day. I haven't heard a peep from anyone else. I *would* love to load this guy up with hot salty fuck-goo. Why not just go do it? So I told him I would, and how long it would take to get up there, and he was all "HURRRRRRY I'M SO HORRRRNY" and I told him I'd be there as fast as I could. It does take a while to hike up there, so when I got out of the train he was all "ARE YOU CLOSE ARE YOU CLOSE" and I was. He said, "The door is unlocked, just come in and fuck me," and I said, "Gotta eat that ass out first," and he said, "OH YEAH," and I was at his place in no time. I did let myself in, and I did eat him out, and I did load him up with hot salty fuck-goo, but it all took fifteen minutes, max. I felt ridiculous cumming so quickly, but it also felt fantastic-- like a big fuck-you to all the intense pressure I've had building up since I broke my wrist-- so I laughed and laughed and collapsed on his back. It would take longer to write about the encounter in detail than it took to actually do the loading up with the hot salty fuck-goo, so instead, let me rhapsodize a bit about the way a nicely built dude looks when he is in this position:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

One Last Shot At Lisbon

Tonight I deposited my final load of semen in the last Portuguese throat I will have access to for a while. He was a slightly older, handsome bearded (of course) dude with a slight French cast to his Portuguese accent. He had a monster dong which was regrettably cheesy and uncut, so I kept away from it, and he didn't have much of a body really, but I let him do what he came for, which was worship my dick like it was gonna deliver him to Jesus. And he did that for a long, slow hour. He whined like a baby the entire time. I don't know what it is about this town that makes dudes here so cock-crazy, but no one loves dick like a Lisboense homo. Anyway, he got me higher and higher till I had to pop, and I popped. I was tired after a long day of tramping around neighborhoods and visiting unusual museums, and had to meet my colleague and his wife for one last dinner, one last coffee that lasted way too late, and one last cab ride back to this hotel. Now I'm packing and I get up early to fly back to NYC, where I thought I had it good, but after this week of nonstop nut-draining by very nice looking men, I don't know! How ya gonna keep em down on the farm, now that they've shed a gallon of cum on Lisbon? Or something. Good night all. My balls are tired and looking forward to a bit of a rest.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lisbon is for Cocksuckers!

Geesh. This could get a little dull! Another super handsome, hunky cocksucker came to my hotel room and worked over my unit for about 40 minutes until I was just outta my mind with pleasure and amazement and really incoherent thought and basically had no choice but to squirt all that delight out through my pisshole, and he drank it all down, hooting like a monkey when he felt the volume and the endless pulsing, sucking me too hard now really at that ultra-sensitive time, practically hopping around the bed-- as much as someone tethered to a stationary tubesteak can hop around-- and didn't let go of my poor spent dong until he had sucked and licked every last vestige of my manly flavor off it… only taking breaks to drool copiously all over me from salivary glands that had completely lost control from being blasted with the fluid he's clearly most addicted to. Did I mention that he was super handsome and beautifully hunky? With a beard? And that he sucked the holy living hell out of my dick? I definitely did not expect to be so popular here, or to encounter so many gorgeous available guys. Geesh again!

Monday, November 17, 2014


Today was a long tiring day of cramming a lot of information into a new employee's head; he was rather skeptical of a lot of the way we do things, which I found rather tiresome-- dude, you just started, learn a bit about how things work before you criticize it all-- and at the end of the day I was pretty wiped. My colleague's wife offered to cook dinner for me, which was nice; I saw she had fresh broccoli and all you can get in the restaurants here is fried potatoes with everything. So I definitely wanted to stay. But last night I had set up a cockworshipping session with a handsome young man on Manhunt; he seemed pretty hot to trot and I really liked his face. I would have to rush through dinner to meet him at the time we agreed on at my hotel, but I knew I couldn't do that and accept a home cooked dinner. So I asked him if we could go a little later, fully expecting that to be some kind of trigger for it not to happen. But he seemed OK with it. I had dinner, got some freakin vitamins/roughage, and made it back to the hotel pretty early. When I texted him he said he'd get ready and leave right away. I guess Portugal is being kind to me and my genitals! But in the end, he was a bit heavier than his pictures-- nothing crazy, just far on the cubbish side for my tastes, though he was just as handsome as the pictures, with another one of those beautiful Iberian beards. I met him out front, and we went up in the elevator chatting a bit, and made out in the room, and he sucked and sucked me, and I came in his mouth, and he swallowed me eagerly, and there was a lot of kissing while he made himself pop too-- which was only accomplished by squeezing his nipples alarmingly hard-- but eh. Maybe the other night completely blew the curve for any sex I will ever have again. Or maybe this rather depressing introduction to our new hire has dampened my joie de vivre. But eh. It was nice to get off, but I think I will get a pastry and go to bed. I hope tomorrow goes better with this new guy at work… sigh.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Absolutely Beautiful

I'm in Portugal this week for work. And last night a handsome bearded Iberian dude came over and made me cum so hard I thought my nuts would come flinging out of my shaft whole. I think the men here are extreeeemely attractive and this guy was a perfect specimen: black hair and eyebrows, dense inky beard, glittering soulful eyes, tan skin, sweet sweet sweet ass like a ripe fruit from an exotic tree. Even when you have a lot of sex like me, you realize there are so many components to attraction, and mutual interest, and chemistry, and taste, and when all of it falls into place it feels like a minor miracle. So for a miraculous hour in Lisbon I stuck my dick in this beautiful guy who clearly wanted me as much as I wanted him, who enjoyed everything I did to him as much as I enjoyed everything he did to me. It was absolutely beautiful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Amusing Ironies

Today I was hit up by a "str8" guy on Grindr somewhere in my neighborhood, with a very distant shot from the side of an indoor pool of an OK-ish tall body and a nice-ish face, from what was visible. He would periodically hit me up with "hello sir" or "hi daddy" and claiming to give good head and wanting to meet me now now now, but then would flake away pretty quickly. Admittedly, Grindr is pretty much the worst app out there, hanging, crashing, and delaying messages for hours or days, so it might not just be him. But his profile said "ultra discreet. willing to experience everything" and I don't have a lot of patience with discreet or people claiming to be straight, so I only idly entertained any conversation with him, and only because the picture was pretty nice. Today I really did want some head, so when he appeared I engaged with him a little more seriously. He wanted to see my dick, so I sent him a few shots, and asked if he swallowed, and he said "every drop", and sent along a very handsome face pic. The body wasn't much, but not terrible. And then he said he wanted to suck me long and slow and then "right when ur bat to cum i turn over and u put the just the tip of ur cock in my ass to unload it." Well! That's quite a scenario. I would honestly rather have my dick sucked and beautifully tongue-massaged all the way through my manliest moments of ejaculation, but I thought, well, maybe I can just fuck him like he says at the end. He was so handsome my brain was fogged. He wasn't far and I looked forward to a little amusement for my penis… but any experienced gay dude out there can pretty much already spy the red flags waving like it's May Day in Stalingrad, and they would of course be right.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Before and After

Today I squirted a hefty load of semen which I had spent the preceding 40 minutes desperately trying with all my might NOT to squirt into the thin, sweet body of a guy who I thought was about 27 but I see now, looking his profile back up on adam4adam, is actually 37. And the depth and pleasure of my thrusting erection's strokes felt infinitely more satisfying once I'd shot the load-- lubricated so nicely by the slightly viscous slime I'd deposited inside him-- than before, when something in the electrical charge between our skin kept my dick from making its way inside with that gliding sensation I love so much. And I woke up this morning not even horny, and after fucking the guy, I am completely full of erotic desire for more fucking. Ain't sex funny?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ain't It The Way

Friday I had to do a last minute renewal of my passport for a business trip to Portugal next week. The office is down in Soho so I took advantage of being in a new hood to check out all the apps and hookup sites to maybe attract some new attention. I logged into all of them and waited to get my little blue book. When I was done, I had gotten an unlock from a tall Elijah Wood lookalike-- not really my type to be honest, but he had a sweet, tight little body, thick pec muscles on a rather willowy frame, perfectly matted with a beautiful short hair pattern that made my meat swell up in my pants as I sat there in the federal services building with boners and assholes winking at me from my little phone screen. His giant tool jutting out from that awesome little body didn't hurt any. "What's up, sir", he asked, and when I told him I was looking to get my meat sucked long and slow and have my giant week-old load swallowed, he expressed enthusiastic interest, and told me the cross streets he was at. This was seeming too easy! I gave him my number and asked for his specific address, and he wrote back pretty quickly, telling me he was hopping in the shower and to come up. Work has been as intense and frustrating and stressful as ever lately, and Fridays are never good days to hook up for some reason. This all seemed too good to be true-- my favorite kind of body wanted to plant itself between my legs and drain my nuts and drink me down, and was a ten minute walk away, no muss no fuss, was I just being buttered up?