web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013


Tuesday night was rather amazing. I am down south again, visiting family. We do our celebrating on Christmas Eve, saving Christmas day for lolling around in bed and going out to eat Chinese food. The party lasted until around 1am, when everyone finally went home. My partner and I had put together a bunch of stockings for everyone, though, and intended to wait around till about 3am, to be sure everyone would be asleep, and make the rounds to everyone's house to put up the stockings for a morning surprise. By 2:30 my partner was totally zonked and bailed out, leaving it up to me to do it alone. I crept out into the cold, clear, brilliantly-starred night and started my rounds. I parked away from one sister's house and rummaged around in the trunk for her stocking while my breath made puffs in the air. I have the key to everyone's house, so I could just slipped in, hand the stocking on her doorknob, and run out again. Unable to resist, I checked Scruff and to see if anyone was around wanting to fuck. I know, I know. But lo and behold, a guy I'd been trading emails with since I got here had just written me around 2:30. He was an almost movie-star-handsome guy, rather rubenesquely built, with a huge ass, very thick arms, a little thick around the middle but in these pix he wore it very, very well. I msged back telling him I was out delivering some stockings to my family, and frankly asked if  he would like to suck my dick when I was done. Then I rid myself of the first stocking. When I got back to the car, he had replied, saying I sounded so sweet, and he would be happy to drain Santa's nuts-- he was not far away. I was feeling very fine as I drove off to finish my rounds. I got to my other sister's house, which involved many stockings for her and her kids. Bigass Handsome Dude and I kept up the banter; I packed up the other four stockings in between texts asking if he would drink down my cum. I think he actually said "Oh la la… how soon will you be done?" and I told him about ten minutes. The family has a dog but I did manage to get in there, heard no sounds of stirring, got everything hung on the stair railing, and ran back out to my car down the street. I felt exhilarated with pulling this off-- her kids are teenagers and it wouldn't be at all surprising to have one of them up past 3. Bigass Handsome gave me his address and I drove over, extremely excited about getting my reward for my giving. He let me in, looked just like his pix, and given the late hour, we went right to it-- I pulled off all my clothes and he did the same and got to his knees and, given how long I had gone without getting off and how turned on I was by having exactly what I wanted so freely offered, I couldn't hold back for long. He was definitely a gifted cocksucker, like he'd promised, turning my rock-hard dick to liquid in his mouth as if by alchemy. He sucked me for maybe ten minutes and I came hard, still standing. It was like he was sucking the cum directly out of my nuts with some amazing pneumatic pump. I know I gave him a big load. We kissed goodbye and I told him I'd have to come back some day and sample that extremely ample ass. How awesome! I got back to my mom's and hung the last stocking on her bedroom door and flopped into bed. This is how it should always be!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A New One

Tonight was one of those things I feel like would only happen to me, here, now: I went up to midtown and the ate ass of/got my dick sucked by/raw-fucked and spooged all over a fairly cute, rather meaty-muscular latin dude... on a packing blanket on the floor in the middle of some kind of warehouse stuffed with poofy, sparkly evening gowns.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Easing In

This morning my nuts felt very full from a lot of sexy chat with an extremely cute guy on Scruff last night that went nowhere. I logged on to all the sites and apps and was hit up pretty quickly by a guy on Mister who is apparently normally top but really wanted me to fuck him. He was a little tall and bulky looking, so I wasn't feeling it. My profile is short and sweet on that app, and pretty much only talks about how I'm going to fuck everybody, so I felt I had to explain that I pretty much like fucking smaller guys. But when I proposed he service my unit long and slow and edge me till I popped, he expressed enthusiasm. He was only a block away. Who can argue? It was nice and early in the day so I could get my ejaculation over with and focus on work with a light, cum-free nutsack. He was only one subway stop away, so he was here pretty quick. His pictures online had what I think of as "gay face"-- a certain bone structure, a certain clarity to the eyes, a certain intensity I associate with homos, especially rather piggish ones. He also looked a little Southern in the face in his photos-- not a look that turns me on much, a little too pretty. But in person, he was a big strapping muscular guy, with a booming deep voice, and while he was indeed very pretty, he was also extremely manly, with a thick neck, a salt and pepper beard that was darkest along the line of his firm chin and over his lip, huge shoulders, hands like slabs of steak. The pictures made him look a little fey but in person he was about the dudeliest guy I've been with in years. So of course an hour and a half later he was on his back, whimpering out of control because of the magic I was working on his nips, getting drilled up the rear by my diamond-hard fuckrod, asking me to shoot on his body but taking the first few squirts of extreme high-pressure cum inside that big beefy body. But it took some time to get to this utterly fantastic point!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I just fucked a hard load into Handsome Fuckboy. God, it was good. And given the way things have been going lately, completely unexpected. It was one of my top fucks of the year. I was out till 3 last night, eating an ill-advised cheeseburger and fries right before going to sleep, which woke me up a few hours later banging on my metabolism, and then my dad woke me up at 10 am, calling me from Florida to rib me about the snow we're getting (which is still falling). I felt like crap, hungover more from the cheeseburger than the beer I drank I think, and in absolutely no mood for sex. But I had put Handsome Fuckboy off twice this week and today we were supposed to get together, so I dutifully texted him. He took a while to reply, saying he had a sore throat. At first I was relieved, because I didn't want to waste a lousy fuck on such a great bottom. We pinged back and forth about our disappointment, and then I said, "Well, you could just come over and I could stroke your body and beat off on you!" This seemed to perk him up, and he said, "Well, I guess it's just my throat that hurts; my ass is fine." I felt terrible asking a kid with a sore throat to trudge across Brooklyn in the snow to visit my possibly limp dick, but I just couldn't help myself. The idea of lolling around in the bed with a tight little twentysomething as the flurries blew outside was just too appealing. So I lured him here. And an hour later he was here, and an hour after that he left with my genetic material shot deep inside his guts. Damn!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Why I'm Promiscuous: A Reminder

Today I didn't really want to hook up; I figured I'd save up a bit of a load tomorrow for Handsome Fuckboy, who has been trading texts with me ever since we hooked up about fucking again, but it never works out. Some guy on Scruff got me all worked up about coming over, though, and then had a typical bottom's laundry list of things we had to do including "and then I just walk in and you're beating off" and "can I serve daddy please I like to lick daddy's balls" and blablabla, and asked for detailed information about how to get here, including "how do I find the subway to you" (good lord, he was 5 blocks from it), and then disappeared on me anyway. He was hot, though, and suddenly I really wanted to fuck. I figured it was OK that no one else seemed available-- I feel like I do have a sure thing for tomorrow and being extra randy would only make it better, but I've thought that before and been disappointed, of course. Suddenly Double Scorpio texted me, wanting to fool around. How convenient! I fucking love the dude's body, so I invited him over and he showed up about a half hour later. And I realize I'm just not cut out for lots of quick-repeat encounters with dudes. I think I'm a sucker for the get-to-know, the slow buildup with someone new, the discovery, the variety, the novelty. Like a lot of guys on the second time, Double Scorpio came in, quickly threw off all his clothes and hopped up on the bed and stuck his ass in my face. I think this would appeal to a lot of dudes, but I am not that dude. It kinda all went downhill.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Today I jizzed a gallon down the tentative, gentle throat of a very nerdy, uptight hispanic dude. The really cute guy in Chelsea who made a big show last night of inviting me over for a lunchtime tryst of course ignored my message today asking when. There were no cocksuckers to be found except out-of-towners, who were crawling all over me for some reason. Jerking off with a big ass in my face last night, but not ejaculating, had my nuts particularly swollen and in need of shedding their cum. I was getting absolutely nowhere and about to give up for the day when this hairy, rather geeky looking dude hit me up-- a roommate of mine in grad school used to describe such guys as looking like they'd "really enjoy a baloney sandwich." I knew any number of dorks like this in Junior High, because that was, sadly, my milieu, inasmuch as I had one. My own friends were on the very fringes of tolerability, but *their* friends were just like this guy: players of Dungeons and Dragons, wearers of unflattering glasses, nonstandard weird formal footwear, gargantuan book bags inexplicably stuffed with stuff that I never particularly found necessary to bring to class, and always, always that cast to the mouth, the protruding lips, the visible teeth, the stretched-back ever-present grimace that shows just how difficult it is for these creatures to live in this world. This guy had all this and more. But he wanted to suck the juice out of my dick, and there was something about his face that, in my cum-drowned brain, tickled a nerve somewhere; maybe if you put your thumb over this or that part of his face, he'd be kind of cute. Maybe. Honestly I just wanted to get off in another dude and he was ready and willing to drink me down. So I invited him over. And while it was not a stellar hookup, something about him really did have my dick hard as a fucking rock and singing.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Choose Wisely

Tonight was a bust. My partner had to meet his brother for a dinner uptown, so I had the evening to myself. I decided to have a little dinner in Manhattan and see if advertising myself online as being in that location would improve my prospects for hot raw ass. And did it! I had a lot of guys hitting on me as I ate a big gooey Bareburger (ironically enough). Which put me in the dreaded position of having too much choice. Many of the dudes who hit me up and seemed game dropped away in the middle of conversation, never to be heard from again. The most promising dudes were (1) a monstrously built dude with giant meaty buttocks, a Zeus-like slab of torso who was excited and scared by the idea of my cumming in him, about three blocks from where I was wating; (2) a very handsome hung dude who I've hit on a zillion times and who always ignores me but suddenly tonight wanted me to shoot my wad in him, a short subway ride away in midtown; (3) a regrettably frog-faced black dude who had a seriously hot body who was a couple blocks in the other direction from skittish Zeus. I really wanted to fuck Midtown Hottie-- the Built Black Frog had a much hotter body, but I know that face trumps body. But I really wanted to eat out Skittish Zeus's absolutely heroic ass, too, and he had a really hot beard and a nice face. Decisions! Decisions! Why did they all have to hit me up at once?? Froggy and Zeus were easy walking distance. So I played them off each other. Skittish Zeus said "Can you just wait five minutes?" at the critical moment, so I decided he was just too freaked out by all my cum-talk and was not going to come through, so I gave the Built Black Frog a text to get his address. Of course right at that moment, skittish Zeus said ok, I could come over, but only if it "wasn't long and dragged out." Not the way to my heart. I told Skittish Zeus that quickies were not my thing and, figured I'd waited too long to get back to Midtown Hottie, settled on Built Black Frog. He really was not cute, but at least he was eager to take my load and had a beautiful body that would be great fun to pound into the mattress. I trotted over. And was instantly sorry.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Well Enough Alone

Greed and hubris will be punished! Today I slipped my raw meat into a rather older guy, well into his 50s, who had a cute little body and a big fat dick, but longish gray hair and a big walrus mustache which together made him look like a diminutive Mark Twain with floppy 90's heartthrob hair.  I really was not attracted at all in person; online he had the stache but looked a little more solid; in person his features were rather fine and delicate, not something that turns me on. I am not sure if he was into me, either, or was just one of those extremely awkward, not-very-present guys who kinda don't know how to act during a hookup. Still high on yesterday's afterglow, I could only think of getting another notch in my belt-- finally getting to seed a nice little ass, which this guy displayed nicely in his pictures. So I soldiered on with that aim, thinking it would be amusing to recount the story of that time I jizzed inside Mark Twain while staring at his ludicrous mustache. But I should have left well enough alone and kept yesterdays hot hot sex as my lingering erotic memory.

Friday, December 6, 2013

What I've Been Missing

Tonight my sweet potent cum was wasted on a towel… but damn, it was fun: an hour, hour and a half with a handsome little 5'6 critter: sweet hairy little body; rather swarthy, Mediterranean face; unusually big hands (why is that so fucking hot?); nice salt and pepper beard; aquiline nose, intense eyes, stark manly eyebrows. Nice thick tool, actually, big fuzzy nuts. Liked a light touch, especially on his ears, but constantly offered the side of his neck for me to gnaw on while I mimed fucking the stuffing out of him with my hips. Bottoms: show a top what you want nonverbally but sexily like this. My dick swelled every time he did it and I couldn't keep my mouth off him. We had intense, fantastic chemistry. We both agreed we'd have to fuck for real in the future. But he has always been very clear about his desire for safety, and I admire the fact that he wasn't scared off by my equal and opposite clarity to get as much of my anatomy and body fluid inside him with nothing between us as possible. He was still willing to do what we could together to have a good time, and so I figured I should be willing to meet him halfway. His body was built for a bigger guy like me to fucking pummel into the mattress. He's the rare dude I'd totally be willing to rubber up for. But I wonder how many other awesome experiences I'm missing out on because I always insist on getting my cum or naked dick in a dude? It's a dilemma.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mind Fucks: 1 Ass Fucks: 0

Tonight I fed a big wet pulsing load to a painfully cute guy. There's cute and then there is cute; some guys anyone would think were cute, and then some guys were made cute specially for me. This was that kind of guy. A little dorky but also very manly, big nose, handsome beard, handsome hairline, deep eyes, beautiful neck (it's a real thing for me), big hands despite rather spindly arms, strong hairy legs, a nice-framed torso that is not gym-sculpted but merely built on great bones. And speaking of bones… his wang was something ancient Greeks would build a statue of and worship. At least two inches longer than mine, straight as an arrow, at most a fraction of an inch thicker-- so that holding them together and jacking them made us look like twins-- beautiful fat hairy nuts. But just a huge fuckin dick. The drawback was he's 6'2, which is typically way over my height limit except for oral service, and he insisted online over and over on getting fucked and seeded. The height and his pictures were not doing it for me-- he looks nothing like them, except the first public one; the others were kind of weird and not flattering. The gigantic tool was not prominently featured. He demurred when I asked for a rear view so I had no idea what I'd be working with. I really wanted to get off, and the guy I was supposed to fuck tonight bailed on me, so I was horny and frustrated. I kept trying to steer him to the servicing proposal, but he just really wanted to get fucked. Other guys that I really would like to fuck for sure were hitting me up but not being as solicitous. I wavered and knew I would suffer if I didn't take a sure thing. So I made a deal: if he sucked me and kissed me real nice, I'd stick it in him and juice him up at the end. This seemed to satisfy him. He wanted to take care of a few things and then take a shower before I left, "30 minutes max," so I prepared to be flaked on. But he also asked for more pix, which I sent-- a bunch of juicy cumshots that I hoped would keep him interested. He sent back some doughy, uninspiring pictures of himself that showed his dick  but again did not showcase its MONSTROUS LENGTH AND FORMIDABLE BEAUTY. And then, a bit later, he told me he was ready right when he said he would. So I drove over. And instead of the ass fuck he insisted we do, I got a mind fuck instead. But oddly, I wouldn't class this as a failed encounter… just a weird one.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hot and Fast and NOW

Today I sexed up and cum-glazed the sweet hairy little body of a very cute latin dude in an intense session that was just ridiculously fun. While most guys clearly expend considerable efforts making their online photos as attractive as possible (me included), this guy was definitely underplaying what he had to offer, except for the big fat upward-curved, rock-hard dick in one of the pictures. I've been very cocksucky lately, and really just wanted to get off this today, so when he hit me up really early this morning, I thought hm, at the very least I can suck that pretty monster a while. I knew we'd talked some over the past year or two, verrrry occasionally, and he didn't have "Safe only" marked on his profile, so I thought maybe I could fuck his hairy, average-lookin body too-- I couldn't remember what we'd ever talked about and he wasn't buddy listed. I noticed he said in his profile he was a double Scorpio. I'm a Scorpio myself, and always find it weirdly arousing to fuck my own sign, although in general I find a lot of Scorpio dudes to be a little annoyingly over-demonstrative sexually, as if they believe their own press a little too much. But of course astrology is a bunch of crap, so I threw caution to the wind, not knowing exactly what to expect, and told him I would be free sometime in the afternoon if he wanted to suck me off, and asked for a number to text. He complied, saying maybe he'd be free at 4:30. It all depended on my partner's schedule-- I rarely hook up on Sundays-- but I said I'd try. As it turned out, I have a foot problem that has be stuck pretty local for a week, and my partner had a ton of errands to run, so once he'd left on his way, I texted Double Scorpio, expecting not to hear from him at all. Surprisingly he replied instantly, saying he was in Chinatown and could be here in an hour. I told him sooner was better, and he said ok, 35/45 minutes. And he showed up just when he said he would. That's service! And wow, he was cute!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Long Time Coming, But a Short Time Cumming

I'm always amazed at how you can spend years trying to fuck somebody, literally years, and still never get your dick in them. There's a little guy with a seriously meaty ass and, at least in pix, a sweet little 5'8 body in the neighborhood who has been hitting on me, and then I on him, literally since I moved to NYC four years ago. He appears and disappears, comes on strong and then goes cold. He also has a partner and so that makes logistic doubly complicated, of course. But eventually you put someone in the Never pile, take them off your buddy list where they have lingered forlornly for way too long, and typically, lacking my stamina and appetite for nonstop seed-spreading, they drop off the sites all together. And this guy was gone for at least a year, seems like. But he reappeared last week, when I was crazy busy and my nuts had no outlet but just kept churning out more and more useless, unloved cum. I winced as I had to again turn down his advances two days in a row, figuring he'd give up on me yet again. But I love fuckin dudes that size, so I added him to my buddy list again and decided to make a priority to pin him down and juice him up and send him home overflowing with my liquid pleasure. I was up late all night doing emergency work so I felt comfortable taking it pretty easy today. When he appeared online late in the afternoon, I told him I wanted to fuck him. He said he'd just made plans with another dude, whose screen name he rather indiscreetly told me, and who of course I immediately looked up, and who looked extremely hot-- I had just cruised him on Manhunt-- so I felt like there was no competition. So I wished him a good time with the muscly hung stud. But fifteen minutes later, the bottoms said the hot dude stopped responding, and so he told me he'd come over to my place, but then I got, "I just need to walk the dog first." Riiiight! Keep on shopping, dude. I had a couple of guys sniffing around me on line-- maybe my dry spell is over-- so I figured whoever could commit to taking my raw dick first would get it. Surprisingly, it turned out to be Local But Impossible Bottom! He came through after all. He only lives about 8 blocks away, so he was here pretty quick after that. He was considerably chunkier than his photos, which made my heart sink a bit. But I was very horny so I told him we should get down to it, and I led him back to the bedroom and I fucked my sponge into him good.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Deep Throat, On Film!

I'm not a big fan of guys who are all about deep-throating-- all the tingly nerves are in my fat fleshy dickhead-- but today, I had a guy come service me who clearly had prehensile tonsils. He took my fuckstick all the way down to the hairy root and managed to tickle the whole length of my bone AND my throbbing dickhead with some strange muscle deep in his esophagus. If I could have my greedy way, dudes would tongue the best spot on my dick, right under the cumhole, for two hours and make me numb. But this guy did something I didn't even know I wanted, for about 90 minutes, till I was practically crying from pleasure overload that would not stop. And my dick fired till it felt like my spine was going to shoot out. I am now very, very calm as I write this. AH!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Head or Tail

Tonight I foolishly agreed to spend more of my precious seed in Chelsea, despite constant disappointment with the guys there. I got a home HIV test today and for whatever reason a negative result always makes me instantly want to squirt my juice into a new hole. Who knows what's up with that. It's like blowing a Christmas bonus, I guess. I have noticed a decided uptick in interest in my online profiles on all apps and hookup sites since I changed my age to 45-- somehow I knew this would happen, as 45 is a more appealing number than 43 or 44 are, somehow. I figured I'd either totally expire or suddenly get hit on by a ton of guys in their 20s. And that's exactly what happened. But a lot of them are flaky, and the guy I fucked my wad into today was himself in his upper 40s. He had very hot pictures, a very nice muscular smooth body, a rather pouty face with a good bit of character to it. Awesome legs and a rather small but totally fuckable ass. We first talked over the weekend, when I was marooned on Long Island because the train going into Manhattan wasn't running at all. I said all the right things and got his motor running but couldn't seal the deal without an hour of travel time on some crazy alternate route. So he hit me up this morning, asking when I would come dick him down. I told him I'd do it after work. He said it was perfect. I was out of my mind horny the whole rest of the day and couldn't stop looking at his picture and thinking, wow, I get to mount this body, I get to stick my dick in it, I get to eat that ass and flood it with my ejaculate. What a life! But of course…. it being Chelsea and all…

Sunday, November 17, 2013

That Raw, Tempting Fruit

Today I wet my greedy bare bone in the tall, shapely body of a really handsome dude I spoke with on Scruff a bunch over the summer when I was in San Francisco for a week. He lived very close to where I was staying, and he was interesting to chat with-- knew how to impressionistically convey his breath of musical knowledge without banging me over the head with it; used multisyllabic words; replied in a timely and meaningful fashion... which are all exceedingly rare on those stupid apps-- and he had a really nice hipster look to him, scruffy in the face but with that slick schoolboy/Hitler youth hair. He was 6'4, though, and very thin and maybe too hairy even for me, and I'm pretty sure made it clear somehow he was safe only yadda yadda. There was no shortage of compact, muscular, cum-craving sluts out there to work on jizzing in, so I kind of kept trying to direct our chats back to the friendly, but he was pretty aggressive in pursuing me. In the end I was too busy with my nephew and inseminating whoever I could wherever I could out there, and so he never sucked my dick. But he said he'd be in NYC sometime in the fall and kept in touch all those months. And then suddenly, a few days ago, he was here, barely half a mile away. We tried to hook up a couple of times, in the brief moments I've had free, but it never worked out. I didn't really expect to get off this weekend, so I wasn't too upset, but today when I found myself home alone for a few hours, I texted him, asking what he was up to. As it happened he was at that very moment walking about four blocks from my house, on the way to the next neighborhood up. Within ten minutes he was on his knees sucking my still-soft dick-- I couldn't get hard making out with him, he was too freakin tall and tight-lipped-- and, wonder of wonders, he was the type of cocksucker who really works to find a top's buttons, and he found mine. When he happened upon the right thing, he instantly noted the subtle change in my meat, the infinitesimal swelling that a single tap of that spot with just the right pressure brought about, and then he was really doing it right, and enjoying the pleasure of feeling my meat swell to like five times its flaccid size-- I was hardening beautifully in his mouth and melting into the sensation of being serviced and he was whimpering with pleasure. He was so handsome-- salt and pepper hair, a little floppy now on top, dark wide eyebrows, an extremely patrician nose, eyes the color of Coke bottles against the sky, luxuriant beard on his handsome angled jaw, and, best of all, a mouth full of my oozing, horny dick. It was time to lay back and let him seriously do his thing.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


So it's been almost three weeks since my last hookup-- and, as I've vowed only to cum in or on other dudes, that means I went that long without an orgasm. In part it was due to constant visitors, and too much work, and trips out of town. But in part it was also a break from all the ridiculousness you put up with when you're aiming at having multiple hookups a week with a steady supply of new guys. The pickings have been extremely slim-- even other guys on Manhunt seem to be complaining in their profiles about dry spells and a lack of guys who seem serious about hooking up. Seems like something is in the air. I've tried to arrange a few things and been prick-teased and flaked on, even by old standby regulars who are always begging for my dick, so after a while, I decided to give myself a break from it all. Oddly, the pressure in my nuts was not that great; after a while I almost felt a little liberated from those wrinkly little bastards. In the meantime I had a birthday and reflected a bit on what the future holds and the role that tons-n-tons of sex has in my life. I'm not sure I feel the drive to hook up as much as I used to, and wonder if hitting my late 40s is going to slow down availability, too. But then today, on Growlr, I was hit up by a very cute, tight-bodied little 22 year old, who pretty much set up a hookup in minutes, acquiesced to my desire to be serviced and not fuck him-- I figured after three weeks I'd pop instantly if I stuck my dick in an ass-- and then ran over and was in my arms within half an hour or so. I guess my new age only makes me more desirable to the kids? That's what Buddy Bear's experience seems to suggest. I never much had a taste for guys this young, but if they're all like this kid, I'll take it. And wouldn't you know-- despite my pent-up situation, I managed to last almost an hour through quite good head and extremely pleasant fondling, and to stick my raw dick in him AND fuck the cum out of him, literally hands-free fuck him into orgasm-- all without popping till his dick was oozing a thick steady stream of deep-prostate-orgasm cum. And then I shot a fat tadpole of goo on him for good measure-- not sure whether he wanted me to cum in him or not. Not a bad welcome to 45, and not a bad end to my hiatus!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cocksucker Blues

I often repeat on here that I love being a top, and I do-- for me, my overflowing, tender love of the male face and body leads to a reflexive desire to ram my turgid meat into it over and over and over. It's a beautiful thing. I'm not on some trip to be more masculine than I feel inside, I'm not interested in having a slave to cater to my whims or submit to me. I just love dudes, that fuckin them is how I express it. But despite all this, perhaps surprisingly, pretty much my favorite part of the male body-- with close runners-up being the hands, legs, nose, and shoulders-- is the dick. I'm a top, but I'm still gay! There is nothing more beautiful and more mesmerizing to me than a beautiful dick. I love fucking hung guys, especially when they stay hard during the fucking, so I can admire their piece while I'm reaming their backside with my own. I love checking out a dude's ass, but if a guy has a strongly visible dick straining against his pants, I will be rapt and completely unable to take my eyes away. When faced with a closeup of a particularly beautiful one on some porn blog, hidden among all the writhing bodies and limbs and ecstatic, handsome faces, I stop and just stare at it helplessly. I really love cock. This started when I was very young-- some of my earliest memories, weirdly enough, are of looking around at everyone IN CHURCH (back when my mom was still taking us, and going herself), and wondering what all the men's and boys' dingalings looked like (that was the word of choice in early 70s South Carolina, where I was living when I was very little). I gazed endlessly at the bulges of the hairy dudes in the underwear ads in People magazine in the early 80s. And before I ever actually had sex with anyone, I felt sure I was a bottom; I was attracted to nothing as much as a huge hairy dude with a giant prong and figured I just wanted such dudes to ream the fuck out of me. Well, things changed once I started getting my hands on dudes.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

...And Non-Performance

Then again, sometimes sex just fucking flows. There is nothing between your pleasure and your body and your partner's body and your partner's pleasure. And today I got that with The Really Handsomelich German Cocksucker. I spent the morning cruising for raw ass and waiting for a very late contractor to show up and give me an estimate; no one much was biting so I went to get lunch on the southern end of my neighborhood, not far from TRHGC's place, and he saw me close by on Scruff and invited me over to get my dick sucked. I back-burnered him a little bit as I had my lunch-- we are having sex an awful lot lately-- and then got played on Manhunt by a hot ass in Chelsea who was not for real but got me seriously boned right there in the restaurant. So I figured, what the hell, I'll go let this extremely good looking guy take care of my needs. And it was awesome, despite being like our fifth or sixth time hooking up. There is just no substitute for good chemistry. And good looks.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Last night I spent an hour and a half with legs splayed, arms outstretched and slack, head tipped back, eyes closed, cock turgid, while a hairy cumfreak slobbered all over my groin, eagerly getting me close to orgasm, then obeying when I said to back off, waiting to sense the feeling had subsided, then working my dick again to the precum-ozzing brink, over and over. I came so hard when I finally gave in to the pleasure that my balls were sore for almost an hour afterward. Dude cleaned me out completely.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Today was another of these I-really-just-need-to-get-off days I've been having so many of lately; I was out of commission all last week with a crazy allergy/cold combination that seemed to engulf the entire east coast, and work has been pretty brutal, so my poor testicles have been overloaded indeed with their daily production going unspent for over a week. Infuriatingly, a very good-looking guy who hit *me* up on BBRTs, sent *me* his number, asked *me* if he could come over immediately, and told *me* he'd be over in 10 or 15 minutes, suddenly clammed up, and when prodded 20 minutes later told me "Oh I'm still waiting for them to bring my car up." I pointed out that he'd told me he was leaving quite a while before, and he said, "I did leave, my car just isn't ready." Of course then I never heard from again; are these people also lying to themselves, as well as me? Did he really think he was still coming, and just waiting for his car to be "brought up" (from below the earth's mantle, apparently)? Ugh! But this frustration put my horniness into overdrive. Unfortunately, work was still busy and no one was biting. Towards the end of the day, I hit on a furry, extremely cute, visiting British guy in Hell's Kitchen. We did some back and forth, and he demurred on a raw fuck, saying he likes it but prefers to know the top better first. I thought I'd scared him off, but I told him, "Hell, I'd be happy just making out with you and humping all over you-- you're extremely cute." He rather unexpectedly took me up on my offer-- he was of a type that is never interested in me, so I was surprised. His hotel was waaaay on the west side, about 4 long blocks from the nearest subway. He said as long as I could get up there in enough time for him to be ready at 6:30 for dinner, I could come by. I wavered back and forth-- it was far to go and I had to meet my own partner around that time as well, but had a lot further to go than my Brit friend did. I don't do well with time pressure. He'd said Thursday or Friday were also options, but I thought, if I don't fool around with this guy now, I probably never will get another chance. Feeling irresponsible, I told him yes. He texted me the details and I ran to the train.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Tonight I went up to Murray Hill to juice up the body a little latin guy, maybe 5'8, who has chased me for a month or so now, setting up times in the near future when I can fuck him, but who never knows who I am when I text him, and typically never replies once I remind him. Today was going to be his third chance, and this I only was giving him because his picture was awfully handsome in a new way-- I have never fucked a guy who looked quite like this, somehow. Not my usual type but quite appealing. He'd told me yesterday he'd be off today at 5:30 and wanted me to do him. I replied this morning saying I would text him around then if I was free. And I did, and predictably, to my irresistible "Hey wanna fuck" text, he replied, "Yes! Who is this?" (which is hilarious; how many of us get random texts asking us if we want to fuck, right when we want to fuck, but we have no clue who it is?). I told him who I am, and this time he sent me his address. So I ran up there. And, of course, this being the theme for the week, it was not the guy in the picture! He was nice enough looking, not quite as glamorous as the picture but nice enough, and had a very cute little body that I really enjoyed wrapping my considerably bigger bulk around and feeling up as we made out very nicely. But the ass definitely wasn't his either, which was a bit of a disappointment, and led to a fairly mundane fuck. But he turned out to be a nice guy, during our long post-coital chat, and as I left him and went back to the subway, I felt that deep satisfaction only a top can feel when he has deposited his semen in yet another dude in yet another locale. I love getting off in other dudes and leaving them with my cum inside them.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Fucked a Kid in Elmhurst, Just to Watch Him Cum

I just deposited an intense load of semen in the ass of a 24 year old Persian kid in Queens-- an ass that would make any top weep with pleasure and longing-- after sweating copiously all over his lithe, tight body for an hour. He was so sensual, so open to pleasure, and so exotically handsome that my dick ached and throbbed and oozed the entire time, and after my orgasm I felt my body still trembling, all the way through the shower I took to get the sweat off, through dressing, and walking back in the car to sit in traffic home. Literally shaking. "I want to do this every day," he had whispered into my ear at one point, while I was heaving my hairy dad's body against his thin hairless boy's body, and I whispered back that I could fuck him all night long-- and I could have, if the pleasure wasn't so great that I had to spend the whole time inside him fighting an epic battle with my testicles about what to do with my burning spooge. This was one amazing fuck, the kind I am always searching for, the kind that makes lesser sex seem downright ridiculous and pointless. And to top it off, it was all these things despite happening in the house of a friend of his, whom he was "cat sitting" for, on a futon in the crappy cluttered living room, separated from the hallway and kitchen only by a flimsy fabric screen, while the friend's roommate was home, going back and forth from his bedroom to the kitchen, cooking a hamburger with onions, having two full telephone conversations, and washing dishes-- all to the tune of a crappy blues band on the television on some public-access channel, which the Persian kid had put on to cover the sounds of our rutting (I doubt it did). I am supremely distractable and can lose my erection because of an ice cream truck passing, but this was so intense, so fantastic, that a bubble of fuck energy surrounded us and I never missed a beat, diving deeper and deeper into him, deeper and deeper into sexual ecstasy, despite this worldly nonsense. God, what a beautiful fuck!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Birds and Bushes and Sure Things

Today I had assumed I'd be fucking someone on BBRTS who hit me up repeatedly during the week, after we planned a Saturday afternoon fuck, checking in and talking about how much he was looking forward to hooking up today. As I promised I texted him this morning to see if he was around-- despite not feeling very horny because of insane allergies dragging me down. He replied to the text 20 minutes later asking for my screen name, and then never replied to that. What is with dudes, what's the point of all that? Perhaps I was just an iron in his fire. Of course, I've done that to others, too, in a sense, though if I say I'm going to hook up at fairly specific time on a specific day, I'll come through. He was not actually online all morning, even while he was texting me, but I can only assume he went with some better bird in some more alluring bush. Other dudes who on various apps expressed great interest in having sex with me the first time we talked, but who ignored me that last time I propositioned them, had messaged me at 1:30 or 5:30 in the morning. I guess I am a bird in many hands, a pot on many back burners! Deciding not to be like this, and instead go for a sure thing, I took up the very handsome German guy's standing offer to blow me today. He's been after me quite a bit ever since our assignation a few weeks ago, apparently reminded of how intoxicating my sex organs are. I always feel a disappointment all out of proportion when I end up hooking up with a regular, but he is just extremely handsome and his lanky body is so lovely to look at and touch that I said sure. He came over about an hour later and we had sex for about an hour and a half.  I'm wrung out and certainly no longer feeling disappointed!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today I glazed the belly of a tall, average-built and average-looking Dominican guy with about a pint of milk-- I realize now it's been a week since I got off, but the time flew by with work being so busy that I didn't have much chance to cruise or get off. This fella replied to an ad I placed a couple of weeks ago, but someone else had gotten to me first. I hit him up today despite knowing that guys who are raring to go one day on craigslist are frequently completely uninterested on another, for whatever reason. They only liked my pix because they had on horny goggles? They feel like they somehow already had sex with me even though we did nothing but exchange 4 emails, and thus have moved on to new, more alluring meat? Who knows! But the guy did write back, then text me, then sound a little confused on the requirement to spend some quality time on my unit ("I thought you just wanted a blow," he texted, clearly unaware of who he was dealing with here), then kinda sorta convince me he could go a reasonable distance, then drop on me his need to walk his freakin dog. He was just on the edge of my neighborhood, and I am still really too busy to do much searching around for ass, so I told him to text me when he was done. Almost an hour later, just when I was about to give up on him and search in earnest, he texted me that he was on his way. He showed up fairly soon, looking ok enough in the face; his body was nothing special and while his ass did look rather substantial in his jeans, it wasn't turning me on like the naked rear view he'd shown me in email. I prepared to be disappointed, but decided it was a chance to get off, and led him to the bedroom. And then I felt his body heat!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Impeccable Service

Today I was feeling a little blue-balled. I haven't unloaded since Friday, and yesterday a couple of guys including the big burly dude who sucked the crap out of me a while back offered to get me off in various ways, all needing to hook up "a little bit later" and then never getting back to me; the anticipation makes my nuts churn out extra cum but then I didn't get my outlet. So today I figured I would dangle out a Craigslist ad to try to maximize the chances I could get my rocks off. I only asked for head, but made sure to specify what kind of head I'm looking for-- a long, slow, epic session with a cum-hungry cocksucker who would not get bored or tired till I was satisfied. I got a decent crop of replies-- Craigslist has been utterly useless lately-- and ended up having a game of Cocksucker Chicken, playing a fairly cute latin guy with a heartbreakingly fine ass against a rather scrawny little nerdling with very nice body hair and an excellent attitude. After a few emails with each I texted them both and figured whoever got back to me first would get the cum-- and I was hoping it was the latino. But it was the scrawny dude, but a matter of something like 10 minutes. A bird in the hand is worth two hot asses in the bush that never come through, so while I kicked myself a little, I stuck with my commitment to him. He was coming from way across Brooklyn, so it took him forever to get here, and while he was traveling I got still more very promising offers from very cute guys who claim they'll take rainchecks. I figured, this little dude better be worth it. When he showed up, I could tell from the video intercom that he was even scrawnier and nerdier than the pix. My heart sank, but I figured, he came all this way, give him a chance.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Brooklyn's Finest Ass

I just injected what I am now convinced is Brooklyn's finest ass with about a quart of my semen. This ass is truly perfect and the owner seems to know it-- he knew exactly how to hike it up, exactly how to pull apart the cheeks, exactly how to put it on display to ideally appeal to a top like me. I've fucked him before, but it was a good while ago. He occasionally would hit me up asking to tag-team bottoms with him; he often advertises himself as a top but if that were true it would be a grievous sin, because this ass is museum quality. And it just went home loaded up with the fruits of a very intense orgasm on my part.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today, after being out of commission for several weeks, the ridiculously handsome German guy from last year sucked my dick until I popped-- releasing three weeks worth of pent-up orgasmic energy (as well as the extra volume that comes with long periods of abstention). I always cum a lot but today it was down his throat, all over his beautiful face, in three wads on the wool carpet, and coating the shaft of my dick with that distinctive-smelling slime, which he happily licked off as he made his own big uncut dick cum all over his tight, smooth torso. They say that when a man saves up his ejaculate, he is more energized, more focused, more intense in his regular life; spilling seed is like spilling vital essence. Well, this is the longest I've gone without getting off in years and years, and I am here to tell you, if you want to be truly energized and focused, you should have as many extremely good looking men working to drain the semen out of your nuts as possible. I feel light as a feather since he got me off.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Too Soon!

Today I had various kinds of fun with a meaty, handsome fella, but my nuts just freakin popped after barely half an hour! Stupid nuts! Even more frustrating, after I came he managed to tell me, through gritted teeth, while furiously fisting his meaty tool and looking down at his hairy torso streaked with the wet evidence of my testicle's perfidy, "I told everyone at work I'd be back in two hours!" A man after my own heart, and I wasted a quickie on him! Stupid nuts!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Today I slipped my raw bone up inside a tight-bodied little black dude-- he felt like he was maybe 5'7-- but full insemination was pre-empted by a series of mishaps that left me unloading my juice down his throat instead. My nuts were very full from not being drained since last week's religious experience, so it would probably not have been a satisfactory fuck of the type I like to have-- long, deep, intense, sweaty, epic-- and I'm happy I got to feel his slick warm body from the inside at all. I had intended to lay back and let Tireless Cocksucking Boy work his magic on my unit, maybe even getting two loads out of me in succession. He and I spoke briefly yesterday about him coming over today at noon, but when I texted him he never replied. Harumph! I figured he would at least have told me he was sorry but couldn't make it. After all the fuckjuice I've fed him, this is how he treats me! A bunch of other guys prickteased me online and then Tiny and Tight reappeared on BBRTS. He has a vaguely cute hipstery look about him online and his body looked insanely shapely, though his face wasn't much of a turnon for me. But today he convincingly expressed a willingness to do whatever it took to satisfy my aching nuts, and I'm a sucker for a sucker who has a good rap, so I ran over the Bed-Stuy to give him the what-for.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today I had the honor of helping a guy in a relationship of five years cheat for the first time, though I didn't know this until after the fact. He pursued be on Daddyhunt rather aggressively, and I suppose I should have known something was up; his profile only showed a hairy chest picture, and in private chat he would only show the left half of his face. It always amazes me how people think doing things like this, or wearing sunglasses or a hat, will actually keep someone who knows them from recognizing them on a homo fuck site. On the contrary-- anyone who knows you will immediately recognize you in a hat or sunglasses or cut down the middle; only dudes who are contemplating sticking their dicks in you for fun are thwarted by these ruses. But the left half of his face was pretty manly and nice looking, and he also sent a rather nice meaty dick pic and a closeup of his ass which pretty much only served to inform me that there was indeed a crack in his ass. I rather intended to blow him off except that I felt really horny today and wanted to be serviced, and while he didn't seem to talk about sex in a very interesting way, he really seemed to want me, so I figured he'd do. He was coming from New Jersey and would take forever to get here; normally I'm way too high-strung to wait around two hours for someone to come suck my dick, wondering endlessly if they're going to flake and leave me with blueballs, or if they'll not look like their picture and I'll have to send them away heartlessly, or even worse, if THEY won't like ME and let me know just how much of their time they wasted in getting here. But today I figured I didn't have the energy to actively cruise for anything, and was happy to invite a handsome guy like him over. As the time passed I got less and less enthusiastic... and then, he showed up.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ass Fiend

Today I was in the West Village watching a movie with a friend and having some lunch and drinks after. When we finished up I felt like I wanted to get off somehow before going home, but didn't really have a lot of time. But lo and behold, as soon as I logged on to Scruff, a little dude hit me up asking "What are you up to yadda yadda." I quickly progressed things to "Do you give good head and swallow?" territory, and he asserted that he did but wanted a facial, yadda yadda. Turned out he was like 382 feet away from me and just had to "wait till a friend leaves" (who are these people who do Scruff while their friends are right there in their apartments, and yet can't tell said friends, "I have someone coming over now, can we get together again later"??). It took about fifteen minutes of loitering on my part, but finally the friend was gone and the coast was clear for me to head to his place and get my dick sucked. Easy! Except that, perhaps predictably, he gave about the worst head ever, seemed reluctant to kiss, and was all around completely inept in bed. It would have been a disaster, were I not a COMPLETE ASS FIEND and were he not in possession of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, MEATY, ROUND ASS I'D SEEN ALL MONTH! And this time the ass was enough!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today I slipped my raw bone into the beautifully round, meaty hindquarters of the Little Orange Cub I plowed a few weeks ago. I wanted new meat, of course, but have been pretty busy with work since coming back from San Francisco, and he saw me back in the area on Scruff and was all over me. He *really* likes me. So I decided it was best to go with a sure thing and get off fairly early in the day so I could concentrate for the rest of the afternoon. He works just a couple blocks from me some days. So I invited him over and he gave me his sweet little body for a long, deep, intense, connected fuck!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Tonight is the last day in San Francisco with my nephew; we fly out separately tomorrow. He had a great time and was open to everything, which was very gratifying for me. We went up and down the coast a bit and saw a lot of giant trees, giant rocks, and waves, and climbed a lot of hills and drank a lot of coffee in the city. Today he was a little on the mellow side, wanting to just hang out some in the insane hipster Mission apartment I booked on AirBnB, which is full of taxidermy and skulls and terrariums and so on, but also features a rather preciously curated vinyl record collection (Richard Hell! Wanda Jackson! Flying Lizards! Stevie Nicks! Martha and the Muffins!). My nephew just wanted to hang out in the apartment most of the day listening to the records and staring at the taxidermy and fantasizing about just living in a city like this, so I went off to look at some stores that would bore him out of his mind. And also, to ejaculate in a dude, if I could find one willing to host me in the middle of the day. As I've mentioned, I've never been too lucky in San Francisco, and the requirement to travel in the middle of a work day made it seem impossible. I was carrying a full week's load after my twofer on my first night here. I just wanted someone to suck it outta me. But I got more than I bargained for.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flowers In My Hair

This week I'm in San Francisco; I arrived today and tomorrow I'm flying out a nephew to spend a week together as a graduation present for him. I came out a day early to minimize the possibility that he'd be stuck out here alone, and as a side bonus, I got the chance to sample some of the local ass. I have never had good luck hooking up here, however. This is definitely the flakiest place I've ever tried to hook up, and it doesn't seem like the dudes I do meet here are very good in bed, for some reason (no clue what's up with that). I wandered around this afternoon looking for a good coffee shop that wasn't mobbed where I could read and unwind after my flight, and saw lots of nice lookin guys online who I'd like to bone. But I am definitely not SF's flavor; I get very little attention here. Once I got back to my hotel, I found urgent work emails that sucked me into a ridiculous project for several hours. As I worked I was able to do a bunch of cruising, but in the end only one person seemed truly serious. He wanted to drain my nuts, and lately I keep going many many days between hookup, so I seriously needed it. He was pretty tall and older than me (52) but handsome in his pix and enthusiastic. So I invited him to my hotel. He looked older than his pix in person, unfortunately, but was still handsome enough to suck my dick, so I invited him up to my room. But he gave that tongue-twirling, light-touch head that actually makes me limper than I start out. It was a sad sight... his dick was not hard either but was dripping with precum. Just as I said OK to him, a bunch of other guys had hit me up, many wanting deep raw seedings. These birds in the bush were all I could think about while this other bird toiled away between my thighs. After a while I decided I would rather try my luck with some of those other dudes, imagining that they would all be gone by now or would flake anyway, and that I would be cursing my choice shortly. But this ineffectual cocksucking had to be put to an end. He took it well and we chatted amiably a bit and he shook my hand and left. At this point I was starving and had to get dinner, further forestalling nookie and making my balls a bluer shade of blue. I set up something with another guy while I was eating and he came over and didn't look as cute as his picture at all-- I'm not sure it was even him. But in the end it was the right choice!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's a twisted sexual world I inhabit, and I have a twisted sexual brain, I guess. Perhaps predictably, allll the dudes who were so hot to get with me on Monday, and whom I passed over to get with the Orange Cub, have since been completely mute, or lost track of time, or were suddenly "too hungry" after work, or had a meeting that was going too long to hook up with me since. It amazes me how someone can go from "when When WHEN can we fuck" to completely ignoring you in one day, but I'm well-acquainted with the phenomenon by this time. I thought I was at least going to get some oral service from a guy who hits on me constantly on Scruff and a4a and only lives six or seven blocks away-- we'd talked about a specific time today, and messages from him were already waiting when I got up on various sites, but when the time came, he was not responding to stimuli. I was in a pretty pleasant mood today and really wanted to fuck somebody good, but every place was full of the same faces that have turned me down in the past; hookup sites all seem to be dwindling and less and less used every month. Where are people going to get off? On Manhunt I saw the amazing, flawlessly muscular and insanely hung dude in the East Village that I have fucked a few times over the years (he's #7 in the "what I get" gallery that I posted last year), who is still on my buddy list even though I kinda lost interest in him after our last hookup. Suddenly he seemed like my only hope. I really wanted a new guy, a little otter, someone really cute and affectionate who wanted the stuffing pounded out of him, who wanted to simultaneously be fucked and made love to. This is not that guy. But he's unbelievably beautiful and it's amazing he lets me put my dick in him at all. What is wrong with me? Feeling an overwhelming sense of somehow settling for less, I msged him, "wouldn't mind eatin that ass and stuffin my meat in it again, big guy." (My poetry is the envy of Sappho.) Instantly he replied, "When?" And I said, "You free now?" He asked how long it would take me to get there, and I said 20 minutes, and he texted me his address. An entire afternoon spent casting around for and being ignored or teased or rejected by little nerds, and then I hit on a fucking greek god and I have his number and address and free access to his tenderest secret membranes within 10 minutes. Nothing left to do but sigh and go over and give him what he needs.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Today I was extremely horny and unusually popular, which can be its own kind of curse, almost as bewildering as being extremely horny and unpopular! I hadn't gotten off in almost a week, having been busy over the weekend with holiday traveling, and had swollen, tender nuts that I was really looking forward to having slowly drained. Of course for this I like big meaty guys, and one hit me up this morning-- a gigantic latin body builder who is being rather persistent about getting with me for some reason-- but he wrote me too early, and he'd wandered away before I could make any plans with him. Everyone else was little guys who I'm more likely to want to plow, and they all showed up at basically the same time, one or two on each site and app I use, basically! Three of them were very promising and not far from me, one cuter than the other. I'm a gentleman and always let whoever said something specific first have precedence, and in this case it was a little cubbish guy who has teased me on Scruff for almost a year now, who said he'd come over at 4. This was at 2:30. Suddenly at 3, all these other guys want my dick in them and they can all meet now Now NOW! They all want it NOW! I am vague about meeting up and suggest maybe another time with them, all the time kicking myself, thinking that Scruff cub is going to flake on me like before and I'm gonna end up with nobody. He did end up coming over a bit late, which was agony-- I really only had the place to myself till about 5:30, so every minute he was late was a minute my dick wasn't going to get sucked, and another percentage of likelihood that my nuts were just going to spend another night marinating in their own goo. But then he showed up! And wow was it fun!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today I bagged another of my favorite kind of guy! And again, there was something lacking in his sexual demeanor. What *is* this?

Friday, June 28, 2013


Today I got to stick my dick in my ideal kinda bottom-- 5'8, tight little body, beautiful hair pattern on his chest and arms and legs, very manly face with a big nose and full lips and dark eyebrows-- but a little queeny/swishy, which is kinda fun in this package-- buzzed head, heartbreakingly sweet little round ass with very slick, accepting hole. Dudes like this are rarely enough bottoms-- they're almost 90% tops in fact, as best I can tell-- and when they *are* bottoms, they have no interest in me. So when this guy, who lives maybe three blocks away in fact, hit me up and fairly persistently chased me, I felt incredibly lucky! His profile said safe only, but I decided to roll with it; he was very attractive to me and said "I like to serve" and I figured even if he just sucked me off and let me eat his ass and hump his hairy little body into the mattress, I'd be thrilled. But God is perverse. God is a miserable being who giveth and taketh away. In fact he doesn't even giveth; he promiseth, he teaseth, he suggesteth and leadeth to believe. He creates the beauties and fills you with desire for them and doesn't let you have him, and the one he does give you is a GODDAMN LOUSY LAY.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today may have been my last assignation with Ultra Meat. Hang your head in remembrance.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nerds Need Cock Too

Yesterday I squirted all my cum up the ass of a rather nerdly little fellow in Hell's Kitchen. He hit me up on BBRTS and was *extremely* into me, then put off by the fact that I had a partner, then finally willing to fuck with me. He was OK looking to me, but more importantly (1) was 5'8, a size I absolutely adore plowing, and (2) hung like a fucking donkey in his pics. Although he was hairless and blond and not really my type at all, I love little guys with big dicks who are super into me, so I told him I'd go fuck him Saturday morning. He sent a constant stream little notes about it every day, and it was nice to know I had a little guy waiting so eagerly for my dick at the end of the week, so it was a pleasure to bring my tool over to him and dick him down right.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Today I got some pretty awesome head from someone I was completely not attracted to, but who showed an uncommon need for my sex. His pictures online were actually not bad, showing a hairy, darkly bearded guy, burly but not out of control build. He hit me up for the first time sometime last year, and sounded genuinely desperate to get my cum inside him-- he wanted me to fuck him, but he did seem too burly for that, so I told him he could suck me off if he had the stamina to edge me really good. He said he did, and was very accommodating of when, despite living way uptown. We made some plans for him to come get me off during lunch one day, and I saved up a bit of surplus semen in my testicles in anticipation-- and then he texted me saying he had to cancel. He set up another time, and then cancelled that at the last minute too. A few months went by and I forgot he existed. Then I get another text out of nowhere, with more begging for forgiveness, begging for my dick. I am an indulgent man-- perhaps too indulgent-- so I let him try again. And again he cancelled. This was always because of work issues coming up at the last minute. I can understand that, but decided he was just too far away for this to be practicable; he'd have to be closer so he could easily pop out, suckle on my meat for a nice long interval, and pop back. He'd be on the subway almost an hour if he ever came. So I let him fade away. But he wouldn't let it go and was constantly texting me, whimpering about how my cum was the ONLY CUM that would satisfy him, my dick was the BEST DICK IN NYC and he HAD TO TASTE IT. But eventually he said, "OK, I'm sorry, this is just never going to work, I never get what I want, I'll delete you from my contacts."And a few more months went by, till a couple months ago, when I was staying with my mother, and he was back, saying he just can't believe he never got to suck me, he still keeps thinking about my dick, blablabla. Clearly, he never deleted my contact at all! But I decided, in my enfeebled state down there, to be generous and give him another chance when I got back home. Today was the day. I had a nice three-day load saved up. I'd been prick-teased by a couple of guys on Grindr who are totally my type and were willing to flash me dirty pictures but not actually meet up to fuck, so there was some tension in my nuts. Perfect day to lay back and be brought to orgasm by someone who desperately needed to get me off.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doling It Out

Today I deeply and copiously inseminated Stinky and Remote-- a guy whose face is so beautiful to me that it utterly melts me, but who I never hook up with because (1) he's popular and busy, and (2) very hard to get to by subway even though he's directly across the river, because of his extreme Lower East Side location, and (3) I'm a filthy promiscuous whore who insists on always ejaculating in someone new, despite the fact that there are beauties like this one out there wanting my dick in them pretty much whenever they can get it.  Looking through my blog to find the entry to link to above, I see I haven't been with him since March of last year. And ironically, the thing I expressed worry about there *did* sort of happen... a few months after that last hookup, he vanished from all the hookup sites. A little later, he improbably showed up as a possible friend on Facebook, so I eagerly added him, asking what happened to him. He told me he was kind of out of the random sex game, looking for a real boyfriend. I hope he wasn't checking to see who was looking at him on facebook, because I combed through all his pictures and looked at him all the time-- he's wearing all these twee, hipstery clothes in his pictures, despite being an extremely meaty, hairy, rather brute-faced lunk of a guy, which is actually one of my favorite combinations in a way. In one he has on a dandy bowler and suspenders, and together with his miles-deep, soulful brown eyes and thick, porny mustache, the combination of all my recent fetishes on one guy makes my heart wring itself to bits in my chest and then essentially melt into my nutsack. He'd talked about selling the remote-but-close place and moving to Brooklyn, which I eagerly awaited. We never did hook up again, though, despite sending occasional dirty drive-by messages on Facebook. Sometime last fall, he reappeared on some of the sex sites, but we never connected. This morning I was carrying the load I've built up since Tuesday dealing with the knuckleheads in DC. I cruised a bit after my partner left for a day on his own, but honestly didn't have the heart to look very strenuously. When I saw Stinky and Remote's appear on line, I asked him if he wanted to suck the load out of me. He did. There was no muss and no fuss and I decided he would be an awesome welcome back to Gotham. And he was.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Velvet Hipster

Today I glazed with thick gooey cum the long, sweet body of a quasi-hipster here in Washington, DC. I'm slowly making my way home from down south and have stopped off for the week to visit friends and, admittedly, sample from a pool of men I haven't fucked in much for a few years. Sadly there are a *lot* of guys here who are still on, still using the exact same pictures they had when I lived here four years ago. And some of them have even hit me up! But there does look to be a good bit of new meat. The guys here are much more whitebread than they are in NYC, but the conservative, well-groomed look does still have a pretty good hold on me. (When I first moved here, in my 20s, I just adored the Republican-with-the-sharp-part-in-the-hair look. I still kinda do sometimes, though I much prefer the typical Brooklyn scruffy/ethnic look.) A few of these guys hit me up but wouldn't host or ran away when I asked them to let me stick my filthy bare bone inside their pristine, muscular bodies. But this one guy hit me up seeming quite nice and together, being precise about when he'd be free to hook up and where he was and so on and so forth. He was 6'2, well over my height limit for fucking (which I really wanted to do today), but he had a handsome bearded face and buzzed head, just perfect for cocksucking. Overall he was the ottery type that I love but who is never into me back. He did warn me that he was working from home so I'd have to endure him occasionally stopping to check his work email. "But we can have sex for as long as you want otherwise," he said. Bingo! He was only about 6 blocks from the coffee shop where I was working (and eye-fucking a very cute, meaty other scruffy dude with beautiful thick thighs!) so I packed up and sauntered over for what I hoped would be a nice servicing session.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Yesterday I had my final assignation (no pun intended) with the little hardbody here in my hometown.  My partner flew in right after and I've been busy in a trip to the mountains with him and my nephews, tubing and eating and relaxing, and just have a few moments to jot down a few recollections of this awesome, intimate, intense, deep, naturally bare fuck with this unusually responsive bottom. When I got to his place and ran the bell, the door flew open instantly as if he'd been standing right inside waiting. We stood making out in his foyer for ages. We barely made it from there to the kitchen, where I unzipped his fly and stuck my already turgid member in his underpants, sending him into proxysms of pleasure. He undid my shorts and let them fall to the floor and sucked my dick like I was the only man on earth. I remember stepping out of the shorts so I could open my legs a bit and give him better access to my nuts, which he caressed lovingly while gulping my meat down. I watched myself get pleasures in nothing but a white polo and a pair of yellow chucks and thought, fuck I love being a man. My thighs and meat looked huge next to this horny little guy. And we went to the bedroom and he pressed his hard body into me with a desire that is impossible to fake. He worshiped me and made me feel like a king and tolde "I wish you lived here I love being with you" and he took my ramrod into him over and over as I pounded the bed audibly against the wall and he obeyed when I commanded "Look at me when I cum in you" and his pupils were dilated with naked hungry pleasure as I unloaded all my sexual fluids into his little body. It was good. So fucking good. We cooled off together in the shower and he asked me to Facebook him and I left. It was a fantastic goodbye. I only have one question.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Best excuse yet for why someone who has strung me along for half an hour on Manhunt suddenly dropped off the face of the earth rather than give me his address so we can actually fuck?


Today I said "What the hell" to myself and went over to the house of a 58 year old dude so I could just get off down the throat of a decent cocksucker already. I'm pretty sure I've fucked my way through the few available bottoms here so I didn't have high expectations for anything, and he looked okaaaaay in his pictures, but at least said all the right things in response to my craigslist ad about wanting to park himself between my legs and lap away at my joystick till my nuts squirt. So while he really was a bit on the old side for me, I decided to give him a whirl. Ironically, this is after being pestered for the better part of an hour yesterday by a 19-year-old who has "had sex 4 times" and thinks I'm the hottest guy on a4a. I'm sure he says that to all the girls, and who knows if he's for real or not, but I'd turned him down long ago and he seemed genuine in having pined away for me ever since; he also convincingly conveyed that didn't know what raw fucking was (he seemed to think it meant I wanted to fuck him UNTIL he was raw, but recovered with an insouciance and willingness to submit to it that at least *seemed* 19 years old to me). Feeling rather geezerlike myself, I kept stringing him along, amused and not a little titillated by the idea of dumping my seed into a kid barely older than my nephews. But the pictures were just too, too angelically applecheeked and underdeveloped (though the dick and ass weren't). I couldn't imagine getting a boner for that in person. I wasn't into most guys that age even when I *was* that age. And when I pulled up to the Game Geezer's apartment, and saw him standing outside looking for me anxiously because it could be "confusing" to find his place (it wasn't), I thought, I dunno how I can get a boner for *that*, either. But I also felt, despite my middle-aged paunchy and wrinkled reality, like a golden god of beauty visiting a mere mortal, to bestow my heavenly testicular ambrosia on the unsuspecting and righteous. I figured, he and I can make this be all about my dick. And it was in fact all about my dick, and I love my dick, and he loved my dick, and my dick loved it too, so, success!

Friday, May 31, 2013


Next week is my last week in this goddamn Southern hell-hole, which I am desperately sick of looking at every day as I driiiiive from nowhere to nowhere doing nothing. And I can't wait to get back to NYC and my partner and my home and my friends. As of this afternoon I hadn't gotten off since last Friday, and have been prickteased and lied to to death. I've had people who want to suck my dick show me a picture of their own dick, and get huffy when I suggest that maybe that doesn't help me decide whether I want to meet them for their desired purpose. I've had a guy text me at 11pm telling me he wanted to hook up but couldn't, because a friend came over and fell asleep on his couch but maybe if he wakes up I can come over. My sister went to the beach for the weekend today, so I finally had a place where I could host if I wanted to-- it was iniquitous to do so but a man has needs. So I made the rounds of dudes who said they'd hook up if only I could host-- which is at least 3/4 of this town; I never been in a place where so many adults had putative roommates, not even NYC-- and was still turned down by almost all of them. But one dude did seem game. There was a lot of cat and mouse-- it's too far! maybe it's not! I'm too busy! Maybe I won't be! But finally, after I'd given up on him and was wandering around a Target looking for slippers for my mother, he suddenly texted saying he'd meet met in 20 minutes. So I dropped everything and rushed to the appointed place-- I couldn't invite him directly to my sister's without seeing him first, or whatever-- hoping maybe he'd drain me right and earn my gigantic load.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


So my planned rendez-vous with the little hardbody on Wednesday, which necessitated Tuesday night's submission to a marathon nut-draining from Woody Harrelson, did not happen as planned, of course. But this was my fault-- I woke up that morning with unpleasant pains in my stomach that I spent the whole morning wishing away, but never went. It must have been something I ate, but I felt full of pressure and bloat. By 1pm I gave up, and texted him to say I felt a little sick and extremely unsexy, asking to go for Thursday instead. He wrote back right away expressing disappointment but saying Thursday was fine. Then Thursday he writes *me* and says *he* has a stomach problem. So we agree on Friday. I think, is this gonna turn into one of those things that fizzle out ridiculously because of scheduling issues? My fear was furthered when I hadn't heard from him by 3 on Friday, despite a couple of texts. I know his partner comes home around 6:30 or so, and we'd talked about trying to fuck all afternoon. So this didn't look promising either. I began to look for other possibilities, and found an unusually pretty black kid with a stupendously tight, muscular body, who asked if I ate ass. I said, "Like Chris Christie eats cheeseburgers." But I took too long to reply, and by the time I'd emitted this aper├žu, he'd said, "Well this isn't going anywhere, I'm going out for a run. Bye" and signed off. Geesh! Little Hardbody finally wrote back an hour later, saying he was at the dermatologist and hoped it would be quick. Finally he said I could swing by at 5. When I asked how long he could spare, he texted back pithily, "hour." Hm! So much for fucking all afternoon. He couldn't even spend the time to type a two-letter article for his noun into his phone. It's rare I want to get together with a guy over and over like this at all, much less want to fuck him all afternoon on the third get-together, but I really wanted to. So I told him, "With you, I'll take what I can get," which seemed to really please him. And just before 5 I hopped in the car to go the few miles it took to get to him.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Small Disappointments and Pleasant Surprises

Tonight, after an insane amount of online cruising, wheedling, and frustration, I let go the week's worth of cum I've stored up since my last session with Ultra Meat. I'm back in my hometown for the coming weeks-- hopefully with an end in sight, as my mom has improved a good bit and is making noises like she wants to live alone again, like she did before-- and the guys here are being southern men at their worst: "discreet", cagey, prick-teasing, eternally unable to host, and generally not-that-physically-attractive and thus not-really-even-worth-the-trouble. It seems I can always count on the little hardbody; we're supposed to fuck tomorrow, so I knew I had to do something about my balls today, which had gone way past blue and into the ultraviolet range. Somehow I felt something *had* to work out today; I couldn't imagine beating off alone in my mom's spare bedroom. But yesterday is when I had started searching in earnest, and the hunt was pathologically intense; I was almost driven insane by the frustration of dealing with all the useless guys I was dealing with. My favorite was the guy I spent twenty minutes msging with on BBRTS last night, parked in the parking lot of a famously gaudy megachurch here which happened to be convenient to pull into when I saw he'd hit me up, who said he was a total cumhound and was in love with my pictures and wanted it wanted it wanted it, and then told me, when we exchanged locations, that it was "a lil too far tonight, buddy", even though *I* was the one traveling, and I could be there in 25 minutes, and didn't think it was too far myself! Eesh. Tonight's cocksucker didn't seem very promising at first; he has hit me up repeatedly but has no pix online, took forever to reply to messages, sent bizarrely overscaled ones to my email when he finally did send them, and looked a little on the bulky side for my tastes. He never got off work till 9pm, lived in a city to the west that I will always think of as the hometown of the front man of a shitty Nu Metal band in the 90s and a high-ranking murder-and-drug capital, about a 35 minute drive away. Not exactly ideal. But once I'd encouraged him even a little he was relentless, and msged me on Adam4Adam right after I got off work today saying he was home early. I looked more closely at the face pic, which had initially seemed weirdly cropped but apparently was just too big to display properly on my phone. He was pretty nice looking! I asked him my standard "Are you willing to suck my dick for as long as I say?" question and he said "Sure thing boss." Music to my ears! I made sure my mom was squared away for the night, hopped in my car, and drove over, to find small disappointments and some very pleasant surprises.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Today I got snookered by Ultra Meat. I'm back in Brooklyn for the week, getting a little much-needed R-n-R from the situation back home. My mom ended up hospitalized last Friday, but I managed to catch her problem quickly enough that it was mercifully brief. While she was in she told me she insisted that I come up to be with my partner, and I took her up on it, extending the trip through the week to get more time with him and my friends. It took a few days to decompress, and my apartment and grotty neighborhood never looked better to me than after being in my miserable hometown for six or seven weeks. Today marked my first interest in even looking for ass, but no one was biting. Ultra Meat has been steadfastly texting me while I've been away, reminding me periodically of his deep, inexplicable need for my dick. We had a hot torrent of texting a few weeks ago about how next time I fucked him he didn't want me to pull out, he wanted my seed, yadda yadda. My balls were pretty blue after a long bout of dirty messaging this morning on Manhunt with the Hot Son from last summer, who loves for me to talk elaborately and at length about dad/son cum fantasies. I find that all kind of silly, but he's so good looking that I always indulge him, and it ends up turning me on. My nuts were aching in their sac. I intended to take Ultra Meat up on his offer to take my cum in his ass later in the week, when I wasn't so pent-up, but by early evening I had to get off with *somebody*, and I thought maybe fucking someone who wasn't new would help me last even with this heavy testicular cargo. So I asked Ultra Meat to come and get it. He didn't get back to me until uncomfortably close to when my partner would be home. I told him to come by anyway, throwing caution to the wind, telling him point-blank, "I want to cum in you." His reply was "Fuck. I want it." And he came over. But... fucker! I didn't get to cum in him.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ups and Downs

I kinda can't bring myself to describe in much detail the fantastic experience I had with the Tight-Bodied Little Bottom yesterday, since pretty much a couple hours later my mother had a horrible relapse into an earlier condition I thought we were long past. It's just amazing how life does this... for about two hours he and I had some pretty mind-bendingly connected sex bathed in a golden afternoon light, fully in the moment, absolutely beautiful movements and sensations. (He texted me later saying "You're incredible" and "You're one of the best sex partners I have ever had"; I will say we are unusually well-paired, for sure.) After my huge pulsing orgasm inside him, watching his eyes dilate as he felt me inseminating him, and then his raining all over me in splatters (he stood up over me to get off, for some reason, and beat himself like crazy till he came and came and came while I flinched like it was lava hitting me-- I really kinda avoid other guys' cum), we lay together and talked for a long time. I could barely leave because we kept wrapping ourselves around each other and making out and saying goodbye and then talking some more and making out some more and saying goodbye some more. And then I came home to a mounting disaster that I feel less and less equipped to handle emotionally after all this time. I can remember the pleasure of yesterday afternoon but not call it up to the present the way I like to when I write these things. Things feel rather bleak right now and the high of yesterday feels a million miles away. I'm due to take a short trip up to Brooklyn this weekend to visit my lonely partner and spend some time with him. He's terrified that I'm going to cancel because of how things have turned here, but I think I earned a respite and some other family members have to step in. I don't know how I can enjoy my time with him in the place where I really want to be much, knowing what's going on down here. But I hope I can.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maintenance Suck

Things are going well enough with my mom, and the weather has turned nice enough here, to put me in a much better mood and give me more energy to properly monitor the fluid level in my balls. For the first several weeks here it was like I forgot I even had balls, and I emptied them almost dutifully merely because I suddenly had precious free time and there was an available gullet to dispose of my surplus sperm in. Not my preferred modus operandi. The pickings are rather slim down here but I *am* very enthusiastic about fucking the tight little bottom from last week. I hit him up yesterday and we set up a time for this afternoon and I think he'll come through-- he wants my dick in him just as much as I do. But unfortunately my nuts have been dutifully pumping out unspent goo ever since The Perfect Fuck For Me on Saturday. And in the meantime there were periods of dirty texting with that guy (including a long message on Adam4Adam saying he was "honored" that he got to take my dick and wished it weren't the case that we'd probably never see each other again, because he could have sex with me every day and not get tired of it-- nice to read and made my gonads just sing) and generally feeling positive and optimistic (which always makes my balls go into overdrive). So I knew the four days' worth of back production would keep me from being able to fuck the little guy right; I didn't want to cum too fast with him. I needed someone to relieve the pressure last night after dinner. I wanted to get out of the house because it was a nice night, so I drove to a little parking lot by a greenway, cut the engine but left the radio playing nice melodic indie tunes, and cruised in the dark on my iPhone feverishly for about 90 minutes with no luck-- 90% of the time when you DO find someone down here who you have a mutual attraction for, they can't host. Finally when I had given up and driven a ways to get some oatmeal cookies to bring back and eat in bed while I fretted about popping too quickly in the Tight Little Bottom, I heard from a little cub who blew me a couple of years ago that I really enjoyed being with and talking to. Perfect! He didn't live far from the grocery store where I was buying cookies. So I ran over, feeling surprised at how things were suddenly working out when things had seemed so disastrous for the past month. I told him to light some candles "like last time," and he said "Wow you remembered!" Of course I did!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Language or Laughter

Today I feel like I had the best sex of my life. I am given to hyperbole, I know, and I also have been lucky enough to have a tremendous amount of good fucking, and I've shared some extremely hot, intense orgasms with other men, and I've stuck my dick in some truly flawless bodies. But the guy I did today was honestly unique in the 28 years of fucking I've done since that first nervous introduction of my hard, throbbing dick to a slimy sexual membrane at 16 on a dairy farm in Schenectady (yes, that is now I lost my virginity-- to a demanding girl I'd spent the morning doing something called "scraping" with in the cow barn, which is exactly what it sounds like). The guy was incredibly cute to me-- my favorite combination of rather dorky but also really handsome-- and had a naturally muscled body so full of ample thick bulges and curves that it touched a deep and primal attraction in me that precluded thinking with words. And he had thick meaty hands you can only get from doing a lot of manual labor or sports. And gigantic round nuts and a dick that simply would make you cry, it was so hard, long, thick, fleshy-tipped, and pretty. But beyond all that, what made this so earth-shattering to me, was a kind of mutual recognition we discovered sexually. I'm less cute, less built, less hung, less everything, but we both reached into each other to find we were made of the same sensual fabric, and for a couple of hours we wrung out of it as much satisfaction as we possibly could. And our constant reaction to this intense mutual recognition in our different bodies was the only one possible in the presence of an ideal other who is deep down somehow just like you: We laughed. We fucked and sucked and kissed and rubbed and laughed until we were spent, soaked, exhausted, and euphoric.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Raw Fucking in the Dark

Last night I slipped my throbbing bare tool in the sweet meaty ass of a guy who was Not Quite As Advertised on Scruff... but I actually really dug it anyway, in the end. I hit him up because he was super cute and had a nice meaty little body, not too meaty but just right, a little shorter than me, nice broad shoulders. He was fairly young, 31 or so, and cute enough that I didn't think he'd respond (almost no one does on Scruff; I'm not sure what's up with those apps). But he did, and unlocked like a dozen more pictures of himself-- an awesome body shot showing a beautiful mat of straight, highly patterned hair on his torso, a couple more of his humongous uncut dick with gigantic fat shaved balls hanging below it, and... well, a bunch more face pix that looked vaguely like the guy in the main pic but not exactly the same. They didn't look much like each other, either, to be honest, though they were from varied enough angles and enough different candid situations that I figured he might be one of those dudes that photographs strangely. As usual the best photo was the one he took of himself in the mirror (or the one whoever it was in the pic took of himself-- I'm still not sure, even after humping and slobbering all over him for an hour). But even in the private pix the body looked good-- maybe a little meatier than the first one but still doable, and his ass looked like a real prize. The way his body hair spread across his torso made my dick thicken in my pants. He said all the right things about what he liked, though we didn't discuss going raw; I figured I could have a good time with this guy no matter what, so I didn't want to scare him away. We exchanged last-tested dates and set up a time for the next day. And I showed up at the appointed time, having been unusually excited even on the way over, feeling like I could cum in my pants, even! That hair pattern, rising up from his crotch in a thick, radiating line, up to his chest, where it branched out like an eagle's wings, kept flashing into my mind as I drove, making my balls ache. I was really excited.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

...And Fucking When You ARE Horny!

Today I dicked the stuffing out of a cute little 5'9, 130-pound slip of a thing who wailed and whimpered like he was having the time of his life, and left him soaked inside with almost a week's production of sperm from my constantly-neglected testicles. This was the fuck I've been needing to reward me for my time down here in my lame, sprawling home town!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fucking When You're Not Horny

Today Hot Little Meaty had told me he had the day off. After not hearing from him on Sunday, when I'd hoped to fuck him silly and was extremely hot for it, I wasn't sure if he was a flake, despite having always said all the right things in occasional texts since he drank me down last week. So I didn't approach him about today. But he did reappear, asking if I could come over and fuck him. I definitely wanted to fuck him, but after last night's slightly disappointing session, I wasn't really horny at all. But my mom was doing pretty well today, and it was a nice day, and I felt I could spend the afternoon working outside the house to see how my mom does on her own a bit more. (She conspicuously wore the alert necklace thing today, I guess as a peace offering. That was a great development; I bought her some flowers to thank her.) If I could get away, it would let me swing over there after the gym at lunch and before I got back into work. Somewhat against my better judgment, I told him I would come plow him. I worked out, made my mom and myself some lunch, wolfed it down, showered, and got to his place just a little late. But it didn't go quite as planned. You can't fuck when you're not horny!


(This was supposed to appear Saturday. I forgot to publish it because my brain is mush. Sorry.)

Today I just wanted to unload my nuts because tomorrow, if I can get some free time-- a rather big if-- I plan to go fuck the dude who blew me the other day when I was in such need. The memory of that guy's muscular little body and the dirty texts he's been sending me ever since have been ratcheting my horniness up to dangerous levels, and that combined with a pair of balls full of several days' worth of goo would make for an unsatisfactory fuck, I think. He was not free today and I was, unfortunately. The little guy wants me to fuck him long and slow and totally work his body over and that sounds so awesome right now, even if it doesn't happen. So if there's even a possibility, I want to have no more than a day's worth of cum in my nuts so I can fuck him long and deep. But that means today I needed to get rid of the surplus. I shot it down the throat of a guy who is Much Older Than Picture who hits on me often when I come down here, and who finally decided, for whatever reason, to seal the deal today.


Last night was another exercise in excruciating frustration... another unavoidable crazy argument with my poor mother, who really isn't adjusting to this new reality very well and dealing with some flakiness from homos. I'm a deeply patient guy but this one thing my mom and I clashed over kinda made me snap. She's since come to an understanding today, which is nice, but last night was tough. I had set up with a very helpful neighbor some time off to blow off some steam, and yesterday afternoon had even lined up what I thought was going to be a verrrrry nice fuck session with a cute, hot-assed guy in a hotel downtown for hours last night. When the time came, mom rejected the neighbor visit, wouldn't wear the new pendant I bought her for emergencies, AND Downtown Hot-Ass told me he had someone else there at the appointed time and was no longer free. WTF! I was about to explode at this confluence of events. I tried to go out just to get some coffee and relax but with my mom refusing to wear the damn thing I couldn't do it, fearing the worst. So I turned the car around before I even drove a mile, and just stayed in, calling a friend in NYC and ranting to him for an hour and a half (thanks man), and then tried to go to bed. Lying in the bed I cycled through various apps looking at the same dudes I've been looking at since I got here a month ago. But one of them, a reasonably cute, hairy little dude who had a history of ignoring my approaches, suddenly hit me up, and he was only a few miles away. It was getting to be midnight. I decided it would help me sleep to blow a load. We left it rather vague what we'd be doing-- trading head and eating his ass, I guess. I didn't care, I just wanted to relax. Thinking I wouldn't be gone long enough for anything bad to happen, I hopped in the car and drove over.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today I finally got to blow this huge frustrated pent-up load I've been carrying in my nuts since last night's debacle with Bossy Bottom of the Levant! I came huge in a guy with horrible froggy face pictures and body shots that looked sorta good but were from odd enough angles and with bad enough lenses that I wondered whether they were artful (=deceitful). But today after a very frustrating errand and a bizarre argument with my mom-- whom I must be very patient with, as she's pretty confused after a stroke, but who also drives me bat-shit crazy sometimes-- I just wanted to get the fuck out and ejaculate down someone's throat so I could fucking think. So I got online, saw him there, knew he was free to host in the afternoons only, and asked him if he wanted me to go cum in him. He said sure, gave me his number, and I drove over. He was barely three miles away on the same road my mom lives off. So at least it would be an easy orgasm, even if he didn't look like much.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today I had an aborted fuck with a rather sensuous, meaty middle eastern guy (Turkish, I think) on a twin bed in a dorm room of a college about 30 miles north of here. He has hit me up most times I come to visit for years, byt I never found the idea of fucking a college student in his dorm room 30 miles away appealing, though his ass was a true phenomenon in his pictures. But tonight I had another free night as a neighbor wanted to sit with my mom, and I wanted desperately to get off, and he was low-hanging fruit. I texted him at the number he has pushed on me a zillion times and asked if he still wanted it; he said yes and told me how to meet him, in a parking lot near his dorm where he would come down and meet me. Felt a little shady but I went with it. It was a beautiful night for a drive with the top down as the sun set. Ejaculation, however, was not in the cards, as I will explain.