web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: June 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I squirted half a pint of jizz into the willing gullet of a guy I've been chasing for what seems like a year. His pictures showed an extremely cute face, with dark eyebrows, scruff, and a very attractive little smirk that I wanted to ram my dick in every time I saw him online. He told me he can suck for as long as I want; he would never get bored or tired. He gave me his number and we played text tag for a ridiculously long time; something always got in the way of us hooking up. After a while he stopped replying when I asked if he was free, so I gave up on him. But today he reappeared online, on a different site this time, and I couldn't help but just say hello to him. He told me he never minded the texts but just got tired of having to say "no" all the time (I guess he has a ridiculously exciting social life; something I haven't had since long before I got hitched, though I do remember how hard it could be to fit a little fucking into my schedule when I was younger). I told him I had the place to myself for an hour or so after work tonight, and he hemmed and hawed about having a big package to carry on the train. I told him I'd drive him home, and he hesitated noticeably, then came back with "I know it's crazy that I'm so willing to go swallow your cum, but the idea of taking a ride in a car with a stranger makes me pause." I told him he could think about it, and a bit later he asked for info about how to get here, and after work, he showed up.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today I fucked a real stunner who I've been after since a completely aborted encounter last year. He's from Colombia, very handsome in a studious-yet-athletic way, impressively built and well-proportioned, hairy, and best of all, inexplicably into me. Last year I saw him on Manhunt while he was visiting NYC, and I ran all the way up to midtown, unable to believe my luck with bagging this guy, only to find he was staying at a YMCA that didn't allow any visitors in the rooms-- right at the elevator that was supposed to take me to head-spinning, undeserved bliss, a cranky security guard asked who I was, and completely cockblocked me. Bogotá Beauty asked me to wait in the lobby while he ran upstairs and implored some unseen entity, but came back down after five excruciating minutes, walked me outside, and told me we couldn't do it in his room. He asked if we could go to my place, but we wouldn't have enough time, and I thought, I simply can't see getting a hotel room just to fuck. So I went back home with very angry testicles. For months afterward, egged on by a friend who regularly berated me for not going to an hourly place (I didn't know they even existed), I would gaze at his beautiful photos and kick myself. At that point, $150 to ejaculate in that beautiful creature would have been nothing! A few weeks ago I dropped him a line asking if he'd ever come back to the states, and he said he was planning a trip to Chicago for the end of this month. He reiterated his desire to get my cum in him and said maybe he would come to NYC again for a few days. I couldn't believe my luck again! Today I get a note saying "ARE YOU AROUND I AM IN NYC" and "COME OVER AND FUCK ME I AM IN WEST VILLAGE ON JANE ST." And I thought, oh fuck, I'm going to be thwarted yet again, for reasons I will now explain. And I *was* thwarted, but in a totally unexpected way.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Today I wasted a whole week's worth of Grade A cum on a big, thoroughly dumb, and completely inept latino guy.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Today I fucked a tight-bodied, full-assed, rather exotic-looking Persian guy from Pakistan. He had hit me up several times before, and I was always attracted to the shape of his body-- willowy waist, comparatively broad, defined chest, and that amazing ass swelling luxuriantly out from his lower back-- but in the face he was really just not my type at all-- fine-featured, almond-shaped eyes, delicate-looking skin like brown porcelain. But today, I guess the body won out. I hadn't noticed before that he said his nips "control" his ass, and this gave my penis a little jump today; that is one of my favorite things in a bottom. Finding myself with an unexpected day to myself, as my travel plans for the week were pushed back a day, and not wanting to spend hours cruising for the right guy instead of enjoying an incredibly gorgeous afternoon today in NYC, I asked for his address, deep in Bushwick. I was looking forward to ejaculating the big frustrated load I built up on Friday and carried around around all weekend deep into his hard body after some vigorous deep boning.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Need Hair (or Meat)

Today I fucked a handsome, fairly meaty Asian guy, but the encounter sort of fizzled out in a disappointing way. We'd been talking online off and on for quite a while, but he was always jetting off to someplace or another. So when he popped up today (which is a beautiful, sunny, breezy day, perfect weather for sticking my dick in someone), and told me he was free but just needed to take a shower after the gym, I chuckled, thinking of a reader comment I read this morning on yesterday's post, gave him a half an hour, and ran over. Unfortunately, I came back almost an hour later with today's load still swinging in my nuts.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Used and Used By

If I wasn't a completist, I wouldn't even bother writing about who I got off in today, but I am, so I will. This has been a pretty frustrating week, with stretches of very dull work punctuated by very stressful work, and a long string of flakes and weirdos keeping me from getting my rocks off since Friday. They included a guy who looked great but was too high to even work his telephone when I called him, and didn't know exactly where he was but wanted me to come over and blow a wad in him; another guy I forgot even existed/had my number, who texted me to see if I was horny and looking at 5am on a Wednesday (luckily the phone was nowhere near the bed, or I would have woken up very pissed); and a perennial pricktease with an extremely cute face and ass who routinely leaves me hanging and tonight finally got blocked for good. This all left me frustrated and so full of cum it was backing up into my brain and impairing my thinking. After I finished working this evening, while my partner was at a business function, I got a couple of decent offers from craigslist: one very enthusiastic, thirsty little Asian guy, and one handsome white guy in Queens that I'd have to travel to and who gave me a weird vibe, but was much more the kind of guy I was looking for (I'd love to fuck the Asian guy but not get blown by him). There was some annoying back and forth about the need for discretion and his reluctance to swallow me (my ad clearly stated that the cocksucker was to drink it all down). Meanwhile, the Asian kid gave me the I-just-have-to-take-a-shower thing, which is often the Gateway to Flaking, so I told him to hit me up when he was actually free. Twenty minutes later I hadn't heard anything, but Queens guy agreed to receive my semen properly and gave me his address, so I got ready to go. Just before I dashed out, I saw that the Asian kid had written, saying he was done with the shower. And for a minute I hung there, wondering if this was some kind of cosmic test. It was, and I failed.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Today I resorted to the dreaded quickie. I was surprised to have anyone come get me off at all, after having my dick yanked all day by people who "definitely" wanted to take my bone and were free all afternoon but oh, as soon as my cleaning lady finished and I had the place to myself, they had "clients" and "work calls" or ignored my texts or vanishing, one by one. The eventual winner looked really cute in his pictures, a very white Mexican guy with graying hair, about 5'7 tall, just perfect for an evening of athletic sweaty screwing. His profile said Safe Only and I didn't want to scare away my only prospect by asking for raw up front, but thought maybe he'd relent when I worked my magic on his (very sweet-looking) little ass. So I gave him the address and he came over, but got here pretty late. In the meantime, my partner texted me saying he was coming home early, so I didn't have the extra hour I thought I did. The bottom turned out to be Not As Cute As Picture (though the ass was still pretty cute in his jeans), so I thought, well, maybe it's just as well I don't have an hour to romance him into taking my raw meat in him. He kissed really nicely and gave excellent head, making the whole length of my bone thrill with each lick (although the anxiety of finishing in time before my husband came home may have been helping). But my husband kept texting me the whole time, and I had to reply, which is of course Very Romantic. (I've never texted with my throbbing erection down someone's throat before; it's an interesting clash of worlds.) I played his little body like a piano for a while-- his nips were extremely sensitive and the way I touched him was making him writhe against the comforter. But in the end I couldn't do all I wanted. He wanted me to cum on him, he said-- I guess he really was a true stickler for safety; after a few tastes of my precum flowing out of my big fat mushroom head, most dudes are begging to at least drink it, if not get it in their ass. So I let him suck me till I was close, then flipped him on his back and ground my dick into his own, which was absolutely soaked in precum by this point. I sucked his long hard nipple in with each thrust, which drove him wild; it almost sounded like he was crying when he whimpered. Finally I felt my nuts unloading so I sat up and fisted my tool to make the jets come out long and hard. He looked in wonder at the thick gray liquid streaking across his belly, and looked back at me-- it was like he was in love; maybe he doesn't get out much-- and when it became clear I wasn't going to jump off and get dressed, he decided to get off himself. I sucked his right nip while fingering his right, and he was getting hotter and hotter when another text rang through, and he stopped short; I smiled into his startled face and told him I would just ignore it, and stroked my lips over his nips a few more times, and he was back into Jerkingland for a minute or two until he popped a few little squirts. I gave him a towel and a little bit of water and he told me he'd just moved here from Dallas. I wanted to say Welcome to New York City, Please Hurry Up, but instead we chatted amiably for a bit. He scampered out and that was that. I really gotta fuck somebody, and good. Tomorrow?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today I fooled around with the most sensuous guy I think I've ever come across in decades of sex. And I'm tempted to say it's the best sex I've ever had without actually fucking, though I'm prone to hyperbole and I don't want people reading this to think "There he goes again with the oh-my-god-holy-fuck-the-best." But an afternoon flew by with him, and I had to practically pry my face out of his Platonically ideal ass so I could unload in his mouth and get out of there in time for dinner. There is nothing like completely losing yourself in someone else's body for this long. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Unexpected and Rare

Today I sorta (see below) fucked one of the rarest species out there-- the guy who's cuter than his pictures. He only had one picture on his profile, actually, which honestly looked just about nothing like him and was extremely unflattering and a weird pose. It's an insane choice to try to reel in guys with. I'd turned him down the first time he hit on me, months ago, but he came back at me a few days ago and emailed me a body shot and a (typically useless) crack close-up. Dudes, no more crack close-ups. The body shot showed a nice natural masculine build with a little bit of hair, but was so dim and unfocused that I wasn't sure it was really him; it didn't really match in the face. So I put him in the "maybe" pile. Today he came at me again, and everyone else wanted to get fucked like "at 5:30" or "next week" or some other nonsense, and I really wanted to get off, so I decided to bet on him and ran over. With one little bit of unluck, I got lucky! He was awesome.